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Chapter 484

There were too many demons . When ten thousand demons were gathered, even a formidable Battle Spirit Realm master wouldn’t be able to kill all of them within a short period of time .

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It was fortunate that there were only a few hundred class 5 demons . If there were ten thousand class 5 demons, no one would be a match for them unless a Primary Sea Realm monarch was here .

“Purple Cloud Palm!”

A massive purple palm rushed out and slammed dozens of demons to death .

The one executing the palm art was the leader of the Purple Cloud Temple’s outer sect disciples . The youth with the withered yellow hair .

Purple Cloud Palm was one of the earth class peak-tier martial arts from the Purple Cloud Temple . It was also the Purple Cloud Temple’s signature martial art . It was famous for being easy to learn and easy to comprehend . If this youth was able to learn the Purple Cloud Palm, his strength must be stronger than regular outer sect disciples .

“Yellow Wind Saber!”

The leader of the outer sect disciples from the Yellow Wind Valley was wielding a large saber . With a swing of the saber, the saber wind revolved and killed dozens of demons .

It was a pity that no matter how many the duo killed, they wouldn’t be able to kill so many demons . When the demons’ attacks landed on them, they would suffer injuries and their qi would be drastically depleted . At most 15 minutes, the duo would be either severely injured or dead or experience qi exhaustion .

“The qi consumption rate is rather serious . ”

In just a short period of time, Li Fuchen12 had already killed a thousand demons .

Due to his tough defenses and exceptional awareness, he was able to dodge majority of the attacks, thus, his qi consumption wasn’t a lot .

But once this battle dragged on, the qi consumption would be significant . The spirit stones might be able to replenish the qi, but time was needed to refine the spirit stone’s qi . It wasn’t going to be refined instantly .

“Sect Origin Swords . ”

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After some considerations, Li Fuchen immediately executed the Sect Origin Swords and stacked it with the Bronze Sword Essence .

Buzz Buzz!

Ten thousand Sect Origin Bronze Swords appeared . With Li Fuchen at the core, they started to kill in all directions .

In just a few breaths, a few thousand demons were slaughtered .

The killing speed was so fast that Zhuang Sheng and the others were all flabbergasted .

“Such an incredible 6-star secret technique?” The yellow-haired youth mumbled .

There was a massive variety of 6-star secret techniques . The Sect Origin Swords was undoubtedly a group attack secret technique . Furthermore, it must be a superior 6-star secret technique, otherwise, a normal 6-star group attack secret technique wouldn’t be this powerful .

How would the yellow-haired youth know that Li Fuchen’s Sect Origin Swords was only a 5-star secret technique? It was so powerful because it was stacked together with the Bronze Sword Essence, allowing this secret technique’s power to exceed the 6-star grade . It was already close to a 7-star secret technique .

If Li Fuchen went all-out and burst out with 100,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords, it would be enough to kill all the demons in a single breath .

“Let’s kill the rest slowly . ”

Each of Li Fuchen’s Sect Origin Bronze Swords would be able to kill a large group of class 4 demons . But in order to deal with class 5 demons, a few hundred to a thousand sword qi would be required .

When 10,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords were exhausted, only half the demons were left .

Li Fuchen didn’t want to catch too much attention and started to kill the demons, sword by sword .

Ultimately, the demons were defeated and started to flee .

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“I am the Purple Cloud Temple’s outer sect disciple, Yan Jingkong . ”

“I am the Yellow Wind Valley’s outer sect disciple, Luo Feng . ”

“Many thanks for saving our lives . ”

The leaders of the Purple Cloud Temple and Yellow Wind Valley’s outer sect disciples came over and bowed with cupped fists .

Li Fuchen said, “There is no need to thank me . I am just doing it along the way . ”

To others, the demon disaster might be a disaster, but to Li Fuchen, it was just a slight trouble .

With his strength, as long as there weren’t any class 6 demons, he wouldn’t face any threat .

“Senior, we escaped from the third ring . There is an Ancient Demon Tree there with Ancient Demon Fruits that are already ripe . We were pursued by demons because we were plucking the Ancient Demon Fruits . It is fortunate that Senior rescued us, otherwise, we will probably be wiped out . ” Yan Jingkong spoke with lingering fear .

