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Chapter 493
ER – Chapter 493: East Unicorn’s Change
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The Heaven Striking Palm and the Star Shatter Leg were both extremely formidable too .

The Heaven Striking Palm emphasized on skill more than power . A single palm wouldn’t allow any enemies to escape and had incredible strength .

The Star Shatter Leg was a pure offense body refinement art and was even more offensive than the Nine Dragons Claw . But in terms of profundity, it was inferior to the Nine Dragons Claw .

“I shall choose the Nine Calamity Divine Fist . ”

The moment Li Fuchen saw the Nine Calamity Divine Fist, he had actually made his choice .

The complete Nine Calamity Divine Fist was definitely a heaven class body refinement art . Furthermore, it wasn’t at the heaven class low-tier but at least the heaven class mid-tier .

After all, just a portion of the third calamity had already given it the evaluation as an earth class high-tier body refinement art .

The complete third calamity would probably be a heaven class low-tier body refinement art .

Li Fuchen would be a fool not to choose an incredible body refinement art and to choose others .

As for the cultivation difficulty of the Nine Calamity Divine Fist, Li Fuchen had automatically ignored it .

With this current perception, even if it was a heaven class body refinement art, he had the confidence to challenge it .

He wouldn’t dare to say he could reach the completion stage with ease, but he was confident to cultivate it .

With his pale purple spirit soul, Li Fuchen believed that even Primary Sea Realm monarchs’ spirit souls weren’t as formidable as his spirit soul . He merely didn’t possess true spirits like Primary Sea Realm monarchs which would half the effort for cultivation of martial arts . Also, Primary Sea Realm monarchs had high cultivation levels and would have a deeper understanding of all things as compared to him .

Once Li Fuchen progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm and condensed his true spirit, he had utmost confidence to surpass Primary Sea Realm monarchs’ perception .

“Since I chose the Nine Calamity Divine Fist, I cannot choose another 6-star secret technique . ”

The entire Nine Calamity Divine Fist required 200,000 contribution coins but Li Fuchen only had 181,900 contribution coins . After taking away the 24,000 coins to redeem the second half of the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration, Li Fuchen would still need an additional 42,100 contribution coins . He might have conquered the Demon Ring Continent, but he had already picked most of the Ancient Demon Fruits that provided the greatest source of contribution coins . If he had to rely on other resources, it would be hard to obtain such a huge number of contributions, hence, Li Fuchen had to use these contribution coins sparingly and to use it at crucial moments .

“The second half of the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration and the first half of the Nine Calamity Divine Fist?” The secret manual tower elder frowned .

The former was okay, but the latter was one of the hardest manuals in the Red Rainbow Sect and was merely inferior to heaven class manuals .

“Are you sure you want to redeem these?” The secret manual tower elder asked .

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“I am sure . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

“Okay, I hope you don’t regret it . ” The secret manual tower elder didn’t persuade Li Fuchen .

There were times when hitting into the wall was more useful than any persuasion .

When Li Fuchen hit the wall, he would know what it meant to act within his own competence .

After getting the copied manuals, Li Fuchen left the secret manual tower and headed for Fuchen Peak .

For the next period of time, he was going to be in a state of seclusion .

Most of the outer sect monarch-class disciples would be in seclusion until they reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm or the low-level of Battle Spirit Realm before they ventured out . After all, they enjoyed ample resources as soon as they entered and it wasn’t necessary for them to go out and earn contribution coins .

It was a pity that Li Fuchen wasn’t the same as them . His perception was too overwhelming and his need to redeem manuals was several times higher than the rest .

After returning to Fuchen Peak, Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to enter seclusion . He planned to return to the East Unicorn Continent first .

He didn’t return to the East Unicorn Continent for some time and he shouldn’t act like this .

After all, with the Teleportation Board, it was actually very convenient for him to return and would simply have to spend some low-grade spirit stones .

After activating the Teleportation Board, Li Fuchen turned into a stream of light and vanished from Fuchen Peak .

East Unicorn Continent…

“Alliance Leader, you are back?” Mu Hanxin spoke with a delighted tone .

