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Chapter 424

“You Lie, you were suppressed by me back at the Black Sky Sect Ruin . Right now, I am still able to suppress you . ”

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The giant elephant spirit materialized on top of Li Fuchen12’s head and suppressed the void .

“Courting death . ”

You Lie’s express turned dark while the thunderous armor burst with light . Subsequently, You Lie appeared on the right side of Li Fuchen in an instant as though he had teleported . His right hand was wielding inexhaustible thunder as he blasted his fist at Li Fuchen’s head .

This fist was supported by the Thunder Armor Divine Technique . Even if he encountered the Blood Devil King, he would be able to contest .

The fierce tiger spirit rose and Li Fuchen turned around to match You Lie’s fist with his own .


There was a sea of thunder that produced in the nearby vicinity . Within the sea of thunder, the fierce tiger spirit was expanding to the limits and had forcefully smashed the sea of thunder .

You Lie grunted as he couldn’t help but was repelled by a hundred meters .

On the contrary, Li Fuchen didn’t move an inch and was just like a demon god .

“How can this child’s fist force be so overwhelming?” You Lie had an extremely unpleasant expression .

Inside the Thunder God Sect and with the support of the heaven thunder, his combat strength was enhanced by 30% .

If You Lie wasn’t able to suppress Li Fuchen in this situation, didn’t it mean that Li Fuchen’s strength had already surpassed him?

“Heart of Thunder! Heaven thunder, enter my body!”

You Lie roared out and his body released thunder light . He acted like a magnet that had inexhaustible magnetism, attracting countless heaven thunder to descend and fuse into the thunderous armor and into the body .

At the same moment, incredibly horrific thunderous power was awakening in You Lie’s body . It was the 6-star thunderous bone frame’s power .

Heart of Thunder was the Thunder God Sect’s 5-star secret technique . In the hands of others, this secret technique would only be able to summon thunderbolts and be able to control the surrounding thunder qi to blast at the enemy . But in the hands of You Lie, this secret technique could be used to summon the heaven thunder to fuse into the thunder armor qi and to greatly enhance the thunder armor qi .

Of course, this secret technique would only be able to exhibit the function of that surpassed a regular 5-star secret technique within the Thunder God Sect .

Outside the Thunder God Sect, this secret technique wouldn’t be so powerful .

5-star secret techniques would generally be able to increase a Reincarnation Realm expert’s strength by 20% or 30% .

As for the 6-star thunderous bone frame’s power, it would be depleted upon usage . You Lie had only used it against the Petrified Queen and the Evil King . On normal occasions, he basically wouldn’t need to use it .

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With the support from the heaven thunder and the thunderous power, You Lie’s thunderous armor had extended to envelop his head and his limbs . It had covered his entire body, leaving no gaps .

“Receive another fist from me!”

With surging thunderbolts, You Lie’s movement speed was several times faster and he was now unbelievably fast . If it wasn’t for Li Fuchen’s exceptional awareness, he wouldn’t be able to react in time .


Fist against fist, the duo clashed again .

This time, it was Li Fuchen who was sent flying .

“Just as I expected . My body refinement strength is stronger than You Lie at normal times . But with the advantageous location and environment, his strength is much more superior to mine . ”

Li Fuchen’s body was unreasonably tough and he had the protection from the Silver Scale Armor . Hence, he wasn’t really injured as it was just a single impact .

“Li Fuchen, why don’t you hurry up and die?!”

You Lie turned into a thunderbolt and attacked frenziedly again .

“You Lie, I shall let you witness my true strength . ”

After Li Fuchen determined the level of his body refinement strength, he didn’t reserve himself anymore . He transmuted his ardent sun qi into the bronze sword qi and allowed the blazing fire power from his bone frame spatial zone to surge out incessantly .

Subsequently, Li Fuchen wielded the Scarlet Blood Sword and slashed horizontally .

This horizontal slash was unfathomable .

The streaks of green sword lights were like aurora that contained unstoppable and destructive slashing force .

