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Chapter 412

Inside the mist, one wouldn’t be able to see one’s own fingers . The entire place was filled with whiteness and the occasional illusion .

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If Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist wasn’t leading the way, Zhao Han and the others would have lost their way .

It was unknown how much time had passed when the five arrived at the lush and verdant valley .

The valley wasn’t huge . There was a small lake in the center and in the vicinity of the lake, herbs were gathered around in high concentration . The lowest grade of herbs were mystic class peak-tier herbs . Among dozens of stalks of mystic class peak-tier herbs, there would be a stalk of earth class herb . There were a few stalks of earth class herbs that had vibrant colors and extremely powerful spirit qi waves . It was obvious those were earth class peak-tier herbs .

“Such a huge quantity of herbs . ” An Xinmei6meiyoung or little sister and Du Qing took a cold gasp .

In rough estimation, the value of the herbs here were at least 100 thousand low-grade spirit stones .

It was known that a single stalk of earth class peak-tier herb would cost a few thousand low-grade spirit stones . A few stalks would already be 10 or 20 thousand low-grade spirit stones .

Furthermore, this was just the market value . If they really sold it, a single stalk of earth class peak-tier herb would easily sell for 10,000 low-grade spirit stones . After all, the rarity would determine the price . In the Seven Color Continent, earth class peak-tier herbs were already considered the pinnacle among herbs . As for heaven class herbs, they were definitely something that one could only wish to find . Any single heaven class herb would have an astronomical value that not even the Battle Spirit Realm Masters could afford .

“Let’s harvest the herbs first . ”

With a swing of Li Fuchen’s hand, a large patch of herbs along with the soil were gathered into Li Fuchen’s storage bag .

Zhao Han and others followed suit and harvested the herbs at breakneck speed . As for the distribution, they would leave it after the harvest .

Soon enough, half of the herbs in the valley had been harvested and the five had unknowingly arrived nearby the lake .


The lake exploded and a horned giant python rushed into the sky while letting out a horrific shriek .

The horned python wasn’t large in size and the length was roughly over a hundred feet long . It had a thickness of ten feet and terrifying demonic qi that was far beyond the Venomous Swamp Python .

The five retreated quickly while Liang Tianyu exclaimed, “Class 5 high-tier mutated demonic beast, Horned Cold Python!”

Class 5 high-tier mutated demonic beasts were far superior to class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts . Even three or four class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts would have to escape if they encountered a single class 5 high-tier mutated demonic beast .

When the Horned Cold Python saw that its herbs were almost completely harvested, it was enraged . With a fling of the head, it shot out an extremely cold breath .

Crack Creak!

As the extremely cold breath shifted, the surface of the ground instantly froze while countless ice pillars rose up .

The five retreated again . But it was a pity that no matter how fast they retreated they weren’t as fast as the extremely cold breath .

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Li Fuchen drew his sword and severed dozens of ice pillars . The severe blazing sword qi clashed with the extremely cold breath and caused multiple explosions .

Zhao Han brandished his arms and congealed a layer of icy cold qi wall to block the cold breath .

Liang Tianyu executed countless rod shadows to block frantically .

An Xinmei and Du Qing coordinated with their sword and saber moves .

A single attack from the class 5 high-tier mutated demonic beast had caused the five to suffer a huge pressure, causing their hearts to sink .

“My qi cultivation level is still too low . ”

The Ardent Sun Divine Palm had the best effect against the cold breath .

It was a pity that Li Fuchen was only at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm . If he was at the 3rd or 4th level of Reincarnation Realm, a single palm strike would be enough to destroy the cold breath .

The Horned Cold Python was exceptionally aggressive . After spitting out the cold breath, its tail which was dozens of feet long would suddenly grow longer . It was like a divine whip lashed at the five viciously .

Li Fuchen’s awareness was astounding and he was totally able to dodge the attack, but he wanted to test the attack power of the Horned Cold Python . He then slashed at the Horned Cold Python’s tail .


