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Chapter 423

The Thunder God Sect was the previous no . 1 sect of the East Unicorn Continent and the current no . 1 sect of the Hundred Sects Alliance .

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Located in the interior parts of the Thunder God Mountains, thunder was rumbling in the sky and there was the occasional purple thunderbolts that descended from above the skies, striking at depths of the Thunder God Mountains .

It was said that the Thunder God Mountains had a unique magnetic field . The magnetic mountains attracted the thunderbolts and caused the Thunder God Mountains to be concentrated with thunder qi . This was also the reason for the Thunder God Sect to specialize in thunderous cultivation techniques and martial arts .

The Thunder God Sect’s highest peak was the Heaven Thunder Peak . The peak was 70,000 feet tall and was just like a giant sword connected the heaven to the earth . On the mountain top, purple thunderbolts were flashing and the clouds were stacked up densely .

From far away, Li Fuchen12 could see the Thunder God Sect and its Heaven Thunder Peak .

“No wonder it is the no . 1 sect . ”

The atmosphere of such sects was something that the Wind Snow Sect couldn’t compare with . As for the mountains that once belonged to the Azure Water Sect, it was simply like a grass shed and not even in the same league .

“The Thunder God Sect has two layers of arrays . One is a defense array and the other is the offensive Thunder Fire Array . That Thunder Fire Array should be set up at the Heaven Thunder Peak . That way, the array will be able to attack anyone who entered the Thunder God Sect’s interior . But the urgent thing now is to find my Li clansmen . ”

Using an individual’s strength to face a sect’s strength was ultimately a little difficult . If Li Fuchen was alone, he wasn’t afraid, but with the Li clansmen in the Thunder God Sect, he must not be rash .

Li Fuchen stopped a few miles2 away from the Thunder God Sect and released his boundless awareness . He had started to search the flaw of the Thunder God Sect’s defense array .

A long while later, Li Fuchen found multiple gaps and entered with his awareness .

Li Fuchen’s awareness was extremely powerful and when he was at the Heaven Dipper Realm, it had already exceeded Reincarnation Realm . After reaching the Reincarnation Realm, his awareness was already considered good at the level of Battle Spirit Realm masters . A single glance allowed him to observe the entire situation of the Thunder God Sect .

“Behind the Heaven Thunder Peak . ”

Soon enough, Li Fuchen found the Li clansmen .

There were inside a courtyard with tall walls . Half of the Li clansmen were held captive inside and with the array, they wouldn’t fly out even if they wished to .


Li Fuchen saw his mother, Shen Yuyan .

As for his father, Li Tianhan, he was being imprisoned in the Mystic Tools Sect .

The Li clansmen weren’t in good situations . Each of them was malnourished, sickly, and didn’t have any spirit in their eyes . Some of the younger Li clansmen already had subtle desperations in their eyes and were extremely irritable .

“The dog food is there . Hurry up and eat . ”

Outside the walls of the courtyard, one of the Thunder God Sect’s deacon had brought over a bath tub-sized metal bowl . It was filled with rice and vegetables, but they were like dog food and were extremely filthy . For a regular person, let alone eating it, just the sight of it was disgusting . This metal bowl of food might seem plenty but after distributing it evenly, each serving was pitiful in quantity . Martial artists below the Heaven Dipper Realm had normal requirement for food . After starving for one meal and being hungry for one meal alternatively, it was no wonder they were malnourished .

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When witnessing this scene, Li Fuchen was burning with anger .

The Thunder God Sect actually treated his Li clansmen like dogs!

“Damned You Lie, damned Thunder God Sect!”

Li Fuchen grasped his fist tightly and his eyes were filled with murderous intent .

“You little dog, what are you snatching for? You are not allowed to eat today . ”

There was a crack of a whip as one of the eight-year-old Li clansmen was anxious due to the anger and had rushed over, only to be whipped . The pain had caused the face to distort and tears were rolling in the eyes . It was startling that the tears didn’t flow down as it was obvious that this clansman had already gotten used to it .