“Ancient Demon Tree?” Zhuang Sheng was astonished .

The Ancient Demon Tree was exclusive to the Demon Ring Continent . The Ancient Demon Fruits produced were earth class high-tier fruits and each fruit was 150 contribution points .

But the plucking of the Ancient Demon Fruit wasn’t an easy task . Putting aside the massive quantity of demons protecting the Ancient Demon Tree, the tree itself possessed horrific combat strength . Due to its massive size, there were countless branches . Even a Battle Spirit Realm master would be able to contest the Ancient Demon Tree .

Furthermore, the Ancient Demon Tree could move . It might be here this time, but it would change to another place next time . Thus, incredible luck was needed to encounter an Ancient Demon Tree .

“Ancient Demon Tree huh? Thanks for the information . ” Li Fuchen was tempted .

He might not think it was worth it for 100 or 200 contribution points, but 1000 contribution points were enough to tempt them .

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“Senior, we have also escaped from the third ring . There is a small pool there and there is an earth class peak-tier herb within the pool . It is the Seven Stars Earth Demon Herb and it looks like it will need a few more days before maturing . When we discovered it, a large group of demons pursued us . There is also another group of demons defending the place and there is a white demon that is extremely formidable . A single fist from the demon had killed three of my juniors . If we didn’t escape fast enough and if the white demon was willing to leave the small pool, we wouldn’t have been able to escape from that place . ”

Luo Feng spoke with an agonized expression .

“Will the two of you be leaving now or grouping up with us?” After finding out about the general direction, Li Fuchen asked .

Yan Jingkong shook his head, “Our losses are too severe . We are preparing to leave the Demon Ring Continent . ”

“So are we . ” Luo Feng followed up .

“Okay, I wish that you will have a smooth journey . ”

Li Fuchen watched as the outer sect disciples from the two factions left .

“Senior Li, are you sure you want to visit those two places?” Guo Wenwu was rather tempted but also apprehensive .

Those two places were dangerous and a single careless mistake might result in death .

“I am definitely going to the two places . What are your thoughts?” Li Fuchen asked .

Zhuang Sheng said, “The Ancient Demon Tree’s combat strength is powerful but if we are just at the border, it shouldn’t be that dangerous . It is fine to take a look . ”

“Senior Zhuang is correct . ” Yun Wei and Lu Qinghua were eager to take a look .

The Ancient Demon Fruits were too tempting . A single fruit was worth 150 contribution points and if they were able to obtain a few, it would be a few hundred contribution points .

Since the trio had decided to go, Guo Wenwu naturally had to follow . Of course, he was tempted too .

Traveling in the direction where Yan Jingkong pointed, they used three days and finally found the Ancient Demon Tree .

The Ancient Demon Tree was a thousand meters in height and it was blocking the sun . It was different from the strange trees on the Demon Ring Continent, the Ancient Demon Tree wouldn’t emit black smoke . In between the cluttered branches, there were black fruits that were glistening with dark glow and emitting extremely pure demon qi .

When the five got within the 1000 meter radius of the Ancient Demon Tree, it launched its attacks . The branches suddenly extended and lashed at the five of them like whips .


Facing more than ten branches, Zhuang Sheng and the others were sent flying .

“No wonder even Battle Spirit Realm masters are unable to contest the Ancient Demon Tree . Each branch’s offensive power is comparable to a class 5 demon . If one goes deep within the attack range, one would need to face thousands to ten thousand branches . Even a Battle Spirit Realm master would be tortured to death . ”

After seeing the Ancient Demon Tree’s attack power, Li Fuchen executed the Divine Flame Transformation and approached the Ancient Demon Tree as a flame light .

During the approach, dozens of branches lashed over but Li Fuchen dodged them all .

Seemingly sensing that Li Fuchen was harder to deal with, the other branches that were attacking Zhuang Sheng and the others were withdrawn . All the dozens of branches coordinated and formed a net to obstruct Li Fuchen’s advance .

“Ten Incineration . ”

Li Fuchen brandished his sword and released layers of sword light that split the net of branches .


In the verdant and lush leaves, the black Ancient Demon Fruit that was the size of a human head had fallen into Li Fuchen’s hand .

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