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Chapter 480

Help me to bet these 1000 mid-grade spirit stones, two Red Rainbow Elixirs, and two Perception Dao Elixirs too . ”

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Li Fuchen12 handed over another storage bag to Bai Lingshuang .

It was a rare chance . Even if Li Fuchen had to expose his 6-star secret technique, Bronze Sword Essence, he must win Murong Tianxing .

Bai Lingshuang knew that Li Fuchen wanted to bet everything, hence, she didn’t say anything and merely nodded . She was considering if she wanted to increase her stakes and bet with some mid-grade spirit stones and other things .

After doing everything, Li Fuchen flew on stage .

One the stage, Li Fuchen and Murong Tianxing stood 100 meters apart . Just based on the qi presence, it was obvious that Murong Tianxing was superior .

After all, Murong Tianxing’s cultivation was already at 8th level of Reincarnation Realm while Li Fuchen was only at the 5th level of Reincarnation Realm . The three levels weren’t that easy to compensate for .

At this moment, even if there was another Li Fuchen below the stage, he wouldn’t be able to discern who was superior . Perhaps only Primary Sea Realm monarchs would be able to have some clues .

The elder responsible for the martial contest stage looked at the duo’s information and finally set the payout rate to be 1:1 for both individuals .

Murong Tianxing might have a higher cultivation level, but Li Fuchen’s perception was overwhelming . If Li Fuchen’s payout was changed into 1:2, the risks were too high .

“This Junior Murong has the 7-star stars bone frame, I will bet 3000 contribution coins on him . ”

“Junior Li has full points perception that is comparable to 8-star bone frames . I will bet two Perception Dao Elixirs and 300 mid-grade spirit stones on him . ”

“Hehe, I shall be a little reserved and bet 2000 contribution points on Junior Murong and 200 mid-grade spirit stones on Junior Li . ”

All of the inner sect monarch-class disciples were wealthy individuals and they were all betting with rather high stakes .

“Li Fuchen, receive a fist from me . ”

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Murong Tianxiang didn’t waste time and immediately blasted his fist out .

A heavy and tyrannic fist intent smashed over like a massive star . The martial contest stage’s air and energy had been instantly absorbed and turned into a vacuum state .

Earth class high-tier fist art… Disorder Star Fist .

“Disorder Star First, this is the Stars Martial Institution’s absolute martial art . A single fist would produce a fist field that absorbs everything . It can make use of the opponent’s qi and greatly weaken the opponent’s field power . ”

The one speaking was the inner sect monarch-class disciple who was also from the Stars Martial Institution . After seeing Murong Tianxing’s Disorder Star Fist, he revealed a smile .

The rest of the inner sect monarch-class disciples could also see the ferocity of the Disorder Star Fist . Some of them were frowning as there were plenty of people who placed their bets on Li Fuchen and naturally didn’t wish Li Fuchen to be defeated .

“His normal strength is superior to Bai Lingshuang and is significantly stronger than my previous self . ”

Li Fuchen believed that his previous regular strength was inferior to Bai Lingshuang .

Be it his cultivation technique rank or his martial art proficiency, or even his cultivation level .

But now, his cultivation level was one level higher . His cultivation technique was now the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique that was at the 26th rank . His sword art was now the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration and he had already mastered the second move, Ten Incinerations . If they were competing with regular strength, he naturally didn’t fear Murong Tianxing .

“Cloud Incineration . ”

Cloud Incineration was the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration’s first move . As the second move, Ten Incinerations was mastered, the first move’s power had also increased . The strength was already far beyond the trance stage of the Green Sun Sword Intent . As Li Fuchen brandished his sword, the sword lights were like flaming clouds that charged out rampantly .

Bang! Boom!

When the first force and sword force clashed, there were explosions .

“He has full points in perception for a reason . This child actually cultivated the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique to the 26th rank and his Cloud Flame Thousand Incinernation’s proficiency isn’t low either . ”

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The martial contest stage’s elder couldn’t see anything before Li Fuchen made a move . Once Li Fuchen made a move, he immediately saw through Li Fuchen’s foundation .

