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Chapter 459

“Senior Gu Heng is indeed incredible and can actually break my Darkness Protection . ” Wang Heilong let out an indifferent smile .

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The Darkness Protection wasn’t a divine ability and was just a skill that he developed himself .

If it was a divine ability, Gu Heng wouldn’t be able to break it . Before the palm blade’s qi force could even get near, it would have been devoured .

“Junior Wang, I admit that your strength is exceptional . It is a pity that our difference is very obvious . Do you still want to fight?” Gu Heng asked .

Wang Heilong said, “Senior Gu Heng, I admit that my normal strength isn’t comparable to you as you are at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm, while both your cultivation technique and your martial art are also superior to me . It is a pity that the battle between us isn’t going to be decided by normal strength but divine abilities!”

When Wang Heilong was talking, he extended his arms while deep darkness rushed into the sky . It was like a dome-shaped canopy that extended out in all directions before dropping down to envelop himself and Gu Heng .

“Darkness divine ability, Darkness Sky Canopy . ”

Wang Heilong’s voice was like a demon god that was filled with tyranny .

“Divine ability? Wang Heilong awakened the true darkness divine ability?” Everyone was flabbergasted .

People who awakened divine abilities would be invincible in the same realm . But for those who awakened special divine abilities, they would be beyond invincible .

Wang Heilong might be three levels inferior to Gu Heng, but with the darkness divine ability, the difference didn’t matter .

“Such an incredible divine ability . My awareness cannot even enter and I cannot see any of them . ” One of the inner institute cadets exclaimed .

“Not only so, don’t all of you feel? The place that is enveloped by darkness has been turned into another world . It has a completely isolated feeling from where we are!” Another inner institute cadet with acute senses had commented .

“The darkness divine ability is known as one of the strongest divine abilities . I wonder how Senior Gu Heng will deal with it . ”

“It is going to be hard! Unless Senior Gu Heng awakened the sharp metal divine ability . He will only be able to battle against Wang Heilong with the combination of his 6th level Reincarnation Realm and the sharp metal divine ability!”

Everyone was in heated discussions .

“He actually awakened the Darkness Sky Canopy . This child’s perception is truly terrifying . This divine ability is a boundary divine ability . It is extremely difficult for outsiders to enter and also extremely difficult for anyone to escape from within . It is said that when this divine ability is comprehended to the limits, it can form a world within and it is a fearsome divine ability to trap and kill the enemy . ” One of the inner institute elders projected his awareness over and sighed with admiration .

Inside the Darkness Sky Canopy, Gu Heng had lost all senses . He couldn’t see, hear, or sense anything . A lonely feeling was produced and caused his spirit soul to tremble while his battle intent had declined sharply .

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“Senior Gu Heng, how is my Darkness Sky Canopy?”

Without sound and presence, Wang Heilong’s fist struck onto Gu Heng .

In the Darkness Sky Canopy, Wang Heilong was the dictator . It was entirely up to Wang Heilong if he wanted Gu Heng to hear something, or hear nothing .

In short, within the Darkness Sky Canopy, all senses were controlled by Gu Heng .


Gu Heng opened his mouth and vomited a large quantity of blood . He might be at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm and had a tough qi defense, but his opponent was also a factor .

“Senior Gu Heng, if you didn’t awaken any divine ability, you better admit defeat!” Wang Heilong struck his fist on Gu Heng again .

Gu Heng had a pale expression and even though he knew his voice wouldn’t make any sound, he still said, “Junior Wang, I admit that I underestimated you . However, you are not the only one who awakened the divine ability . I, Gu Heng has also awakened my divine ability!”

Gu Heng yelled out and his right hand was releasing dazzling golden light . Even the Darkness Sky Canopy couldn’t isolate the golden light .

The golden light expanded frenziedly . In an instant, a divine spear appeared in Gu Heng’s hand . The divine spear looked like it was forged with gold and was covered in patterns .

