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Chapter 508
ER – Chapter 508: Supreme Commander
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“In the White Scale Continent, our Red Rainbow Sect has garrisoned a 2000-men army . Of course, most of those people aren’t our Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciples and are the elite Reincarnation Realm experts from the seven kingdoms . When the three of you go over, you will be commanding the 2000 men to stabilize our Red Rainbow Sect’s unstable circumstances . On the other hand, it would be to occupy more territories to collect more resources . Of course, you can also deal with other factions to trade resources . In short, decide according to the situation . ” The Outer Sect Grand Elder Wang Kui explained .

The Red Rainbow Sect paid a lot of attention to the White Scale Continent .

As a monarch-class sect, the Red Rainbow Sect’s demand for resources was very horrific . The day when the Red Rainbow Sect’s resources were exhausted, it would be the start of the decline .

“Grand Elder, since this is an arduous mission, the contribution coins reward should be significant, right?” Bai Lingshuang questioned .

Wang Kui smiled and said, “The mission this time is very special, hence, the reward system is also very special . The basic rewards are 1000 contribution coins for each month and the follow-up reward will depend on your achievements . If the collection of the White Scale Herb is increased by 30% for each month, the three of you will be rewarded with 1000 contribution coins . As for the distribution ratio, the leader will take half and the other half will be split by the other two . If the collection of White Scale Herb is increased by 50%, the reward will be 2000 contribution coins . If the collection is increased by 100%, the reward will be 5000 contribution coins . 200%, 10,200 coins . 300%, 20,000 coins . In short, the more the better . It will depend on your capability . ”

The White Scale Herb was an earth class high-tier herb . Its grade wasn’t high but only the White Scale Continent possessed it .

“Then who will be the leader?”

When Sikong Zhan asked this question, he felt like slapping himself .

Wasn’t it obvious who would be the leader? He might be unwilling to accept it, but had to admit that Li Fuchen was far superior to him .

Wang Kui didn’t state who was the leader, instead, he looked at Li Fuchen and said, “As the leader, you can command anyone and can also supervise if they are contributing . The system is fixed but a human is flexible . If they don’t contribute, you have the authority to take half the follow-up reward . ”

The leader had great authority and whether the subordinates made any contribution, it depended on the words of the leader . If the subordinate fulfilled their responsibility but the leader didn’t approve, then, the subordinate could only suffer silently and wouldn’t have a chance to reason .

Of course, everyone was monarch-class disciples and it was generally unnecessary to form a feud . You could defraud them once, but not twice . Unless there was already a feud, otherwise, it was rare for such malicious behavior to be displayed .

Li Fuchen said, “The White Scale Continent doesn’t forbid killings right?”

Li Fuchen was afraid that when he killed other monarch-class members from other factions, he might start a war between the monarch-class factions .

Wang Kui laughed and said, “Unless necessary, it is best not to kill . Of course, if the opposition has the intent to kill, then it is fine for you to kill . Just don’t kill any members of the monarch-class factions from the Seven Color Continent . ”

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There were more than 50 monarch-class factions that were active in the White Scale Continent . If killing was forbidden, then it was impossible to operate . After all, when there were battles, casualties were inevitable . As for the consequences, the Red Rainbow Sect wasn’t apprehensive as they were all monarch-class factions, if they dared to kill their way to the Seven Color Continent, then they had to be taught a lesson .

The only concern was if they killed too ruthlessly, if there weren’t any more incredible outer sect monarch-class disciples to oversee the White Scale Continent, the opposition might take revenge . It was why Wang Kui said that it was best not to kill and to simply subjugate .

“Understood . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

He wasn’t a person that was fond of killing, but if the opposition was too overbearing, he wouldn’t mind to kill a few of them .

“Good, Li Fuchen shall take the role of the leader and immediately depart for the White Scale Continent . Remember, do everything with caution . As compared to resources, your lives are more important . Never risk your lives . ” Wang Kui exhorted .

The trio nodded and left the outer sect grand hall before flying towards the teleportation plaza .


One of the teleportation platforms lit up and the trio vanished without a trace .

