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Chapter 509

Bai Lingshuang, Sikong Zhan, the two of you will lead 1000 men to take back the Red Sea Mountains . Is there any problem?” Li Fuchen reckoned that the duo should be able to deal with the two monarch-class disciples stationed at the Black Saber Sect’s garrison .

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“No problem . ” Bai Lingshuang and Sikong Zhan nodded .

The duo didn’t come to the White Scale Continent to wait around and do nothing . They were here to earn contribution coins and by seizing more territories, the monthly collection of White Scale Herbs will also increase . Of course, they have to first take back their original territory .

“Zhang Dajiang, Wang Mingli, the two of you will pick 500 men and follow me to Red Cloud Mountains . ” Li Fuchen spoke to two of the five deacons .

“Isn’t 500 men too little?” Zhang Dajiang frowned .

For the battles between garrisons in the White Scale Continent, the first criteria was the monarch-class disciples, and the second criteria was the number of men .

Furthermore, the Purple Sunset Guild’s monarch-class disciple was one of the top ten experts in the northwest lookout corner . It was still unknown if Li Fuchen could deal with that monarch-class disciple .

“500 men is enough . ”

It was a pure slaughter, Li Fuchen simply had to go alone .

As long as there weren’t more than one thousand Reincarnation Realm experts, Li Fuchen didn’t see them as a threat .

“Alright then . ”

Zhang Dajiang laughed bitterly in his head: ‘Is this new Supreme Commander a little overconfident?’

It was expected . Monarch-class disciples were generally extremely prideful .

Just like that, after leaving 500 men to guard the Red Rainbow Mountains, the remaining 1500 men were split into two groups before heading to the Red Cloud Mountains and Red Sea Mountains .

Along the way, Zhang Dajiang explained the overall situation in the White Scale Continent to Li Fuchen .

“Apart from the 50 over monarch-class factions that are stationed in the White Scale Continent, there are also 3 emperor-class factions stationed here . The 3 emperor-class factions have simply dominated the central region of the White Scale Continent . The size of the territories are thousands of times bigger than Red Rainbow Mountains . ”

“There are also emperor-class factions?”

Li Fuchen raised his brows, “Are there any emperor-class disciples overseeing the emperor-class factions?”

Wang Mingli who had been looking for a chance to cut in had suddenly commented, “Emperor-class disciples are also very rare in emperor-class factions . They probably wouldn’t be sent here to waste time . But the superiority of emperor-class factions lies in their battle formation . ”

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“Battle formation?” Li Fuchen looked towards Wang Mingli .

Wang Mingli pushed aside her long fringe and smiled at Li Fuchen while explaining, “Battle formations are high-grade combination arts . A normal combination art would only require ten individuals in the formation, but battle formations would need dozens, hundreds or even a thousand individuals . A 50-men battle formation would probably surpass most of the monarch-class disciples . A 100-men battle formation would be superior to all monarch-class disciples . As for those battle formations with hundreds of men, they would normally be unmatched, even a mid-level Battle Spirit Realm master might suffer . ”

Hearing the explanation, Li Fuchen nodded silently . Combination arts were indeed incredible . The Red Rainbow Sect’s strongest combination art would need 20 men . During the war with the sea beasts, there were plenty of people who used combination arts to kill the sea beasts and reduced the number of casualties significantly . Otherwise, with the endless numbers of sea beasts, it was impossible for the Red Rainbow Sect to suffer a small loss of a few thousand members .

Combination arts were already so incredible, it was obvious that battle formations would be even more dominant .

Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid of unorganized Reincarnation Realm experts, he was only apprehensive of Reincarnation Realm experts who were able to organize and combine their strength properly .

An unorganized group of Reincarnation Realm experts wouldn’t have much increase in defense or offense . There was only a wider attack range, just like the sea wave that might be able to cover the entire sky, but was still lacking in power .

But battle formations could form battle formation power and the offensive and defensive strength would be several times or even ten times stronger .

After explaining the locations of the major factions, the duo started to talk about the White Scale Continent’s natural environment .

Like the White Scale Herb for example .

“The White Scale Herb is a unique herb in the White Scale Continent . As long as the roots are left behind, it would grow again in five years . The Red Rainbow Mountains would produce around 500 stalks of White Scale Herbs every month . The Red Cloud Mountains would produce 800 stalks, while the Red Sea Mountains would produce 600 stalks . Above the White Scale Herb, there are also the rarer, Black Scale Herb and Purple Scale Herb . The Black Scale Herb is an earth class peak-tier herb while the Purple Scale herb is a heaven class low-tier herb . There would be around 3 to 5 stalks of Black Scale Herb to harvest in the Red Rainbow Mountains every month, while there might only be 1 or 2 stalks of Purple Scale Herb every year, or none . ”

Hearing the information, Li Fuchen was rather moved .

The White Scale Continent’s natural environment might lack variety, but the value of resources exceeded the East Unicorn Continent significantly .

But it was also understandable . The East Unicorn Continent once had similarly bountiful resources but back then, the East Unicorn Continent had yet to awaken the continent willpower . As such, after several battles, the spirit qi had been lost severely and when the continent willpower was awakened, the East Unicorn Continent had already lost 90% of its spirit qi .

“We have arrived at the Red Cloud Mountains . ” Zhang Dajiang pointed at the majestic mountain range ahead and informed Li Fuchen .

“This place’s heaven and earth qi seems to be more concentrated than the Red Rainbow Mountains!”

Li Fuchen scanned with his spiritual awareness and could see the entire Red Cloud Mountains vividly in his mind .

The Red Cloud Mountains were around 70% bigger than the Red Rainbow Mountains . There were members of the Purple Sunset Guild that were harvesting the White Scale Herb .