Sharp metal divine ability… Sharp Metal Divine Spear .

Pfff Tss!

Wielding the Sharp Metal Divine Spear, Gu Heng thrust with his spear and pierced through the Darkness Sky Canopy with a dazzling golden splendor .

Wang Heilong’s expression turned grave . Both were divine abilities, but Gu Heng’s divine ability was the type that possessed overwhelming attack power .

With the Darkness Sky Canopy, everyone saw the occasional burst of golden splendor . As time slowly elapsed, the frequency of the golden burst of lights were increasing and there were countless golden spikes on the surface of the Darkness Sky Canopy . It seemed like a glowing hedgehog .


The Darkness Sky Canopy exploded . The duo finally appeared in everyone’s vision .

“Who won?” Everyone’s eyes were on both of them .

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On the spacious ground, Gu Heng had a pale expression and his mouth was filled with blood . Wang Heilong also looked pale and had a bloody wound on his left shoulder, it seemed like his injuries were worse than Gu Heng .

“Junior Wang, you won . ”

Vomiting fresh blood, Gu Heng fell and supported himself off the ground with his hands .

Inside the Darkness Sky Canopy, all his senses were robbed and the only thing he could do was to attack randomly . On the other hand, all of Wang Heilong’s attacks had landed on him . As such, even if his sharp metal divine ability was powerful, if he wasn’t able to land an attack on Wang Heilong’s vital part, Gu Heng was destined to be defeated .

“Senior Gu Heng lost?”

“The darkness bone frame is too dreadful . Wang Heilong is only at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm and is actually able to defeat Senior Gu Heng who is at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm . ”

“Sigh, it is truly infuriating to be compared with others . Why does Wang Heilong have to possess the darkness bone frame? If I have the special bone frame like the sword dao bone frame, the saber dao bone frame, or the brightness bone frame, I will surely not be weaker than Wang Heilong . ”

Everyone was envious and jealous .

“No wonder he is the heavenly prodigy that is equally reputable with Li Fuchen12 . Wang Heilong’s innate perception doesn’t seem to be inferior to Li Fuchen at all!” An Xinmei6 spoke with a turbid breath .

In the South Forest Martial Institution, due to the fact that Wang Heilong and Li Fuchen were accepted by the dean as his in-room cadet, there were busybodies that gave them the titles as the Peerless Twin Prodigies .

This might be a title, but not everyone recognized it .

“I have already defeated Senior Gu Heng . Senior Situ Tao is next . ”

The bloody wound on his shoulder might seem serious but to Wang Heilong, it was only a minor injury . His darkness power covered his entire body and also filled his entire body from within . Gu Heng’s sharp metal divine ability’s power wasn’t able to expand and merely pierced a hole .

Wang Heilong shifted his eyes away from Gu Heng and looked towards Situ Tao’s courtyard .

He wasn’t confident in defeating Situ Tao right now .

He was able to defeat Gu Heng mainly because he awakened the Darkness Sky Canopy .

If he had awakened another type of darkness divine ability, like an offensive type darkness ability, he might not be a match for Gu Heng .

After all, Gu Heng’s cultivation was three levels higher than Wang Heilong and his cultivation technique was one rank higher than Wang Heilong . Gu Heng could circulate a lot of extraordinary power in his meridians, allowing him to burst out with powerful sharp metal power .

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In terms of cultivation level and cultivation technique, Situ Tao was on the same level as Gu Heng . In terms of the comprehension of the divine ability, Situ Tao was superior to Gu Heng .

“Five months . Give me another five months and I will be able to ascend to the top of the inner institute . ” Wang Heilong was brimming with fighting spirit .

The outside was in a great commotion but Li Fuchen’s courtyard remained serene .

Five months weren’t considered long nor short .

By the end of the first month, Li Fuchen had increased his Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the 26th rank .

He had been stuck at the 25th level for a long time and had a hard time because he couldn’t cultivate the 26th rank of his cultivation technique .

