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Chapter 498

Claw attack, tail lash, shooting white light beams . The One-Clawed Flood Serpent was forcing Li Fuchen to constantly retreat . Had it not been for Li Fuchen’s extremely tough defense, he would already be injured .

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“This won’t work . I am not a match for him with regular strength . ”

The current Mortal Calamity wasn’t comparable to the Vicious Dragon Fist . If the Mortal Calamity was at the completion stage, Li Fuchen was confident he could fight against the One-Clawed Flood Serpent .

“Retreat!” Li Fuchen retreated towards the lookout island .

“Human, don’t you escape . ”

From the back, a sea monkey that was a few thousand feet tall had suddenly emerged from the sea .

Class 6 mid-tier sea beast, Red Water Monkey .

Boom Boom Boom Boom…

With the swing of the claws, dozens of giant water spheres appeared . Each water sphere was compacted with a large amount of sea water and had the power to sink an island . When dozens of giant water spheres exploded, it felt as though the world had plunged into an apocalypse . There was sea water dipper qi everywhere and there were some outer sect disciples who were in the nearby vicinity that were instantly burst into smithereens .

“Not good . ” Li Fuchen used the vicious dragon spirit to protect himself .

The vicious dragon spirit distorted and layers of it were dispersed . At the final layer, the One-Eyed Flood Serpent used its claw to rip it open . The claw expanded into a dragon claw and grabbed Li Fuchen ruthlessly . Just as Li Fuchen was going to be crushed into a pulp…


A surging wave of flame burst out and repelled the One-Clawed Flood Serpent . The claw didn’t have a choice but to loosen .

The world had an additional man of flame .

Blazing flame divine ability: Heart of Blazing Flame .

When both Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength and body refinement strength made progress, it was impossible for his blazing flame divine ability to remain stagnant .

Now that his spirit soul had evolved into the pale purple color, Li Fuchen’s perception had increased significantly, allowing his comprehension speed of the blazing flame bone frame pattern to increase significantly too . Currently, he had already comprehended four and a half segments of the blazing flame pattern .

His blazing flame bone frame only had a total of six segments .

The surging wave of flame radiated in all directions . The wave of flame obviously contained powerful blazing flame law and wasn’t just an ordinary flame . Otherwise, it wouldn’t have repelled the One-Clawed Flood Serpent .

“Such an incredible blazing flame divine ability . Dragon Transformation!”

The One-Clawed Flood Serpent used its claw to reach towards Li Fuchen again .

“Get lost!”

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Wielding the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen slashed at the claw .

Boom Bang!

There was a burst of flames and the One-Clawed Flood Serpent’s claw appeared with a charred sword wound . It was so painful that the One-Clawed Flood Serpent quickly withdrew his claw .

“Hehe, One-Clawed General, your strength isn’t good enough . You can’t even deal with a Reincarnation Realm human ant . ” The Red Water Monkey dove in and emerged from the sea with rapid speed and mocked at the One-Clawed Flood Serpent .

The One-Clawed Flood Serpent grunted and said, “Red Water General, don’t just talk . If you are good enough, go and do it . ”

It was obvious that Li Fuchen wasn’t a regular Reincarnation Realm expert . That blazing flame divine ability was something that the One-Clawed Flood Serpent was apprehensive towards .

“I will go and do it then . ”

The Red Water Monkey dove into the sea and there was a shadow right underneath Li Fuchen .

“Go back to where you came from . ”

In this sea battle without borders, qi and intent would be mixed out while awareness would be easily interfered . But Li Fuchen’s awareness had already reached the Primary Sea Realm and if he concentrated, the Red Water Monkey would never have a chance to sneak an attack . The Red Water Monkey was struck by the sword and was sent back into the sea in a miserable manner .

“Chu, so this is your strength?” The One-Clawed Flood Serpent sneered .


