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Chapter 527
ER – Chapter 527: Elite Master
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The illusory swordsman arrived in front of Li Fuchen as though it teleported .

“So fast!”

Li Fuchen raised the Joint-Heaven Sword to quickly block .


The giant force felt like a thunderbolt . If Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength wasn’t so tough, this sword attack was enough to break both his arms and inflict severe injuries to him .

The dazzling sword light nearly enveloped Li Fuchen completely but with his astounding spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen was still able to block the second sword .

But this sword was already Li Fuchen’s limit as he was sent flying and vomiting an arrow of blood .

“No wonder this is the pinnacle master level . ”

With his body refinement strength, even if someone had strength that was superior to Li Fuchen, it was hard to injure Li Fuchen without one or two moves . It was imaginable how powerful the third floor’s illusory swordsman was and it was simply overwhelming .

Outside the Master Tower, everyone watched attentively and saw the Master Tower releasing the second floor’s radiance .

“He passed the second floor . Incredible, he already has the strength of an elite master once he progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm . ”

“No wonder he is ranked no . 1 on the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings . In just a few years, Junior Fuchen will definitely become a great master . ”

“It is hard to say for the great master level . The top three direct monarch-class disciples are able to become great masters due to their overwhelming bone frame . Senior Lei Donghai has the 7-star thunder hammer bone frame and his bone frame has lethal power that is beyond any other 7-star special bone frames . Senior Gu Jiuye has the 7-star brightness bone frame and among the special bone frames, her brightness bone frame is absolutely superior . As for Senior Yuan Long has the 7-star arhat bone frame and all of you should know that body refinement martial artists are normally very formidable in the same cultivation realm, furthermore, the arhat bone frame is clearly superior to the vajra bone frame and the ironstone bone frame . ”

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One of the disciples shook his head and said, “That might be the case, but when the top three direct monarch-class disciples were able the Reincarnation Realm, they weren’t able to use their individual strength to occupy two regions in the White Scale Continent . ”

“The earlier cultivation realms are different from the later cultivation realms . Putting aside everything else, Junior Fuchen’s bone frame is only 6-star and it also means that he only has six segments of bone frame patterns . For the other monarch-class disciples, they have seven segments of bone frame patterns . ”

“I have forgotten about this before you mentioned it . This is indeed a problem . ”

Some of the inner sect disciples who thought highly of Li Fuchen were now silently shaking their heads . Without any heaven class manuals, divine abilities would be the strongest trump card and if Li Fuchen’s divine ability was weaker than others, it was useless even if his regular strength was overwhelming .

After passing the second floor of the Master Tower, Li Fuchen redeemed the elite master token and it also required blood refinement, making it useless for others to seize it .

With this token, Li Fuchen could now head for the inner sect’s mission hall to accept an elite master level’s mission .

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to accept a mission, he still wanted to stabilize his strength further .

He could cultivate the three 6-star secret techniques to the perfection rank .

He could comprehend the blazing flame bone frame pattern to the 5 . 5 segment .

He could continue comprehending the sword patterns on the second layer of seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword .

The first objective was rather easy to fulfill, so was the second objective . The third objective would be rather difficult .

Once the second layer of seal was unsealed on the Joint-Heaven Sword, it would either become an earth class peak-tier or a heaven class low-tier sword . It was imaginable that it wouldn’t be that easy to unseal it .

“I shall go and redeem one artifact sword first . ”

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Before progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, earth class mid-tier and earth class high-tier artifact swords didn’t have much difference . After all, Reincarnation Realm experts’ qi wasn’t able to fully utilize all the power of an earth class high-tier artifact sword . But after progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, an earth class high-tier artifact sword would be able to increase the master’s strength by 20% or 30% .

The 20% or 30% must not be underestimated . During a battle between masters, not even a hint of advantage must be neglected, let alone 20% or 30% .

Li Fuchen arrived at the equipment hall and walked around as his eyes swept across multiple earth class high-tier artifact swords .

