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Chapter 494
ER – Chapter 494: Mortal Calamity
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After returning to the Seven Color Continent, Li Fuchen started his cultivation in seclusion .

He had already cultivated the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration to the perfection stage and with the content of the third and fourth moves, he was confident he could reach the trance stage of the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration within a short period of time and would comprehend the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration Intent .

Once the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration Intent was comprehended, the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration wouldn’t just have power . Qi martial arts were never able to compete against body refinement arts with power . Qi martial arts were extremely profound and sometimes, power wasn’t as important .

If the body refinement arts were described as hammers, then the qi martial arts would be swords .

Hammers were styles that focused on power, while swords were styles focused on skill .

Of course, there was no absolute . There were also extremely exquisite hammer arts and extremely heavy and simple sword arts .

But the overall styles were as such .

As for the Nine Calamity Divine Fist, Li Fuchen planned to cultivate it later on . Since his current strength was already considered invincible in the Reincarnation Realm, he wasn’t in a hurry to increase his strength .

“Hundred Incineration… Thousand Incineration . Each move is more profound than the next . The difference between Ten Incineration and Hundred Incineration is purely the stacking of sword strength . Thousand Incineration has obviously gone beyond and reached the stage of repeated stacking . ”

No matter what sword art, the final move would always be the most perfected and most powerful move .

But this was because the last move always contained the sword intent that was the strongest and the most completed .

In just half a day, Li Fuchen had mastered the third move, Hundred Incineration .

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After all, mastering Hundred Incineration would mean the practitioner was at the perfection stage, furthermore, Li Fuchen had already reached the perfection stage in advance .

It was the final move, Thousand Incineration that was extremely difficult to cultivate . It was much harder than the trance stage of the Vicious Dragon Fist .

For the next half a month, Li Fuchen had only found some small opportunities .

“I have underestimated earth class peak-tier martial arts . ” Li Fuchen exhaled a large breath .

Without thinking to master the Thousand Incineration within a short period of time, Li Fuchen started to put his attention to the Nine Calamity Divine Fist .

The Nine Calamity Divine Fist was different from the Tiger Soul Fist and the Vicious Dragon Fist, there was no qi spirit . It was mainly on how to cultivate the calamity power .

The so-called calamity power was extremely tyrannic and could destroy everything, turning everything into ashes .

When the calamity power was cultivated to the limit, it was theoretically able to destroy the world .

Of course, it was only in theory .

“It is very obvious that the calamity power is a higher grade of law power . ” Li Fuchen thought to himself .

It was very hard for others to reach the entry stage but for Li Fuchen, it was still rather easy to cultivate the Nine Calamity Divine Fist to the entry stage .

“Mortal Calamity . ”

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At the peak of the mountain, a breeze blew over before there was a bang sound . Li Fuchen punched at a giant boulder that was the height of a human .

There was a flash of red light and the giant boulder crumbled without letting out a trace of dust . It only left behind a small pile of ashes .


Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed . Such power was directed at the innate property .

The giant boulder looked like it was destroyed by powerful force but it was actually destroyed at its innate core .

It was the same as a person losing the soul and leaving being a walking corpse .

“Just that a lot of the dragon elephant power has been consumed . ”

Li Fuchen had merely cultivated the Mortal Calamity to the entry stage but the dragon elephant power consumption wasn’t inferior to the Vicious Dragon Fist .

It was very hard to imagine how much more dragon elephant power would be consumed when the Mortal Calamity reached the completion stage .

“The third calamity is called Mortal Calamity . I wonder what the other eight calamities are called?”

Li Fuchen was very curious about the Nine Calamity Divine Fist . He was more curious about which great individual had created such a terrifying body refinement art .

Li Fuchen reckoned that Law Phase Realm emperors weren’t able to create this body refinement art . It was probably existences that were on a higher realm .

