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Chapter 458

“Starlight Sword Qi . ”

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Liu Jun staggered as he landed and had a dispirited qi presence as he released the Starlight Sword Qi again .


Li Fuchen12 thrust with his index and middle fingers to neutralize the sword qi with ease .


Liu Jun’s face distorted while filled with disbelief .

“If your divine ability is stronger by another level, I might have to be a little more serious . Your are currently far from being a match for me . ” Li Fuchen pointed at Liu Jun and sent Liu Jun flying with a sword qi pillar . The earth class low-tier armor on Liu Jun’s body seemed to have broke .

At the same time, Liu Jun’s storage bag was seized by Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen didn’t take anyone else apart from the Black King True Water in the storage bag .

Since Liu Jun wanted to snatch his Black King True Water, it wouldn’t be undue for Li Fuchen to snatch Liu Jun’s Black King True Water .

This was also known as, ‘An eye for an eye . ’


When Liu Jun saw his Black King True Water getting seized, he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and gritted his teeth while saying, “Li Fuchen, for today’s humiliation, I will repay you ten times in the future . Just you wait . ”

“I’m afraid you don’t have the chance anymore . Let’s go . ” Li Fuchen said to An Xinmei6 and the others .

As Li Fuchen’s group left, Liu Qing remained standing in a daze as though he was dreaming .

Liu Jun was his Liu Clan’s unprecedented prodigy and was rather reputable in the Stars Martial Institution . Originally, Liu Jun should only need two or three moves to take down Li Fuchen, but this scene, made Liu Qing felt as though the world toppling .

“Why is he so strong?” Liu Qing muttered with a despondent voice .

South Forest Martial Institution’s Inner Institute .

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There was a flash of radiance on the teleportation platform and Li Fuchen’s group walked down from above .

“Li Fuchen, your strength is probably comparable with Senior Situ Tao . For this year’s 24 Martial Institutions Rankings Tournament, you will definitely become famous and become the rising star of the Violet Flower Kingdom . ” An Xinmei’s mind still had the scene that happened earlier, she couldn’t help but sigh with admiration .

Hu Ling said, “Senior Fuchen might just be stronger than Senior Situ Tao . ”

She had never see Situ Tao fighting before and in her opinion, Senior Situ Tao might not be stronger than Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen said, “If Senior Situ Tao is able to seriously injure an inner institute mentor in a single move, it means his strength should be above Liu Jun . ”

Inner institute mentors weren’t ordinary . With Li Fuchen’s strength, he would have to expose either his Bronze Sword Essence or his blazing flame divine ability . Otherwise, it would be hard for him to defeat an inner institute mentor in a single move .

All of them went to the contribution hall and started to exchange the Black King True Water for the contribution points .

Li Fuchen had a great profit this time .

He had two portions of Black King True Water . The first portion was 41kg and he shared more with the four others, giving them 4kg each while he took 25kg .

The other portion came from Liu Jun and it was 60kg .

He obtained this 60kg of Black King True Water by himself, hence, he wasn’t going to split it with the others .

As such, he obtained 85kg of Black King True Water, giving him 85,000 contribution points . It was enough for him to exchange for the 26th and 27th ranks of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique .

Li Fuchen went to the secret manual tower and spent 70,000 contribution points to obtain the 26th and 27th ranks of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique just as he planned . He was planning to cultivate in seclusion for a period of time and strive to improve his cultivation technique to the next rank .

Time elapsed quickly and five months had passed unknowingly .

There was just less than seven months before the 24 Martial Institutions Rankings Tournament .

“Gu Heng, come out and fight!”

On this day, Wang Heilong stood outside Gu Heng’s courtyard and yelled out loudly .

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“Wang Heilong is going to challenge Senior Gu Heng?”

“Senior Gu Heng is at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm and has also awakened the fledgling form of his divine ability . Wang Heilong might also have awakened the fledgling form of the darkness divine ability and it is stronger than regular divine abilities, but it seems impossible to defeat Senior Gu Heng . ”

“Perhaps he has some hidden trump!”

In just a short moment, the news of Wang Heilong challenging Gu Heng had been spread to half the inner institute . Most of the inner institute cadets came to observe apart from those who weren’t around and those who were in seclusion .  

The Rankings Tournament was getting closer and everyone wanted to observe the standard of the individuals on the Power Rankings . They wanted to see the gap between themselves and the top cadets .

“Wang Heilong is challenging Senior Gu Heng?” An Xinmei frowned .

