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Chapter 497
ER – Chapter 497: One-Clawed Flood Serpent
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“Senior Tie Chunqiu has been overtaken . It is Senior Li Fuchen . ”

“What? So fast? When Senior Li Fuchen’s contribution points were still zero, Senior Tie Chunqiu was already close to 100 points .

“What is Li Fuchen?”

“He doesn’t have a 7-star bone frame but he has astonishing perception . I heard he has full points perception and is comparable with emperor-class disciples . ”

“Tsk, emperor-class disciples’ perception is just simply full points . But since Li Fuchen can have full points perception, he must not be underestimated . Once he progresses to the Battle Spirit Realm, he will be another formidable figure . ”

As long as they turned back, everyone could see the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings . Li Fuchen’s ranking was soaring like a rocket and had shot up to the no . 1 rank in just a moment . It was extremely eye-catching .

Be it the outer sect disciples or the inner sect disciples, all of them had remembered Li Fuchen’s name .

“Li Fuchen, hmph . ”

Tie Chunqiu was extremely unhappy . During the perception test, there were only two individuals superior to him . One of them was Murong Tianxing and the other was Li Fuchen . The former had already progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm and become an inner sect monarch-class disciple . Li Fuchen’s perception might be at full points, but his bone frame couldn’t even enter the eyes of Tie Chunqiu . For the one year that had passed, Tie Chunqiu’s cultivation had already reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm and he believed his strength was inferior to no one . When the no . 1 rank was snatched by Li Fuchen, Tie Chunqiu was rather angry .

“Blood Ax Violent Swell!”

Tie Chunqiu possessed the 7-star ax dao bone frame . Originally, he didn’t plan to use the ax dao divine ability, but he couldn’t be bothered anymore .

When the ax dao power surged out, Tie Chunqiu’s body was bursting out with an overbearing and unstoppable ax dao qi presence .

He raised the blood-colored ax high and immediately cleaved down forcefully .

At the next moment . A giant blood-colored ax light that was a few thousand feet descended from the sky and cleaved down on the waves .

When the waves were split open, the blood-colored ax exploded and turned into countless small axes that burst out in all directions .

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

When the giant blood-colored ax light cleaved down, at least twenty class 4 sea beasts and a few class 5 sea beasts were killed . But the smaller axes had a wider attack range and in the blink of the eye, a dozen more class 4 sea beasts and a few more class 5 sea beasts were split into two .

A single ax dao divine ability had increased Tie Chunqiu’s contribution points by 100 points .

His ranking had increased from no . 2 to no . 1 while his total contribution points reached 342 points .

Li Fuchen had decreased to no . 2 on the rankings and his contribution points was 320 points .

“Senior Tie Chunqiu has taken back the no . 1 rank . The two of them are competing . ”

“Senior Tie Chunqiu’s ax dao divine ability is truly incredible . A single cleave of his ax is almost as powerful as the inner sect disciples . ”

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Everyone was killing sea beasts and observing the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings while transmitting messages to one another .

The ax dao divine ability executed by Tie Chunqiu was unstoppable . Over ten class 5 sea beasts tried to work together but were still cleaved by his ax .

Tie Chunqiu’s contribution points increased sharply from 342 points and had burst 1000 points one hour later .

But Li Fuchen’s killing speed wasn’t slow either . He was following closely behind and had reached over 700 points .

“His killing speed is actually so fast? Could he have executed his divine ability from the beginning?” Tie Chunqiu was bewildered .

His ax dao power wasn’t infinite and he planned to stop using it after using up half of the ax dao power . But if he stopped using the ax dao power and Li Fuchen was still killing at such a speed, it was unknown if he could maintain the no . 1 rank .

Li Fuchen’s rise in rankings didn’t just stimulate Tie Chunqiu, it also stimulated others .

“Divine Wind Blade!”

Sikong Zhan burst out with nimble wind power and a transparent blade shadow appeared above his head .

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The transparent blade shadow was elusive and fast like a phantom . Everywhere the blade flew across, sea beasts would be killed along the way . The attack range might not be superior to Tie Chunqiu’s divine ability, but the Divine Wind Blade was superior at speed and could last for a long time .

