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Chapter 520
ER – Chapter 520: 6-Star Secret Technique 
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“Are you still not leaving?” Li Fuchen looked at the members of the Umbra Palace and Constellation Tower .

“Let’s go . ”

After seeing that the emperor-class disciple, Xun Tianyi wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen, the monarch-class disciples from the Umbra Palace and Constellation Tower still weren’t willing to accept defeat but had no choice but to retreat .

Soon enough, this area that was left in a complete mess was only left with Li Fuchen .

“Having an intense battle every now and then feels rather good . ”

His abnormally vigorous qi and blood brought Li Fuchen a lot of joy and satisfaction during combat .

Especially when fighting with emperor-class disciples as he could feel a kind of pressure .

Right now, pressure was very important for him .

Because life now was too peaceful and there wasn’t any threat or crisis for survival .

But he knew clearly that it was impossible for there to be no threats or crisis for survival in this world, it was merely a matter of timing .

Once the true threat arrived, he might experience what it meant to be weak .

After all, he was only at the Reincarnation Realm . There were the Battle Spirit Realm, Primary Sea Realm, and Law Phase Realm above him . There were also the saints above the Law Phase Realm . During the previous war with the sea beasts, Li Fuchen vaguely understood that the Red Rainbow Sect was also facing a crisis . That demonic ruler’s corpse probably landed in the hands of the Red Flood Dragon King . This was merely Li Fuchen’s intuition .

Li Fuchen wasn’t able to imagine how much stronger the Red Flood Dragon King would become after he absorbed the essence blood in the demonic ruler’s corpse .

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If the Red Rainbow Sect was shaken, then he wasn’t going to have a great time either .

“I need to make use of the rather peaceful time now to quickly increase my cultivation level and strength . ” Li Fuchen said to himself .

In the fourth month, Li Fuchen brought back 91,500 stalks of White Scale Herbs to the Red Rainbow Sect .

He had already returned once before this and it was to redeem the second half of the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body .

The Red Rainbow Sect didn’t specify that the White Scale Herbs had to be handed over every month . Once in half a month or once a month was fine . But it must not be later than one and a half months .

When he returned the last time, he gathered enough contribution coins to redeem the second half of the Wind Cloud Tyrant Body for 105,000 coins .

After exchanging the contribution coins, Li Fuchen now had 340,000 contribution coins .

It was a staggering number and only Li Fuchen who had the strength of an emperor-class disciple would be able to earn contribution coins so easily . The other monarch-class disciples couldn’t even dream of achieving this .

To be serious, Li Fuchen’s strength was already beyond most emperor-class disciples .

After all, Li Fuchen had defeated the battle formations from three emperor-class factions and also the emperor-class disciples, Peng Le and Xun Tianyi . During this period, as long as Li Fuchen was defeated once, he wouldn’t have the great circumstances now .

As compared to emperor-class disciples, Li Fuchen was still lacking .

For the emperor-class disciples, apart from some of the manuals, they could cultivate the rest of manuals without any contribution coins at all .

After arriving at the secret manual tower, Li Fuchen headed to the third floor .

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The third floor had a large collection of secret techniques and with enough contribution coins now, Li Fuchen planned to redeem 6-star secret techniques that were useful to him .

“Thorn of Spiritual Awareness, a spiritual awareness attack secret technique . The spiritual awareness can be transformed into a thorn to attack the enemy’s spiritual awareness . 30,000 contribution coins . ”

“Thousand Illusion Eyes, ocular secret technique . It can make the enemy fall into an illusion . 30,000 contribution coins . ”

The 6-star secret techniques that felt very expensive previously didn’t feel as expensive to Li Fuchen now .

“I have spiritual awareness that is comparable to high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs . It will be a waste if I don’t redeem a spiritual awareness attack secret technique . I should also cultivate the ocular secret technique to see if it suits me . ”

Without hesitation, Li Fuchen chose the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and Thousand Illusion Eyes .

Right now, Li Fuchen was lacking a qi transmutation secret technique .

Among the 20 over 6-star secret techniques, there were probably nine qi transmutation secret techniques .

