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Chapter 422

“What if my Wind Snow Sect doesn’t sell you a favor?” Shi Huawei probed with a question .

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Li Fuchen12 replied indifferently, “I owe gratitude to the Wind Snow Sect and I naturally wouldn’t reply gratitude with revenge . But the Wind Snow Sect will lose an opportunity, one that would allow you to harvest profits . I don’t think that Matriarch Shi should give up on this opportunity . Of course, if Matriarch Shi cannot make the decision, you can discuss it with the Supreme Elders . I shall wait here . ”

Li Fuchen had his principles and no matter how powerful he was, he wouldn’t use strength to oppress the weak, let alone repaying gratitude with revenge .

Otherwise, he would be no different from evil dao martial artists .

“Alright, wait here . ” Shi Huawei flashed and entered the array .

This matter involved too many things and if there were any mishaps, the Wind Snow Sect might be consigned to eternal damnation . But they would definitely receive a great impact .

She was really unable to make the decision .

A short moment later, all the Reincarnation Realm experts of the Wind Snow Sect had turned out in full strength . There were dozens of them .

Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder was a white-haired old man that was at the peak level of Reincarnation Realm . He once battled with the Horn Devil Region’s sovereign, the Horn Devil King and was just slightly inferior .

Taking one step out, the white-haired elder burst out from icy cold qi presence from his body and enveloped Li Fuchen .

The peak level of Reincarnation Realm might still be considered the 9th level of Reincarnation Realm, but the qi was already accumulated to the extremity . There was no difference in terms of quality but the quantity was vastly different . As the white-haired elder burst out with his qi presence, the entire place had a heavier snowfall, while the wind was also getting more violent . Countless tornadoes of wind and snow were produced and were wreaking havoc in the nearby ten miles2 . The sky was pitch-black and the snow had turned into a hailstorm that crashed down .

Merely the burst of qi presence was enough for the white-haired elder to change the weather within ten miles and it was still extending outwards .

Of course, this was mainly due to the weaker heaven and earth restrictions in the East Unicorn Continent . If this was the Seven Color Continent, the white-haired elder wouldn’t be able to achieve this feat .

Standing in the wind and snow, Li Fuchen’s expression remained unchanged . Before the hail could reach his body, they were turned into dust by an invisible qi presence .

“The Wind Snow Sect are formidable indeed . They actually have so any Reincarnation Realm experts . ”

A normal individual would already be trembling when facing so many Reincarnation Realm experts . However, Li Fuchen wasn’t a normal individual and he had already witnessed the prowess of a Battle Spirit Realm master . All these Wind Snow Sect’s Reincarnation Realm experts were only considered regular martial artists in his eyes .

“This old one is Mu Hanxin . Li Fuchen, if you withstand a palm strike from me without taking a step back . My Wind Snow Sect shall sell you a favor . How about it?” The white-haired elder spoke coldly .

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“Let alone one palm strike . I will be able to receive ten or even a hundred palm strikes . ” Li Fuchen grinned .

“Talking big . ” One of the Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Elders mocked and ridiculed .

Mu Hanxin wasn’t infuriated, “Be careful now . ”

While speaking, My Hanxin’s body was surging with qi and they were all constantly converging onto his right hand .

A regular palm had instantly turned translucent and black . A black and icy qi was condensed .


With the release of the palm strike, an overflowing icy cold field power and extremely cold palm intent was smashing at Li Fuchen .

This palm strike was actually the earth class low-tier palm art, the first half of the Dark Cold Palm Art’s finishing move .

It might only be the first half and wasn’t as formidable as a completed earth class low-tier martial art, but it was only slightly inferior . When executed by Mu Hanxin, a peak level Reincarnation Realm expert, the palm strike was already good enough to injure a regular class 5 demon .

“This kid is asking for trouble . ” Another Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Elder sneered .

“Come then . ”

Li Fuchen could naturally see the power of Mu Hanxin’s palm strike, but it wasn’t enough to surprise him .

