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Chapter 528
ER – Chapter 528: Flame Snake
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Li Fuchen didn’t immediately carry out the mission as he had to understand about Red Rainbow City and Red Copper Continent first .

The Red Copper Continent wasn’t the White Scale Continent, its size was said to only be slightly smaller than the Red Soil Continent and was around five times bigger than the White Scale Continent, and ten times bigger than the East Unicorn Continent . As of now, most of the monarch-class factions, including the Red Rainbow Sect had yet to explore the entire Red Copper Continent . There were some forbidden areas that even great masters would face danger . In fact, there was a terrifying incident when a city was demolished on the Red Copper Continent .

The city that was demolished previously was a monarch-class faction’s city from another continent . The reason the city was demolished was because a great master from the monarch-class faction had taken the risk and entered a forbidden area . In the end, an extremely powerful class 6 demon was provoked .

According to the information back then, the class 6 demon was suspected to have the strength of a monarch-class master . Otherwise, it was impossible for the demon to destroy a class 7 array .

A regular class 7 array wouldn’t be broken even if a Primary Sea Realm monarch was attacking it for a few months .

After spending some spirit stones, Li Fuchen purchased a map and the brief introduction of the forbidden areas .

“The Red Copper Continent has three major forbidden areas and ten minor forbidden areas?”

Li Fuchen’s brows were raised as he carefully read .

The major forbidden areas were confirmed to have demons or demonic beasts at the strength level of monarch-class masters .

The minor forbidden areas were confirmed to have demons or demonic beasts that were at the great master level and there wasn’t only one .

“It seems like they are truly forbidden areas . ”

With a comparable strength, human martial artists wouldn’t be a match for demonic beasts and demons . The demonic beasts and demons’ vitality were too horrific . The same attack force might be able to kill human martial artists in a single attack, might only leave a minor injury to the demonic beasts and demons . Unless there was a group of three to five martial artists, one would have to escape from the demonic beast or demon .

Putting aside the others, even Li Fuchen didn’t dare to say confidently that he could defeat a demonic beast and demon at a comparable strength level .

After all, demonic beasts and demons had an excessively big physique . Some demonic beasts had bodies that were as big as mountains . A slight move would mean an attack that could reach a few thousand feet in distance . A human martial artist’s body could only reach up to 10 feet .

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Of course, vitality wasn’t directly related to physique .

With a larger physique, each inch of flesh would contain lesser vitality .

Li Fuchen had a small physique but each inch of flesh contained astounding vitality .

“Flame Iron Mountains!”

Ultimately, Li Fuchen put the Flame Iron Mountains as his destination .

The Flame Iron Mountains was a mountain range that stretched over 10,000 miles . In this mountain range, there weren’t any discoveries of demonic beasts and demons that were at the great master level . It was comparatively safer .

The Flame Iron Mountains were very hot and if regular Qi Training Realm martial artists were here, they would be roasted to death in a short moment . Even Origin Return Realm martial artists wouldn’t be able to last for long .

On this day, there was a figure flying within the Flame Iron Mountains at low altitude but wasn’t very fast .

“Flame Iron Mountains are rich with flame iron . 100-year flame iron can be found anywhere, 1000-year flame iron isn’t very rare too . Only the 10,000-year and 100,000-year flame irons are very rare . ”

The figure was naturally Li Fuchen .

He had chosen the Flame Iron Mountains for two main reasons . Firstly, Flame Snakes were regularly spotted here . Secondly, this place was rich with flame irons .

Of course, he only paid attention to the 10,000-year and 100,000 year flame irons .

10,000-year flame irons were great materials to refine earth class high-tier weapons . 100,000-year flame irons were great materials to refine earth class peak-tier weapons . It was said that someone even found a 1,000,000-year flame iron and it was already suitable to be used as a main material for heaven class low-tier weapons .

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Li Fuchen might have been flying at a very low altitude and a rather slow speed, but he was still spotted by a class 6 mid-tier Fire Spirit Bird .

