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Chapter 463

The seeded contestant was given generous rewards .  Li Fuchen12 received one million low-grade spirit stones and one hundred mid-grade spirit stones . It was ten times more than what previous seeded contestants received .

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The reward was so much this time was naturally because this year’s seeded contestant would directly become the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciple . The status was entirely different .

In Meng Chihang’s courtyard, Li Fuchen and Wang Heilong were cupping their fists and bowing, “Greetings to Mentor . ”

Once the Seeded Contestant Battle ended, Meng Chihang called for them to come .

Meng Chihang waved his hand and said, “Li Fuchen, you have done well and exceeded my expectations . You might not have awakened a divine ability but if you can enter the Red Rainbow Sect, awakening the divine ability is just a matter of time . I don’t have anything useful for you, but since you have dual cultivation of qi and body, this Jadelight Hidden Blood Pearl will aid you to purify your qi power and extraordinary qi power . It will allow your body refinement to progress to the next level . ”

“Wang Heilong, you possess the darkness bone frame that everyone wishes for . During this 24 Martial Institutions Ranking Tournament, you have great chances of making it to the top 50 . This is a 1000-year Bodhi Fruit that will increase your perception . There is still a little more than one week before the Ranking Tournament . During this period of time, your darkness divine ability can be enhanced by another level . ”

Meng Chihang handed over a jade-colored pearl and a hard fruit to each of them respectfully .

“Thank you, Mentor . ”

The duo received the Jadelight Hidden Blood Pearl and the 1000-year Bohdi Fruit .

“Mentor, for this time, is the Red Rainbow Sect truly going to choose 50 individuals from the 24 Martial Institutions as outer sect disciples?” Wang Heilong had already looked forward to entering the Red Rainbow Sect . After all, it was a sect that possessed plenty of Primary Sea Realm monarchs and was the dictator of the Red Soil Continent . One would only be able to thrive and flourish in that place .

Meng Chihang nodded, “The Red Rainbow Sect is in urgent need of fresh blood . In the past, there will only be 20 spots for the Violet Flower Kingdom every three years . The 24 Martial Institutions would only have 10 spots . It has now been changed to 90 spots every two years . The 24 Martial Institutions would have 50 spots and the two major martial institutions would have 40 spots . ”

Meng Chihang was suspecting if the Red Rainbow Sect went through some war and was having a deficit in manpower, hence, they were in urgent need of fresh blood .

“Mentor doesn’t have to worry, I will surely become an outer sect disciple of the Red Rainbow Sect . ” Wang Heilong had a determined expression .

Meng Chihang nodded . Wang Heilong who possessed the 6-star darkness bone frame would become an outer sect disciple of the Red Rainbow Sect sooner or later . If he didn’t make it this time, he would definitely make it the next time .

Of course, joining the Red Rainbow Sect two years earlier would allow him to soar two years earlier .

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“Mentor, is the rumors about the Red Rainbow Sect true? Do prodigies filled that place?” Li Fuchen questioned .

The rumors mentioned that the Red Rainbow Sect has plenty of 7-star bone frames and even had one or two 8-star bone frames . Li Fuchen was rather curious .

Meng Chihang spoke in a serious tone, “That is natural . In the Violet Flower Kingdom’s Master Rankings, I am only ranked 15th . But do you know that any mid-level Battle Spirit Realm master from the Red Rainbow Sect is able to wipe out the entire Violet Flower Kingdom’s Master Rankings? That place is a sacred place for prodigies . Only the most elite prodigies will be able to advance there . The Red Rainbow Sect would even bother about regular 6-star bone frames . ”

“6-star bone frames also have slight chances of becoming Primary Sea Realm monarchs . Why don’t the Red Rainbow Sect recruit all the 6-star bone frames as their minimum potential is also Battle Spirit Realm and will still be useful . ” Li Fuchen asked .  

Meng Chihang said, “The Red Rainbow Sect might be a king-class sect, but their resources are limited too . The limited resources can nurture numerous 6-star bone frame prodigies but it will achieve nothing . When a truly formidable 6-star prodigy develops, that one prodigy will be able to contest against ten regular 6-star prodigies . Just like you… There might be ten or twenty same realm opponents in front of you, but they are still not a match for one sword by you . However, the resources that you require is less than ten times or twenty times . ”

“Resources huh?” Li Fuchen understood .

The resource was an eternal topic . Without resources, it was impossible for him to progress so quickly .

The Ranking Tournament was going to be hosted in the ranked no . 1 of the 24 Martial Institutions, the High Heaven Martial Institution . They would be departing in one week . The duo bid farewell to Meng Chihang and returned to their respective courtyards .

“I wonder how are the effects of this Jadelight Hidden Blood Pearl . ”

Li Fuchen’s body refinement was making rapid progress . Even if the dragon elephant power could purify impurities, it wasn’t able to purify completely and there were still many remaining impurities in the depths of the body . Those impurities were already a part of the qi power and extraordinary qi power .

Li Fuchen observed the jade-colored pearl carefully . He circulated the dragon elephant power and consumed it .


A substantial jade light burst out and illuminated Li Fuchen’s body . It had caused his bones to be revealed clearly in full .

Ss Ss Ss!

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Li Fuchen’s body was fuming with colorful smoke and when the smoke appeared it was immediately eliminated by the jade light .

“Such terrifying effects . ”

Li Fuchen’s awareness was extremely powerful and could easily sense that the impurities in the depths of his body was getting purified by the jade light . The colorful smoke were the anomalies created when the impurities were purified .

