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Published at 9th of June 2020 10:41:06 AM
Chapter 521
ER – Chapter 521: Completion Rank of Thousand Illusion Eyes
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Sub-completion rank of Thousand Illusion Eyes .

Completion rank of Thousand Illusion Eyes .

With the pale purple spirit soul as a support, Li Fuchen took a short time to cultivate the Thousand Illusion Eyes to the completion rank .

After reaching the completion rank of the Thousand Illusion Eyes, even if Li Fuchen didn’t activate the Thousand Illusion Eyes, as long as his eyes concentrated on insects or birds, they would be immobilized and would sink into an illusion .

Of course, this was mainly due to the weak spirit soul that the insects and birds possessed, therefore, they couldn’t even withstand a trace of illusory qi presence .

Li Fuchen had cultivated both the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and Thousand Illusion Eyes to the completion rank within a month . There was probably no one else that could be a match for his perception and aptitude .

In order for a Battle Spirit Realm master to cultivate a 6-star secret technique to the completion rank, the master would probably take years .

Of course, above the completion rank, there was still the perfection rank .

The gap between the completion rank and the perfection rank was the real chasm .

The completion rank would mean that the practitioner could use 90% of the secret technique’s power . But at perfection rank, one would be able to utilize 100% of the power . Most importantly, only the perfection rank of the secret technique could be considered flawless .

Take the Thousand Illusion Eyes for example . Before reaching the perfection rank, there would still be flaws, but after cultivating to the perfection rank, the flaws would be completely gone and if the enemy wanted to resist the Thousand Illusion Eyes, they would have to rely on their spirit soul and willpower .

Of course, if the enemy’s illusion art proficiency was also very high, then it would be a different case .

Li Fuchen couldn’t find someone to experiment with the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness, but there wasn’t any problem testing the Thousand Illusion Eyes on someone . .

On this day, Li Fuchen looked for three Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciples .

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To become the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciples, it was normal for everyone to possess superior 6-star bone frames and they would probably have tough willpower as well .

“Senior Li, you can just execute your Thousand Illusion Eyes, you don’t need to worry about us . ”

The three outer sect disciples were very happy as Li Fuchen was like a god in the White Scale Continent . With the strength of a single person, he conquered the lookout corner and the Silver Sand Region . In the entire White Scale Continent, apart from the three emperor-class factions, only the Red Rainbow Sect occupied so much territory .

As the Supreme Commander of the Red Rainbow Sect’s garrison, Li Fuchen had a certain way to handle the resources that weren’t really important to the Red Rainbow Sect . Those resources were very tempting to the outer sect disciples, after all, with a sufficient amount of those resources, even if they didn’t require it, they could simply resell it and earn a large amount of low-grade spirit stones .

The prerequisite was to have a good relationship with Li Fuchen .

“Be careful now . ”

After activating the Thousand Illusion Eyes, Li Fuchen gazed at the trio .

Without any sound or presence, an overwhelming illusory qi presence enveloped them .

Instantly, the trio’s eyes turned sluggish .

But soon enough, the trio revealed a struggling expression . Sometimes their faces were displaying pain, sometimes fear, sometimes they would be giggling in a silly manner . It seemed like they were experiencing different things in the illusion .

“The Thousand Illusion Eyes is able to bring out the spiritual flaw in the enemy to create an extremely surreal illusion . A severe spiritual flaw would bring out a more realistic illusion . ”

Li Fuchen was very satisfied as he took just a single glance to make all three of them fall into an illusion .

It meant the Thousand Illusion Eyes wasn’t weak .

10 minutes later, one of the outer sect disciples woke up .

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He was drenched in sweat and had a very depressed expression .

Soon enough, the other two outer sect disciples had also awakened .

“It was too surreal . Is that the power of the Thousand Illusion Eyes?” The trio had fearful expressions .

If Li Fuchen was the enemy, they would have died thousands of times .