Activating the dragon elephant power and executing the Tiger Soul Fist .

In an instant, the giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit rose up at the same time .

As fast as a spark, Li Fuchen executed his fist and enveloped Mu Hanxin with the fierce tiger spirit .


There was the violent echoes of upheaval . The wind and snow tornadoes that were within the ten miles radius had all exploded, the hailstorm had also been turned into dust . An indescribable qi wave expanded out from the duo and radiated in all directions . Everyone who was at the Reincarnation Realm, couldn’t resist the qi wave and forced to take steps back .

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At the center of the qi wave, Mu Hanxin had experienced the brunt of the qi wave and was sent flying . Even his qi protection was instantly shattered .

Li Fuchen stood within the qi waves like a ten-thousand-year reef and didn’t move a single inch . When the horrifying qi waves crashed over, they were split into two by the fierce tiger spirit and the giant elephant spirit . The leftover of the qi waves could only make Li Fuchen’s clothes flutter .

A single fist and Mu Hanxin was defeated .

When Mu Hanxin asked Li Fuchen to receive a palm strike without stepping back, it was now just a joke .

Li Fuchen didn’t take a step back and he had also sent Mu Hanxin flying with a single fist .

Shi Huawei and the rest of the Wind Snow Sect’s Reincarnation Realm experts were dumbstruck .

Mu Hanxin was the no . 1 expert of the Wind Snow Sect and he wasn’t even able to withstand a single fist from Li Fuchen . How strong was Li Fuchen?

Could Li Fuchen have learned under a hidden expert during these two years, hence, he had such horrifying strength?

Everyone couldn’t help but guess .

After forcefully stopping himself from flying, Mu Hanxin’s face was flushed red before coughed, “Matriarch, hurry up and invite Young Hero Li into the sect!”

Li Fuchen’s strength had already convinced him .

Li Fuchen’s strength might be able to deal serious damage to the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect .

If the Wind Snow Sect made use of this opportunity and tied themselves to Li Fuchen’s warship, putting aside if they could dominate the East Unicorn Continent, they would at least be able to protect themselves .

“Young Hero Li, please . ” Shi Huawei composed herself and gestured with her right hand .

In the Wind Snow Grand Hall, Li Fuchen was seated at the first seat on the right .

On the left side, Mu Hanxin was seated on the first seat .

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As for the host seat, it naturally belonged to Matriarch Shi Huawei .

No matter what, Shi Huawei was still the Matriarch and her position was half a class higher than the Supreme Elders .

“Young Hero Li, the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect might be one of the top ten elite factions within the Hundred Sects Alliance, but their sects’ foundation is far superior to our Wind Snow Sect . The only sect that could be compared to those two sects, might only be the Eternal Spring Valley . ”

Mu Hanxin took a sip of tea and spoke slowly .

“Tell me more in detail . ” Li Fuchen said .

On the host seat, Shi Huawei said, “Starting from the Mystic Tools Sect… They are known as the most ancient sect in the East Unicorn Continent and they possess a forbidden art called the Union of Man and Tool . But in order to cultivate the Union of Man and Tool, the practitioner would have to reach the Reincarnation Realm first . The tool must also be a blood-refined tool . The so-called blood-refined tool is to use one’s own essence blood, together with unique materials to refine a special tool . The Mystic Tools Sect’s Tool Pattern Secret Technique is also created because of the Union of Man and Tool . From what I know, the Mystic Tools Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Ge Yun has cultivated the Union of Man and Tool . He already fused with half a mystic class peak-tier blood-refined tool . His strength might be inferior to the Evil King, but in terms of defense, there are only a few individuals that are comparable to him . ”

“Union of Man and Tool huh?”

Li Fuchen might not know the exact details of the Union of Man and Tool, but he thought about it and felt that this forbidden art wasn’t a small matter .

After the qi was enhanced by the tool, it would produce more power . But a tool and the body was ultimately not entirely integrated and wouldn’t be able to burst out to the extreme . One would only be able to do so with the Union of Man and Tool .