As though slashing an indestructible metal, Li Fuchen’s had executed an all-out attack but was startled when he couldn’t break the defense .

In this slash, Li Fuchen had already poured in his ardent sun qi, his blazing fire power, and his dragon elephant power . He had only left the core blazing fire power that he didn’t utilize yet, but it was already an attack power at his extremity .

As the tail scraped across the Scarlet Blood Sword, there was an imposing force wind .

Bang Bang…

An Xinmei and Du Qing were sent flying while vomiting fresh blood .

The strength of the Horned Cold Python’s tail might have been reduced due to Li Fuchen’s attack, the residual force still wasn’t something An Xinmei and Du Qing could withstand .

Without Li Fuchen, An Xinmei and Du Qing would already become corpses .

The tail’s residual force still didn’t subside and continued to sweep at Zhao Han with the momentum .

Zhao Han’s strength wasn’t inferior to Li Fuchen . With a single palm strike, he had blocked the Horned Cold Python’s tail .

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Crack Creak!

When the tail attack was over, the Horned Cold Python shot out another extremely cold breath .


Countless ice pillars were rising into the sky . Liang Tianyu was in a flurry had been struck by a few of the ice pillars, causing his body to have a layer of frost .

“The three of you stay back . Leave this to us . ” Li Fuchen stopped the trio who wanted to counterattack .

The Horned Cold Python was too powerful . If the Reincarnation Realm had 12 levels, the Horned Cold Python would be equivalent to a regular 11th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist . The trio wouldn’t be able to offer any assistance and would only be a burden .

But Li Fuchen had to admit that Zhao Han was very formidable and was worthy to be the no . 5 individual on the Power Rankings .

As the icy cold power burst out from the body, the palm presence was enhanced and after clashing a few times with the Horned Cold Python, he wasn’t losing out at all .

It was a pity that the Horned Cold Python’s defenses were too powerful and its stamina was definitely above Zhao Han and Li Fuchen . If the duo wasn’t able to damage the Horned Cold Python, they would be at the disadvantage if this battle dragged on .

“It must have a weakness . ”

Using his exceptional awareness, Li Fuchen would always be able to make the Horned Cold Python stagger with the optimal attack point . Li Fuchen was constantly scanning with his awareness and looking for the python’s weakness .

Every living being had a weakness or also the chink in the armor .

It was impossible for the Horned Cold Python not to have a weakness . There must be a place where the defense was much weaker .

Like the eyes and the abdomen .

It was a pity that these places were all well protected by the Horned Cold Python . Li Fuchen wanted to search for a weak spot that was easy to attack .

“I found it . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up .

Every time the Horned Cold Python spat out the extremely cold breath, the ribs area would swell out . If Li Fuchen didn’t guess it wrongly, that place should be the lungs of the Horned Cold Python .

Exchanging a glance with Zhao Hao, Li Fuchen indicated for Zhao Han to stall the Horned Cold Python .

Zhao Hao disliked Li Fuchen at the beginning, but when facing a great enemy, he knew what had to be done .

“Icebound Thousand Miles . ”

Bursting out with the core icy cold power, Zhao Hao executed dual palm strikes with the earth class mid-tier martial art, Ice Soul Divine Palm’s finishing move . Everything within a 100 feet at the front was like a patch of icy cold hell . Even though the Horned Cold Python was an ice-attribute mutated demonic beast, it was also restrained for a moment and had some delay in its movement .

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With the union of man and sword, Li Fuchen thrust with his sword and burst out with his core blazing fire power .


This sword thrust was Li Fuchen’s limit . The sharp Scarlet Blood Sword stabbed into the Horned Cold Python’s lungs without resistance and when the sword qi exploded, it blasted open a large wound .


The Horned Cold Python shrieked and tumbled with its distorted body with shocking force .

Li Fuchen didn’t want to be in a tangle as he withdrew his Scarlet Blood Sword and rapidly retreated at the perfect timing .

