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Chapter 472

The Violet Flower Martial Institution was situated 3000 miles2 outside of the royal city .

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During afternoon time, a large group of people flew towards the Violet Flower Martial Institution .

“It seems like everyone is here . ”

On a spacious land in the outer institution of the Violet Flower Martial Institution, 40 young men and ladies were gathered . At a pavilion by the lakeside of the spacious land, there was a grey-clothed middle-aged man who had a qi presence that was like the sea . He was currently drinking tea and by his side was the Violet Flower Martial Institution’s Dean and the various Assistant Deans .

“Elder Mo, why don’t you rest in the Violet Flower Martial Institution for one day before leaving?” The Violet Flower Martial Institution’s Dean Xu Qinghai laughed and suggested .

The grey-clothed man shook his head, “The Red Rainbow Sect is very busy recently . There is no time to rest . ”

Xu Qinghai said, “Are the sea beasts causing a disturbance again?”

The grey-clothed man said, “It is much more severe . There is nothing much to say . ”

The grey-clothed man stood up and looked at the members of the 24 Martial Institutions who had just arrived . He then spoke in a loud voice, “I am the Red Rainbow Sect’s Outer Sect Elder Mo Chaofan . Are all the cadets of the 24 Martial Institutions here?”

The High Heaven Martial Institution’s Dean Qin Yun replied, “Greetings to Elder Mo . Everyone is present and no one is missing . ”

“Very well . Time does not wait, follow me to the Violet Flower Royal City . ” Mo Chaofan didn’t bother with the superfluous words and soared into the sky before flying towards the Violet Flower Royal City .

The seven great kingdoms had a royal city each and all of them had teleportation arrays that could reach the Red Rainbow Sect directly . Mo Chaofan had also just reached the Violet Flower Martial Institution about half a day earlier .

“Li Fuchen12, Situ Tao, Wang Heilong . The three of you have to work diligently after reaching the Red Rainbow Sect and strive to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm soon . ”

“The Red Rainbow Sect has numerous prodigies . Remember not to thinking highly of yourselves . Of course, you don’t need to be unduly humble either . ”

Meng Chihang and Lin Zhubai gave them advice .

“Yes . ” The trio nodded .

“Alright, go on then!” Meng Chihang waved his hand .

The trio flashed and followed the main group .

While looking at the trio’s figure that was getting further away, Lin Zhubai sighed, “The Red Rainbow Sect is intensely competitive . The outstanding ones would be able to receive ten times or even a hundred times more resources . The normal ones would find it hard to even obtain the basic resources . I wonder if the three of them will be able to adapt . ”

“They have to adapt even if they can’t . They should rejoice that they have the chance to enter the Red Rainbow Sect . ” Meng Chihang said .

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The journey of 3000 miles wasn’t considered very long . With everyone’s speed, they had arrived a short while later .

The short journey wasn’t peaceful at all .

“Bai Lingshuang, I lost to you by one move previously . Once we reach the Red Rainbow Sect, we will have another fight . ” A purple-clothed young lady from the Violet Flower Martial Institution released her qi presence to attack Bai Lingshuang .

Bai Lingshuang snorted and burst out with her icy cold qi presence to contest with the opposing qi presence . As a result, there were sounds of explosions .

“Zi Yuqing, you are not a match me . Why humiliate yourself?”

The Zi Yuqing mentioned by Bai Lingshuang was ranked 2nd on the Violet Flower Martial Institution’s Power Rankings . She was also the third royal princess of the Violet Flower Kingdom .

Her nobility status was something that only a few of the youth generations could compare with .

“She is Bai Lingshuang? It is said that she also has the same 7-star bone frame as Senior Hai Wuya . ” The rest of the cadets in the Power Rankings of the Violet Flower Martial Institution were curiously sizing up Bai Lingshuang .

7-star bone frames were very rare even in the entire Violet Flower Kingdom . There were only one individual in every decade . This year was rather special as there were three 7-star bone frames but as compared to 6-star bone frames, it was still pitifully little .

While Zi Yuqing and Bai Lingshuang were contesting with one another, the cadets from the Violet Flower Martial Institution and the Stars Martial Institution were mocking and ridiculing the cadets from the 24 Martial Institutions .

