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Chapter 425

When facing 50,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords, Situ Shuo’s dazzled .

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He was certain that if the Thunder God Sect didn’t yield, the Thunder God Sect would no longer have any Reincarnation Realm experts from today onwards . If Li Fuchen12’s was merciless a little, he might just wipe out the entire Thunder God Sect with fury .

Of course, he could also as all the elders to enter the Heaven Thunder Peak to control the Thunder Fire Array and attack Li Fuchen .

But without the elders keeping Li Fuchen in check, Li Fuchen would be able to concentrate on finding the flaw of the Thunder Fire Array . Seeing how he was able to easily penetrate the defense array and enter the Thunder God Sect, Li Fuchen had a certain level of competence in the breaking of arrays . Who knew if he would be able to break down the Thunder Fire Array?

“Why does my Thunder God Sect have to suffer such a calamity?” Situ Shuo was in extreme pain .

Before all this, his Thunder God Sect was the no . 1 sect of the Hundred Sects Alliance . Before the rise of the Evil Dao, they were the no . 1 sect of the East Unicorn Continent . Right now, they were being trampled by a young man and everything was due to the fact that they had abducted his clansmen .

If he knew Li Fuchen was so formidable, the Thunder God Sect would never provoke Li Fuchen .

If they didn’t provoke Li Fuchen, the Thunder God Sect wouldn’t have to suffer such severe losses to their elite forces . Supreme Grand Elder You Lie wouldn’t have to perish either .

But this world didn’t have ifs .

All actions would result in a consequence .

When Li Fuchen teleported back, it was the moment for the flourishing Thunder God Sect to decline .

“Situ Shuo, to fight or to yield . A single statement from you will decide the fate of the Thunder God Sect . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t wish to conduct a massacre . It was already enough to kill the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder You Lie and close to half their inner sect elders . There wasn’t any meaning to continue killing . Of course, this was entirely up to Situ Shuo’s decision .

Situ Shuo had an expression of extreme dilemma .

Fight, and the entire Thunder God Sect would lose hope .

Yield, and the Thunder God Sect would be utterly humiliated and wouldn’t be able to answer to those who had perished .

On the Heaven Thunder Peak, Situ Lei was also watching .

As the no . 1 heavenly prodigy of the Thunder God Sect, Siu Lei was very prideful and he believed that he would progress to the Battle Spirit Realm and become the no . 1 expert in East Unicorn Continent, standing above all .

But now, his pride and his fighting spirit had all been extinguished .

In comparison to Li Fuchen, he was no different from an insect .

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While Li Fuchen was slaughtering the Thunder God Sect’s Reincarnation Realm experts, he could only watch and didn’t even have the qualifications to fight .

“I am unresigned!”

Situ Lei clenched his fist tightly and gritted his teeth so much there were creaking sounds .

“Sect Patriarch, let’s yield!” An inner sect elder who was more inclined to peace had yelled out with sorrow .

If they perished in battle, they might show the world that the Thunder God Sect was unyielding . But so what? Without the elite forces, the Thunder God Sect would become the target of bullies . By then, the Evil Dao would never spare the Thunder God Sect .

The Thunder God Sect must not act rashly and sever their future generations .

If they yielded to Li Fuchen, they would certainly be able to preserve a large portion of their strength . By making use of the Thunder Fire Array, the Thunder God Sect would still exist but they would no longer be the no . 1 sect of the Hundred Sects Alliance .

Moreover, Li Fuchen was excessively shocking in strength and it wasn’t too much to title him as the no . 1 heavenly prodigy in the history of the East Unicorn Continent .

It wasn’t entirely embarrassing to be defeated by someone like Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen was destined to dominate the entire East Unicorn Continent . Putting aside the Thunder God Sect, in time to come, even the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions would be trampled by Li Fuchen .

“Sect Patriarch, we cannot yield . I don’t believe he can break the Thunder Fire Array . ”

Of course, there were those who would rather die than to yield .