White Scale Continent was a continent with extremely unique heaven and earth laws .

On this day, at the northwestern corner of the White Scale Continent, within the Red Rainbow Mountains, a teleportation platform lit up and three figures appeared .

“Is this the White Scale Continent?”

Li Fuchen took a glance at the surrounding plants in this place . It was extremely peculiar as most of the plants had white scales . Using his vision, Li Fuchen could see that the plants were all aggressive and were mostly carnivorous plants .

Bai Lingshuang commented, “Li Fuchen, this White Scale Continent is rather suitable for you . The heaven and earth qi here is inclined to the body refinement dao . After refining the qi here, it is slightly beneficial for your body refinement level . ”

Heaven and earth qi contained laws and different laws would be suitable for different daos .

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The Demon Ring Continent’s qi contained the demon laws, therefore, it was extremely suitable for demons to reproduce and develop there .

The White Scale Continent’s qi contained body refinement laws and was suitable for body refinement martial artists to cultivate .

“Indeed, the heaven and earth laws here are rather helpful for me to comprehend body refinement intent .

Now that Li Fuchen had reached the peak-level of Reincarnation Realm in body refinement, if he wanted to increase his body refinement level to the Battle Spirit Realm, he would need to enhance his body refinement foundation . It was nothing if it only contained qi with body refinement laws, as it wouldn’t be superior to the dragon qi in the Dragon pool . But there were concentrated body refinement laws here and it would allow him to comprehend body refinement intent with lesser effort . Perhaps, he might be able to breakthrough to the trance stage of the Mortal Calamity .

Just as the trio arrived, at the center of the Red Rainbow Mountains, in the Red Rainbow Hall, there was a conference going on .

The participants of the conference were either the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciple or the leaders among the seven kingdoms’ elite Reincarnation Realm experts . There were a total of over 30 people here .

“Deacon Zhang, when will the Red Rainbow Sect send monarch-class disciples here? During this year, the number of mountains that we occupied has been reduced from three to one . With just one mountain range, the monthly production of White Scale Herb is extremely limited . If this carries on, the situation will be very bleak . ”

The one speaking was a leader from the Violet Flower Kingdom who had the role of Chief Leader in this garrison . As for the deacon that he mentioned, that person was Zhang Dajiang and was an outer sect disciple and also one of the five deacons in the garrison . He was the most superior in strength among everyone .

Zhang Dajiang was 45 years old and had a reddish nose . He said, “There are a total of 13 monarch-class disciples this year . After over a year of cultivation in seclusion, I think that most of them would have great progression . I reckon they are going to be dispatched here soon . ”

The White Scale Continent wasn’t an ordinary place, even monarch-class disciples weren’t considered much . If they were dispatched here right after they entered the sect, they wouldn’t really be useful . Putting aside everything else, Zhang Dajiang believed that his strength wasn’t overly inferior to monarch-class disciples . After all, he was already 45 years old and had much more cultivation time, but there were plenty of people on the White Scale Continent that were far superior to him . Regular monarch-class disciples would be useless here .

“I heard there is an extremely powerful individual among this year’s monarch-class disciples . He doesn’t just have full points in perception, he was also ranked no . 1 on the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings for the recent war . If he came, we would have a much easier time . ”

A female deacon, Wang Mingli spoke . She was another Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciple and was also one of the five deacons at this garrison .

Zhang Dajiang nodded, “I have heard of him too . His name appears to be Li Fuchen, I hope he can stabilize the situation here . ”

Monarch-class disciples progressed very quickly . They would normally progress to the Battle Spirit Realm after two or three years . There were a few years where there weren’t any monarch-class disciples, thus, it was rare for any monarch-class disciples to be stationed here, resulting in this current situation . As such, Zhang Dajiang had great expectations for Li Fuchen . He didn’t expect Li Fuchen to seize more territories, he only hoped that Li Fuchen could regain the territories that they originally occupied .

“Report, the new commanders are here at the White Scale Continent . There are three of them . ”

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Outside the hall, a Reincarnation Realm expert spoke with an anxious voice .