Li Fuchen used his awareness to scan the entire Wind Snow Sect and noticed all the Li clansmen were around before he casually asked, “Elder Mu, I wonder if the recent situation of the East Unicorn Continent is good?”

Mu Hanxing smiled bitterly and said, “Alliance Leader, a huge incident happened on the East Unicorn Continent . ”

“Oh? What huge incident?” Li Fuchen was rather astonished .

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Mu Hanxin replied, “The fog at the Land of Fog in the Hundred Battle Region had suddenly dissipated for unknown reasons . It had revealed plenty of ancient secrets and a teleportation platform had been discovered . Many had left the East Unicorn Continent using the teleportation platform . If I was waiting for Alliance Leader, I might have also left . ”

The temptation to teleport to other continents was too attractive for Mu Hanxin .

Mu Hanxin was stuck at the peak level of Reincarnation Realm for a very long time . If he headed to another continent and as long as that continent had a better cultivation environment, he was confident he could rush to the Battle Spirit Realm within a short period of time .

If Mu Hanxin remained in the East Unicorn Continent, even if he could breakthrough to the Battle Spirit Realm under the restrictions, he would also be forced to leave the East Unicorn Continent and head to the islands beyond the continent . Wasn’t it the same as being trapped?

“A teleportation platform to another continent . ” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes .

He was already mentally prepared for this information .

There might be seas in between the continents, but Primary Sea Realm monarchs could come here and set up teleportation arrays . There were Primary Sea Realm monarchs during the ancient times of the East Unicorn Continent . During the prime of the Black Sky Sect, there was one Primary Sea Realm monarch . Since there were Primary Sea Realm monarchs, it wouldn’t be surprising that there were teleportation arrays heading to other continents .

It didn’t matter if the teleportation array was set up by native Primary Sea Realm monarchs or by other continents’ Primary Sea Realm monarchs . It was fine if it led to other continents .

“This is the earth class cultivation technique manual that I promised you . ” Li Fuchen took out a cultivation technique manual and handed it to Mu Hanxin .

This cultivation technique manual was auctioned by An Xinmei on his request and he had several of them .

“Thank you Alliance Leader . ” Mu Hanxin was overjoyed .

He might be able to travel to other continents now and have a great future . But it was unknown what kind of situation the other continents had . With an earth class cultivation technique, he could increase his strength greatly and he might be able to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm before leaving the East Unicorn Continent . For a Battle Spirit Realm master to head to a foreign continent, it would definitely offer a better future and a better survivability .

Of course, if the other continent also restricted the existence of Battle Spirit Realm masters and didn’t allow him to teleport, then there was no difference if he stayed in the East Unicorn Continent . He would rather stay in the East Unicorn Continent as this place was already peaceful and he could concentrate fully on cultivation .

Most importantly, he had the same thoughts as others . He believed that Li Fuchen could travel to another continent freely and that continent was definitely superior to the East Unicorn Continent in grade . Otherwise, how could Li Fuchen obtain so many earth class manuals and equipment? How could his strength improve so quickly at unbelievable rates?

“There is no need to thank me . It is what you deserve . ”

In the past, Li Fuchen planned to rely on the East Unicorn Continent to gather resources and spirit stones .

But now, he didn’t have any more demands for the East Unicorn Continent .

In terms of resources, the East Unicorn Continent would never catch up with the Red Rainbow Sect .

The Red Rainbow Sect was connected to many different continents . Each and every of those continents had more resources than the East Unicorn Continent .

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As a monarch-class disciple in the Red Rainbow Sect, he enjoyed a preferential treatment that couldn’t be imagined in the East Unicorn Continent .

As for spirit stones, he had over 40 million low-grade spirit stones and more than a thousand mid-grade spirit stones . He wasn’t lacking any spirit stones for the moment .

Hence, it was time for him to repay the favor back to the East Unicorn Continent .  

When he heard that the East Unicorn Continent had a teleportation array leading to another continent, he was actually very happy .

After all, this was an opportunity for advancement . As a native resident of the East Unicorn Continent, he naturally hoped that the prodigies of the East Unicorn Continent could reach higher accomplishments .

The Azure Water Sect had already shifted out of the Wind Snow Sect and re-established their own sect .

