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Chapter 413

The herbs that were close by to the lake were all destroyed . The five searched the vicinity and when they noticed there was nothing else, they departed from the valley .

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Outside of the valley, there was a huge gathering of demonic beasts but most of them were demonic beasts of lower classes . This area rarely appeared with class 5 demonic beasts .

After disposing of a few class 5 demonic beasts, the five of them left this area without any danger .

“We have great luck this time . We have obtained over 100,000 low-grade spirit stones without any trouble . If we are to slowly sell these herbs away, it is entirely possible to obtain 200,000 low-grade spirit stones . ” An Xinmei6meiyoung or little sister was very excited .

Her An Clan was also a major clan and was at least the top ten in the South Forest Region .

But every year, she would only be allocated with a few thousand low-grade spirit stones . After all, the entire An Clan’s wealth was only a few hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones . Furthermore, the An Clan had over 20 Reincarnation Realm martial artists and all of them required low-grade spirit stones to cultivate and as a purchasing resource .

On this trip to the Violet Star Mountains, she had profited at least 20,000 low-grade spirit stones, possibly 30,000 .

Du Qing said, “Xinmei, why don’t your An Clan arrange the selling of these herbs? You and your An Clan can also get a cut from the transactions . ”

“Let my An Clan make the arrangements?” An Xinmei looked at Zhao Han and Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist .

She wasn’t able to make this decision . The decision-makers were Zhao Han and Li Fuchen as they contributed the most .

Li Fuchen said, “Why don’t we do it like this? After selling the herbs, the An Clan will take 10% of the total profit . Without considering this 10 %, the rest will be distributed among the five of us . Me and Zhao Han will get 30% each, Senior An will get 15%, Liang Tianyu and Du Qing will split the remaining 25% . ”

“That will do . ” Zhao Han nodded .

Since Zhao Han and Li Fuchen had already made the decision, the rest naturally had nothing to say .

After obtaining a huge harvest of rare herbs, the five prepared for the return .

Just as the five of them wanted to leave, a group of people obstructed them .

“They are the inner institute cadets from the Wild Lion Martial Institution . ” An Xinmei shivered .

The Wild Lion Martial Institution’s ranking might not be higher than the South Forest Martial Institution but their difference wasn’t drastic . Furthermore, new talents were always emerging . Apart from the top few martial institutions, the difference between the rest of the martial institutions were rather close and the rankings would regularly change . It was hard to say if a bottom ranking martial institution was to emerge with a group of dominant prodigies .

“Hand over all your harvest and I can let all of you go . ” The leader of the Wild Lion Martial Institution’s inner institute cadet was a stalwart youth that stood close to two meters in high . He had an entire body of muscles that looked like small mountains .

“Just because of you?” Zhao Han’s eyes were cold and indifferent .

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“Naturally because of me . Why? Do you wish to try?” The stalwart youth looked back with disdain .

“Talking big . Receive a palm from me . ”

As the icy cold qi and icy cold power surged out, Zhao Han executed the Ice Soul Divine Palm at the stalwart youth . The temperature of the surrounding had suddenly dropped sharply .

“Just nice . ” The stalwart youth’s long hair fluttered as he sent over a fiery fist .

Huff Huff Huff . The giant fire fist was like a meteor and the fist pressure was astounding . The blazing fire fist intent caused the air to distort .


Zhao Han took three steps back while the stalwart youth took only one step back .


An Xinmei and the others were shocked . Zhao Han was the no . 5 ranker of the Power Rankings and was actually on the losing side . Who exactly was this person?

“What is your rank in the Power Rankings of the Wild Lion Martial Institution?” Zhao Han asked with a grave expression .

The stalwart youth laughed and said, “I am untalented . No . 3 in the Power Rankings . ”

An Xinmei and the others understood after hearing the answer .

No wonder… It turned out to the no . 3 ranker of the Wild Lion Martial Institution’s Power Rankings .

