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Chapter 483

“This is one of the Red Rainbow Sect’s top five sword arts, the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration!”

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Lu Qinghua, the other female outer sect disciple recognized Li Fuchen12’s sword art .

The Red Rainbow Sects’ top five sword arts had always been the sword arts that she yearned for . But the first half of the top five sword arts would require around 10,000 contribution points and she wasn’t able to afford it . Moreover, as of now, she had yet to cultivate her earth class high-tier Crabapples Sword Art to the trance stage and it was still too early for her to cultivate an earth class peak-tier sword art .

Zhuang Sheng and the other male outer sect disciple, Guo Wenwu had a change in expressions .

The earth class peak-tier sword art was much stronger than they imagined . In terms of the sword art profundity, it was several times superior to earth class high-tier sword arts .

If the difference was about two times between an earth class low-tier and earth class mid-tier martial arts . The difference would be around three times betweens earth class mid-tier and earth class high-tier martial arts . Finally, the difference between earth class high-tier and earth class peak-tier martial arts would be around four to five times .

As for the legendary heaven class low-tier martial arts, they would be at least ten times stronger than earth class peak-tier martial arts . It was already illogical .

As the five advanced, they had arrived at the fourth ring unknowingly .

As compared to the fifth ring, the fourth ring’s demon qi was much more concentrated as expected .

The concentrated demon qi had made the environment extremely horrific and strange .

The sky was dusky and almost no sunlight could be seen . The gray ground was covered with stalks of sawtooth grass that were as tall as a human or even twice as tall . In the distance, there were strange trees that were a few hundred meters in height . The strange trees were only a few hundred meters in height but they covered the land area of a few miles2 . There was black spiralling smoke that was emitted from the strange trees .

“It is the Devil Mouse Herb!”

While soaring in the sky, Zhuang Sheng scanned around and suddenly burst towards the sawtooth underbrush .

Among the sawtooth underbrush, there was a strange herb that was around the height of the waist and it had a black mouse-shaped stamen .

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The Devil Mouse Herb was an earth class high-tier herb and it was one of the mission items this time . One stalk had the value of 100 contribution points and it was very rare and nearly extinct in the Seven Color Continent .

When Zhuang Sheng approached the Devil Mouse Herb, those unmoving sawtooth grass started to move violently and shot thorns at Zhuang Sheng .


Zhuang Sheng was a 9th level Reincarnation Realm expert after all . With a burst of qi, the thorns were shattered and the qi force had pushed the surrounding sawtooth grass aside . He then reached in and pulled out the Devil Mouse Herb .

“Congratulations, Senior Zhuang . ” Yun Wei and Lu Qinghua congratulated him .

One hundred contribution points wasn’t a small sum . In the past when they completed missions, they would only be rewarded with a few hundred contribution points . The Demon Ring Continent was filled with danger and there were plenty of demon treasures but it was still impossible to obtain a few thousand contribution points . It was already not bad to obtain 1000 contribution points .

“It is luck, it is luck . ”

Zhuang Sheng laughed and kept the Devil Mouse Herb .

Before they departed, they had already discussed that whoever that discovered the treasure would be the owner . If everyone discovered the treasure together, they would split it according to contribution .

“What is that ahead?” Yun Wei pointed at the ‘dark cloud’ at the horizon and asked with a puzzled tone .

Zhuang Sheng took a glance and was astonished . It looked as though he had recalled something, “Hurry up and flee!”

“Those are demons . ” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes and spoke indifferently .

“Demons?” Yun Wei and the others were appalled .

How many demons would be needed to form a dark cloud? Thousands? Ten thousand?”

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Zhuang Sheng explained, “This is a demon disaster and it is one of the most dreadful dangers of the Demon Ring Continent . Normal demon disasters would have a few dozen class 5 demons and up to a thousand class 4 demons . Large demon disasters would have up to a hundred class 5 demons and thousands of class 4 demons . They are simply never ending . ”

“Hurry up and leave then!” Guo Wenwu said in a nervous tone .

“We are probably unable to leave . There are demons coming from behind and the right side too . ” Li Fuchen took a glance at the back and the right side, only to see two similar ‘dark clouds’ moving over .

