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Chapter 473

The Red Rainbow Sect was situated in the extreme west of the Red Soil Continent . It was separated from the Orange Soil Continent with an in-land sea in between .

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There were dozens of teleportation platforms that surrounded the Red Rainbow Sect . One of the teleportation platforms suddenly lit up with radiance while Li Fuchen12 and the others gradually appeared .

“This is the Red Rainbow Sect?”

Li Fuchen glanced at the surroundings and was filled with astonishment .

The Red Rainbow Sect was like most of the sect and was also constructed in a mountain range . The mountain peaks of this range weren’t very high as the tallest peak would be around two to three thousand meters, while the shortest peak would be around a few hundred meters . Every mountain peak was circled by array pagodas . Li Fuchen’s intuition told him that each of the array pagodas had firepower that was far superior to the Mystic Tools Sect’s dilapidated battleship . Especially the nine array pagodas that were situated in the core region of the Red Rainbow Sect . The nine array pagodas were all a few hundred meters in height . The ripples that was emitted felt it could destroy the heavens . Just a mere glance was enough for the heart to waver and become unsteady .

Apart from that, there were some short mountain peaks that were docked with giant battleships . Each of the battleships were much larger than the Mystic Tools Sect’s dilapidated battleship . Some were 100 or 200 meters in length, while some were a few hundred meters in length .

On the battleships, there were array pagodas installed . The main pagoda would be around 30% of the battleship’s height and they look to have similarly terrifying power .

If these were enough to cause shock and awe, then those law-defying metal spheres that were floating above the core region of the Red Rainbow Sect had paralyzed Li Fuchen .

The metal spheres were a few hundred meters in size and they look extremely dense yet they were still able to suspend in the air . Li Fuchen had a vague feeling that those were the Red Rainbow Sect’s trump card and the hidden trump that oversaw the sect .

Mo Chaofan spoke with pride, “This is the Red Rainbow Sect . Even if a regular Law Phase Realm emperor comes here, they would have to escape with their tails in between their legs . ”


Everyone took a deep cold breath .

Even Law Phase Realm emperors would have to escape? Wasn’t it too exaggerating?!

The Law Phase Realm were on a higher realm than the Primary Sea Realm . Putting aside the fact if a Law Phase Realm emperor was able to come into the Seven Color Continent . The combat strength of a Law Phase Realm emperor was easily able to destroy an entire mountain range in a single move . If a Law Phase Realm emperor’s attack could be stopped and could chase them away, how confident must Mo Chaofan be to say such things?

Not a single person tried to investigate with Mo Chaofan’s words were true as everyone was immersed in the environment of the Red Rainbow Sect that had terrifying qi .

The concentration of qi in the Red Rainbow Sect was several times more than the outside world . Every breath allowed everyone to feel their cultivation advancing by a trace . Apart from that, the Red Rainbow Sect’s qi contained the presence of law and it seemed to be much more prominent than the outside world . It was obvious that it would be easier to comprehend martial arts and divine abilities in this place .

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“This is also a kind of resource!”

Li Fuchen heaved a breath . It was hard not to advance when cultivating in such an environment .

If a prodigy didn’t have enough resources, the accomplishments would be limited to the innate potential .

For a mediocre person, even if the innate potential wasn’t considered good, but if that person had elite resources, it was extremely easy for the mediocre person to surpass his innate potential .

Li Fuchen could imagine that the prodigies that the Red Rainbow Sect recruited for countless years would have fearsome strength after cultivating in this environment for years .

“Let’s go to the plain plaza . ” Mo Chaofan flew with a sudden burst of speed .

Everyone followed closely .

The plain plaza was indeed very plain . It was 20 miles2 in radius and the surface of the ground was spread with pieces of white jade that were a few meters in size, making it look extremely leveled .

At this moment, the center of the plain plaza was gathered with 500 or 600 individuals . Each of them were of similar age and they were probably the youth generations from the six other kingdoms .

“The Violet Flower Kingdom is here . Tsk Tsk, they don’t look like much . I wonder how many 7-star bone frames they have?”

“How many? I don’t think they have even one . In the past, my Ancient Moon Kingdom will produce one 7-star bone frame every decade . This year is a little special as we have two, but I don’t think the Violet Flower Kingdom would be so lucky . ”

In a split moment, 500 to 600 pairs of eyes glanced over . Those youths from the Violent Flower Kingdom who didn’t have a strong mind would feel their hearts tightening while their mouths felt dry .

“Elder Mo, you are here . How is it? How many monarch-class prodigies do the Violet Flower Kingdom have this year? The Ancient Moon Kingdom that I visited had two . ” The one speaking was a slender middle-aged man and he was obviously one of the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect elders .

 Mo Chaofan laughed and replied, “Two huh? That is quite a lot . I only have three monarch-class prodigies here . ”

In the Red Rainbow Sect, 7-star bone frames meant monarch-class prodigies . It meant they had great hopes of progressing to the Primary Sea Realm .

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“Haha! What?”

The slender man laughed at the first half of the statement but quickly reacted to the second half of the statement . He had big and round eyes as he said, “Three, are you joking?”

On average, a royal kingdom would normally produce one 7-star bone frame every decade . There were times that there wouldn’t be a single one in two decades . Sometimes, there would be one every three to five years . There wasn’t a fixed pattern .

It was already an anomaly to have two 7-star bone frames at once . But for three to appear at the same time, it was simply exaggerating .

“Three 7-star bone frames? In the past millennia, I don’t think that was any kingdom that produced three 7-star bone frames at once . ” A middle-aged beauty exclaimed .

