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Chapter 524
ER – Chapter 524: Sword Intent, Sword Array
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Li Fuchen activated the Teleportation Board and returned to the East Unicorn Continent .

On this return, he brought back a huge quantity of resources, for the Heaven Dipper Realm, Reincarnation Realm, everything . He even brought back some Red Rainbow Elixirs and Perception Dao Elixirs . If everything was calculated with contribution coins, the total value of all the resources he brought back was up to 500,000 contribution coins .

The Red Rainbow Sect’s contribution coins were very precious and 500,000 contribution coins worth of resources had a value that was not less than one billion low-grade spirit stones .

The endless amount of resources might make the Li Clan complacent, making it hard for them to produce true experts .

But it didn’t matter, Li Fuchen’s objective was for his parents to reach the Reincarnation Realm and increase their lifespan up to 250 years . Li Fuchen didn’t feel that there was any problem for them to reach the Reincarnation Realm . With an endless amount of resources, as long as their bone frames weren’t weaker than 3-star, there was basically no difficulty to reach the Reincarnation Realm, they would simply have to squander some time .

It wasn’t enough to just have resources, safety was more important .

Half a year ago, the Li Clan had already shifted out from the Wind Snow Sect and was now residing in a large mountain range at the southeast of the Wind Snow Region .

With Li Fuchen as the Alliance Leader, the continent’s elite array masters gathered to establish a class 5 sword array for the Li Clan . This sword array was at least able to resist over ten high-level Reincarnation Realm experts within a short period of time .

But Li Fuchen felt it still wasn’t enough . Just to be precautious, Li Fuchen decided to put his sword intent into the sword array .

Earth class intent was already able to exist outside of the martial arts . As for the timespan of the intent, it would be related to the strength of the true spirit .

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The stronger the true spirit, the intent would be able to exist for a longer time .

The tomb in the Land of Fog had an intent that lasted for plenty of years .

At the Sky Cold Mountains’ tallest peak, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were standing behind Li Fuchen .

After taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen’s body burst out with a terrifying blazing flame sword intent . The sword intent was obviously scorching but it was flowing like water and was rapidly swirling in the air .

Flowing Flame Sword Intent .

More than a month ago, Li Fuchen had cultivated the Flowing Flame Sword Art to the trance stage and had developed the Flowing Flame Sword Intent and it was much more formidable than the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration Intent .


Under Li Fuchen’s manipulation, the Flowing Flame Sword Intent was like a flowing water that gradually fused into the sword array . The sword array that was originally invisible was gradually filled with pale red radiance . It looked like countless pale red sword radiance flowing around and the blazing qi presence had caused the weather to change .

Li Fuchen initially thought it was going to be easy but after finishing everything, traces of indescribable fatigue assaulted him .

It might not be enough to knock him out, but it was something he had never felt before .

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“Is my true spirit energy over exhausted?”

Pure intent could only exist for a very short time . When experts exchanged moves, intents would be weaved around and if these intent could exist for a very long time, it would be very ridiculous . In normal situations, the intent that was released would quickly scatter . Unless it was a large-scale battle between absolute experts, otherwise, it wouldn’t affect the environment .

If one wanted the intent to last longer, one would need to use up true spirit energy and put the intent into the soul .

The importance of the true spirit was basically the same as a spirit soul .

If the spirit soul was a person, the true spirit would be the boat .

It was to make sure that the person on the boat wouldn’t fall into the water and functioned as a protection .

If the true spirit energy was overly exhausted, it would affect the martial artist’s mental state and it would be hard to recover within a short period of time .

“I hope that this Flowing Flame Sword Intent can exist longer . ” Li Fuchen thought in his mind .

After pouring the sword intent into the sword array, Li Fuchen pondered .

In serious considerations, the intent was the law, of course, it was still very far from the great dao law and could only be considered as a martial art law . The martial art law was born from the great dao law and had to stand by itself . The arrays were also born from the great dao law . According to Li Fuchen’s conjecture, if both the intent and array was fused together, it should allow the intent to last for a longer time .

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But he never expected that so much true spirit energy would be exhausted to fuse the intent into the array . His true spirit was already comparable to Primary Sea Realm monarchs . If it was a Battle Spirit Realm master pouring his intent in, before the intent could completely fuse with the array, the true spirit energy would be depleted and the true spirit would instantly collapse .

“Let me try the power of the array . ”

Li Fuchen flew out of the sword array and drew his Joint-Heaven Sword to cleave at the sword array .


The sword array that had countless sword lights flowing within was able to block Li Fuchen’s sword easily . At the same moment, countless sword lights were shot out .

After shattering the sword lights, Li Fuchen revealed a satisfied expression .

The sword array that was fused with the Flowing Flame Sword Intent was actually able to block his all-out sword slash . His all-out attack was already comparable to mid-level Battle Spirit Realm masters and it wasn’t what a Reincarnation Realm expert could imagine .

If the previous sword array was only a class 5 sword array, then it was now at class 6 sword array . As long as the Li Clan didn’t leave the range of the sword array, then no one would be able to threaten the Li Clan in the East Unicorn Continent .

“Father, mother, I will soon progress to the Battle Spirit Realm . It will probably be difficult for me to return to the East Unicorn Continent in the future…”

After flying back into the sword array, Li Fuchen looked at Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan with an apologetic look .

Before Li Fuchen could finish his words, Li Tianhan shook his hand and said, “Fuchen, you have already given us enough . Don’t worry, your mother and I will cultivate properly and strive to break through to the Reincarnation Realm as fast as possible . Once we are at the Reincarnation Realm, our lifespan will be 250 years . Your mother and I are only around 50 years old and there is still plenty of time . You just have to concentrate on your martial dao and do not be delayed by these trivial matters . Otherwise, your mother and I will be guilty for life . ”

Shen Yuyan revealed a gentle smile and said, “Your father is right, the most important thing for you now is to concentrate on your martial dao . Your father and I believe that you will create a myth that belongs to you . ” 

The two of them might miss Li Fuchen but with Li Fuchen’s innate potential, he was destined to be extraordinary . They didn’t wish to become an obstruction for Li Fuchen, furthermore, it was just a short term separation and not a life and death separation .

On this day, Li Fuchen left .

Shen Yuyan was in Li Tianhan’s embrace as she said softly, “Big Brother Tianhan, perhaps we can have another child . ”
(TL note: It is very normal for couples in ancient times to address each other as Big Brother and Younger Sister)

The two of them were still very young . To Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists, 50 years old was still considered their prime . Once they reach the Reincarnation Realm, it was normal for them to be considered as youths . After hearing what Li Fuchen said, most of the disciples in the sect were around 40 or 50 years old and those disciples weren’t a lot younger than them .

“Alright, let’s do it as you said . But we cannot allow our cultivation to slack . We need to break through to the Reincarnation Realm when Li Fuchen returns the next time . ”

Li Tianhan laughed heartily while the pain of separation was mostly dissipated .

After returning to the Seven Color Continent, Li Fuchen rested for a few days first .

Due to the exhaustion of true spirit energy, his current state wasn’t at this prime and his perception was much lower . If he was to break through now, it was inevitable for problems to happen .

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