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Chapter 479

Li Fuchen12 laughed and said, “Losing to Senior Lin consecutively for four years doesn’t mean he will lose to Senior Lin for his entire life . After all, the two of them are at the 2nd level of Battle Spirit Realm . ”

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Since they were both inner sect monarch-class disciples and their cultivation levels were the same, they were going to compete with their cultivation technique rank, their martial art proficient, and their divine ability level .

No matter who won, there was only a minute difference .

Of course, most importantly, Li Fuchen could see that Senior Huang’s qi presence was slightly stronger than Senior Lin .

Only Li Fuchen was able to see such a minute difference .

Bai Lingshuang thought about it and placed 500,000 low-grade spirit stones on each of the contestants .

Senior Huang Ze’s payout was 1:2 .

Senior Lin Shanhu’s payout was 1:1 .

If Lin Shanhu won, she wouldn’t win a thing and would get back all her low-grade spirit stones .

If Huang Ze won, she would profit by 500,000 low-grade spirit stones .

Of course, if Li Fuchen didn’t think highly of Huang Ze, she would probably bet on Lin Shanhu to win .

Towards this man who had defeated her, Bai Lingshuang looked at him with some admiration .

Especially because Li Fuchen’s perception was at full points and it was something that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to achieve . In her opinion, only 8-star bone frames would be able to do it .

Huang Ze and Lin Shanhu’s battle started quickly .

Boom Boom Boom…

Once the duo started the fight, they immediately executed their divine abilities .

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Huang Ze’s thick earth divine ability was dominating, dense, and covered a wide range .

Lin Shanhu’s sharp metal divine ability was unstoppable and straightforward .

But after clashing a few times, the duo withdrew their extraordinary power and didn’t execute their divine abilities anymore .

With the current capacity of their extraordinary power, they would only be able to execute it for a few dozen times . It might seem a lot but it wasn’t . The duo had plenty of future plans and it was impossible for them to waste all of their extraordinary power on the martial contest stage .

“Junior Huang, you have indeed improved significantly and you are actually able to resist my Iron Saber divine ability . ” Lin Shanhu drew a large saber and grinned .

Huang Ze spoke humbly, “Senior Lin praises me too much . If we continue like that, my Meteorite Splash will certainly be shattered by Senior Lin’s Iron Saber . ”

“Junior Huang, you are excessively humble . Taste my Flying Flower Saber Slash . ” Lin Shanhu raised his large saber and slashed down at Huang Ze in a slanted trajectory .

Crash Crash…

Countless petals appeared in the air and split open . The intense saber qi looked formless but had actually filled up the entire place . Saber qi and saber intent were everywhere .

Flying Flower Saber Slash, earth class peak-tier saber art . With Lin Shanhu’s perception, he had already comprehended the third move . This saber art had a total of five moves .

“The Flying Flower Saber Slash is indeed incredible . Senior Lin, for the past six months, my Muddled Sky Fist Art obtained some progress . I shall challenge your Flying Flower Saber Slash . ” As Huang Ze spoke, he executed his attack .

He clenched his right fist rightly and blasted a fist at the air before twisting his fist .

In the next moment, the air seemed to have distorted and nearly people vomited blood .

Earth class peak-tier fist art… Muddled Sky Fist Art .

“Such formidable saber art and fist art . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes had contracted .

Li Fuchen believed that his martial art proficiency wasn’t comparable to the duo, especially Huang Ze’s Muddle Sky Fist Art . It had strength to overturn the yin and yang .

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The formless saber qi that Lin Zhanhu slashed out was gradually shattered, like grindstone getting crushed .

“Falling Diverse Blossom . ”

Lin Shanhu’s eyelid twitched while he subconsciously executed the third move of the Flying Flower Saber Slash, Falling Diverse Blossom .

After executing this saber slash, innumerable petals scattered down from the sky . The petals were spinning and flying straight at Huang Ze .

“Come on then, Muddle Sky Quake!”

Huang Ze’s fist art shook and twisted .


The petals exploded and Lin Shanhu’s mouth oozed out with a trace of blood while he staggered .