A few miles away, the Red Water Monkey emerged from the sea and his entire body was charred . It was obviously due to the blazing flame sword qi . The Red Water Monkey responded with an unpleasant expression, “I was careless earlier . It doesn’t count . ”

“Just admit it . This human kid is rather troublesome . Let’s work together and kill him quickly . ”

The One-Clawed Flood Serpent wasn’t interested in being in a tangle with Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen had huge pressure when being suppressed by two demon generals .

After executing the blazing flame divine ability, he was only able to suppress one of them .

Be it the One-Clawed Flood Serpent or the Red Water Monkey, they had strength at the mid-level of Battle Spirit Realm and it was comparable with some of the 2nd or 3rd level Battle Spirit Realm monarch-class disciples .


Intentionally receiving an attack from the One-Clawed Flood Serpent, Li Fuchen used the momentum to fly back and in just a few blinks of the eye, he had returned to the lookout island .

The Red Water Monkey and the One-Clawed Flood Serpent were extremely enraged and used large waves to strike at the lookout island’s array .

Nothing could be done as the array was a class 7 array . Unless the energy pool of the array was depleted or a demonic king personally attacked, it was impossible to break the array .

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On the island, plenty of elders and disciples had returned .

The offense of the sea beasts was too aggressive and they charged endlessly . Had it not been for the direct disciples resisting the pressure, this battle would have resulted in a loss .

During the brief moment of rest, everyone looked up at the Minor and Major Beast Slaying Rankings .

At the no . 1 rank of the Major Beast Slaying Rankings was still Yuan Long and his contribution points had reached an astounding 38,000 points .

He had 10,000 points more than no . 2 .

But it was said that there other two direct monarch-class disciples were in foreign continents, otherwise, Yuan Long might not sit firmly on the no . 1 rank .

As for the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings, Li Fuchen was naturally at the no . 1 rank .

But it was different from before when Li Fuchen’s no . 1 rank had been seized by Tie Chunqiu but was taken back by Li Fuchen again . This time, no one thought highly of Tie Chunqiu .

There was a difference of 1500 points between Tie Chunqiu and Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s contribution points had reached 3600 points, while Tie Chunqiu was only at 2100 points .

Unless Li Fuchen died in combat, Tie Chunqiu wouldn’t have any chances .

“Hurry up and look! Li Fuchen’s contribution points are even higher than the lower ranked inner sect disciples on the Major Beast Slaying Rankings . ” An outer sect disciple exclaimed suddenly .

Hearing the comment, everyone looked up again .

It was as expected . The low-ranked disciples on the Major Beast Slaying Rankings had around 3000 contribution points and Li Fuchen was higher than those people .

“Doesn’t this mean that Li Fuchen’s strength is superior to a portion of the inner sect disciples?”

“It isn’t exactly like that . Perhaps he is just a little luckier and didn’t encounter any powerful sea beasts yet . ”

“It is still too early to discuss this yet . Everything will be determined after the war . ”

After resting for a moment, Li Fuchen continued to fight .

This time, he wasn’t careless anymore and was constantly vigilant . Once a powerful demonic general appeared within his alert zone, he would immediately retreat .

When his awareness scouted without disturbance, Li Fuchen traversed the battlefield like a fish in the water . His contribution points surged so quickly that it put the people in the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings in despair, even the people on the Major Beast Slaying Rankings were shocked .

Half a day later, Li Fuchen’s contribution points rose above 10,000 points .

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The no . 2 ranked Tie Chunqiu didn’t even reach 6000 points yet .

“How can he kill so quickly?” Sikang Zhan had an unpleasant expression .

Half a day ago, he challenged Li Fuchen and everything that happened was the same as slapping his face .

“There are just too many sea beasts, their numbers aren’t going down at all . ”

Taking a glance, there were sea beasts throughout the raging waves . Their offense wasn’t weakened at all .

Li Fuchen smiled bitterly .

As of now, he had killed at least 2000 if not 3000 class 4 sea beasts . He had also killed a few hundred class 5 sea beasts . He had even killed at least 20 class 6 low-tier sea beasts, giving him quite the good battle contribution .