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Time passed by quickly…

It was already the tenth month since Li Fuchen arrived at the Red Rainbow Sect . There were two outer sect monarch-class disciples that had progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm and one of them was the Violet Flower Kingdom’s Murong Tianxing .

The difference between the Reincarnation Realm and the Battle Spirit Realm was extremely large .

No matter how powerful a Reincarnation Realm expert was, it was only strength in combat .

But Battle Spirit Realm masters would develop a true spirit in their spirit soul and as long as the true spirit didn’t get extinguished, they would be able to reincarnate into another body .

In addition, once a true spirit was developed, it was the same as leaving a trace of stigma on the heaven dao law . It would allow the martial artist to comprehend the great dao of heaven and earth with lesser effort and would have a mutual understanding with heaven and earth . It was something Reincarnation Realm experts couldn’t compare with .

The Battle Spirit Realm masters were considered the heaven dao’s flesh and bone while the Reincarnation Realm experts were unrelated outsiders, they wouldn’t receive any benefits and could only rely on themselves .

It could be said that the Battle Spirit Realm was the second phase of the martial dao . The first phase was considered an ordinary person, while the second phase was considered a martial artist or also celestial beings .

Of course, there were also different classes of celestial beings . The Battle Spirit Realm was the lowest class among all the celestial beings .

After progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, monarch-class disciples would enjoy better treatment . 90% of the Red Rainbow Sect’s resources were concentrated on the monarch-class disciples . As for the larger number of ordinary disciples, they were all sharing resources that were merely 10% of the entire sect .

In order to obtain more resources, one would have to earn contribution coins .

With more contribution coins, one would be able to redeem more resources .

“Thousand Incineration!”

At Fuchen Peak, Li Fuchen brandished his sword and a scarlet sword light that was like a hollow flame sphere was expanding abruptly . It then exploded like a bubble . It didn’t make a huge commotion but anyone who saw this scene would feel the chill in their hearts .

“The Thousand Incineration is to constantly stack the sword lights and after the explosion, it could instantly incinerate the enemy’s body . ” Li Fuchen nodded slightly .

The Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration Intent was an extremely powerful blazing flame sword dao law . Once it exploded, there were obvious signs of damage to heaven and earth law . It was like a bubble that lived and disappeared quickly . It contained the hints of destruction .

“With my current qi cultivation strength, I will be able to contest with low-level Battle Spirit Realm masters . ”

At this very moment, Li Fuchen didn’t merely comprehend the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration Intent, his Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique had also broken through to the 28th rank . After his cultivation technique had a breakthrough, he broke through to the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm . His qi cultivation strength had an all-round increase . Although it still didn’t surpass his body refinement strength, it was already very close .

Li Fuchen was confident if he was to fight with Murong Tianxing again before Murong Tianxing progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, he would be able to defeat Murong Tianxing in a single sword . It wouldn’t matter if Murong Tianxing executed his divine ability, the outcome would be the same .

If Li Fuchen was to fight the current Murong Tianxing who had progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, Li Fuchen might be able to contest without exposing his body refinement strength . But there was an uncertainty as Murong Tianxing’s divine ability strength would surely increase greatly after progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm . The power transfer capability of the meridians would improve greatly from the 9th level of Reincarnation Realm to the 1st level of Battle Spirit Realm .

As compared to the qi cultivation strength, Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength didn’t make much progress .

His Mortal Calamity might already be at the sub-completion stage, but it was incomparable to the trance stage of the Vicious Dragon Fist . The latter contained the Vicious Dragon Fist Intent and was much more completed .

“But the Mortal Calamity has many more functions than the Vicious Dragon Fist . ” Li Fuchen revealed a smile .

He didn’t think that the Mortal Calamity was actually able to turn the impurities in the blood and body into ashes before expelling them out of the body . The efficiency was much better than the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter . It was imaginable that when the Mortal Calamity advanced in proficiency, Li Fuchen’s body refinement level would certainly improve at a faster speed and would become a Battle Spirit Realm body refinement master in advance .

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