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Chapter 462

Li Fuchen12’s strength had shocked everyone, including An Xinmei6 who felt she knew Li Fuchen well enough .

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She originally thought that this was going to be a tough battle . Who would have expected to end in an instant?

Li Fuchen’s sword art seemed to have reached the transcending stage and could even neutralize divine abilities in one sword .

“Great job, Li Fuchen!” Meng Chihang slapped his thigh and cheered loudly .

Different cultivators of the Green Sun Sword Intent would produce different results .

Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent was undoubtedly flawless and perfected . It could be used in all kinds of battles .

Meng Chihang might have also cultivated two earth class high-tier sword arts, but in terms of quality, it might not be superior to Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent .

“This child is probably comparable to the Red Rainbow Sect’s king-class disciples . The only thing he is lacking is his foundation . ” Lin Zhubai praised .

Apart from the outer sect disciples, inner sect disciples, and direct disciples of the Red Rainbow Sect, there were king-class disciples that stood above all three .

King-class disciples could be at the Reincarnation Realm or the Battle Spirit Realm . It was unrelated to cultivation level and combat strength within the same realm .

Every king-class disciple would be nurtured by the Red Rainbow Sect as future Primary Sea Realm monarchs . The resources they were provided with were considerably high .

“Such strength . No wonder Li Fuchen is chosen by the Dean to be his in-room cadet . Li Fuchen’s innate potential isn’t inferior to Wang Heilong at all and his perception is superior to Wang Heilong . ”

“You people still don’t know? When Li Fuchen was in the outer institute, he defeated Wang Heilong and became the no . 1 listed cadet of the outer institute . He is probably aiming for the no . 1 spot on the Power Rankings . ”

“No . 1 listed cadet huh? How can it be comparable to no . 1 of the Power Ranking? But he does have the strength to compete for the no . 1 spot of the Power Rankings . ”

Everyone was in discussion as they were astonished by Li Fuchen’s strength .

At the later phase of the battle, Wang Heilong was first to encounter Situ Tao .

After being defeated by Li Fuchen, Wang Heilong didn’t collapse from the setback .

He always had a tenacious and indomitable personality . Every defeat would only make him more diligent and more assiduous .

He never felt that he was the no . 1 expert in the world . But he strongly believed that he would be the no . 1 expert in the future .

When the Darkness Sky Canopy was executed, a dome-like darkness power enveloped Wang Heilong and Situ Tao .

But Li Fuchen could see that Situ Tao wasn’t apprehensive and was very calm .

“I wonder what kind of soft water divine ability did Situ Tao awakened?”

Li Fuchen was very interested in all kinds of divine abilities .

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Divine abilities were like martial arts that could be constantly upgraded . There were plenty of skills of law that could be sensed from within .

In the darkness, Wang Heilong felt rather uneasy as he couldn’t see any anxiety on Situ Tao’s face .

Without any sound and presence, Wang Heilong approached Situ Tao .

But right at his moment, Situ Tao started to burst out with his divine ability .

When contesting against Wang Heilong’s Darkness Sky Canopy, those that had similar cultivation realm must burst out with their divine ability, with the exception of Li Fuchen .

The sound of waves crashing could be heard as boundless moisture started to emerge .


Wang Heilong launched a fist to test the power and was immediately repelled by a massive dragon’s head .


Wang Heilong wasn’t convinced and launched out a cluster of fist shadows that enveloped Situ Tao’s entire body .

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

Vigorous and forceful power revolved around Situ Tao to repel all of Wang Heilong’s attacks . The repulsion force had sent Wang Heilong flying and vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood .

Within Wang Heilong’s vision, a water dragon appeared beside Situ Tao and was constantly circling his body .

Soft water divine ability… Roaming Water Dragon .

“What a great soft water divine ability that can attack and defend at the same time . ” Lin Zhubai silently praised .

With this soft water divine ability, Situ Tao had been undefeated . Unless Wang Heilong could break through the divine ability to injure Situ Tao, things would remain like this if Situ Tao didn’t counterattack .

“This divine ability isn’t simple . ”

Li Fuchen’s awareness had permeated into the Darkness Sky Canopy, thus, he was able to clearly see the scene when Wang Heilong launched his assault on Situ Tao .

Wang Heilong’s fist art was very concentrated and logically, it should be able to break through the water dragon .

But every time Wang Heilong’s fists were approaching Situ Tao’s body, the water dragon would respond and immediately roam around to repel Wang Heilong’s fists .

“Water is able to congeal and scatter at will . A place that might seem weak could change immediately with a slight action . ”

Li Fuchen couldn’t help but think of the water’s specialty .

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Wang Heilong continued the attack, this time, he attacked from far away . By doing so, even if the water dragon’s repulsion force was overwhelming, it would still be hard to injure him .

“Is this all you’ve got?”

Situ Tao spoke softly . The water dragon that roaming around his body had suddenly enlarged . It had swelled from the size of a thigh to the size of a water jar before reaching the size of a house .

Boom Boom Boom…

Even with the isolation of the Darkness Sky Canopy, a muffled sound could still be heard .

Li Fuchen shook his head . Wang Heilong’s Darkness Sky Canopy was formidable but it was still not fully matured . If Wang Heilong was able to comprehend more of the darkness bone frame pattern, he might be able to defeat Situ Tao .

Right now, he wasn’t a match for Situ Tao .

Situ Tao’s soft water bone frame pattern’s comprehension was obviously higher .

The Darkness Sky Canopy had collapsed as the thick water dragon seemed like it was going to destroy the world . Wang Heilong was sent off the stage while violently vomiting fresh blood .