If he had killed so many sea beasts alone, after adding the kills by others, the number would have counted in hundreds of thousands . Only the sea beasts were able to sacrifice their combatants without restraint as the Red Rainbow Sect didn’t have that much manpower to lose .

Of course, this was mainly because the Red Rainbow Sect focused on the elites . If they gathered the combatants of the entire Red Soil Continent, the number of combatants in the Red Rainbow Sect still wouldn’t match the sea beasts, but it would be rather considerable .

After all, the entire Red Soil Continent had countless Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists while there was an abundance of Reincarnation Realm experts .


There was a high-pitched roar that sounded like a dragon and a whale . In the faraway sea, there was a giant island that had emerged .

After looking closely, it wasn’t an island, it was obviously a whale type sea beast .

Furthemore, it was the upper echelons of the whale type sea beasts… Dragon Whale .

The size of its body was actually around 100,000 feet and if counted in miles, it would be 70 miles .

70 miles was bigger than the giant-scale cities on the Seven Color Continent .

This class 6 peak-tier sea beast, Dragon Whale possessed destructive qi presence as it rushed at the lookout island . Just the mere burst of qi presence caused many of the outer sect disciples and inner sect disciples to vomit blood . There were also large numbers of class 4 sea beasts that exploded and died for no reason .

“It is one of the Five Unequaled Demonic Generals of the Red Sea, the Dragon Whale Demonic General . ” A direct disciple said with a ghastly pale face .

The Dragon Whale Demonic General’s body contained a trace of True Dragon bloodline . True Dragons were sacred beasts and once they mature, they would become demonic saints and didn’t need to cultivate .

As compared to a matured True Dragon, demonic kings and demonic emperors weren’t even worth mentioning and were like insects .

The Dragon Whale Demonic General might only possess a trace of True Dragon bloodline, but it was enough for him to become invincible under the demonic kings . He could even contest with low-tiered demonic kings .


On the iron tower, the imposing figure’s voice echoed in everyone’s ears .

“Retreat, hurry up and retreat!”

The imposing figure didn’t have to say it as everyone knew they weren’t a match for the Dragon Whale Demonic General . Only direct monarch-class disciples would be able to barely contest with this enemy .

The rest of the people would be immediately shattered into pieces if they got too near .

The no . 5 lookout island only had two direct monarch-class disciples . The two of them gritted their teeths and went to obstruct the Dragon Whale .


The Dragon Whale Demonic General didn’t need to execute any moves and merely charged straight to send the two direct monarch-class disciples flying .

“Too powerful . ”

Even Li Fuchen couldn’t help but take a deep cold breath .

The qi presence from this Dragon Whale was already comparable to the weaker inner sect elders .

At the Red Rainbow Sect’s side, only the top three direct monarch-class disciples would be able to contest against the Dragon Whale . It was a pity that Yuan Long who was one of the top three direct monarch-class disciples wasn’t at the no . 5 lookout island . The other two weren’t in the Red Rainbow Sect and didn’t participate in the war .

“Damn it, is the Red Flood Dragon King planning to start an all-out war? Even the Dragon Whale Demonic General had been sent out . ” Outer Sect Grand Elder Wang Kui had a pale expression .

His strength was inferior to the monarch-class disciples and it was impossible for him to fight with the Dragon Whale Demonic General .

Soon enough, everyone returned to the no . 5 lookout island . Even the two injured direct monarch-class disciples had also retreated .

“Who dares to fight against me, Dragon Whale Demonic General?”

The Dragon Whale Demonic General’s gigantic body floated on the sea while his voice was like thunder .

“I, Lei Donghai will fight you . ”

It was unknown when an imposing figure appeared after the teleportation platform lit up .


A thunderbolt flashed by and the imposing figure instantly appeared outside the island and smashed the Dragon Whale Demonic General with a hammer .


Numerous thunderbolts flashed as the Dragon Whale Demonic General was sent flying in a single hammer smash . The imposing figure was just like a thunder god .

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