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Chapter 476


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“This is your disciple token . It needs to be refined with a drop of blood . ” While speaking, the perception hall elder handed a light golden token to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist .

The face of the token had an imposing ‘monarch’ and the back of the token was the Red Rainbow Sect’s symbol .

After receiving the token, Li Fuchen dropped a drop of blood on the token .

After personally watching the blood being absorbed, the perception hall elder said, “The Red Rainbow Sect’s disciple tokens are very special, especially the monarch-class disciple token . Once the blood is refined, it would become your status token . It would be useless if someone snatched it from you . With the monarch-class disciple, you can use all the teleportation arrays freely and can also rent battleships . Class 5 and class 6 battleships are all available for renting, but the cost of class 6 battleships are extremely expensive and with your current wealth, you might not be able to afford it . In short, the monarch-class disciple token will be a symbol of your status and also your symbol of honor . There are plenty of privileges in the sect and you will find out about them slowly in the future . ”

‘Battleships can also be rented?’ Li Fuchen was moved .

Class 5 battleships were able to kill large groups of Reincarnation Realm experts, while class 6 battleships were able to kill large groups of Battle Spirit Realm masters . If one rented a battleship to complete a mission, it would simply be an easy task .

“Come, activate your token’s energy and fuse it into the mountain’s array . Doing so will allow you to have full control of this mountain’s array . ” The perception hall elder said .

“Okay . ”

Li Fuchen nodded and poured his qi into the monarch-class disciple token .

Buzz . An image of the monarch-class disciple token appeared and branded into the void .

After doing that, Li Fuchen had a close connection with the mountain’s array . A single thought would allow him to control the array with ease . If he wasn’t willing, no one would be able to enter the mountain and he could even use the array to attack .

“From now on, you are the owner of this mountain . This is the Red Rainbow Sect’s map, the resource hall, contribution hall, and the secret manual tower are marked out on the map . If you don’t understand anything, you can go to the outer disciple hall to make inquiries . If there is nothing else, I shall leave first . ” Originally, he didn’t need to be involved to arrange a disciple’s lodgings . He was only responsible to test the perception of new disciples . Of course, he was very willing to arrange the lodgings for a monarch-class disciple .

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After the perception hall elder left, Li Fuchen decorated the courtyard a little .

No one resided in this courtyard for many years . It might not be filled with dust, but it’s still very cheerless . Li Fuchen took out some miscellaneous items from his storage bag and made the courtyard much more lively and pleasing to the eye .

“Let me go to the contribution hall first to redeem some sect contribution points . ”


Turning into a flash, Li Fuchen followed the markings on the map and flew towards the contribution hall .

Li Fuchen quickly arrived at the contribution hall .

“Here are 10,000 contribution coins . ” A grey-clothed elder handed Li Fuchen a big pile of special metallic coins . ”

“Contribution coins?” Li Fuchen asked curiously .

Among these contribution coins, there were those with a value of 1000, 500, and the smallest value was 10 .

The grey-clothed elder explained, “Contribution coins are smelted using the Red Rainbow Sect’s unique technique . There isn’t a possibility of it being forged . The contribution coins could be used to redeem anything in the sect . It can also be exchanged among disciples to purchase items from each other . ”

“I see . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

After becoming an actual material, the contribution points could be used as coins, of course, it was only restricted within the Red Rainbow Sect .

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After leaving the contribution hall, Li Fuchen headed for the resource hall .

With the monarch-class disciple token, Li Fuchen successfully redeemed three Red Rainbow Elixirs and three perception dao elixirs .

From the explanation of the resource hall elder, Li Fuchen found out that the Red Rainbow Elixir could purify a qi greatly while perception dao elixir could increase one’s perception for a short period of time . These two kinds of elixirs were the Red Rainbow Sect’s exclusion elixirs and it was impossible to buy any on the outside .

Finally, Li Fuchen arrived at the secret manual tower .

The secret manual tower had a total of three floors . The first floor was for cultivation technique manuals, the second floor was for martial art manuals, while the third floor was for secret technique manuals .