“You can try if you wish . ”

Li Fuchen’s awareness was already scanning the Thunder Fire Array .

If the Thunder Fire Array wasn’t a class 6 array, Li Fuchen would be able to break it . The awareness that was comparable to Battle Spirit Realm wasn’t just for show .

A few miles2 behind Li Fuchen, the Li clansmen were all dumb struck .

A single man and a sword had suppressed the entire Thunder God Sect . Was this something a human could achieve?

“Mother, Big Brother Fuchen is already unmatched . ” Li Xiaodie spoke with worship .

Beside her, Shen Yuyan nodded repeatedly and was tearing because of happiness, “We have finally made it through all the suffering . Tianhan, we will be reunited soon . ”

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Li Tianhan was imprisoned in the Mystic Tools Sect . She originally thought that she would never be able to reunite with her husband . She didn’t expect things to change so quickly and their son already had unparalleled strength . He was able to suppress the Thunder God Sect and force them to yield .

On the Heaven Thunder Peak, Situ Shuo finally lowered his head, “Li Fuchen, you won . ”

As the Thunder God Sect Patriarch, he had to look at the bigger picture . He must not be rash and ruin the future generations of the Thunder God Sect .

“Situ Shuo, you have made a wise decision . Just a moment ago, I have already found the flaw of the Thunder Fire Array . ” Li Fuchen spoke with an indifferent expression .

He was able to suppress the Thunder God Sect wasn’t because he was stronger than the Evil King .

The Evil King still had overwhelming martial strength, but in terms of group battle, he was inferior to Li Fuchen and so was his awareness .

With weaker group battle strength, the Evil King wasn’t able to contest with so many Reincarnation Realm experts and the Thunder Fire Array .

With a weaker awareness, the Evil King wasn’t able to enter the Thunder God Sect so easily and would probably be attacked by the Thunder Fire Array while he was trying to break the defense array .

Situ Shuo’s expression changed . He didn’t know if Li Fuchen was telling the truth, but if it was true, the situation earlier was truly dangerous . If he was determined to fight, when Li Fuchen broke the Thunder Fire Array, it would be the end for the Thunder God Sect and it would be impossible to rise up again .

After forcefully exhaling a turbid breath, Situ Shuo looked as though he had grown older by ten years and as if his entire strength had been sapped .

At the same moment, the rapidly revolving Thunder Fire Array had gradually slowed down and concealed itself in the air .

“Our Thunder God Sect has been defeated?”

There were too many people observing this battle . Almost the entire Thunder God Sect was watching .

When the Thunder God Sect was defeated, all their pride had been smashed and they all had sorrowful expressions . Of course, there were plenty of individuals that looked at Li Fuchen with worship .

Exceptional experts were always revered by people .

The Evil King was the no . 1 expert of the East Unicorn Continent . The Hundred Sects Alliance might hate him but they also revered him .

After all, being unmatched was everyone’s dream . After seeing someone reaching this achievement, there would naturally be all sorts of emotions .

“Mother, let’s return . ”

Withdrawing the Sect Origin Bronze Swords, Li Fuchen turned around and broke the courtyard’s array with a single fist .

“Fuchen . ” The skinny Shen Yuyan walked out of the courtyard .

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Li Fuchen landed and apologized, “Mother, all of you have suffered . ”

If it wasn’t for him, the Li clansmen wouldn’t have to go through such torture .

“Silly child . Mother is already very happy that you have returned alive . ” Shen Yuyan wanted to reach out and rub Li Fuchen’s head, but she staggered and nearly fell over .

After a long time of starvation and malnourishment, Shen Yuyan was now weaker than a normal person . With the uncontrollable flow of emotions earlier, she had developed this faint feeling . Li Fuchen looked behind and saw several individuals collapsed on the ground with weak qi presences .

Li Fuchen turned back to glare at Situ Shuo before he activated the healing ring and expanded the green halo to the maximum limit and enveloping all the Li clansmen .