The 24 Martial Institutions’ cadets basically had to endure it .

There was nothing they could do . The Violet Flower Martial Institution and the Stars Martial Institution were the two elite martial institutions of the Violet Flower Kingdom . Any of the cadets from the Power Rankings would be the top three in the 24 Martial Institutions . Apart from the High Heaven Martial Institution and the Flying Snow Martial Institution, none of the cadets from other martial institutions had the confidence to go against the cadets from the two major martial institutions .

As a result, it had fueled the arrogance of the cadets from the two major martial institutions .

“Wang Heilong, you might not be as good as me, but you didn’t have to give up on the Stars Martial Institution and pick a trash martial institution like the South Forest Martial Institution . ” An overbearing young man with a dazzling smile said to Wang Heilong .

Wang Heilong’s expression turned cold, “Lin Chaoyang, there are still plenty of days in the future . Do not become conceited . ”

This Lin Chaoyang possessed the 6-star sun bone frame and was a natural enemy of Wang Heilong’s darkness bone frame . However one had to admit that Lin Chaoyang’s perception was better than Wang Heilong and Lin Chaoyang was also superior in all other aspects . Wang Heilong wasn’t able to choose the Stars Martial Institution, mainly because of Lin Chaoyang .

“It seems like entering a trash martial institution is rather helpful for you . Your glib talk is much better than before . But a trash martial institution might be trash, but only with so much trash around, you will be able to stand out from them and nurture your confidence . ”

Lin Chaoyang’s smile was getting increasingly dazzling .

“Who gave you the right to say our South Forest Martial Institution is trash?”

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Situ Tao couldn’t bear it anymore, as Lin Chaoyang had been saying trash in every statement . As a cadet from the South Forest Martial Institution, how could be tolerate it?

“I am talking about you, trash . Get lost . ”

Lin Chaoyang burst out with shocking qi presence that blasted on Situ Tao .

Situ Tao grunted and nearly fell out of the sky .

“You young fellows are truly exuberant . I hope that you can still be so active after reaching the Red Rainbow Sect . ” At the front, Mo Chaofan was laughing but he didn’t restrain them . After all, the Red Rainbow Sect was a place where the strong ruled supreme and where the weak were preyed on .

He would be rather unhappy if this group of people was behaving harmoniously .

“The trash is talking about who?” Li Fuchen supported Situ Tao and talked back to Lin Chaoyang .

“The trash is talking about you . ” Lin Chaoyang replied subconsciously .

“A trash indeed . ” Li Fuchen sneered .

“You are courting death!” Realizing he was getting mocked, Lin Chaoyang burst with anger and withdrew his qi back into his dantian . The sun power flowed out and burst out with a fearsome and scorching qi presence .

“You are the one that is courting death . ” Li Fuchen turned into a flaming man and burst out with horrific blazing flame prowess .


Lin Chaoyang flew backward and vomited a mouthful of blood and broke away from the main group .

“You!” Lin Chaoyang had a pale expression .

“Constantly putting trash in your words . I realized that is why you are the greatest trash . ” Li Fuchen ignored Lin Chaoyang .

“Impressive . You actually dare to bully my Stars Martial Institution . ”

A stalwart youth flew towards Li Fuchen’s vicinity .

“Apologize to Junior Lin and I can treat that nothing has happened . ” The stalwart youth said dully .

Li Fuchen replied, “Your Stars Martial Institution has a rather large face uh? If you want me to apologize, then defeat me first . Or you can attack together with the rest of your Stars Martial Institution . ”

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“Boastful words . ”

The stalwart youth burst out with astonishing saber presence and he obviously possessed the saber dao bone frame .

“Soul Behead!” The stalwart youth chopped down at Li Fuchen with his palm .

“Get lost!” Li Fuchen responded with a fist .


The stalwart youth’s Soul Behead divine ability was instantly crumbled . He had an appalling expression as he was sent flying with charred marks on his body .

“What? Even the no . 3 Senior Gu Tong isn’t a match for him?” The Power Ranking cadets of the Stars Martial Institution were stunned .