“How about it? Have you considered? I am an impatient person and cannot wait for long . ” The stalwart youth threatened .

Li Fuchen said, “Are you sure you can take us on?”

“So what if I can?” The stalwart youth’s face flashed with sinister intent as he suddenly blasted a fist at Li Fuchen .

It was still a fire fist but in the midst of the travel, the fist turned into a fire lion . The fist intent was more aggressive and the fist pressure was stronger .

Li Fuchen stood still and didn’t make a move immediately .

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When the fire lion was close to him, he suddenly brandished his sword .


The fire lion was split into two and rushed across both sides of Li Fuchen, causing a blazing qi wave .

The radius within three meters was Li Fuchen’s strongest attack range . Within this range, his attack power was stronger than Zhao Han .

“En?” The stalwart youth’s brows raised a little .

He didn’t know that Li Fuchen was the strongest at close combat and assumed that Li Fuchen’s overall strength was above Zhao Han .

After all, Zhao Han had taken three steps back while Li Fuchen remained in place and simply split opened his fist force .

“Two members of the Power Rankings . It seems like I have to reveal my true strength . ” Taking a deep breath, the stalwart youth said, “If you can block my next fist, I will leave immediately . ”

“Just bring it on . ” Li Fuchen laughed bitterly in his heart and silently thought that he would have to reveal one of his trump cards .

“Raging Flame Lion Fist!”

The stalwart youth cultivated the earth class low-tier, Wild Lion Divine Technique, while his martial art was the earth class mid-tier, Raging Flame Lion Fist . Furthermore, he had cultivated his martial art to the perfection stage . Zhao Han’s earth class mid-tier martial art, Ice Soul Divine Palm was only at the sub-perfection stage, hence, he was one stage weaker .

Apart from that, the stalwart youth’s blazing fire power had already reached the limits and was just one step away from activating the blazing fire divine ability .


The entire place felt like it was on fire . When the stalwart youth executed his punch, a raging and flaming male lion leaped across the lands and roared . The shocking fist pressure had caused the surrounding ground to crack and explode .

“Such power!” Zhao Han’s expression changed .

He believed that he wasn’t a match for the stalwart youth .


Without a choice, Li Fuchen activated the Nine Revolution Purple Cloud Divine Technique pattern . The ardent sun qi in his body transmuted into the nine revolution purple qi . Shortly the Scarlet Blood Sword that had three layers of powers slashed on the raging and flaming male lion’s head .


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The flaming lion might be imposing and tyrannical, but how could it possibly withstand the sword slash after Li Fuchen exposed his trump card? It was split from head to tail by Li Fuchen’s slash . In the blink of the eye, the area within 100 meters had fallen into a sea of flames . It was visible how intense and dominant this fist was .

“Good . It seems like I, Tu Qianqiu has made an error in judgment . Let’s go . ”

The stalwart youth took a deep glance at Li Fuchen before turning and leaving .

He wasn’t able to defeat Li Fuchen in a solo fight . With Zhao Han included, it was obvious that they didn’t have any odds of success .

“Is this your true strength?” Zhao Han was rather confused .

He only knew that at the crucial moment, Li Fuchen’s qi strength had suddenly increased .

“It can be considered so . ” Li Fuchen didn’t deny .

“It should be a type of extremely powerful and special, 5-star secret technique . ” Zhao Han guessed .

There was a multitude of 5-star secret techniques . But after reaching the Reincarnation Realm, 5-star secret techniques couldn’t really enhance one’s strength significantly, the best would be enhancing the strength by 20% or so . Only some special and powerful 5-star secret techniques were able to enhance the strength by 40% or even 50% . But in direct relation, the combat time span would be shorter and if the battle was prolonged, there would be side effects .

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen had become impossible to unravel in the eyes of everyone . It felt as though Li Fuchen was concealed in a mist and no one would be able to know his true strength . They simply knew that they must not provoke him .

“In a few more years, Junior Fuchen will probably stand at the top of the inner institute . ” An Xinmei was overwhelmed with emotions and admiration .