“Both are divine abilities, but Situ Tao’s soft water divine ability is still overwhelming . ”

Everyone could see that Situ Tao’s divine ability was superior to Wang Heilong and wasn’t too surprised .

No matter what, Situ Tao had risen to fame for a long time and had awakened the soft water divine ability long ago . It was natural for him to defeat Wang Heilong .

“It turns out that I am only this capable . ”

Below the stage, Wang Heilong had a pale expression as his spirit had waned .

But soon enough, in the depths of his eyes, there was a black flame that was burning as his fighting spirit was blazing again .

His growth would only be meaningful with powerful opponents . If the opponents were too weak and were easily defeated, it would be meaningless .

Meng Chihang saw all the subtle changes in Wang Heilong’s expression and nodded silently .

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A true prodigy didn’t just need superior innate potential, the temperament must also be superior .

Finally, the battle for the spot of the seeded contestant had started .

Among the ten contestants, only Situ Tao and Li Fuchen had yet to suffer a defeat .

Whoever won this match would be the seeded contestant and also the no . 1 cadet of the Power Rankings .

“Senior Situ Tao, apologies . ”

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Li Fuchen could see that Situ Tao’s regular strength was also very formidable and was at least one level stronger than Gu Heng .

“Junior Fuchen, please . ”

Situ Tao knew that his cultivation was stronger, hence, he didn’t execute his divine ability immediately .

“Be careful now . ” Li Fuchen drew his Scarlet Blood Sword and shot out sword lights .

“Sealing Water Palm Art . ”

Situ Tao’s palm art was the earth class mid-tier Sealing Water Palm Art . This palm art was just like his soft water divine ability and could be used for both offense and defense . There were no flaws .

When Situ Tao executed the Sealing Water Palm Art, the forceful palm intent was released . Due to the excessively powerful palm intent, it produced a field power that had extreme restraints .

Intent and field power were closely related . Powerful intents could produce powerful field power, hence, the stronger the intent, the stronger the field power . The field power could be considered as the display of strength of the intent .

Earth class martial arts would have field power after reaching the sub-perfection stage, but the intent would be very disorganized and wouldn’t be considered powerful . The intent would only be concentrated after the martial art reached the trance stage and would be considered true field power .

The so-called intent was actually a manifestation of martial dao law, while the martial dao law was produced by the great dao law .

It was all interconnected and would mutually affect one another .

Situ Tao’s Sealing Water Palm Art had reached the trance stage, hence, the palm intent and the field power was so powerful .

When Situ Tao executed his palm strike, the air on the stage seemed to turn into a raging wave on a lake . It was constantly pressuring Li Fuchen’s space to survive .

But it wasn’t effective as Li Fuchen’s sword intent was much stronger than Situ Tao’s palm intent . Li Fuchen’s field power might not be released, but he could still penetrate Situ Tao’s field power with ease and without being affected .


Fresh blood sprayed out as the flawless Sealing Water Palm Art was instantly broken through . Situ Tao’s shoulder had a wound that was newly sliced open .

“Roaming Water Dragon!”

Situ Tao’s expression changed . He had still underestimated the terror of an earth class high-tier sword art . Without a choice, he had to use the Roaming Water Dragon .

The massive water dragon was revolving his body and Situ Tao’s qi presence was rising endlessly . The intense moisture had made all the audience felt the humidity that made them uncomfortable .

“Great divine ability . ” Li Fuchen smiled .

Li Fuchen had a feeling if he burst out with his Heart of Blazing Flame, he would be able completely evaporate Situ Tao’s Roaming Water Dragon and left no drop of water behind .

It was a pity that Situ Tao’s strength wasn’t enough for Li Fuchen to use his trump card .

“Senior . Be careful . ”

With the shake of his wrist, a similarly massive sword qi pillar was blasted out .

“Come on then . ”

Situ Tao controlled the water dragon to confront the sword qi pillar .

The void was shaking and the stage was starting to crack .

The water dragon that contained the divine ability pattern was tough and forceful . It was able to block the sword qi pillar, but it was unable to push back .


The water dragon swelled up and turned into the size of a house . With a twist of the right hand, Situ Tao’s water dragon rotated and wanted to shatter the sword qi pillar .

“Senior, you are unable to deal with my Green Sun Sword Intent . I shall let you witness what is the true Green Sun Sword Intent . ”

Li Fuchen laughed and raised his Scarlet Blood Sword to swing down again .

There wasn’t a loud sound but there was an extremely dazzling radiance . It felt as though Li Fuchen didn’t execute his sword art but blasted out a sun .

The intense green radiance destroyed and melted everything .


The water dragon was evaporated and Situ Tao’s body was charred while he flew off the stage and vomited fresh blood .

The Green Sun Sword Intent that reached the trance stage was almost the same as a divine ability and it was a divine ability with extremely burst power . Not even Situ Tao’s Roaming Water Dragon was comparable .

There might be a day when Situ Tao’s Roaming Water Dragon would surpass the Green Sun Sword Intent, but not now .

“He reached the top?”

Everyone in the audience were stunned and speechless .

Divine abilities were supposed to be invincible but Li Fuchen had broken that rule .

He didn’t use any divine ability and was still undefeated .

“Good . Li Fuchen, you are not my South Forest Martial Insitution’s seeded contestant . During the 24 Martia Institutions Rankings Tournament, you don’t have to participate in the early phase of the tournament and will immediately enter the promotion finals . Furthermore, you will be qualified to enter the Red Rainbow Sect and become an outer sect disciple . ” Lin Zhubai stood up and announced .

Everyone was in a commotion .

A seeded contestant could directly become an outer sect disciple of the Red Rainbow Sect? This was entirely different as compared to before!

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