Bang Bang Bang…

You Lie’s body which was originally covered in seamless thunderous armor had been instantly burst open like tofu . Without the protection of the thunderous armor, how could You Lie be a match for Li Fuchen? He crossed his arms and guarded the front while he was launched out and vomiting a huge quantity of fresh blood .

Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength was already comparable to his body refinement strength . After being enhanced by the 6-star Bronze Sword Essence, his strength rose drastically . His Green Sun Sword Intent wasn’t just tyrannical and scorchingly hot, it also had an unstoppable slashing force .

“Not good, the Supreme Grand Elder isn’t a match . ” All the inner sect elders of the Thunder God Sect were shocked beyond comprehension .

Supreme Grand Elder You Lie was the no . 1 expert of the Hundred Sects Alliance . In the entire East Unicorn Continent, there were only three to four individuals that were stronger than him . How was it possible for Li Fuchen to actually be above the Supreme Grand Elder?

“Thunder Fire Array, activate!”

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Inside the Heaven Thunder Peak, the Thunder God Sect Patriarch Situ Shuo had witnessed everything and immediately activated the Thunder Fire Array .

Crackle! Bang!

There was a huge burst of thunder light from the Heaven Thunder Peak . Countless thunder dragons emerged from the array and lunged at Li Fuchen with a speed that wasn’t inferior to real thunderbolts .

A single swing of Li Fuchen’s sword had scattered the thunder dragons .

Immediately after, more thunder dragons attacked . They were accompanied by millstone-sized fire spheres that were blazing hot .

The fire spheres were extremely powerful and when one of the fire spheres didn’t manage to land on Li Fuchen, it blasted a hundred-meter wide pit on the ground . The horrific blazing fire power soared and dazzled everyone with the intense radiance .

Crackle! Boom!

Huff Huff!

As long as the array power wasn’t severed, the Thunder Fire Array would never stop attacking .

When the sky was covered with thunder dragons and fire spheres, it gave off an illusion of the apocalypse .


Li Fuchen roared and executed his Green Sun Sword Intent to the limits . The thousands of green sword lights crisscrossed to obstruct the thunder dragons and fire spheres .

“This child’s strength is actually so formidable . ” The Thunder God Sect Patriarch Situ Shuo had a gloomy expression .

“Attack together and eliminate this little bastard!” One of the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Elders yelled out and sent a fist at Li Fuchen .

With the command, almost 50 Reincarnation Realm experts attacked at the same time . Streaks of thunder fists and palms were turned into a wave of thunder . They believed that even if the Evil King was here, he wouldn’t be able to withstand this attack and would have to scuttle off miserably .

“Sect Origin Swords . ”

Li Fuchen’s murderous qi had nearly burst through the heavens . Tens of thousands of Sect Origin Bronze Swords had scattered and covered the entire sky . With Li Fuchen’s thoughts, they were all launched like arrows in all directions .

Boom Boom Boom…


The thunder dragons and fire spheres were dispersed and exploded . Immediately after, miserable screams were constantly echoed as Reincarnation Realm experts would fall one after the other .

How could the pure Sect Origin Swords be so powerful?

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It had become so horrific after Li Fuchen stacked the Bronze Sword Essence with the Sect Origin Swords . The power was already comparable with 7-star secret techniques and this was a 7-star secret technique for a mass attack .

Almost every single Reincarnation Realm expert would have to face hundreds of swords qi .

Those stronger experts would be able to survive a little longer but for those low-level Reincarnation Realm inner sect elders, they would only be able to defend . In almost every single breath, one individual would perish . Their bodies would be punctured with hundreds of holes and got turned into a hornet nest .

“How can this happen?” The Thunder God Sect Patriarch Situ Shuo had lost spirit and looked deathly pale .

How could he not recognize that Li Fuchen was no longer the same as before? He didn’t only have heaven-defying combat strength, his trump card was enough to threaten the entire Thunder God Sect . If they carried on fighting, the Thunder God Sect would surely end with significant losses .