With the deterrence by Li Fuchen and support from various major sects, the Azure Water Sect had developed rapidly . Many of the Reincarnation Realm experts from those destroyed sects had joined the Azure Water Sect . Right now, the Azure Water Sect had over twenty Reincarnation Realm experts and were flourishing .

Li Fuchen still had feelings towards the Azure Water Sect and had especially delivered two earth class low-tier cultivation technique manuals and many earth class low-tier martial art manuals to them . With these manuals, the Azure Water Sect’s potential wouldn’t lose out to any sect . But in the future, Li Fuchen wasn’t going to continue helping the Azure Water Sect as each individual had their own fate . He didn’t wish for the Azure Water Sect to grow under his protection as it would cause the Azure Water Sect to lose their fighting spirit to achieve greater heights .

Apart from those, Li Fuchen had also given Zhao Mingyue an earth class peak-tier herb to upgrade her bone frame, allowing her to upgrade her bone frame from 4-star to 5-star .

The 5-star pure yin bone frame was comparable to a regular 6-star extraordinary bone frame . In the future, if he could find a heaven class low-tier bone frame herb and upgrade Zhao Mingyu’s bone frame to 6-star, her potential wouldn’t be inferior to regular 7-star bone frames .

But heaven class herbs were things that one could only hope to find serendipitously, heaven class bone frame herbs were even harder to find . Li Fuchen didn’t know if he could find any and it would be up to Zhao Mingyue’s luck .

Finally Li Fuchen stayed at the Li Clan and had a small reunion with his parents .

The Li Clan was a small clan, even with Li Fuchen around, it was impossible for the Li Clan to suddenly become an elite clan .

Unless, the Li Clan could produce a batch of Reincarnation Realm experts .

Hence, it was best for the Li Clan to stay within the Wind Snow Sect’s territory .

Right now, the Wind Snow Sect was already the no . 1 sect of the East Unicorn Continent and there wasn’t anywhere safer than the Wind Snow Sect .

For this return, Li Fuchen had brought back plenty of extremely precious resources .

Previously, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were both 3-star bone frames .

Upgrading from a 5-star to 6-star bone frame might be very difficult, but upgrading from a 3-star to 4-star or a 4-star to 5-star wasn’t a difficult task for Li Fuchen .

As a monarch-class disciple, Li Fuchen had privileges in the Seven Color Continent and was easy for him to obtain elixirs and herbs to upgrade bone frames .

In just a few days, Li Tianhan had upgraded from the 3-star bone frame to 5-star bone frame, and it was the 5-star blazing flame bone frame .

Shen Yuyan had upgraded from the 3-star bone frame to 5-star soft water bone frame .

Originally, the duo had already reached the peak level of Earth Shatter Realm . With the great upgrade in bone frame, they quickly broke through to the 1st level of Heaven Dipper Realm . The two of them were so excited that they weren’t able to sleep for many years . The martial dao heart that had extinguished previously had now been re-ignited again .

After all, the two of them were only around 50 years old and had plenty of time to cultivate .

Most importantly, they had such a formidable son, making it hard for them not to progress . They too didn’t wish to disappoint Li Fuchen .

On this day, Li Fuchen left the Wind Snow Sect and flew to the Hundred Battle Region .

At a small valley in the Hundred Battle Region, Li Fuchen found that teleportation platform .

Beside the teleportation platform, the Petrified Queen was also there .

After seeing Li Fuchen, the Petrified Queen’s expression changed as she quickly took out a large quantity of low-grade spirit stones and prepared to teleport .

Li Fuchen laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I will not make a move on you . There isn’t a need to be so nervous . ”

It wasn’t beneficial for him to kill the Petrified Queen as she was already planning to leave the East Unicorn Continent .

After heaving a sigh of relief, the Petrified Queen didn’t slow down her movement but she replied, “Many thanks . ”

While speaking, a radiance lit up and the Petrified Queen vanished from the teleportation platform .

“I wonder which continent does this teleportation platform lead to?” Li Fuchen was rather curious but he didn’t try it .

He didn’t know if he headed to the new continent, would the Teleportation Board still allow him to return to the Seven Color Continent . Teleporting blindly would only result in losses .

On the next day, Li Fuchen returned to the Seven Color Continent .

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