“Apart from this, the Mystic Tools Sect also possesses a battleship . ” Shi Huawei carried on talking .

“Battleship?” Li Fuchen looked at Shi Huawei .

Shi Huawei spoke in a solemn tone, “It is a dilapidated battleship and is unable to fly . It can be placed within the Mystic Tools Sect, but the power is astonishing . It was said that the Evil King coveted this battleship and wanted to forcefully seize it . But the Evil King was severely injured by the array pagoda on the battleship and since then, he didn’t dare to find trouble with the Mystic Tools Sect again . ”

After listening to the explanation, Li Fuchen got a little serious .

He understood the power of array pagodas very clearly . There was also an array pagoda in the Black Sky Sect Ruins . But that array pagoda was obviously not as powerful as the one on the Mystic Tools Sect’s battleship . If it could severely injure the Evil King in a single attack, it must be an extraordinary array pagoda .

“If you wish to barge into the Mystic Tools Sect, I advise that you give up . Unless you are stronger than the Evil King . ” Shi Huawei advised Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen said, “I know what to do . ”

The array pagoda might be powerful but the attack had to land in order to deal any damage . With exceptional awareness, Li Fuchen was rather confident .

Shi Huawei shook her head, “As for the Thunder God Sect… They might be the no . 1 sect of the Hundred Sects Alliance, but they are easier to deal with than the Mystic Tools Sect . Within their sect, the only thing they can rely on is the Thunder Fire Array . It is an offensive array and is extraordinarily powerful . It might not be at the same level as the Evil King, but it is impossible to barge in . Even the Evil King would need to reserve himself when facing against the Thunder Fire Array and the various Reincarnation Realm experts of the Thunder God Sect . ”

“Thunder Fire Array huh?” Li Fuchen revealed a smile .

As compared to the battleship, the array’s power was much weaker .

It wasn’t because the Thunder Fire Array wasn’t formidable but mainly because Li Fuchen was confident in his awareness .

As long as it wasn’t a class 6 array, he would be able to find the flaw of the array . After progressing to the Reincarnation Realm, he was able to utilize more of his awareness and wasn’t inferior to a Battle Spirit Realm master at all .

Seated directly opposite, Mu Hanxin said, “Young Hero Li, why don’t you allow my Wind Snow Sect to negotiate and asked the Mystic Tools Sect and the Thunder God Sect to release your Li Clan’s members?”

Li Fuchen scoffed and said, “Do you think they will do it? Putting aside the fact that they still don’t know about my strength, even if they did know, they will still force me to hand over the artifacts I obtained in the Black Sky Sect Ruins . ”

Li Fuchen rose too quickly and it was inevitable that the opposition would be suspicious . If that was the case, he might as well be aggressive and take the initiative .

“This…” Mu Hanxin was speechless .

Li Fuchen had indeed risen too quickly and it was very odd . Anyone would assume that Li Fuchen had obtained a great reward from the Black Sky Sect Ruins . It was fine if the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect weren’t powerful, but those two sects had deep foundations and even the Evil King couldn’t do anything to them . How would they even put Li Fuchen in their eyes?

“Many thanks to the Wind Snow Sect for letting me know the information . In the future, Li Fuchen will surely repay the gratitude . ”

Standing up, Li Fuchen flashed and exited the Wind Snow Grand Hall . In another flash, he had vanished without a trace .

Looking towards the direction Li Fuchen had vanished, everyone in the grand hall had peculiar expressions .

“The East Unicorn Continent’s sky is going to change . I hope that this time, the direction of the change is going to be good . ” Mu Hanxin lamented .

Earlier on, he had been observing Li Fuchen’s expression . After listening to the information about the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect, Li Fuchen’s face didn’t seem fearful at all . It was obvious he had trump cards .

Of course, it was possible that Li Fuchen was simply ignorant and fearless .

But no matter the case, Li Fuchen’s strength was real and just based on this fact, it was enough to stir up the entire situation .

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