Bai Lingshuang, Hai Wuya, and the other 7-star prodigies of the six kingdoms had started to execute their divine abilities, causing their contribution points to surge .

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen’s ranking dropped from no . 2 to no . 3, from no . 3 to no . 4 . Two hours later, his ranking had dropped to no . 7 .

At this moment, they weren’t competing who was stronger, but whose attack range was wider .

In normal situations, divine ability’s attack range was normally very wide .

“Hehe, he is nothing much . ”

Sikong Zhan grinned when he saw his ranking surpassing Li Fuchen .

“Li Fuchen didn’t use his full strength right?!”

Bai Lingshuang’s Ice Mirror was extremely crafty . After executing the Ice Mirror, her ranking had been increasing little by little and had finally climbed up to the no . 2 rank . But she didn’t think that Li Fuchen only had this little strength, he might not have even executed his divine ability .

“The Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration might be lethal but the attack range is far inferior to the Green Sun Sword Intent . I can try using the Green Sun Sword Intent . ”

With a change of sword stance, Li Fuchen brandished his sword . A sky-covering green light radiated out with Li Fuchen at the core . A huge number of class 4 sea beasts and class 5 sea beasts were eradicated in a single sword .

Swish .

Li Fuchen’s ranking rose from no . 7 to no . 5 .

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It then continued to increase from no . 5 to no . 3, then no . 2 .

Green Sun Sword Intent was the fusion of sword field, sword intent, and sword qi .  

Wherever the sword field could reach, the sword intent and sword qi could attack .

At full strength, Li Fuchen could extend the range of the Green Sun Sword Intent’s sword field to a few dozen miles .

It wouldn’t be good to increase the range any further . The larger the range, the weaker the attack strength of the sword art . It might be able to kill class 4 sea beasts, but it wouldn’t kill class 5 sea beasts .

“Human, die!”

Finally, Li Fuchen’s unbridled massacre had infuriated an extremely powerful class 5 peak-tier sea beast .

This sea beast was a whale-type sea beast and the size was over ten thousand feet . It was even larger than some of the class 6 demonic beasts on land .

What was the concept of 10,000 feet? It was in terms of miles, it would be six miles .
(TL note: I think I mentioned this before . The miles referred here is Chinese miles and it is 500 meters for each Chinese mile)

An ordinary person at the Qi Training Realm would need quite a bit of time to travel across six miles .

But Li Fuchen wasn’t surprised anymore . Sea beasts’ size were basically much larger than demonic beasts and coupled with the fact that the whale-type sea beasts was one of the largest sea beasts, it wasn’t strange for it to have a size that was more than 10,000 feet .

It was a Narwhal and there was a lightning gathering at the horn . Immediately after, a thick pillar of lightning pierced the sea and was shot at Li Fuchen .

“The strength is roughly the same as a demon general in the Demon Ring Continent . Too weak!”

Li Fuchen cleaved the pillar of lightning with the first sword and used the second sword to split the Narwhal into two .

“Ahh, hurry up and flee!”

“I cannot kill it alone, I need to work with others . ”

Li Fuchen had the strength to kill powerful class 5 sea beasts, but the others didn’t have such strength .

On the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings, names extinguished and vanished . It meant that the outer sect disciples had fallen one after the other .

Those disciples that were experienced and tempered didn’t have a change in expression . War would always result in death and if there were no deaths, then it wouldn’t be called a war .

They weren’t qualified to take pity on others, as they might be the next person to die .

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There were too many sea beasts . The no . 5 lookout island had closed to 1000 Red Rainbow Sect elders and disciples, but there were tens of thousands of sea beasts . It was still unknown how many more sea beasts were at the back .

The sea was massive and could produce countless sea beasts . Perhaps their killing speed might not even keep up with the sea beasts reproduction speed .

In fact, sea beasts would also have internal war due to resources . If the world had inexhaustible resources, the entire world would be overflowing with sea beasts and it would be impossible to kill or eradicate all of them .

Rumble .