“A bunch of dog-like things . If it isn’t for the fact that you are still useful, all of you would have been killed . ” The Thunder God Sect’s deacon laughed sinisterly .

Li Fuchen couldn’t tolerate it anymore and there was only one thought in his mind: To save his Li clansmen and to make the Thunder God Sect pay the price .

Rising up, Li Fuchen burst out with ardent sun qi and turned into a golden stream of light before racing rapidly at the Thunder God Sect .


After searching for an opening, Li Fuchen brandished his sword and thousands of green sword lights blasting on a single point of the protection array .


The Thunder God Sect’s protection array was originally invisible . After suffering an attack, it had appeared for an instant and it was just like a pale blue dome that enveloped the entire Thunder God Sect .

“Who is attacking the array?”

Members of the Thunder God Sect lifted their heads to look at the protection array and were rather nervous .

They thought that the Evil King was attacking again . After all, apart from the Evil King, no one would be so brainless to attack the Thunder God Sect’s protection array .


Li Fuchen’s sword slash merely used the ardent sun qi and the blazing fire power . It wasn’t his full strength, but it had already surpassed regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm experts . If it was a regular sect’s array, this slash would have broken it .

“Open up!”

The ardent sun qi transmuted into the bronze sword qi and Li Fuchen slashed again .

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A giant crack appeared and Li Fuchen entered into the inner parts of the Thunder God Sect .


A golden stream of light flashed repeatedly like a golden lightning bolt . In just a short moment, Li Fuchen arrived at the courtyard that imprisoned the Li clansmen .


There was a miserable scream as the Thunder God Sect’s deacon who humiliated the Li clansmen was instantly immolated and turned into ashes .

Within the walls of the courtyard, Li Xiaodie brought a small bowl of food to Shen Yuyan, “Mother, eat first . Xiaodie isn’t hungry . ”

Li Xiaodie had already recognized Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan as her adoptive father and mother .

“Xiaodie, you should eat . You haven’t eaten for the entire day . ” Shen Yuyan shook her head .

Right at this moment, the miserable scream on the outside and attracted Li clansmen’s attention .

There was a voice…

“Mother, it is Fuchen . ”

Li Fuchen floated up and appeared in the sky above the walls of the courtyard .

Immediately, the Li clansmen had all saw Li Fuchen .

“Fuchen!” Shen Yuyan’s face was covered in tears .

The constant days of starvation and hunger had caused Shen Yuyan to collapse . She was most worried about Li Fuchen and Li Tianhan, even during the nightmares at night, she would dream that Li Fuchen was dead .

“Big Brother Fuchen!” Li Xiaodie was crying with even more sorrow than Shen Yuyan .

“Mother, everyone from Li Clan, all your suffering will not be in vain . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t break the array as he was definitely going to battle with the Thunder God Sect and the array was going to protect the Li clansmen .

“Fuchen is here, we are saved . ”

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“But this is the Thunder God Sect, can Fuchen rescue us and bring us out?”

The eyes of the Li clansmen were ignited with hope . But the hope was so slight that they were both expectant and afraid .

“Who dares behave so rampantly in my Thunder God Sect . ”

The Thunder God Sect reacted very quickly as forty to fifty Reincarnation Realm experts were flying towards Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen soared into the sky and was overflowing with murderous intent, “I am Li Fuchen and I am here to settle the score . ”

“Li Fuchen, you are finally here . I thought you have already forsaken your Li clan and your relatives . Haha, but since you are here, don’t even think of leaving . Hand over the artifacts and my Thunder God Sect might leave you a complete corpse . Otherwise, your entire Li Clan shall be exterminated ” One of the Thunder God Sect’s Reincarnation Realm experts was laughing and saying .


The murderous intent surged from Li Fuchen’s eyes as he executed a fist and instantly burst that Reincarnation Realm expert into a blood mist .