They were the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi, Dragon Snake True Qi, Fine Sky Technique, Hidden Dragon Violent Qi, and many others .

In the end, Li Fuchen chose the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi .

It was the most balanced qi transmutation secret technique and also the most suitable for double transmutation .

As for 7-star secret techniques, Li Fuchen didn’t consider them at all .

The cheapest 7-star secret technique would already require at least one million contribution coins . After all, 7-star secret techniques were corresponding to Primary Sea Realm . They were much more precious than earth class peak-tier cultivation techniques . Let alone Li Fuchen, even emperor-class disciples would have to use contribution coins to exchange for the 7-star secret techniques as they couldn’t cultivate it for free .

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The three 6-star secret techniques used up 100,000 contribution coins and Li Fuchen was still left with 240,000 contribution coins .

After thinking through, Li Fuchen had redeemed the final three ranks of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique too .

After comprehending the blazing flame bone frame patterns to the fifth segment, Li Fuchen had a better control for the blazing flame laws . The Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique Intent was closely related to the blazing flame laws . When the blazing flame laws were comprehended deeply, the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique Intent would also be comprehended deeply . Soon enough, it would break through to the 30th rank and Li Fuchen would require the cultivation methods for the later ranks .

The last three ranks of the cultivation technique required a total of 168,000 contribution coins .

Right now, Li Fuchen was only left with 72,000 contribution coins . The contribution coins were used at a very fast speed .

“Let’s do this for now . ”

Holding onto a big stack of manuals with introduction content, Li Fuchen arrived at the exchange area on the first floor of the secret manual tower .

The secret manual tower elder had wide opened eyes when he saw Li Fuchen bringing so many manuals at once .

Li Fuchen’s achievements on the White Scale Continent had already reached the secret manual tower elder, therefore, he knew that Li Fuchen wasn’t an ordinary monarch-class disciple and didn’t say much .

Getting hold of the branded copies, Li Fuchen left the secret manual tower .

White Scale Continent, Red Rainbow Mountains .

On a peak, a large quantity of spiritual awareness surged out from Li Fuchen’s glabella . The spiritual awareness quickly compressed and turned into an invisible thorn that flew out .


Li Fuchen could vaguely hear a trace of sound .

“The Thorn of Spiritual Awareness is cultivated, but I cannot do any experiment . It is fine if the power is weak but if the power is too much, I might just extinguish the opponent’s awareness or spiritual awareness . It is too risky . ”

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was too powerful . The cultivation of the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness was simply done without obstruction and he didn’t need to spend a lot of effort .

It was understandable as Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness and perception were at the Primary Sea Realm . If a Primary Sea Realm monarch was to cultivate a 6-star secret technique, it would also be extremely easy .

Subsequently, Li Fuchen started to cultivate the Thousand Illusion Eyes .

As compared to the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness, the Thousand Illusion Eyes was more than ten times as difficult .

Generally speaking, in order to cultivate illusion secret technique or ocular secret technique, one would need the aptitude for illusion arts . It would be difficult to cultivate them without any aptitude and it wasn’t the matter of being diligent . One might spend ten times the amount of time and still wouldn’t be able to achieve anything .

Li Fuchen’s aptitude for the illusion arts was great and in just one day, he had reached the entry rank of the Thousand Illusion Eyes .

Li Fuchen reckoned that one of the factors on the aptitude for illusion arts should be spirit soul .

The stronger the spirit soul, the greater the control of illusion arts .

The spirit soul just happened to be his greatest advantage . In terms of spirit soul quality, not even a Law Phase Realm emperor might be comparable to him .

Once the Thousand Illusion Eyes reached the entry rank, when Li Fuchen activated the Thousand Illusion Eyes, his pupils would appear to have complicated patterns like a kaleidoscope . At the same time, an illusory qi presence would extend out from his eyes, wherever his eyes looked at, like the insects on the ground or the birds in the sky, all of them would become sluggish or immobilized before falling from the sky .

“No wonder it is called the ocular secret technique . This secret technique uses the eyes as a medium to transmit the illusory qi presence . ” Li Fuchen said to himself .

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