A ten thousand meter tall wave smashed at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen focused his eyes and saw a sea serpent inside the wave that was even larger than the Narwhal .

Class 6 low-tier sea beast, Multi-Colored Sea Serpent .

“Human, on the same day next year shall be your death anniversary . ”

The Multi-Colored Sea Serpent was more than 10,000 feet long and its body was like a dragon . It lifted its tail, it glowed with resplendent colors as the tail lashed over .

Wuu Wuu Wuu Wuu…

There was a shocking sound that sounded like thunderbolts . The speed was so fast that most of the Reincarnation Realm experts wouldn’t be able to react . Even low-level Battle Spirit Realm masters might not be able to dodge the Multi-Colored Sea Serpent’s tail lash in time .

“Good timing, Thousand Incineration!”

Blazing sword intent rushed into the air . Li Fuchen burst with speed and narrowly dodged the tail lash and immediately slashed with his sword .

There was a scarlet sword light that was like a hollow flame sphere . It instantly swelled up and enveloped the Multi-Colored Sea Serpent .


The flame sphere exploded and severed the Multi-Colored Sea Serpent into multiple segments and wranged in pain .


Li Fuchen executed the Cloud Incineration to explode the Multi-Colored Sea Serpent’s severed body . An illusory Multi-Colored Sea Serpent shadow emerged .

Demonic spirit, a class 6 sea beast’s true spirit .

If the demonic spirit wasn’t extinguished, the class 6 sea beast would be able to reincarnate into another body .

It was a pity that Li Fuchen didn’t plan to let the Multi-Colored Sea Serpent go and had scattered the demonic spirit with a single sword .

Unconsciously, Li Fuchen had taken back the no . 1 rank on the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings .

But at this moment, he was the only person that could continue killing sea beasts quickly . The rest of the people, including Tie Chunqiu were all tangled up by powerful sea beasts, causing their killing speed to slow down greatly .

Class 5 sea beasts were killed one after the other . Occasionally, one or two class 6 low-tier sea beasts would die under Li Fuchen’s sword .

Li Fuchen’s contribution points had pulled away from the no . 2 Tie Chunqiu significantly .

“Damn it, I shouldn’t have used the ax dao power earlier . ”

Tie Chunqiu was filled with extreme regrets as he watched Li Fuchen’s ranking surpassing his ranking . Right now, he had less than half his ax dao power but there were more sea beasts rushing over, increasing his pressure by several times .

If he had endured until this moment to execute his divine ability, it might not be so strenuous for him .

Sikong Zhan and the others were also regretting .

They had never participated in wars and their competitive nature had put them in a predicament .

“A bunch of fools . ” An inner sect monarch-class disciple sneered . They had executed their divine abilities at the start of the war . They truly didn’t know what was death .

300, 500… 1000 points .

The war was now at its climax and Li Fuchen’s contribution points were still increasing at the same speed . Soon enough, he had 1000 points more than Tie Chunqiu .

The other outer sect disciples were speechless .

“Dragon Transformation!”

If the previous class 6 low-tier Multi-Colored Sea Serpent was formidable, then this class 6 low-tier One-Clawed Flood Serpent was obviously much stronger .

The only claw under the belly had extended and expanded, transformed into a giant dragon claw before clawing at Li Fuchen .


At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen activated the vicious dragon spirit and smashed back .

But he was still sent flying backwards .

“It probably possesses the flood dragon bloodline . ” Li Fuchen had a grave expression .

Regular class 6 low-tier sea beasts wouldn’t possibly be a match for him . Only those heaven-defying sea beasts with the flood dragon bloodline could suppress him .

A true flood dragon would be demonic emperors . The Red Sea’s strongest demonic king, the Red Flood Dragon wasn’t actually a pure-blooded flood dragon . If it was a pure-blooded flood dragon, it might have already evolved into a demonic emperor .


The One-Clawed Flood Serpent was rather astonished . Its claw attack at full strength was actually unable to injure Li Fuchen . This was simply illogical as it could kill low-level Battle Spirit Realm masters very quickly and there were only a few who could block its claw attack .

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