“Human, die!”

The Fire Spirit Bird flew extremely fast and was like a stream of burning light that rushed at Li Fuchen .

But when the Fire Spirit Bird was three miles away from Li Fuchen, the bird was split into two by a blazing sword light . The massive body that was close to 2000 feet instantly burst into flames and it was visible from over a few hundred miles .

“I found it . ”

Disregarding the Fire Spirit Bird, Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up as he discovered the Flame Snake .

With his spiritual awareness, a simple scan would allow Li Fuchen to see the entire Flame Iron Mountains . However, the Flame Snakes were normally hidden underground and Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness would need time to find them .

Increasing his speed, Li Fuchen skimmed towards the Flame Snake .

In an underground space, a 3000-feet long Flame Snake was bathing in a lava lake .

Its entire body was covered with burning red scales and looked just like the incarnation of fire . The golden lava was flowing along the burning red scales, making the snake feel very comfortable .

With the spirit soul talent to conceal his qi presence, Li Fuchen sneaked into the underground crevices silently and arrived above the lava lake .


Like a stream of light, Li Fuchen appeared above the Flame Snake and slashed down .


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After sensing the danger, the Flame Snake’s body dipped down and wanted to hide into the lava lake .

But it was too late .


The slash was fast and ruthless . The blazing sword light was like a streak that slashed at the neck of the Flame Snake and there was a giant gash .

The Flame Snake’s body contained the class 7 demonic beast, Flame Python’s bloodline . It was very subtle but it was still a demonic king’s bloodline . Otherwise, a regular class 6 high-tier demonic beast would definitely perish after getting slashed by Li Fuchen .

Ss Ss!

The intense pain put the Flame Snake into a frenzied state . The massive body was tumbling around and upsurging waves of lava .

Ignoring the lava, the Li Fuchen shifted behind the Flame Snake and slashed at the wound .

This slash nearly severed the vertebra of the Flame Snake . Fresh blood sprayed onto the lava lake endlessly causing a burst of flames above the surface of the lava lake . The pungent smell was still detected by Li Fuchen even with the qi protection .

“I cannot allow the snake a chance to react . ”

The lava lake was connected deep down . If the Flame Snake dove in, Li Fuchen wouldn’t dare to chase recklessly . After all, he didn’t know what was at the bottom of the lava lake and if a pinnacle master level demonic beast or demon emerged, he would be in danger .

“Thousand Incineration!”

The scarlet red qi sphere expanded and enveloped the head and neck of the Flame Snake .


The qi sphere exploded and the Flame Snake’s head and its body was separated . With a massive number of sword qi slashes, the burning red scales, blood, and flesh on the skull had vanished while the bones were filled with sword marks .

“It is still rather successful . ”

Landing at the side of the lava lake, Li Fuchen reached out and created a suction force to pull out the Flame Snake’s massive body from the lava lake .

If it wasn’t a sneak attack, Li Fuchen couldn’t possibly kill the Flame Snake in such a swift and decisive manner .

From start to finish, the Flame Snake didn’t have time to attack effectively and was already killed .  

“I wonder how much metal is contained within the bone marrow of the Flame Snake . ”

Flame Snakes enjoyed consuming metal and when the metal was absorbed, most of it would fuse into the scales while the essence of the metal would enter the bone marrow . As the bone marrow was nurtured, the metal inside would develop a qi guiding property . When qi passed through the metal, it wouldn’t lose power and lethal power would be enhanced greatly .

After stripping the Flame Snake’s skin, Li Fuchen released blazing qi to roast the Flame Snake’s bones .


In just a short moment, the Flame Snake’s bone cracked open and in those bigger cracks, a dark red metallic sand had fallen off and sprinkled on the ground .

“It is almost done . ”

Li Fuchen broke the Flame Snake’s bones and started to gather the dark red metal .

1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg .

There was around 26 . 5 kg of metal within the bone marrow of a 3000-feet long Flame Snake . It was much lesser than Li Fuchen imagined .

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