“Courting death!”

“Seize him!”

The Thunder God Sect’s Reincarnation Realm experts stood at the top of the East Unicorn Continent . Right now, the Supreme Elders had yet to arrive . All those present were inner sect elders and with an order from the inner sect grand elder, five of the inner sect elders rushed at Li Fuchen .

“All of you shall die . ”

The giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit burst forth as Li Fuchen executed his fist strike . The boundless fist qi overflowed and sent the five inner sect elders flying .  

Bang Bang Bang…

There were explosions of blood mist as all of them perished miserably .

With Li Fuchen’s strength, martial artists below the high-levels of Reincarnation Realm were no different from insects . Even high-level Reincarnation Realm experts wouldn’t be able to block his fist .

Among the present Reincarnation Realm experts, there were only one or two high-level Reincarnation Realm experts . The rest were all mid-level or low-level Reincarnation Realm experts .

“What? Is this person really Li Fuchen? How can he be so formidable?” The inner sect grand elder was appalled .

It was already shocking for them to see Li Fuchen at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm . Even their sect’s no . 1 prodigy, Situ Lei was only at the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm .

However, Li Fuchen had killed five inner sect elders with a single fist . With such strength, not even the Supreme Elders would be a match for him .

“Everyone go together!” The Thunder God Sect’s inner sect grand elder yelled out severely while his face changed drastically .

If forty to fifty Reincarnation Realm experts worked together and attacked at once, even the Evil King would have to withdraw cautiously . If Li Fuchen stood still, it was only a matter of time before he was jolted to death .

“Let this old one fight with him . ”

A bright and clear voice echoed like the thunder . The Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder You Lie and the rest of the Supreme Elders flew down from the Heaven Thunder Peak .

“Supreme Grand Elder . ” Everyone greeted him with respect .

The Supreme Grand Elder You Lie was the no . 1 expert of the Hundred Sects Alliance . He was ranked top five in the entire East Unicorn Continent .

In front of him were the Evil King, the Petrified Queen, the Blood Demon King .

You Lie looked straight at Li Fuchen, “Li Fuchen, I didn’t think that you will dare to visit my Thunder God Sect . Nobody You doesn’t request for much, just for you to hand over all the artifacts you have obtained in the Black Sky Sect Ruins . I will not only let you go, but I will also release all your Li clansmen . I will also view you as a guest . What do you think?”

Li Fuchen revealed a grim smile and said, “Artifacts belong to the one that discovers it . As the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder, you actually use my clansmen to threaten me . I truly wonder if I should be honored or should the Thunder God Sect be ashamed?”

If the Thunder God Sect didn’t deal with the Li Clan, Li Fuchen might not hand over the artifacts, but he wouldn’t look for the Thunder God Sect’s trouble . It was a pity that they were much more despicable than Li Fuchen thought .

Perhaps to them, a person who would have great achievements wouldn’t bother with trivial matters .

“Stubborn and ignorant . Since that the case, don’t blame this old one for being merciless . ”

You Lie grunted before the thunder qi surged and condensed a layer of thunder armor .

The thunder armor looked very condensed and it might only be a thin layer, it was emitting terrifying thunder prowess .

Earth class low-tier cultivation technique, Thunder Armor Divine Technique .

The Thunder Armor Divine Technique could be used for both offense and defense . Not only was the defense shockingly though, but it could also greatly enhance the movement speed and attack speed .

After the thunder armor was condensed, thunderbolts above the sky of the Thunder God Sect was getting attracted . The thunderbolts then fused into You Lie’s thunder armor and enhanced the prowess .

You Lie let out a ruthless grin and said, “You shouldn’t have come to the Thunder God Sect . In this place, my strength is 30% stronger than normal . ”

“The little bastard is dead . ” The Thunder God Sect’s inner sect grand elder was smiling, while the other inner sect elders were nodded in agreement .

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