“Are they here? Let’s go and welcome them . ” Zhang Dajiang stood up quickly .

When monarch-class disciples were stationed here, they normally took the role of the Supreme Commander .

Supreme Commander, Deacon, Chief Leader, Sub Leader, normal members . This was the hierarchy of the garrison .

At the plaza outside of the Red Rainbow Hall, Li Fuchen and the others had landed .

“Greetings and welcome to the three commanders . ”

Zhang Dajiang led over 30 individuals to bow with cupped fists . Zhang Dajiang looked at the trio and asked, “I wonder if you have the commander’s token?”

Li Fuchen and the two others took out their monarch-class disciple tokens and the garrison commander’s token for everyone to see .

After seeing the tokens, Zhang Dajiang quickly welcomed the trio into the Red Rainbow Hall .

Inside the Red Rainbow Hall, Li Fuchen and the two others sat at the host seats in the hall .

Li Fuchen sat in the middle while Bai Lingshuang and Sikong Zhan sat on the left and right .

Before arriving, the trio had already determined their roles . Li Fuchen would be the Supreme Commander while Bai Lingshuang and Sikong Zhan would be the Vice Commanders responsible for supporting Li Fuchen .

After sizing up everyone, Li Fuchen went straight to the topic and asked, “Tell me about the situation of the garrison . ”

Zhang Dajiang smiled bitterly and said, “Originally, our Red Rainbow Sect’s garrison has three mountain ranges . They are the Red Rainbow Mountains, Red Sea Mountains and Red Cloud Mountains . But now, the Red Sea Mountains and the Red Cloud Mountains have been seized by the other factions . Only the Red Rainbow Mountains still belong to us . ”

“Which faction seized them and how is their strength?” Sikong Zhan interrupted .

Zhang Dajiang said, “The Red Sea Mountains were seized by the Black Saber Sect and the Red Cloud Mountains were seized by the Purple Sunset Guild . The Black Saber Sect’s garrison has two monarch-class disciples and they are both formidable . I can only contest for a few moves with one of them . The Purple Sunset Guild’s garrison has only one monarch-class disciple but this monarch-class disciple is rather famous . In the northwest lookout region of the White Scale Continent, he is part of the top ten experts . I cannot even withstand a single attack from him . ”

“Which means to say that anyone of them can defeat you in a few moves? It seems like they are nothing much . ” To be honest, Sikong Zhan looked down on regular outer sect disciples . He felt that only monarch-class disciples were important .

In his opinion, it was nothing much to defeat Zhang Dajiang in a few moves, 

Zhang Dajiang frowned and didn’t say anything .

After all, he didn’t know of Sikong Zhan’s strength . Maybe Sikong Zhan was stronger than the two monarch-class disciples from the Black Saber Sect?

At the top seat, Li Fuchen disapproved of Sikong Zhan’s arrogant attitude . “Since that is the case, Sikong Zhan, Zhang Dajiang, the two of you will spare so that I can judge the strength of the Black Saber Sect and Purple Sunset Guild’s monarch-class disciples .

“Yes . ” Zhang Dajiang nodded .

At the plaza outside, Sikong Zhan and Zhang Dajiang spared quickly .

Seven moves .

Monarch-class disciples were monarch-class disciples for a reason . With a year of cultivation, Sikong Zhan had a great improvement and took just seven moves to defeat Zhang Dajiang .

But Sikong Zhan who spoke arrogantly earlier had an unpleasant expression . Earlier, he said that it was nothing much to defeat Zhang Dajiang in a few moves, he didn’t expect that he would need seven moves to defeat Zhang Dajiang . It meant that it wasn’t possible for him to defeat the Black Saber Sect’s monarch-class disciples .

“Bai Lingshuang, go and spare with Zhang Dajiang . ” Li Fuchen said to Bai Lingshuang .


Bai Lingshuang flashed and appeared on the plaza .

As compared to Sikong Zhan, Bai Lingshuang’s divine ability, Ice Mirror was obviously much more crafty as she took just four moves to defeat Zhang Dajiang .

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