Gu Tong’s strength would only be inferior to Bai Lingshuang among the 24 Martial Institutions . Logically, he should be able to crush Li Fuchen, but no one expected for Gu Tong to not be able to receive a single fist from Li Fuchen . This was simply to exaggerating .

“Stars Martial Institution, if there is anyone that isn’t convinced, come and fight . It is useless to talk with mouths . ”

Li Fuchen glanced the cadets from two major martial institutions with lightning-like eyes .

He had already viewed the two major martial institutions’ cadets with dislike . They thought they were superior just because they were cadets from the two major martial institutions . They didn’t realize that the Violet Flower Kingdom was just one of the seven great kingdoms on the Red Soil Continent . They weren’t qualified to look down on others .

“You are rather strong . It seems like you should be at least at the top five or at the top three of the 24 Martial Institutions Ranking Tournament!” The one speaking was a handsome youth with a star-shaped scar on his forehead .

Li Fuchen looked up at the youth and said, “So you are the no . 1 of the Stars Martial Institution . It is true that others cannot compare with you . ”

“Li Fuchen, this person is the Stars Martial Institution’s Power Ranking no . 1, Murong Tianxing . He has the 7-star stars bone frame and is known as the strongest heavenly prodigy of the century in the Violet Flower Kingdom . He is the current no . 1 of the youth generation . ” Situ Tao transmitted a message to Li Fuchen .

“7-star stars bone frame huh?” Li Fuchen was a little moved .

The stars bone frame was a special bone frame and the 7-star stars bone frame was much more dreadful than Bai Lingshuang’s 7-star icy cold bone frame . If an incredible stars divine ability was awakened, not even Li Fuchen would dare to say that he was able to win .

“Murong Tianxing, you are wrong . Li Fuchen isn’t ranked in the top three of the 24 Martial Institutions Ranking Tournament . He is ranked no . 1 and I have also been defeated by him . ” Bai Lingshuang’s voice echoed .

Similar to Li Fuchen, she too disliked the cadets from the two elite martial institutions .

“You actually defeated Bai Lingshuang?” Murong Tianxing squinted his eyes .

Bai Lingshuang’s Ice Mirror was extremely peculiar and couldn’t be considered a normal icy cold divine ability . It was an elite icy cold divine ability and not even Murong Tianxing was confident he could guarantee a win against Bai Lingshuang .

“I am even more curious now . Heart of Stars . ”

The stars power flowed around Murong Tianxing’s body before he blasted a fist at Li Fuchen .

Once the fist was blasted out, the surrounding air seemed to dim as the starlight was flickering .

“It is rather similar to my Heart of Blazing Flame . ” Li Fuchen’s body surged with blazing flame power as he sent out a fist of his own .

This fist was already Li Fuchen’s full strength . The blazing flame pattern on the fist seemed like it had its own life and the shocking blazing flame prowess felt it was going to burn the entire place .


As though meteorites had clashed, the intense flow of qi exploded and sent many of the cadets flying while vomiting blood .


Murong Tianxing’s eyes flashed with astonishing battle intent . Among the youth generation, no one was able to receive a fist from him without backing . Li Fuchen was the first person and it had incited his battle intent .

“The stars divine ability is rather incredible . It is a pity that it isn’t enough to deal with me . ”

A source of flame vaguely appeared at Li Fuchen’s chest . There was a fearsome qi presence that was being emitted .

Unknowingly, they had arrived at the Violet Flower Royal City .

Along the way, everyone had been fighting and flying at the same time, hence, there was no delays .

Mo Chaofan turned around and released his prowess to suppress everyone, “Enough . Once we reach the Red Rainbow Sect, you can fight as much as you like . It will be hard even if you didn’t wish to fight . Follow me into the city now and do not delay the schedule . ”

Murong Tianxing withdrew the stars power in his body and said, “We will fight at the Red Rainbow Sect!”

“I shall wait for you . ” Li Fuchen had also withdrawn his blazing flame power .

After entering the city, the group arrived at the teleportation plaza .

As the teleportation platform on the plaza lit up, Li Fuchen and the others instantly vanished .

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