The jade light was waning and when jade light was flourishing for the first and second minute, all of Li Fuchen’s impurities had been completely purified .

This was a true purification and it wasn’t achievable with elixirs . When the Grandmaster Ever Youth gave him the Triple Blood Tempering Elixir, it wasn’t able to thoroughly purify the impurities in Li Fuchen’s blood . However, the Jadelight Hidden Blood Pearl was able to do it .

As the blood was being purified, Li Fuchen’s felt his qi power and dragon elephant power were surging and had circulated automatically .

After a period of time, Li Fuchen’s heart appeared with a miniature elephant that was formed by the dragon elephant power .

The miniature elephant trumpeted and Li Fuchen sensed that his qi power and dragon elephant power’s burst power had been increased significantly and seemed to have its own backbone .

It was like the qi’s backbone was the qi bundle in the dantian . The dragon elephant power’s backbone was the miniature elephant in the heart .

As his heart pulsed, the qi power and dragon elephant power were flourishing and the giant elephant spirit was ascending .


The array that enveloped Li Fuchen’s courtyard had suddenly collapsed and leveled the entire courtyard . It was fortunate that the nearby courtyards were all enveloped by individual arrays . When Li Fuchen’s giant elephant spirit smashed the array, its power had already declined greatly and Li Fuchen had withdrawn the giant elephant spirit in time, thus, it didn’t smash the array of the courtyard beside his courtyard . Otherwise, he might just kill plenty of inner institute cadets accidentally .  

“This is the power of the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters?”

Li Fuchen felt that this was the first time he recognized the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters .

His body refinement level didn’t just increase slightly, it had actually doubled .

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Previously, his body refinement strength was equivalent to the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm . Right now, he was at the 16th level of Reincarnation Realm . The mere burst of his qi spirit would be able to kill a large group of inner institute cadets with the shockwave . Apart from Situ Tao, Gu Heng, and Wang Heilong, none of the inner institute cadets would be able to resist the giant elephant qi spirit’s pressure .

But this was just the giant elephant spirit’s release .

“Perhaps, this is the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter’s completion rank . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t know that body refinement techniques were much harder to obtain than he imagined . Apart from the Red Rainbow Sect, the body refinement techniques circulated in the outside world would only be earth class low-tier at best . The Red Rainbow Sect might not even have earth class high-tier body refinement techniques . Even if they had it, it wasn’t something that everyone could cultivate .

The rarity and power of earth class high-tier body refinement techniques were comparable to earth class peak-tier qi cultivation techniques .

The strength wasn’t something Li Fuchen could imagine .

Li Fuchen segregation of ranks for the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter was his own estimation .

In fact, for body refinement techniques, there were no levels, only ranks .

Now that the miniature elephant was in the heart, Li Fuchen wanted to test the dragon elephant power’s purification effects . He started to consume the Vajra Elixirs and the Body Forging Golden Elixirs .

After a long period of time, Li Fuchen opened his eyes and had delighted expression in his eyes .

With the miniature elephant in his heart, the purification effects of the dragon elephant power were increased by several times . By the time the Vajra Elixirs and the Body Forging Golden Elixirs were turned into qi power and dragon elephant power, the elixirs’ impurities were almost completely eliminated . Unless Li Fuchen consumed a hundred or a few hundred elixirs, he wouldn’t need to worry about the accumulation of impurities in his body .

“It is a pity that the Vajra Elixir and the Body Forging Golden Elixir have minute effects . ”

Li Fuchen shook his head . With his current body refinement level, the earth class mid-tier body refinement elixirs were already useless . Unless he was to consume them in large quantities, if not, it would be extremely hard to increase by one level .

“I shall see after I enter the Red Rainbow Sect . Perhaps there might be better body refinement resources there . ”

One week passed by very quickly . Early in the morning, Meng Chihang personally led the group with Assistant Dean Lin Zhubai and headed for the High Heaven Martial Institution with ten cadets .

Each of the 24 Martial Institutions would participate in the Ranking Tournament with ten of their Power Rankings’ cadets, making it a total of 240 participants .

The High Heaven Martial Institution was at the High Heaven Region and it was dozens of miles2 away from the South Forest Region .

However, with the regional cities’ teleportation platforms, it would take just a moment to reach that place .

High Heaven Region’s regional city, High Heaven City .

The teleportation platform flashed with radiance and 12 individuals from the South Forest Martial Institution had appeared .

“Let’s go . ”

Meng Chihang led the group and flew towards the High Heaven Martial Institution .

Soon enough, a majestic martial institution appeared in their vision .

The High Heaven Martial Institution stood at the top of the 24 Martial Institutions . The fame and strength of the martial institution was just inferior to the Violet Flower Martial Institution and the Stars Martial Institution . They were far superior to most of the martial institutions .

In the previous Ranking Tournaments, the High Heaven Martial Institution’s inner institute cadets would take up most of the top ten spots . As such, the High Heaven Martial Institution had the most number of cadets in the Red Rainbow Sect . As a result, the other martial institutions had a hard time catching up to the High Heaven Martial Institution .

There was one more day before the Ranking Tournament and the High Heaven Martial Institution was already bustling with commotions . From the time to time, groups from other martial institutions would arrive .

“Dean Meng, you are rather early . Are these your South Forest Martial Institution’s cadets?”

From the back, twelve figures flew over rapidly . The one leading the group was a middle-aged man wearing a scarlet long robe . After seeing Meng Chihang, he yelled out .

“Dean Liu, you are rather early too . ” Meng Chihang turned around and replied half-heartedly .

Liu Huo, Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s Dean, ranked 28th on the Master Rankings .

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