With the spiritual awareness of a Primary Sea Realm monarch, Li Fuchen was able to easily identify the special traits and potential of each sword .

In just a short moment, Li Fuchen picked an earth class high-tier artifact sword .

This sword was called the Flaming Snake and it was forged with the 10,000-year flaming metal, heavy metal, and the metal within a class 6 high-tier demonic beast’s bone marrow .

It wasn’t expensive and cost only 3000 contribution coins .

Of course, it was only cheap to Li Fuchen . To regular inner sect disciples, 3000 contribution coins wasn’t a cheap price .

On the sea of clouds, Li Fuchen wielded the Flaming Snake and cleaved .


The sea of clouds was split into two in an instant while the blazing sword qi continued to linger around .

“It enhanced my strength by over 25%, 10% more than the Joint-Heaven Sword . ”

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The Joint-Heaven Sword was definitely one of the best among the earth class mid-tier artifact swords . Regular earth class mid-tier artifact swords could only enhance Battle Spirit Realm master’s strength by 10% .

After progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, Li Fuchen’s perception, speed of thoughts, and instinctive understanding of laws had all increased significantly .

One week later, the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness reached perfection rank .

Two weeks later, the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi reached perfection rank .

One month later, the Thousand Illusion Eyes reached perfection rank .

One and a half months later, the blazing flame bone frame patterns were comprehended to 5 . 3 segments .

Two months later, the sword patterns on the Joint-Heaven Sword’s second seal had been comprehended to above 90% .

In terms of sword dao strength, Li Fuchen might still be suppressed by pinnacle masters, but in terms of overall strength, Li Fuchen might not lose . His body refinement strength allowed him to have tough defense while the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and Thousand Mirage Eyes allowed him to reverse the situation .

“Let me accept an elite master mission to understand the details . ”

Immersing in diligent cultivation wasn’t Li Fuchen’s style . Martial dao was discovered in battle, unless there was a day his potential had been fully reached .

There were plenty of people in the inner sect mission hall . As compared to the outer sect disciples, there were at least ten times more inner sect disciples and thus, there were ten times more people looking for missions too .

“Elite master mission: Head to the Red Copper Continent to kill class 6 high-tier demonic beasts, Flame Snakes and extract 50 kg of bone marrow metal . The reward is 10,000 contribution coins . ”

At the mission board, Li Fuchen stopped .

“50 kg of Flame Snake’s bone marrow metal?”

His Flaming Snake sword was mixed with plenty of bone marrow metal .

“I shall take it . ” Li Fuchen tore off the mission slip .

The Red Copper Continent was a low-tier continent that was of a higher grade than the White Scale Continent and the East Unicorn Continent . It allowed Battle Spirit Realm masters to move around but the continent didn’t have native humans . There were plenty of demonic beasts and demons, making the danger level far higher than the White Scale Continent and the Demon Ring Continent .

Teleporting to the Red Copper Continent would require 300,000 low-grade spirit stones and it was the same for the monarch-class disciples and normal disciples . No one was allowed to teleport for free .

Red Copper Continent, Red Rainbow City .

“The Red Rainbow Sect actually established a city in the Red Copper Continent . They are truly extravagant . ”

Walking on the streets, Li Fuchen was able to see plenty of inner sect disciples and many more martial artists below the Battle Spirit Realm .

These martial artists were mostly from the seven kingdoms . For a city to operate regularly, it was impossible to rely only on martial artists at the higher cultivation realms . Martial artists at the lower cultivation realms were the energy of a city . Otherwise, Li Fuchen would have to settle everything by himself at the Red Copper Continent .

It was very expensive to reside in the Red Rainbow City’s inns . A single day would require 500 low-grade spirit stones . Li Fuchen handed over 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, allowing him to reserve a room for 20 days .

When Li Fuchen entered the inn, there was a giant shadow that passed through the Red Rainbow City . There was a powerful wave that caused the Red Rainbow City’s array to activate while a dangerous qi presence could be felt .

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