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Chapter 410

As one of the three major mountain ranges of the Violet Flower Kingdom, the Violet Star Mountains stretched around close to a hundred cities .

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The closest city to the South Forest Martial Institution was a city called Dried Wood City .

On this day, a group of five rode their class 4 Unicorn Wildebeests and entered Dried Wood City .

After placing the Unicorn Wildebeests by an inn, the five traveled nonstop towards the Violet Star Mountains .

When they traveled across close to a thousand miles2, the five had finally arrived at the Violet Star Mountains .

Due to the special environment of the Violet Star Mountains, the soil, rocks, and even plants were slightly purple in color, making the entire place rather abstruse .

“The outer region of the Violet Star Mountains rarely has class 6 demonic beasts, but everyone still has to be careful . ” An Xinmei6 took a deep breath and said .

Du Qing smiled, “With Senior Zhao around, even if a class 5 mutated demonic beast appears, we will still be able to fight it . ”

Class 5 mutated demonic beasts were far superior to the class 5 demonic beasts . Even regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm martial artists would be instantly killed by class 5 mutated demonic beasts .

Unknowingly, the five entered the depths of the Violet Star Mountains’ outer region .

Along the way, class 5 demonic beasts constantly launched sneak attacks on them .

It was a pity that even the weakest among the five, Du Qing and An Xinmei were able to fight against class 5 high-tier demonic beasts . Regular class 5 low-tier demonic beasts would be instantly slaughtered before they could even get near . Only the class 5 mid-tier demonic beasts who had thicker flesh were able to resist more attacks, but if the duo worked together, they still couldn’t escape the fate of instant death .


When passing through a marsh, a giant python that was close to 1000 feet long had emerged . The chilly demonic qi was like a whirlwind that swept out in all directions, it was also accompanied by a bright water pillar that was several meters in radius .

“Be careful . ” An Xinmei dodged to the side .

Li Fuchen12 and others quickly evaded too .


The ground shook as a bright and unstoppable water pillar forcefully punctured a hole in the ground that was a few meters in radius, leaving behind a huge cavity of darkness .

If this water pillar hit someone, even Zhao Han would have fallen .

Everyone concentrated their eyes on the giant python .

“It is the class 5 peak-tier Venomous Swamp Python . Du Qing said while having a lingering fear in his heart .

Class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts were actually considered as class 5 high-tier demonic beasts too, but they were the pinnacle existence of class 5 demonic beasts . They were capable enough to kill regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm martial artists .

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“You humans shall become my food!” The Venomous Swamp Python spoke with human language and was extremely sinister .

Demonic beasts might be prey for humans, but it was the same in reverse .

The Violet Star Mountains’ vicinity had close to 100 cities . Countless martial artists would venture into the Violet Star Mountains on a daily basis . Those with strength and luck wouldn’t just survive and return to their cities, they would also profit greatly . But there were plenty of people who fell in the mountains and turned into food for the demonic beasts .

“Do you think you are capable enough? Die!”

Liang Tianyu sneered with disdain and swung his bronze rod at the Venomous Swamp Python with ferocity .


A rod shadow that was a few hundred feet long assaulted the Venomous Swamp Python head, causing a burst of metallic sounds .

The Venomous Swamp Python shook its head a little and was undamaged .

“What?” Liang Tianyu’s eyes shrank .

Last year, he had already activated the nimble wind power and he wasn’t any inferior to Shao Kang and was actually comparable to regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist .

“My full-powered attack couldn’t even break the skin of the Venomous Swamp Python . Isn’t this python’s defenses too tough?!” Liang Tianyu thought in his mind .

Zhao Han said indifferently, “Demonic beasts have innately tough defenses . When the strength level is roughly the same, a few martial artists would be required to defeat a demonic beast . Your metal rod is considered a blunt weapon, it is normal that you cannot harm the Venomous Swamp Python . ”

Li Fuchen nodded . Unless one was one level stronger than the demonic beast, it was extremely hard to hunt and kill the demonic beast .