She originally planned to call Li Fuchen to observe the match but Li Fuchen had been in seclusion for five months and was still in seclusion .


The courtyard’s door was opened and the long-haired Gu Heng walked out .

“Wang Heilong, are you going to challenge me?” Gu Heng was rather unpleased .

Wang Heilong only at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm and there was a significant strength difference with Gu Heng . If Wang Heilong was at the 5th level of Reincarnation Realm, Gu Heng might be a little apprehensive .

Wang Heilong grinned, “There are less than seven months before the Rankings Tournament . Simply going into seclusion isn’t enough for me to progress rapidly . I hope that Senior Gu Heng can teach me something . ”

“It seems like you are rather confident . ” Gu Heng said indifferently .

“If I don’t any certainty, I wouldn’t dare to challenge Senior Gu Heng . ” Wang Heilong released an intensive battle intent .

“Since that is the case, I, Gu Heng shall try out Junior Wang’s brilliant skills . ”

Gu Heng knew that this battle was inevitable and to be honest, he wanted to fight against a true expert too . This Wang Heilong was considered extraordinary and would be able to let him enjoy a little .

In the spacious land, Gu Heng and Wang Heilong were 20 meters from one another .

One of them was ranked 2nd, and the other was ranked 3rd, it could be considered to be a battle between the top rankers .

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Before they even fought, two horrific qi presences were already in conflict . There were crackling and splitting sounds in the air .

“Senior Gu Heng, be careful now . ”

Wang Heilong had made a move first . When he executed a fist strike, a pitch-black fist force assaulted Gu Heng like a black lightning bolt .


Gu Heng didn’t move and cleaved the fist force with a chop using his hand .

There was a golden radiance that split the pitch-black fist force into two .

“Senior Gu Heng is indeed formidable . The sharp metal bone frame might not be a special bone frame but it is an extremely rare type of extraordinary bone frame . ”

The sharp metal bone frame was one of the five elemental bone frames .

The five elemental bone frames were the sharp bone, greenwood, soft water, blazing flame, and thick earth bone frames .

These five elemental bone frames were the most fundamental extraordinary bone frames and the sharp metal bone frame was the rarest .

“Good . ”

Wang Heilong laughed heartily and continued to use his fist art to attack Gu Heng frenziedly .

Gu Heng neutralized Wang Heilong’s fist art with ease .

“Junior Wang, is this all you’ve got?” Gu Heng asked with a cold voice .

Be it the cultivation technique or martial art, he was superior to Wang Heilong . Gu Heng truly didn’t know what gave Wang Heilong the confidence to challenge him .

“Senior Gu Heng, the battle is just beginning . What is the hurry?”

Wang Heilong started to use his darkness power, giving the fist forces some devouring power .

“Not enough . ”

Gu Heng still used his palm to chop and cleave the fist forces .

But an attentive person would notice that Gu Heng’s palm blades weren’t able to cleave the fist forces as cleanly as before as there would be a slight pause .

“Let’s see how you block this first . Mountain Devouring Devil Fist!”

Wang Heilong jumped up and smashed down with his fist . A giant black fist force produced a dark whirlpool that had extreme suction .

Gu Heng’s expression got a little more serious . The sharp metal power burst out and covered the entire palm as he stabbed his hand into the black fist force .

“Mm!” Gu Heng’s expression changed .

He felt as though his hand had been stabbed into a glue-like liquid and his power was losing very quickly .


Gu Heng yelled out and put in strength into his hand to penetrate the black fist force .

“This is the power of the darkness bone frame?” Gu Heng knitted his brows . The opponent’s cultivation level was obviously weaker, but the darkness power was able to negate most of Gu Heng’s attack strength . Even if Gu Heng used 100% of his power, he would only be able to produce 60% or 70% .

If Wang Heilong was at the 5th level of Reincarnation Realm, this battle would be totally different .

“Junior Wang, it is my turn . ”

Gu Heng didn’t hold back and allowed the sharp metal power to surge out as he cleaved at Wang Heilong with his palm blade .


In the air, a golden streak of light appeared that ignored the distance between the duo and immediately landed on Wang Heilong’s chest .

As expected, Wang Heilong was sent flying . However, Wang Heilong’s body was already covered in black . The golden streak had used all its strength to rip the black substance and leave behind a blood wound .

The darkness bone frame was known to devour all things and was also praised as one of the strongest bone frames .

At this moment, everyone witnessed the terror of the darkness bone frame again .

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