Zhuang Sheng had an unpleasant expression as he said, “We are like eye-catching torches in the Demon Ring Continent . Formidable demons would be able to sense our qi presences from a thousand miles away . ”

“We can only break through to the left . ” Lu Qinghua suggested .

“The left side will not work either . ” Li Fuchen shook his head .


The one asking was Guo Wenwu but once he asked the question, he immediately understood what Li Fuchen meant . The left horizon that had nothing at first had suddenly emerged with a demon dark cloud too .

“What is going on? Logically, the fourth ring should be this dangerous . ” Zhuang Sheng couldn’t understand .

Li Fuchen extended his awareness over 800 miles away before he said, “We are victims of a disaster for no reason . These demons aren’t coming for us . The demons at the left and in front of us are pursuing a group of martial artists . ”

“Could it be Reincarnation Realm experts from other continents?” Zhuang Sheng smiled bitterly .

The Seven Color Continent wasn’t the only continent with teleportation arrays that were linked to the Demon Ring Continent . Other continents also had teleportation arrays linked to the Demon Ring Continent .

Just the Red Rainbow Sect had control of over a dozen teleportation arrays that led to foreign continents .

The demon clouds were getting closer and the group was now able to see the martial artists that were being pursued by the demon clouds .

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“Those are the outer sect disciples from the Purple Cloud Temple and Yellow Wind Valley . ” Lu Qinghua said .

The Purple Cloud Temple was a monarch-class faction in the Purple Soil Continent, while the Yellow Wind Valley was a monarch-class faction from the Yellow Soil Continent .

It also meant these groups of people didn’t come from foreign continents .

The Seven Color Continent had seven continents and they were named after the seven colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple .

The outer sect disciples of the Purple Cloud Temple and the Yellow Wind Valley were in a miserable state . They might know that the three other directions also had large hordes of demons, but they didn’t have any more chance to change their direction . They could only plan their moves accordingly .

“The Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciples are in front . Let us gather over there quickly . ” 

The leader of the Purple Cloud Temple’s outer sect disciples was a youth with withered yellow hair . When the youth saw Li Fuchen’s group, his eyes immediately lit up .

The Seven Color Continent’s seven monarch-class factions had rather good relationships . They didn’t have unending conflicts just because they weren’t on the same continent . Their battles were generally on the foreign continents while the Seven Color Continent was a place for them to cultivate, rest, and to nurture future generations .

“Fight then!’

Zhuang Sheng took a deep breath . Now that things were at this juncture, they had to help even if they didn’t want to . They would only be able to survive by working together .

The distance of a few hundred miles wasn’t considered far . In just a short moment, the demons at the front were already approaching Li Fuchen’s group .

“Rush in and don’t become targets . ” Li Fuchen’s body flashed before he charged into the demon cloud like a flame .

Subsequently, sword light burst out and sword qi shot in all directions . As a result, groups of demons were slain .


With Li Fuchen drawing the attention, Zhuang Sheng and the others had a much easier time as they rushed into the demon cloud one after the other .

When the group was slaughtering the demons, the demons from the three other directions had arrived too .

When all four demon clouds converged, the number was up to ten thousand . It was like a gigantic black whirlpool that engulfed Li Fuchen’s group, the Purple Cloud Temple’s outer sect disciples, and the Yellow Wind Valley’s outer sect disciples . There were three layers of interior and three layers of exterior that didn’t allow anyone to escape .

“Cloud Incineration!”

Every brandish of Li Fuchen’s sword would kill at least one hundred demons .

Of course, this was mainly because there were too many demons and they were everywhere .

“Human, die!”

A Sharp Blade Demon who had blade-like arms, lunged and slashed at Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen could see that this class 5 Sharp Blade Demon was very powerful and was several times more powerful than the Blood Devil King . If it was Zhuang Sheng or the others, they would only be able to defeat the Sharp Blade Demon after spending some time .

It was a pity that Li Fuchen wasn’t Zhuang Sheng or the others .

With a sword light that was like a flaming cloud, the Sharp Blade Demon and a hundred other demons in the vicinity were devoured .

As the sword light dissipated, a hundred demons were incinerated into ashes .

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