“Junior Fuchen’s combat skills are truly heaven-defying!”

This was An Xinmei’s first time witnessing Li Fuchen’s combat skills and she was utterly shocked .

Previously, Li Fuchen was able to defeat Shao Kang because his strength was stronger .

But the Horned Cold Python’s overall strength was obviously above Zhao Han and Li Fuchen . It truly wasn’t easy to injure the Horned Cold Python .

Crack Creak!

The Horned Cold Python which suffered injuries started to condense its extremely cold demonic qi . The scales had an additional layer of frost that were a few inches thick . It was like a frost armor that covered the python, making its size much bigger .

Due to the severely damaged lungs, it wasn’t able to shoot cold breaths anymore . It could only use its bloodline talents to congeal ice spears to attack Li Fuchen and Zhao Han .

In a blink of the eye, it looked as though the valley had this rain of ice spears . There were banging sounds that constantly echoed and the surface of the ground had already been turned into a hornet’s nest .


Making use of an opportunity, Li Fuchen thrust at the weak spot of the Horned Cold Python again .

But when the frost armor’s protection, Li Fuchen Scarlet Blood Sword could only stab half a foot inside and couldn’t truly injure the python .

The Horned Cold Python reacted quickly and with lightning speed, it lunged and bit at Li Fuchen .

How could Li Fuchen allow himself to be bitten? Clenching his left fist, he blasted his fist on the python’s head and flew backward using the impact .

“Li Fuchen, create an opportunity for me . ”

Zhao Han felt that he had used up a lot of his icy cold power and didn’t want to continue dragging on .

“Alright . ”

Li Fuchen wished to witness the limits of Zhao Han’s strength too .

Circling the Horned Cold Python, Li Fuchen launched thousands of sword lights from a distance .

Li Fuchen might only be able to execute regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm attacks from a distance, but his attacks were superior in concentration . When assaulted by thousands of sword lights, the Horned Cold Python didn’t have the time to pay attention to Zhao Han .

“Break open!”

It was unknown why Zhao Han had suddenly appeared beside the Horned Cold Python . His right hand was straight like a blade and with the support of the extremely cold qi and the icy cold power, he slashed with his palm blade .


The frost armor that enveloped the Horned Cold Python had been broken . Zhao Han then sliced at the original wound with his palm blade and immediately allowed the pure and boundless icy cold power to surge out .

This icy cold power was too powerful . With Li Fuchen’s estimation, Zhao Han wasn’t too far off from developing his icy cold divine ability . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to break open the Horned Cold Python’s defenses so easily .

For a moment, the Horned Cold Python’s movements were sluggish .

It might be an ice-attribute demonic beast and had extremely tough immunity towards icy cold attacks . But it wasn’t entirely immune as the inner parts of the wound had frozen blood and it extended deeper inside,

Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up as he instantly approached the Horned Cold Python . With a shake of his Scarlet Blood Sword, Li Fuchen stabbed and blinded the python’s eyes .

After suffering from multiple serious injuries, the Horned Cold Python went insane and tumbled . It thrashed its tail randomly and as Zhao Han didn’t detect it in time, he was lashed and sent flying with minor injuries .

Li Fuchen and Zhao Han weren’t in a hurry as they slowly wore out the Horned Cold Python while attacking and retreating in relation to the python’s offense .

This struggle lasted for nearly one hour .

Li Fuchen and Zhao Han executed another assault and severely injured the Horned Cold Python .

This time, the Horned Cold Python wasn’t as insane as before . Mainly due to the severe injuries and its huge loss of stamina, using its intuition, the Horned Cold Python scuttled into the lake and planned to escape .

Zhao Han and Li Fuchen didn’t give chase .

They had used up both their icy cold power and blazing fire power . If they wanted to slay the Horned Cold Python, they might end up with more loss than profit . After all, killing the Horned Cold Python would only result in class 5 high-tier mutated demon core which was valued at two or three thousand low-grade spirit stones . It wasn’t worth it to risk their lives .

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