Returning back in the same way they arrived, the five finally walked out of the Violet Star Mountains after several days .

Eight days later, the five arrived back at the South Forest City .

“One month later, I will hand over the low-grade spirit stones that everyone is supposed to receive . If you are not at ease, I can ask my An Clan to issue a portion of low-grade spirit stones to everyone first . ” An Xinmei stated .

Du Qing said, “Xinmei, there isn’t a need to be so troublesome . We trust you . ”

With such a huge batch of herbs, An Xinmei and the An Clan wouldn’t dare to engulf it themselves . After all, none of them should be trifled with .

“It is time to increase my qi cultivation . ”

Even without the assistance from elixirs, Li Fuchen was confident that he could break through to the 2nd level of Reincarnation Realm within half a year, but he couldn’t wait that long .

Arriving at the Ever Youth Pavilion, Li Fuchen inquired to the shopkeeper for elixirs that were best for breaking through cultivation levels .

The shopkeeper gave a simple introduction, “The best elixirs for cultivation breakthroughs are the earth class mid-tier, Primary Ascension Elixir . Each elixir cost 3000 low-grade spirit stones . ”

Elixirs for cultivation breakthroughs were always extremely expensive . The earth class mid-tier Vajra Elixir and Body Forging Golden Elixir were only 1000 over low-grade spirit stones each . But the cultivation breakthrough elixirs were triple in price .

“Are there any earth class high-tier elixirs?”

The higher the grade of the elixirs, the lesser the impurities, the lesser the side effects . If the Ardent Sun Divine Technique could breakthrough another rank, it would eliminate the side effects easily .

The Ever Youth Pavilion’s shopkeeper replied, “Young Hero is only at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm . Consuming earth class high-tier elixirs will be a waste . ”

Normally, martial artists at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm would be fine with earth class low-tier elixirs . The side effects might be more significant, but it was much cheaper, costing around 1000 low-grade spirit stones . Li Fuchen was a prodigy and consuming earth class mid-tier elixirs was understandable . But consuming earth class high-tier elixirs were too extravagant .

A single cultivation breakthrough earth class high-tier elixir would cost about 10,000 low-grade spirit stones and it was a sky-high price .

“It doesn’t matter . Spirit stones aren’t a problem . ”

Li Fuchen was willing to spend more spirit stones than to delay his future cultivation .

The shopkeeper shook his head, “Earth class high-tier cultivation breakthrough elixirs are very rare in our shop . That’s right, three days later, the South Forest City will host a large-scale auction . I heard that the auction will have an earth class high-tier, Raging Flame Heart Elixir . It is concocted by one of the violet flower kingdom’s ten great Concoction Grandmasters, Grandmaster Raging Flame . It is very suitable for practitioners of blazing fire cultivation techniques to use for breakthroughs . Young Hero can probably consider auctioning for it . ”

“Raging Flame Heart Elixir uh?” Li Fuchen was quite tempted .

Attribute elixirs might be even more expensive but using compatible attribute elixirs would lower the side effects to the minimum .

“Alright, I will participate in this large-scale auction . ”

After earning a large sum of low-grade spirit stones from the Violet Star Mountains, Li Fuchen had a change of plan . He purchased a few earth class low-tier elixirs that were used for cleansing impurities so that he could eliminate the impurities that were leftover from the consumption of the Vajra Elixir and the Body Forging Golden Elixir .

Three days later, the South Forest City was bustling with liveliness .

The large-scale auction wasn’t hosted every year . Sometimes, it would only be hosted once every two to three years . At times, it would be hosted every three to five years . Every time, it would attract countless Reincarnation Realm martial artists to attend .

The auction’s location was at the East Star Auction Hall of the South Forest City’s eastern city . Early in the morning, the East Star Auction Hall already had a vast crowd . There were hundreds of Reincarnation Realm martial artists that paid the spirit stones and were led by attendants into the East Star Auction Hall .

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