“Incredible, Junior Li is indeed incredible . He actually cultivated the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration . This sword art is one of the Red Rainbow Sect’s top five sword arts and it is very tyrannical and violent . It isn’t a sword art that normal people can cultivate . ”

Some of the inner sect monarch-class disciples let out a sigh of relief while lamenting at Li Fuchen’s outstanding perception .

Murong Tianxing’s face turned grave as he shouted and executed the Disorder Star Fist’s finishing move .

“Disorder Star Displacement!”

Boom Boom Boom!

Fist force crisscrossed like large stars moving and forming layers of vacuum fist fields . The fist fields stacked and pressed down on Li Fuchen . If a regular person faced this fist, they would be smashed into pieces .

“Ten Incinerations!”

When facing Murong Tianxing’s strongest fist, Li Fuchen brandished his sword and executed the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration’s second move, Ten Incinerations .

Layers of flaming cloud sword lights stacked together and dyed the sky red .


The explosion this time was even louder and more intense . Murong Tianxing’s Disorder Star Fist was shattered again .

“Heart of Stars . ”

Taking a deep breath, Murong Tianxing withdrew his qi and surged with stars power .

If his fist art was like the stars earlier, then right now, his entire body was like a massive star that was filled with surging power that could crush the void .

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“Heart of Blazing Flame . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t conceal his strength as he burst out with the blazing flame power immediately . He was like a flame god that was surging with heat that radiated in all directions and burning the void .


The duo moved at high speed and collided .


The entire stage seemed to be shaking as both of them were sent back .

“Li Fuchen, if you only have such capability, then you shall be defeated!” Murong Tianxing’s back appeared with the stars mirage . When the stars bone frame pattern were comprehended to a certain extent, it would trigger the divine ability anomaly .

“He actually triggered the divine ability anomaly . ” Bai Lingshuang frowned .

There was a chasm-like gap between special bone frames and extraordinary bone frames .

Special bone frames would have an easier time to trigger the divine ability anomaly .

It would be much harder for extraordinary bone frames to trigger the divine ability anomaly .


When the fist and sword clashed, Li Fuchen was sent flying back and nearly flew off the stage .

“Divine ability anomaly huh?”。

Li Fuchen landed at the edge of the stage while there was a particularly dazzling flame radiance at his chest .

“That is the blazing flame divine ability anomaly! One of the inner sect monarch-class disciples saw it and exclaimed .

Among the inner sect monarch-class disciples, there were a few individuals who possessed the 7-star blazing flame bone frame and their blazing flame divine ability anomaly was the same as Li Fuchen’s current situation . There was a flame seed at their chest too .

When the flame seed appeared, Li Fuchen’s blazing flame power surged and was more concentrated . It was like the dragon elephant power that had the support of the miniature elephant, causing its strength to be several times stronger . When the blazing flame power was supported by the flame seed, the power had also increased in strength by several times .

When facing Murong Tianxing’s fist, Li Fuchen slashed with his sword . The blazing sword qi was red like blood and it was very profound . When slashed on Murong Tianxing’s fist, there was a mottled energy sphere that appeared and it was rapidly expanding before engulfing the duo .

Traces of blood secreted from Murong Tianxing’s mouth as he was sent back .

On the contrary, Li Fuchen didn’t move at all and didn’t have any signs of injuries .

The 7-star special bone frame was too powerful and was far superior to Bai Lingshuang’s 7-star icy cold bone frame . Furthermore, when Murong Tianxing triggered the divine ability anomaly, his power was several times stronger and even if Li Fuchen utilized all his power, he still wasn’t a match for Murong Tianxing .

But as compared to Murong Tianxing, Li Fuchen didn’t just have strength, his defense was even tougher . The aftershock of the collision of their attacks couldn’t do anything to Li Fuchen .

“How can his defenses be so tough?”

The minor injury wasn’t significant to Murong Tianxing, but if the minor injuries accumulated, he would still lose at some point of time . This was something that he couldn’t accept .

Murong Tianxing, received a slash from me too . ”

Li Fuchen turned into a flaming light that rapidly approached Murong Tianxing as Li Fuchen slashed at close distance .

This sword didn’t just have blazing flame power, it also contained dragon elephant power . When the two forces stacked together, it produced a power that was excessively violent . A single sword slash had sent Murong Tianxing flying without a chance to resist .

Li Fuchen wins!” The elder of the martial contest stage immediately announced the result of the spar .

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