In the second month, Li Fuchen’s cultivation had broken through to the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm .

This time, he didn’t consume any elixirs and had relied on his own capability to breakthrough, hence, the foundation was very firm, firmer than any other 4th level Reincarnation Realm expert .

In the third month, Li Fuchen’s blazing flame bone frame pattern had been comprehended to the 75% mark .

The bone frame pattern was hard to comprehend at the later parts and the difficulty would increase by several times . It was already extremely difficult to awaken the divine ability at the Reincarnation Realm . If one wanted to comprehend more of the bone frame pattern, one had to reach the Battle Spirit Realm .

In the fourth month, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was already 90% pale purple .

As the spirit soul metamorphosed, Li Fuchen felt his perception had reached a whole new level and everything could be comprehended smoothly . It was simply the same as comprehending one point and the rest would follow along, it was much more incredible than deducing something from one case .

As such, Li Fuchen had comprehended his sword arts much faster .

Li Fuchen had a complete grasp of the High Heaven Sword Art and was able to improve it further, improving the High Heaven Sword intent to the earth class high-tier .

Apart from this, his Meteor Sword Art had actually reached the earth class mid-tier .

The Meteor Sword Art was originally a mystic class low-tier sword art and looked extremely simple . But the simpler it was, Li Fuchen felt that it was even more extraordinary .

The great dao was extremely simple, so were the sword arts .

“In terms of pure lethality, the Meteor Sword Art is actually superior to the High Heaven Sword Art . A single sword attack would condense the sword qi, sword intent, and even the sword field into a single point . It wouldn’t even release any bit . ” Li Fuchen was extremely surprised .

The field power was supposed to suppress the enemy and to immobilize the enemy’s movements .

But the Meteor Sword Art had forsaken this advantage and blended the field power into the sword qi, causing the sword art’s power to reach the extremity .

“As compared to the Green Sun Sword Intent, it is truly polar opposites . ”

The Green Sun Sword Intent had also fused the sword qi, sword intent, and the sword field . It wasn’t different but the Green Sun Sword Intent’s attack range could be wide or precise . If it was precise, it could condense into a single line, if wide, the sword light could cover the entire place . As long as it was within the range of the sword field, the sword light would be able to attack .

But Li Fuchen was still able to sense the difference between the Meteor Sword Art and the Green Sun Sword Intent .

The Meteor Sword Art emphasized on true concentration, while the Green Sun Sword Intent emphasized on being omnipresent .

At the current juncture, the Meteor Sword Art was still inferior to the Green Sun Sword Intent . The Green Sun Sword Intent was an earth class high-tier sword art after all . But some time in the future, the Meteor Sword Art might not be inferior to the Green Sun Sword Intent .

Towards the end of the fourth month, Li Fuchen didn’t exit from seclusion . Instead, he took out his Teleportation Board and returned to the East Unicorn Continent .

He returned discreetly this time and there were only a few who knew .

“Alliance Leader, we have found an earth class peak-tier herb, Star Loop Herb . It is able to upgrade the 4-star bone frame . ”

Mu Hanxin took out a mysterious herb that was emitting a resplendent star loop and handed it to Li Fuchen .

“Great . Good job . ” Li Fuchen was overjoyed with the unexpected news .

Li Fuchen might have awakened the blazing flame divine ability, Heart of Blazing Flame, but the grade of his blazing flame bone frame was still too low . It was merely at 4-star and in terms of pure innate talent, he was far from a 6-star bone frame .

With the Star Loop Herb, his blazing flame bone frame would be able to upgrade to the 5-star and he wouldn’t be that far from the 6-star extraordinary bone frames .

“Continue the search . The next time I return I will bring you an earth class low-tier cultivation technique . ” Li Fuchen gave his promise .

“Thank you Alliance Leader . ” Mu Hanxin cupped his fist and bowed .

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