“It is rare for all of you to have the chance to combat against class 5 demonic beasts . Use this Venomous Swamp Python as a practice! I shall not be making a move . ” Zhao Han took a step back and stood with his hands behind his back .

“Alright, if we work together, taking it down shouldn’t be a problem . ”

An Xinmei’s weapon was a slender saber while Du Qing’s weapons was a sword . When the saber and sword moved in coordination, the Venomous Swamp Python’s body was left with some wounds .

“Are you not making a move?” Zhao Han looked at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen replied, “If I make a move, it would become meaningless . ”

“Is that so?” Zhao Han sneered and didn’t say anything else .

“Damned humans, you’ve made me feel pain!”

The Venomous Swamp Python had a massive body and no matter how it evaded it was unable to dodge the trio’s attacks .

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The python raised its enraged head and shot a bright water pillar at Liang Tianyu .

Liang Tianyu wasn’t able to blast open the Venomous Swamp Python’s defenses, but he was confident in resisting the attack of the Venomous Swamp Python .

“Split open!”

Wielding the bronze rod with both hands, Liang Tianyu swung his rod at the water pillar .


Liang Tianyu’s entire body was sent flying and the venomous water current sprayed on his qi protection . There was a sizzling sound and black smoke .

“Golden Wind Drizzle!”

“Origin Return Sword!”

Seeing that Liang Tianyu had drawn the Venomous Swamp Python’s attention, An Xinmei skimmed behind the python’s head and brandished her saber . In a flash, the slender saber shadow sliced opened the python’s scales and was one foot deep . Du Qing reacted quickly and stabbed his sword at the wound, there was a flash of white light as the wound expanded by a few times and was reached in deeper by over ten feet .

The duo’s coordinated attack had dealt a severe injury to the Swamp Venomous Python .

“Ahh, damn it . You actually dare to hurt me!”

The python went berserk and shrunk its body until it was just a few tens of feet tall . But the demonic qi didn’t decrease and had increased instead . It produced a giant spiral that sucked An Xinmei and Du Qing inside .

“Are you still not going to make a move?”

Liang Tianyu glared at Li Fuchen and rapidly flew in front . He swung his rod at the spiral-shaped demonic qi and wanted to split open the demonic qi .

But the demonic qi was too powerful, Liang Tianyu had split open layers after layers and wasn’t able to split it open in a single attack .

Li Fuchen shook his head . The trip had too little experience with demonic beasts combat, thus, this battle was actually training for them . Li Fuchen wanted to make a move later, but it looked like his plan was thwarted .

Li Fuchen soared into the sky as he rapidly approached the spiral-shaped demonic qi and blasted a fist at it .

The elephant’s trumpet and the tiger’s growl echoed at the same time . A giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit emerged, with the fist force from the Tiger Soul Fist, the spiral-shaped demonic qi stagnated for a moment before scattering .

Liang Tianyu’s rod shadow finally penetrated the demonic qi and blasted on the python’s body and sent it flying over a few tens of meters away .

It was fortunate that the python had shrunk in size, otherwise, this rod attack would only make it waver for a little .

“All of you are going to die!”

The Venomous Swamp Python continued to burst out with demonic qi and the demonic qi obviously contained extreme venom . Once the demonic qi made contact with their qi protection, sizzling sounds corrosion could be heard . If there was prolonged contact, their qi protection would be entirely corroded .

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Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle…

At this same moment, the python spat out bright water pillars . As compared to the previous water pillars, the bright water pillars that were shot out now were only as thick as two fingers . The power was slightly weaker but it was harder to defend and it was much faster .

Li Fuchen didn’t have the intention to waste any time . He drew his Scarlet Blood Sword and with a flash, he appeared beside the python . There was a burst of green sword light that was like a ray of radiant sunlight .