“Who are you people? Hurry up and leave the Purple Cloud Mountains . ”

At the outer region of the Purple Cloud Mountains, a member of the Purple Sunset Guild’s garrison had yelled out sternly .

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Li Fuchen stated loudly, “What Purple Cloud Mountains, the Red Cloud Mountains originally belong to my Red Rainbow Sect . I give you six hours to leave this place . ”

“Presumptuous, just you wait . ” The person went to ask for reinforcements .

One hour later, 600 men were left by a purple-clothed young man as they rushed over .

“Senior Li, this person is the Purple Sunset Guild’s monarch-class disciple, Teng Long . ” Zhang Dajiang spoke nervously .

Teng Long wasn’t a regular monarch-class disciple and was one of the top ten experts in the northwest lookout corner on White Scale Continent .

It was said that the White Scale Continent had over 50 monarch-class factions, but the number was far beyond 50 . It was possibly close to 100 .

The northwest lookout corner had around 10 monarch-class factions and there were around 50 monarch-class disciples .

There were so many monarch-class disciples because some of the monarch-class factions were extremely powerful and would always be able to station at least five monarch-class disciples at the garrison . It would help to maintain enough deterrence and for them to occupy more territories .

To be ranked top ten among 50 over monarch-class disciples, it was imaginable how powerful Teng Long was . He definitely wasn’t the same level with regular monarch-class disciples .

“You are the Red Rainbow Sect’s new commander? I advise you to leave now while I am still in a great mood . ” Teng Long had ample qi prowess and stood there like an ancient and ferocious beast .

“Body refinement martial artist?”

Li Fuchen could sense a very powerful and secluded qi power from Teng Long .

“Senior Teng, you don’t have to make any move, I will try his skills . ”

Before Teng Long, a youth with flat brows flew out and slammed his palm at Li Fuchen .

The palm force was like purple sunset clouds that were continuous and covered the sky .

Earth class peak-tier martial art, Purple Sunset Cloud Shifting Palm .

“Get lost!”

A golden giant elephant spirit emerged and expanded rapidly .


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The flat-browed youth came quickly and left quickly . He vomited blood and was sent flying by the giant elephant spirit . There wasn’t a hint of resistance .

“It turns out that you are also a body refinement martial artist . I have underestimated you . ”

Teng Long squinted his eyes . Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength had shocked him . Using just the qi spirit to repel a competent expert on his side . It was something that Teng Long wasn’t able to do .

“Such strength . ” Zhang Dajiang, Wang Mingli, and others were astonished .

Especially Wang Mingli whose eyes revealed sparkles .


A black flood dragon spirit soared while Teng Long’s body was emitting fiendish qi .

Teng Long cultivated the earth class mid-tier body refinement technique, Black Extreme Fiend Dragon Technique . After reaching the sub-completion rank, one would be able to produce the fiend dragon spirit .

“So what if your body refinement level is high . Take my Fury Dragon Fist!”

Fury Dragon Fist, earth class high-tier body refinement art .


A resonant and shocking sound echoed when Teng Long struck with his fist . A sinister and violent fury dragon spirit that was enhanced by the fiend dragon spirit had smashed at Li Fuchen . There were exploding and cracking sounds coming from the void .

“The Vicious Dragon Fist is enough to deal with you . ”

Li Fuchen raised his right hand and formed a fist before striking .


A black vicious dragon spirit that was enhanced by the giant elephant spirit was unmatched and extremely violent .


The fury dragon spirit instantly shattered due to the extremely condensed vicious dragon spirit . The vicious dragon spirit then followed through with the momentum and smashed at Teng Long .

Fresh blood was violently vomited as Teng Long was sent flying .

“How can he be so powerful . Senior Teng can’t even black a single fist . ” The garrison members of the Purple Sunset Guild were in a daze .

“He is indeed worthy to have full points in perception and also the no . 1 ranker on the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings . My eyes were looking far too low previously . I actually used my own worldview to judge others . How can Senior Li’s strength be treated with normal logic . ” Zhang Dajiang laughed bitterly while he revered Li Fuchen in the heart .

“This is a true heavenly prodigy . I wonder how I am able to attract Senior Li’s attention . ”

Wang Mingli might be more than ten years older than Li Fuchen, but for people at their level, ten years wasn’t even a gap . After all, Reincarnation Realm experts had a lifespan of 250 years while Battle Spirit Realm masters had a lifespan of 500 years .

“Form the Purple Sunset Battle Formation!”

The garrison members of the Purple Sunset Guild weren’t willing to accept this outcome . With 30 individuals in each formation, they formed 10 battle formations that were like dense purple clouds . As for the others, they didn’t learn the Purple Sunset Battle Formation, therefore, they were unable to form formations .

The 10 battle formations were like 10 purple clouds that swept towards Li Fuchen with imposing prowess .

“Form the Red Rainbow Battle Formation!” Zhang Dajiang was shocked and quickly yelled .

The Red Rainbow Battle Formation had the combined power of 20 individuals . It might not be comparable to the Purple Sunset Battle Formation, but by coordinating with Li Fuchen, they should be able to resist .

“Is there a need to form the battle formations?”

Li Fuchen revealed a confident smile and smashed his fist at the first incoming purple cloud .


The vicious dragon spirit had unstoppable prowess and had instantly shattered the purple cloud .

Boom Boom Boom Boom…

A single fist for one battle formation . Ten battle formations took just ten fists .

After ten fists, all the members inside the battle formations were sent flying with serious injuries . Li Fuchen was the only person standing in the air .

“From today onwards, this mountain range shall belong to my Red Rainbow Sect again . If you are unwilling to accept this outcome, I shall wait for your challenge . ” Li Fuchen spoke indifferently .

“Let’s go . ” Teng Long had a pale expression as he led the men and left .

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