But they knew clearly that with Li Fuchen’s strength, he didn’t even need to use the Thousand Illusions Eyes . A casual attack would be able to kill them .

“You may go! For the new batch of resources, each of you can purchase them at the price of 80%, but the total purchase amount cannot exceed 500,000 low-grade spirit stones . ” The resources that had the value of 500,000 low-grade spirit stones would turn into one million low-grade spirit stones after reselling them .

“Thank you Senior Li!” The trio were ecstatic .

They weren’t as wealthy as monarch-class disciples, In the previous years, their purchase limit would only be around 500,000 low-grade spirit stones, but this time, they had double the amount .

After the trio left, Li Fuchen thought to himself, “Superior 6-star bone frames actually fell into the illusion for 10 minutes . I wonder how long will a 7-star bone frame be trapped in the illusion?”

Li Fuchen planned to test it on Sikong Zhan .

“2000 contribution coins up front . ”

Sikong Zhan had already dismissed the thought of competing with Li Fuchen . Right now, he simply wanted to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm as soon as possible . Of course, if there was a chance to earn contribution coins, he wouldn’t let it go .

Furthermore, Sikong Zhan wanted to deal a blow to Li Fuchen as he was rather confident about his willpower . He didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would be able to make him fall into an illusion .

“Sure . ” Li Fuchen agreed .

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In fact, he could immediately put Sikong Zhan into an illusion, but it wasn’t necessary since he didn’t lack 2000 contribution coins .

When the Thousand Illusion Eyes was activated, Li Fuchen’s eyes turned illusory and multi-colored .


Sikong Zhan knew it wasn’t good . He was originally very spirited but when facing Li Fuchen’s eyes, he suddenly became drowsy and it felt as though his body and soul was being separated . He wasn’t able to move even a single finger .

In the next moment, Sikong Zhan fell into an illusion as his eyes dimmed .

When Sikong Zhan woke up, his body was filled with a layer of cold sweat .

“How long was I trapped in the illusion?” After taking a deep breath, Sikong Zhan asked with an awful expression .

Li Fuchen smiled, “No wonder you are a monarch-class disciple . You were merely trapped for ten breaths . ”

“Ten breaths!” Sikong Zhan wanted to curse .

Ten breaths was a long time . Let alone ten breaths, a single breath was enough to kill him .

In a battle between experts, the victory would always be decided in a split moment .

“Where are the contribution coins?” Sikong Zhan asked in a stiff tone .

“Here . ”

Li Fuchen tossed two contribution coins with the value of 1000 .

While holding the contribution coins, Sikong Zhan left with a face of dissatisfaction .

It was unknown how Bai Lingshuang found out as she also wanted to experience Li Fuchen’s Thousand Illusion Eyes .

Li Fuchen was naturally pleased to do it .

The fact had proven that Bai Lingshuang’s willpower was far superior to Sikong Zhan . She took just three breaths to escape from the illusion .

“Such an incredible ocular secret technique!” Bai Lingshuang was amazed .

She felt that after she progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, she should cultivate some illusion arts . She didn’t expect to use them to restrain the enemy, but she would at least be able to prevent falling into the enemy’s illusion .

“You are probably progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, right?”

Li Fuchen was able to feel that Bai Lingshuang’s awareness was gradually transforming into spiritual awareness . This was the sign of progression .

“You can see? In another one or two months, I should be able to progress . ” Bai Lingshuang raised her brows .

7-star bone frames wouldn’t encounter any bottleneck when progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm . As long as the accumulation was sufficient, they would be able to progress without obstructions .

“Then I shall congratulate you in advance . ”

When a monarch-class disciple progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, the sect would offer a one-time reward of 100,000 contribution coins . Also, after progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, one would be able to explore those better low-tier continents .

The so-called better low-tier continents were those low-tier continents that allowed Battle Spirit Realm masters to move around .

Half a month later, Bai Lingshuang progressed while Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation was still stuck at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm .

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