“Impossible . ”

Lin Shanhu glared at Huang Ze and couldn’t believe he was actually injured .

Huang Ze said, “Senior Lin, if it was six months ago, I will not be a match for you . But it is a pity that I have plenty of chanced encounters during these six months, allowing my martial art proficiency to progress greatly . Hence, it is impossible for you to be a match for me . ”

“Again . ”

Lin Shanhu didn’t believe it and continued to execute his saber slashes at Huang Ze .

Huang Ze shook his head and counterattacked with his fists .

After a dozen moves, Lin Shanhu’s mouth was flowing with more blood .

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After over twenty moves, Lin Shanhu’s nose started to bleed too .

“Senior Lin, it is over . ”

Huang Ze yelled out and used a fist strike to break Lin Shanhu’s defence and striking at his chest .


Ribs were broken while Lin Shanhu flew out of the contest stage .

“Senior Huang actually won . Unbelievable . ”

“Senior Huang and Senior Lin don’t have a huge difference after all . Since Senior Huang had some chanced encounters, it is normal for him to win . It is just a pity of my bets . ”

Some of the people shook their heads while laughing bitterly .

“Li Fuchen, you are truly something . You actually bet it correctly . ” Bai Lingshuang was amazed by Li Fuchen’s insight . Her rationality told her that Li Fuchen was just trying his luck and it was impossible for him to predict that Senior Huang would win . But her subconscious mind told her that Li Fuchen must have seen something .

Li Fuchen laughed and didn’t say anything .

To be honest, he wasn’t certain that Huang Ze would win .  

After all, when strength levels were about the same, there were too many uncertain factors .

Who would be able to determine if a person with 45kg of strength would lose to a person with 50kg of strength?

As long as the former was able to grasp the opportunities, there would certainly be a chance to counterattack .

One million low-grade spirit stones had turned into three million low-grade spirit stones . Even Li Fuchen was pleasantly surprised .

He had done nothing and was able to earn two million low-grade spirit stones in a short period of time . Such an earning speed would shock any of the Battle Spirit Realm masters in the outside world .

Even one of the ten great concoction grandmasters of the Violet Flower Kingdom, Grandmaster Ever Youth would only have a few million spirit stones on him, and it wouldn’t be more than ten million . Of course, if Grandmaster Ever Youth sold the Everlasting Youth Garden, he would probably be able to exchange it for a few million low-grade spirit stones .

But in any case, two million low-grade spirit stones was a huge sum in the eyes of Grandmaster Ever Youth .

“I should have bet on Senior Huang if I knew this would happen . ”

After earning 500,000 low-grade spirit stones, Bai Lingshuang was still dissatisfied . Previously, she had already lost two million low-grade spirit stones and she was still feeling the ache .

“Li Fuchen, why don’t we have a fight?”

It was unknown when Murong Tianxing had also arrived at the monarch district’s martial contest stage . After seeing Li Fuchen, Murong Tianxiang yelled out .

Li Fuchen looked at Murong Tianxing and asked, “Are you sure?”

Before joining the Red Rainbow Sect, Li Fuchen only had around 70% or 80% confidence of winning Murong Tianxing . But now, he was absolutely certain he would defeat Murong Tianxing . After all, he had already cultivated the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique to the 26th rank and his Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration had also reached the completion stage .

“Naturally . ” Murong Tianxing leaped on the stage and looked down from above .

At this moment, even if Li Fuchen didn’t wish to fight, he had to do so .

“Bai Lingshuang, help to bet on myself for 20 million low-grade spirit stones . If you trust me, bet a huge portion of your wealth on me . ”

Li Fuchen handed a storage bag to Bai Lingshuang and transmitted a message .

“20 million?” Bai Lingshuang was stunned .

20 million low-grade spirit stones was probably the entire wealth of a Primary Sea Realm monarch . She only had five million low-grade spirit stones and after losing the one and a half million earlier, she was only left with three and a half million low-grade spirit stones .

“Okay . ” Bai Lingshuang clenched her teeth and decided to take the risk .

If she won, she would earn three and a half million low-grade spirit stones at least . If she lost, she would only be financially pressed for a period of time at most .

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