“It seems to be rather special this year . On average, it would be rather good for the Red Rainbow Sect to recruit seven 7-star bone frames in a decade . It was normally two to three 7-star bone frames in every three years . But it is only a little over two years and the seven kingdoms actually provided twelve 7-star bone frames . ” A middle-aged man with a short mustache commented .

Among the seven great kingdoms, the Violet Flower Kingdom had three 7-star bone frames while three of the other kingdoms had two 7-star bone frames and the remaining three kingdoms had one 7-star bone frame . Putting the total to be twelve .

“What? The Violet Flower Kingdom has three 7-star bone frames?” The youths of the Ancient Moon Kingdom had unpleasant expressions .

Two individuals and three individuals might only have the difference of one person . But if they all progressed to the Primary Sea Realm, it would be the difference of one Primary Sea Realm monarch .

“Twelve 7-star bone frames huh? It is basically twelve Primary Sea Realm monarchs . ” Li Fuchen took a glance and quickly determined the nine 7-star bone frames of the six other kingdoms .

With his eyesight, he naturally wasn’t able to differentiate who had 7-star bone frames . Not even a Primary Sea Realm monarch would be able to do so .

But as long as Li Fuchen observed the expressions and attitudes of others, he would be able to figure it out . After all, if a person possessed a 7-star bone frame, the person’s strength would definitely be extremely formidable and enough for everyone to revere them .

On the Violet Flower Kingdom’s side, Bai Lingshuang, Murong Tianxing, and the Violet Flower Martial Institution’s no . 1 cadet, Hai Wuya were giving off a feeling that they were way more outstanding than others . As the other cadets from the Violent Flower Kingdom were looking at them with eyes of admiration and jealousy .

“Since everyone is here, let’s go to the perception hall!” Mo Chaofan suggested .

“Indeed . ” The six other Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect elders nodded .

The perception hall was for the Red Rainbow Sect to test the disciples’ perception . 7-star bone frames might be considered monarch-class prodigies, but it didn’t mean they would become monarch-class disciples . In order to become a monarch-class disciple, one’s perception would need to be over 60 .

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The perception hall was straight ahead of the plain plaza .

After arriving at the perception hall, everyone queued up and started the test .

The perception hall elder took out a fist-sized black crystal ball and said indifferently, “This is the perception crystal . During the test, you just have to put it on your forehead . Just to mention, the Red Rainbow Sect also has a separation of grades for the outer sect disciples . Those with 7-star bone frames and have a perception that is over 60 points will become a monarch-class disciple . Those below the 7-star bone frames that have over 40 points in perception will become first-grade outer sect disciples . Those with more than 35 points will become second-grade outer sect disciples . Those with more than 30 points will become third-grade outer sect disciples . As for those below 30 points, will be sent back . Of course, I believe that everyone here shouldn’t have a perception that is lower than 30 points . ”

If they had perception below 30 points, it was impossible for them to rise above others and obtain an outer sect disciple slot in the Red Rainbow Sect .

“I will definitely become a first-grade outer sect disciple . ”

Apart from the 7-star bone frames, no one else dared to think about becoming a monarch-class disciple . But everyone desired to become the first-grade outer sect disciple .

The Red Rainbow Sect might be a monarch-class sect that had countless resources, but it was extremely competitive in the Red Rainbow Sect . The higher your aptitude, the more resources you would obtain . If your aptitude was low and was only a third-grade outer sect disciple, then you might not even obtain the basic resources and would have to strive for everything on your own .

It wasn’t exaggerating to say that a monarch-class disciple’s resources would be at least several tens of times or even a hundred times more than third-grade outer sect disciples .

With such a huge disparity, the strong would only get stronger while the weak would get weaker .

“There is actually a perception test, I wonder how is my perception?”

Of course, there were those who weren’t confident and were scared witless as they didn’t want to be sent back to their kingdom .

“There is actually something to test perception?” Li Fuchen raised his brows .

Perception was something unreal and it was extremely unreliable . There would be times when there was a flash of inspiration that would allow a large progression . There were times when one would be against a brick wall and wouldn’t be able to progress another step in their lifetime . The further down the path of the martial dao, it would be more so .

“First person . ” The perception hall elder looked at the first testee .

The first testee walked up apprehensively and received the perception crystal before placing at his forehead .

Specks of light appeared in the black perception crystal .

“Perception 32, third-grade outer sect disciple, next . ” The perception hall elder had an emotionless expression .

“Perception 35, third-grade outer sect disciple . ”

“Perception 38, second-grade outer sect disciple . ”

“Perception 39, second-grade outer sect disciple . ”

Various kingdoms’ youths stepped up for the test, but there wasn’t a single first-grade outer sect disciple yet .

Soon enough, it was a 7-star bone frame from the Black Stone Kingdom .

This person had a slender body and looked at most 30 years old . There was extreme confidence in the eyes and there wasn’t a trace of hesitation .

From the mouths of people, Li Fuchen found out that this person was called Sima Zhuo and he had the 7-star thick earth bone frame .

After placing the perception crystal on his forehead, specks of light appeared in the crystal .

It finally stopped when 67 specks of light appeared .

The perception hall elder gave a smile, “Perception 67, monarch-class disciple . ”

The value was perception wasn’t as simple as normal addition . One person might have 35 points in perception while the other might have 36 . The difference between the two individuals was almost insignificant but the perception hall elder knew clearly that there was an absolute gap in between . Even if the latter wasn’t in a great state, as long as the latter didn’t hit a brick wall or become possessed, the comprehension speed would definitely be significantly higher than the former .

As such, the perception of 60 over points as compared to 30 points wasn’t just simply double, it was more than that .

To have 67 points in perception, Sima Zhuo wouldn’t even be considered mediocre among the 7-star bone frames .

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