The most important part of the healing ring was the green crystal . The green crystal contained powerful vitality energy but Li Fuchen reckoned that the green crystal’s vitality energy wasn’t endless . Once it depleted, this healing ring would be useless .

Of course, most of Li clansmen had weak cultivation and ordinary vitality, hence, they didn’t require plenty of vitality energy from the crystal .

Under the nourishment of the green halo, the Li clansmen had all recovered and were looking brilliant . They didn’t seem like they had starved before .

Leading in front of Shen Yuyan, Li Xiaodie, and others, Li Fuchen left the Thunder God Sect . Along the way, no one dared to obstruct them or dared to have any strange intentions on the members of the Li Clan .

Looking at Li Fuchen’s departing back view, Situ Shuo had a complicated expression .

A few years ago, Li Fuchen was just a mere heavenly prodigy, an insect . Who would have expected that he would grow to this extent?

Times had changed, so had fate .

A few dozen miles outside of the Thunder God Sect…

“You can come out!” Li Fuchen yelled out .

“Young Hero Li is formidable and matchless with your overwhelming martial prowess . This old one is filled with admiration . ”

Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder, Mu Hanxin appeared with a face filled with respect and awe .

He had been completely convinced by Li Fuchen .

Apart from Li Fuchen, no one in the East Unicorn Continent would be able to leave the Thunder God Sect unscathed . Let alone suppressing them and forcing them to yield .

There wasn’t a need to ask how did Mu Hanxin know . Seeing how Li Fuchen led the Li clansmen out of the Thunder God Sect peacefully, he already knew that the Thunder God Sect had yielded .

Otherwise, with the pride of the Thunder God Sect, how could they possibly release Li Fuchen and the rest so easily?

Li Fuchen said, “Elder Mu, can I trouble you to bring my mother and the others to the Wind Snow Sect . I still have to make a trip to the Mystic Tools Sect . ”

With the protection from Mu Hanxin, Li Fuchen believed that the Li clansmen were very safe .

Mu Hanxin spoke solemnly, “Young Hero Li doesn’t have to worry . Unless this old one perishes, I will guarantee their safety . ”

This was a rare opportunity . With Li Fuchen around, the Hundred Sects Alliance might not be able to suppress the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions, but they were surely able to stand firm and contest evenly against them . His Wind Snow Sect would then get closer with Li Fuchen and obtain an important position .

The precondition was the ability to maintain this relationship .

“Fuchen, you have to be careful . ” Shen Yuyan spoke with worry .

Li Fuchen replied confidently, “Mother, you don’t have the worry . The likes of the Mystic Tools Sect cannot do anything to me . ”

“Elder Mu, I shall rely on you then . ”

After speaking, Li Fuchen flashed and turned into a stream of golden light and vanished on the horizon .

The Mystic Tools Sect was one of the most ancient sects in the East Unicorn Continent . The only other sect that was comparable to the Mystic Tools Sect was the Eternal Spring Valley .

The depths of their foundation might even be stronger than the Thunder God Sect .

It could be said that the Mystic Tools Sect was more dangerous than the Thunder God Sect .

The Thunder God Sect’s Thunder Fire Array was only slightly stronger than Li Fuchen but wasn’t even able to injure Li Fuchen . Of course, if the battle prolonged, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to continue withstanding .

But with enough time, Li Fuchen was able to break the Thunder Fire Array and stop it from attacking .

The Mystic Tools Sect’s dilapidated battleship was different, it was nearly indestructible and it had immense power . If it could severely injure the Evil King in a single attack, it meant that it would be dangerous if Li Fuchen was struck by the attack too . Of course, apart from the dilapidated battleship, the Mystic Tools Sect was much easier to deal with than the Thunder God Sect . After all, the number and the quality of the Reincarnation Realm experts in the Mystic Tools Sect were inferior to the Thunder God Sect .

The Thunder God Sect was renowned as the no . 1 sect of the Hundred Sects Alliance for a reason .

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