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Chapter 475

While following the perception hall elder, Li Fuchen12 arrived at the inner sect .

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When flying pass a short mountain, Li Fuchen was able to see the battleship above the mountain from a close distance .

When the perception hall elder saw Li Fuchen sizing up the battleship curiously, he introduced, “This is a class 7 low-tier battleship . It can clash against a low-level Primary Sea Realm monarch . The array pagoda on it could blast a half-step monarch to death with ease . It is our Red Rainbow Sect’s weapons of war . ”

“Class 7 battleship huh?”

Li Fuchen felt like he had entered a world that had a higher class . He could only look up at the battleship while lamenting how powerful a monarch-class sect was .

A monarch-class sect was inferior to a Law Phase Realm emperor but a monarch-class sect could use arrays, array pagodas, and various things to repel a regular Law Phase Realm emperor .

Li Fuchen could imagine that once war erupted, the battleship would exhibit fearsome power .

There were times when an individual would feel very helpless in the face of these weapons of war . They might have cultivated for hundreds of years, but they would have the accept the fate of being slaughtered by these weapons of war .

Of course, if a monarch-class sect wasn’t so powerful, it was impossible for them to be established for countless years and would have been extinguished long ago .

A short moment later, the duo arrived at a large hall in the inner sect .

“Elder Liu, why are you here at the inner sect?” A voice that contained limitless prowess had echoed .

The perception hall elder bowed and cupped his fist, “Elder Han, among the outer sect disciples recruited this year, there is one with full points for perception . But he only has the 5-star bone frame, I hope we can do a comprehension check on his bone frame and perception . ”

“Full points for perception?” The voice sounded it was emotionally moved .

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“Yes . ” The perception hall elder responded .


There was a black light distortion and a figure appeared in front of the duo .

It was skinny and short elder in black clothes . His wasn’t more than 1 . 6 meter and his figure was very thin . It seemed like he would fall over if the wind blew at him .

But when the skinny elder appeared in front of Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen felt every inch of his flesh and blood screaming . It was frenziedly warning him that the opponent was dangerous, extremely dangerous .

Primary Sea Realm monarch .

Even if Li Fuchen was a fool, he would know that the person standing in front of him was a Primary Sea Realm monarch .

Primary sea, primary sea .

It meant that one had qi that was like the sea and strength that was like the sea .

With a turn of the palm, a small-sized bone frame stone appeared and the skinny elder said to Li Fuchen, “Test your bone frame . ”

“Yes, Elder . ” Li Fuchen received the bone frame stone .

In just the blink of the eye, the bone frame stone emerged with five rings of red halos .

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“This bone frame stone is rather special . It uses halos to determine the star-grade of the bone frame . ” Li Fuchen was surprised .

“He is indeed a 5-star bone frame . ” The perception hall elder raised his brows .

A 5-star bone frame with full points in perception was simply unheard and unseen .

“5-star bone frame huh?” The skinny elder frowned .

He had encountered prodigies with heaven-defying perception but this was the first time he saw someone like Li Fuchen .

“Elder Han, I wonder what grade should we give him?” The perception hall elder sought advice .

The skinny elder said, “Full points in perception is no small matter . His 5-star bone frame is a little inferior, but our Red Rainbow Sect just happens to have a heaven class low-tier herb, Star Call Herb . I will report to the upper echelons and should be able to get the approval for it . Therefore, make him a monarch-class disciple!”

If a person with full points in perception wasn’t a monarch-class disciple, then the Red Rainbow Sect didn’t have that many monarch-class disciples .

“Li Fuchen, hurry up and thank Elder Han . ” The perception hall elder was astonished .

Heaven class low-tier herbs were rare but those that could upgrade the bone frame were tens of times rarer .

From what the perception hall elder knew, the Star Call Herb was actually reserved for the upper echelons’ descendants . After all, no one dared to guarantee that their descendants would inherit their bone frames . If their descendant was a 5-star bone frame, then the Star Call Herb would be very useful as it could upgrade the bone frame to a 6-star bone frame . With enough resources and fated opportunities, a 6-star bone frame would have great chances to progress to the Primary Sea Realm . As such, there would be a great significance .

“Thank you, Elder Han . ” Li Fuchen bowed with a cupped fist and revealed a gratified expression .

After the bone frame was at 5-star, only heaven class herbs could upgrade it .

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The East Unicorn Continent might have heaven class herbs but they might not be able to upgrade bone frames . The chances were too slim and it was almost negligible .

Didn’t Elder Han mention that even the Red Rainbow Sect only had one heaven class low-tier herb that could upgrade the bone frame?

It was why Li Fuchen was sincerely grateful to Elder Han .

Elder Han shook his hand, “There is no need to thank me . Our Red Rainbow Sect always never spare anything to nurture true prodigies . You have full points in perception, I hope you will not disappoint the Red Rainbow Sect’s expectations towards you . ”

As compared to having full points in perception, what was a heaven class low-tier considered? Even if they required ten stalks, the Red Rainbow Sect would think of a method to get them .

When Li Fuchen’s bone frame was upgraded to 6-star, he would definitely become a Primary Sea Realm monarch in the future . Furthermore, he would be an elite Primary Sea Realm monarch and this was most important .

“Elder Liu, go and make the arrangements for him . ” Elder Han said .

“Yes . ” The perception hall elder nodded and immediately said to Li Fuchen, “Come, let’s go to the monarch district . ”

The monarch district was a district that was outside of the outer sect and the inner sect . This district was for monarch-class disciples to reside in .

There were outer sect monarch-class disciples, inner sect monarch-class disciples, and direct monarch-class disciples .

After arriving at the monarch district, Li Fuchen realized the cultivation environment was rather luxurious . The qi concentration was similar to the outer sect and inner sect, but the qi was two times as pure .

If one resided in this place for a long time, the body would be cleansed by the qi and it was hard not to progress in cultivation .

Apart from all those, the environment of the monarch district was several times better than the outer sect and inner sect . It was like a paradise, an immortal realm . There were spirit trees and herbs all around on the graceful mountains .

“Every monarch-class disciple would have their own mountain peak . The mountain peaks in this area are all empty, pick one for yourself!” In the sky, the perception hall elder pointed at the graceful mountains and said to Li Fuchen .

“I shall pick this!” Li Fuchen picked a random mountain .

Since the mountains looked roughly the same and there wasn’t much difference .

“Let’s go!”

The perception hall elder flew towards the mountain that Li Fuchen picked and landed on the summit .

The summit was’t big and was only a hundred meter in radius . There was a courtyard constructed on top .

“This will be your future residence and place to cultivate . As a monarch-class disciple, you can cultivate the first 30 ranks of an earth class peak-tier cultivation technique for free . Also, you can redeem three earth class high-tier Red Rainbow Elixirs every year, three earth class high-tier perception elixirs, and 10,000 sect contribution points . ”

The perception hall elder opened the courtyard’s door and inspected the sanitation of the interior while explaining to Li Fuchen .

“Earth class peak-tier cultivation technique? Earth class high-tier elixirs, and 10,000 sect contribution points?”

Li Fuchen raised his brows and felt that monarch-class disciples had a rather exaggerating preferential treatment .

The perception hall elder said, “First-grade outer sect disciples would require sect contribution points to cultivate the sect’s cultivation techniques . They would only be able to redeem one Red Rainbow Elixir, one perception elixir, and 1000 sect contribution points . As for second-grade outer sect disciples, they would only have one Red Rainbow Elixir . The third-grade outer sect disciples would receive nothing and would rely on their own diligence . ”

The perception hall elder described the difference in treatments between the different grade of disciples with an indifferent tone .

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