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Chapter 525
ER – Chapter 525: Progression to Battle Spirit
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On the tenth month at White Scale Continent, Li Fuchen finally felt the signs of breaking through .

The signs were very intense, it was the desire and delight that life was about to transform .

In the martial dao, each cultivation realm wasn’t just a transformation of qi, it was also a transformation of life .

For instance, Reincarnation Realm experts could only live to 250 years old while Battle Spirit Realm masters could live to 500 years old .

Also, the spirit soul, qi, and blood would also be enhanced .

In terms of spirit soul quality, Li Fuchen believed that he wasn’t inferior to Law Phase Realm emperors . However, in terms of spirit soul strength, Li Fuchen was far inferior to Law Phase Realm emperors .

With the transformation of life, the qi and blood would naturally go through changes too .

If a Battle Spirit Realm master was to compete with a Reincarnation Realm expert with qi and blood, the Battle Spirit Realm master would be able to eliminate a group of Reincarnation Realm experts . The power of life, qi, and blood were entirely different .

Of course, Li Fuchen was a peak level Reincarnation Realm body refinement martial artist and this little bit of qi and blood transformation was only a slight change to him . With the life transformation, it would be easier for him on the body refinement dao .

“The reward of a few hundred thousand contribution coins every month is a pity though . ”

Li Fuchen was certain that once he reached the Battle Spirit Realm, his earning speed would never be superior to now .

He was able to earn a few hundred thousand contribution coins every month because his strength was far superior in the current cultivation realm . When he progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, there would be plenty of people that were stronger than him and it would be good for him to earn a few tens of thousands of contribution coins .

It was fortunate that he had around 1 . 1 million contribution coins now and he didn’t have to worry about not having enough contribution coins for a very long time . He wasn’t planning to redeem any 7-star secret technique and he had already redeemed everything that he required .

On the last ten days of the tenth month, Li Fuchen applied to return to Red Rainbow Sect .

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He felt that he was going to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm at any moment . He didn’t have any thoughts to be the same as Peng Le and intentionally suppressed his cultivation .

The application was quickly replied and the upper echelons of the Red Rainbow Sect agreed to end Li Fuchen’s mission on the White Scale Continent .

Before leaving, Li Fuchen returned all the mountain ranges that he seized and left behind the original three mountain ranges .

He didn’t know if the other monarch-class factions would take revenge after he left, but it wasn’t unrelated to him .

Red Rainbow Sect, monarch district, Floating Dust Peak .
(TL note: I shall finalize the name of Fuchen Peak to Floating Dust Peak)

As each of the mid-grade spirit stones were used up, Li Fuchen’s cultivation climbed little by little . Before this, his cultivation had already reached the peak of the Reincarnation Realm and wasn’t able to advance at all .

Within his dantian, the liquid qi was gradually becoming thicker .

No, to be exact, it was getting denser . If it was water in the beginning, it was now the homogenous lava water .

The lava water was currently turning into lava .

There were traces of swelling pain in the meridians and Li Fuchen’s body had perspired with a massive amount of sweat .

The qi required to break through a cultivation realm was excessive . Li Fuchen felt that his entire body was filled with lava and they were about to burst out at any moment .

50, 100, 200…

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After absorbing 200 mid-grade spirit stones’ spirit qi at once, Li Fuchen felt his body puffing up .

A single mid-grade spirit stone had spirit qi that was several hundred times more than a low-grade spirit stone . The purity of mid-grade spirit stones was several times more than low-grade spirit stones . Absorbing 200 mid-grade spirit stones was the same as absorbing hundreds of thousands of low-grade spirit stones . It was equivalent to flushing a river of water into a small pond .


Right at this moment, Li Fuchen’s dantian finally transformed . It was like a blackhole that was frenziedly devouring all the qi within the meridians . Under high temperature and high pressure, one droplet of highly condensed magmlike qi appeared . Then there was the second drop, third drop…


A large amount of magma qi gathered and formed a small sphere . The small sphere was rotating rapidly and attracted all the surrounding qi .  

When the swelling sensation vanished, Li Fuchen’s entire body relaxed, even his spirit soul felt at ease . There was an indescribably powerful feeling that filled his heart .

“I finally broke through!”

Li Fuchen continued to circulate the 30th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .


A scarlet red pillar of light rushed into the sky and it was extremely dazzling .

“This child broke through?”

In the monarch district, apart from the monarch-class disciples, there was also an inner sect elder .

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Releasing his spiritual awareness, the inner sect elder entered the Floating Dust Peak .

“This child’s strength is comparable to emperor-class disciples . I wonder what extent his strength would reach after this breakthrough?”

Li Fuchen was already comparable to mid-level Battle Spirit Realm masters at the Reincarnation Realm .

After stepping into the Battle Spirit Realm, it should be easy for Li Fuchen to be on par with high-level Battle Spirit Realm masters . Of course, those were regular high-level Battle Spirit Realm masters, like the masters in the various kingdom’s Master Rankings . Most of the people were regular high-level Battle Spirit Realm masters, at least in the eyes of the Red Rainbow Sect .

“This child’s breakthrough speed is much faster than we imagine!”

Multiple spiritual awarenesses scanned over . Each spiritual awareness represented one Primary Sea Realm inner sect elder .

“His 6-star bone frame might be a little weak, but he has exceptional perception and a high ranked cultivation technique . His progression speed might not be slower than 7-star bone frames . ”

“It is a pity that my Red Rainbow Sect strongest cultivation technique is only at earth class peak-tier . During the later period, his cultivation speed will probably fall behind those 7-star bone frames . ”

“It doesn’t matter, with his innate potential, reaching the Primary Sea Realm is still rather easy . In this generation, our Red Rainbow Sect will have an additional elite monarch . ”

The spiritual awarenesses were having a conversation with each other .

Li Fuchen didn’t mind being enveloped with so many spiritual awarenesses .

If he wanted, he could easily block off the others with his spiritual awareness .

But it wasn’t necessary . At the current juncture, it wasn’t good to expose his heaven-defying spiritual awareness .

“My qi capacity is increased by ten times and my qi purity is also increased by several times . The qi burst power seems to be rather fearsome!”

Earlier on, he was only circulating the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique . If he was to burst out with his qi at full force, he didn’t know what kind of commotion would be created .

Li Fuchen consumed one Red Rainbow Elixir and started to purify his qi .

He had just broken through and his qi was still rather unsteady . The Red Rainbow Elixir would be able to allow his qi to rapidly stabilize .

One day had passed .

Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation had finally stabilized at the 1st level of Battle Spirit Realm . His qi burst wouldn’t have that much commotion now and the power was compressed unless he intentionally released it .

Two days later, Li Fuchen’s qi was compressed further and his cultivation rose from the initial state of 1st level Battle Spirit Realm to the middle state .

“I didn’t think that when I progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, my Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique had increased from the 30th rank to the 31st rank . ”

Li Fuchen revealed a faint smile .


Turning into a red rainbow, Li Fuchen soared into the air and arrived at the altitude of the clouds .

Li Fuchen drew the Joint Heaven Sword and slashed .

Without any sound and presence, close to 100 miles of cloud was split into two parts by Li Fuchen . After taking a look, it felt as though the sky was split apart and the deep ravine extended all the way to the horizon .

“Incredible . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up .

After progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, the increase in qi strength was one matter . The wonderful sensation of success made Li Fuchen feel very comfortable . He felt his sword art naturally becoming profound and it was so smooth that it wasn’t a sword slash that he could achieve in the Reincarnation Realm .

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