The Venomous Swamp Python’s head flew and there was a pillar of blood .

In terms of qi cultivation strength, with the utilization of Li Fuchen’s sword art, he was already a regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm . Furthermore, this was before he activated his blazing fire power .

But in close combat, the power of Li Fuchen’s sword art had exceeded the regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm .

With the support of the dragon elephant power, this sword power had enhanced the Green Sun Sword Intent by at least two times .

“Instant kill with a single sword move?” Du Qing gasped for cold air .

Liang Tianyu’s expression wasn’t pleasant either as he realized that he had underestimated Li Fuchen .

Only An Xinmei kept her cool . Since Li Fuchen was able to defeat Shao Kang without using his sword, it was obvious that he would be stronger with his sword .

“No wonder he can be this arrogant . ” Zhao Han’s squinted his eyes .

He believed that his all-out attack would only achieve this result too . But Li Fuchen was only able to execute this absolute sword attack in close combat, while he was able to execute such strength even in a long-distance attack .

Once the Venomous Swamp Python perished, its body instantly enlarged and the near 1000 feet body continued snaking out for a long time .

Extending out his awareness, Li Fuchen started to scan the python’s body .

“Mm, demon core?” Li Fuchen’s face flashed with delight .


With a single sword, Li Fuchen drew across the python’s body and extracted a fist-sized demon core that had bright colors .

Class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts’ demon cores were worth 700 or 800 low-grade spirit stones, and it was already a generous amount .

But everyone had already agreed that all rewards would be distributed according to work . Li Fuchen might have done most of the work, but An Xinmei, Liang Tianyu, and Du Qing had done work too . Hence, he could only have half the share of the 700 or 800 low-grade spirit stones .

“Class 5 peak-tier demon core . Our luck is really good!” An Xinmei revealed a smile .

Along the way, they had already obtained plenty of demon cores, but they didn’t obtain a single class 5 high-tier demon core yet, let alone class 5 peak-tier demon core .

After retrieving the demon core, Li Fuchen started to extract the Venomous Swamp Python essence blood .

When they killed the class 5 demonic beasts earlier, Li Fuchen would extract all their essence blood . After adding everything, he had already extracted close to 200 drops .

The Violet Star Mountains had indescribable danger . For the next few days of explorations, the five had witnessed plenty of human skeletons . Some had been gnawed on by demonic beasts, some seemed to have died due to other humans as their bones had marks of saber and sword slashes . But most of them were mostly consumed by demonic beasts as demonic beasts never swallow a human entirely and would crush down with their jaws once or twice .

“There is a sneak attack . ”

When passing through a small valley, Li Fuchen was alerted and had informed the other four .

Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish…

Sharp air-piercing sounds echoed one after the other as long spears that were filled with power were shot at the five with lightning speed .


Li Fuchen wielded his sword and severed five long spears .

An Xinmei’s saber flashed and had also split open three spears .

The most incredible person was Zhao Han . He had only struck out a single palm strike and used the powerful chilling qi to freeze seven spears .

The five looked up and saw there were 20 over spear wielders standing on both sides of the valley . Every single one of them didn’t have friendly expressions .

“I am afraid we have encountered a dark hunter group . ” An Xinmei spoke with a soft voice .

Dark hunter groups hunted demonic beasts and also humans . They were generally active in large-scale mountains . The Violet Star Mountains was one of the three major mountain ranges of the Violet Flower Kingdom, even if there weren’t a hundred dark hunter groups, there would be at least eighty . One of the larger dark hunter groups had a hundred members and was enough to bring terror to people just by their news .

Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish…

The long spears rained down again, this time, the numbers were twice as many . It seemed like everyone had shot out two spears .

Soaring into the sky, Li Fuchen brandished his sword and shot out with thousands of sword lights .


The cliffs collapsed while shards of rocks flew in all directions . Li Fuchen sword slash didn’t just destroy half the spears, he had also killed three of the dark hunters .

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