The cultivation technique manuals in the secret manual tower were all at least earth class mid-tier and the highest was earth class peak-tier .

Earth class mid-tier cultivation techniques were extremely cheap and could be redeemed with a few hundred contribution coins .

Earth class high-tier cultivation techniques were expensive and the cheapest one would cost 10,000 contribution points .

Of course, the cultivation technique could be redeemed separately .

The first 27 ranks of an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique would only require less than 1000 contribution coins .

After arriving at the section for the earth class peak-tier cultivation technique manuals, Li Fuchen picked up one of the manuals to read .

“First Heaven True Water Technique, earth class peak-tier water dao cultivation technique . 33 ranks in total, first 27 ranks would need 5000 contribution points, first 30 ranks would need 10,000 contribution points, 31st rank would need 20,000 points, 32nd rank would need 40,000 points, and 33rd rank would need 80,000 points . ”

After looking at the redeem price of the First Heaven True Water Technique, Li Fuchen clicked his tongue silently .

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If Li Fuchen was to redeem the entire First Heaven True Water Technique, it would cost a total of 150,000 contribution points . If Li Fuchen did nothing, he would need 15 years to accumulate 150,000 contribution points . If he was a first-grade outer sect disciple, he would need 150 years .

“I can redeem the first 30 ranks of an earth class peak-tier cultivation technique for free . It will save me around 10,000 contribution points!” Li Fuchen let out a breath and continued flipping through the other manuals .

“This will be the one . ”

In just 15 minutes, Li Fuchen picked the cultivation technique .

Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, earth class peak-tier flame dao cultivation technique . First 27 ranks would need 6000 points, first 30 ranks would need 12,000 points, 31st rank would need 24,000 points, 32nd rank would need 48,000 points, 33rd rank would need 96,000 points . Total price of 180,000 points and it was 30,000 points more expensive than First Heaven True Water Technique .

It was so expensive because the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique was the sect-defining cultivation technique and was superior to other earth class peak-tier cultivation techniques .

After choosing the cultivation technique, Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to leave . He still had 10,000 contribution points, hence, he was preparing to visit the second and third floor of the secret manual tower .

Second floor…

“Martial arts are only half as expensive as cultivation techniques . Earth class high-tier martial arts only required a few thousand points . Earth class peak-tier martial arts would require a few tens of thousands . If the martial art manual is redeemed separately, the first half of the manual would just need around 10,000 points . ”

Li Fuchen was a little tempted . With his perception, he should be able to comprehend a earth class peak-tier sword art quite quickly .

By the time his soul spirit transformed into pale purple completely, his perception would be even stronger .

Furthermore, earth class peak-tier sword arts weren’t expensive either . The first half of the manual would cost around 10,000 points, while the second half of the manual would be a few tens of thousands of points . Even if Li Fuchen was unable to earn any contribution points, he would be able to learn an earth class peak-tier sword art completely in a few years .

“Let me take a look at the third floor first . ”

Li Fuchen browsed through the second floor before heading to the third floor .

“There are actually so many 6-star secret techniques, there are even 7-star secret techniques!”

The third floor had 20 over 6-star secret technique manuals and five 7-star secret technique manuals .

“Spirit Awareness Thorn, spirit awareness attack secret technique . Turning the spirit awareness into a thorn and attacking the enemy’s spirit awareness . 30,000 contribution points . ”

“Thousand Fantasy Eyes, eye art secret technique . It can make the enemy immerse in an illusion realm . 30,000 contribution points . ”

“Blood Burn Secret Technique . Burns the blood essence to increase combat strength . 50,000 contribution points . ”

“Perfect Circle Dipper Qi, qi secret technique . 40,000 contribution points . ”

After reading each of the 6-star secret techniques, Li Fuchen felt that every single one was useful . It was a pity they were too expensive, and he couldn’t afford them right now .

As for 7-star secret techniques, Li Fuchen didn’t even look at them . Since he wasn’t able to redeem them, what was the use of reading them?

“I shall go and pick one earth class peak-tier sword art’s first half manual!”

Li Fuchen returned to the second floor .


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