“Bastard, you have killed so many of our Reincarnation Ream experts . You have to die today! Sect Patriarch, activate the Thunder Fire Power!”

You Lie who suffered serious injuries had roared with anger . He condensed the thunderous armor and executed a fist strike to shatter thousands of Sect Origin Bronze Swords .

“Thunder Fire Power, merge!”

Situ Shuo gritted his teeth and placed both his hands together . The Thunder Fire Array above the Heaven Thunder Peak was revolving rapidly . The thunder dragons and the fire spheres were merging together and forming a massive and horrifying thunder fire dragon .

The thunder fire dragon carried an overflowing qi presence and was flying straight at Li Fuchen .

Even if the Evil King was here, he wouldn’t dare to contest against this attack .

“Green Sun Absolution!”

While controlling the Sect Origin Bronze Swords to attack everyone, Li Fuchen brandished the Scarlet Blood Sword and shot a sky-shaking green light pillar .

The light pillar was as thick as a water jar and seemed like it was going to pierce the sky . Within this light pillar, it was filled with sword lights that were almost in a liquid state .

This move had consumed 20% of Li Fuchen’s qi .

The current Li Fuchen was a 3rd level Reincarnation Realm expert and his qi quantity was comparable to regular 6th level Reincarnation Realm . The vigor of his qi was at least at the regular 4th or 5th level Reincarnation Realm . 20% of his qi was already boundless and terrifying power .


The thunder fire dragon and the green light pillar collided .

The green light pillar had collapsed first but the thunder fire dragon’s power had been diminished by more than half . How could a smaller thunder fire dragon do any harm to Li Fuchen? A single slash had scattered the dragon into sparks and electric arcs .

“Old ignorant man . Time to die!” Among all these people, it was obvious, Li Fuchen resented You Lie the most .

Ten thousand Sect Origin Bronze Swords appeared beside Li Fuchen .

Swish Swish Swish!

Ten thousand swords qi were released like a violent barrage of arrows at You Lie .

You Lie was already injured and with simply too many Sect Origin Bronze Swords, he was instantly drenched in blood . His thunderous armor had shattered again, the heaven thunder power had already been exhausted, and the thunderous power was also quickly consumed .


Li Fuchen grasped the opportunity and brandished his sword . Thousands of green sword lights condensed together and brushed across You Lie’s head .


You Lie’s body remained intact but his head had exploded .

The Hundred Sects Alliance’s no . 1 expert had fallen .

“Supreme Grand Elder!” Everyone exclaimed .

“Li Fuchen, you killed my Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder . My Thunder God Sect and you are absolutely irreconcilable!”

Situ Shuo gritted his teeth tightly and controlled the Thunder Fire Array to produce thunder fire dragons .

Li Fuchen revealed a cruel and merciless face, “I, Li Fuchen has never offended the Thunder God Sect . At the Black Sky Sect Ruins, there were plenty of artifacts and everyone relied on their capability to seize the artifacts . But your Thunder God Sect disregarded your sense of honor and abducted my Li clansmen to force me to hand over the artifacts . What kind of reasoning is that? Since you are stubborn and ignorant, I shall slaughter the Thunder God Sect today . Sect Origin Swords, emerge completely . ”

Li Fuchen’s black long hair fluttered and was just like a demon god .

50,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords appeared beside Li Fuchen .

During these two years, Li Fuchen’s Life Origin Sword had already produced 100,000 Sect Origin Swords . Earlier on, he had only used 50,000 swords qi .

He believed that these 50,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords were enough to eradicate all the Thunder God Sect’s Reincarnation Realm experts . As for the Thunder Fire Array, he could just slowly destroy it later .


Those Thunder God Sect’s Reincarnation Realm experts that had yet to perish earlier were now in despair .

All of them had faces like fallen ashes .

They weren’t Supreme Grand Elder You Lie and weren’t able to withstand against too many swords qi from the Sect Origin Bronze Swords . Once the 50,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords were out, their lives were already at the end of their fate .

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