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Chapter 409

Everyone was stunned . It was just like watching a myth .

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Li Fuchen12 had just entered the inner institute for a few months and was already able to injure Shao Kang with a single punch . Did he have to be so aggressive?

Even the influential people on the Power Rankings might not be able to do it when they just entered the inner institute .

“Damn it, how did he do it?” Liu Kui was despondent .

He realized that he didn’t have any confidence to contest against Li Fuchen . How was he going to fight with him over An Xinmei6 in the future?

“This is what they call a true heavenly prodigy . ” An Xinmei thought silently .

“Bastard, bastard!”

Shao Kang’s body surged with layers of heavy and dull yellow colored power . With the support of this dull yellow power, Shao Kang’s qi presence grew rapidly like a mountain emerging from the ground, making it rather terrifying .

“Thick earth power!”

Li Fuchen squinted his eyes . It was obvious Shao Kang possessed the thick earth bone frame and had activated the thick earth power .

But he didn’t seem to have plenty of thick earth power . Otherwise, he would have used it earlier and not wait until now .

“You are the first person to force out my thick earth power . You shall have a good taste of it . ”

Shao Kang had just activated the thick earth power a few months ago . Originally, he didn’t have the intention to expose the thick earth power . After all, apart from the inner institute cadets in the power rankings, no one could force him to use the thick earth power .

Furthermore, his thick earth power was very scarce and his foundation was still shallow . A single battle would probably use up all of his thick earth power and if he wanted to replenish it, he would require a long time .

But when facing Li Fuchen now, he had no choice but to use the thick earth power .

“Senior Shao actually activated the thick earth power . It seems like the situation is about to reverse . ”

“The thick earth bone frame is just an extraordinary bone frame . Generally, one would only be able to activate the thick earth power at high-levels of Reincarnation Realm . Only the seniors in the Power Rankings are able to activate the extraordinary power at the mid-levels of Reincarnation Realm . Even during the low-levels of Reincarnation Realm, they were only able to activate a little bit of the power . ”

“After activation of the thick earth power, Senior Shao’s strength would increase significantly . I wonder how will Li Fuchen deal with him?”

There were plenty of twists and turns in this battle and everyone was very excited .

“Shao Kang is so strong? It is good . Teach that Li Fuchen a harsh lesson for me . ” Liu Kui clenched his fist tightly .

“Li Fuchen, you shall be defeated!”

With the enhancement of the thick earth power, Shao Kang rushed out like a rocket and thrust at Li Fuchen .

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This thrust contained too many different power, there was qi, extraordinary qi power, thick earth power . When the spear thrust out, everyone felt that a mountain peak was rushing over and it was extremely imposing .

“Shao Kang, I shall let you witness my true strength!”

Li Fuchen didn’t use the Tiger Soul Fist anymore . He opened up his palm and the extreme ardent sun gathered in his palm .

“Ardent Sun Divine Palm!” Li Fuchen slammed his palm at Shao Kang .

This palm strike contained two powers, the ardent sun qi, and the dragon elephant power .

As for the blazing fire power, Li Fuchen didn’t need to use it .

Would you slaughter a chicken with a blade meant to slaughter a bull?


The air distorted as Li Fuchen’s palm clashed with the silver spear .

Shao Kang’s all-out attack had been forcefully stopped by this palm and the spear couldn’t advance any further .

The palm contained the ardent sun qi and the dragon elephant power, the dragon elephant power was indestructible and had amplified Li Fuchen’s palm strength drastically .


The ground shook as Shao Kang’s silver spear was disarmed and had flown away . As for Shao Kang himself, he was sent flying by Li Fuchen’s palm strike and he vomited a huge mouthful of fresh blood .

If Shao Kang had attacked Li Fuchen through a distance, Li Fuchen might not be able to do anything to Shao Kang for a short period of time .

After all, the Ardent Sun Divine Palm could only be enhanced by the ardent sun qi, while the dragon elephant power wasn’t able to blend in .

During close combat, the two powers were able to stack together for a short instant . Even if there was interference with one another, it didn’t really matter .

“What? After activating the thick earth power, Senior Shao is still not a match for Li Fuchen?”

“This Li Fuchen, he probably has the strength to enter the Power Rankings . ”

“That is true . Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation is also very powerful . With the qi and body dual cultivation, Senior Shao is entirely outclassed!”

The spectators were utterly convinced by Li Fuchen and were all overwhelmed .

“Damn it . ” Liu Kui glanced at Li Fuchen with unresigned eyes before he turned and left .

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He wasn’t a match for the current Li Fuchen, but that might not be the case in the future .

“Congratulations, Junior Fuchen . ” An Xinmei smiled and walked over .

Li Fuchen didn’t mind and said, “It is just a small matter . It isn’t worth congratulating . ”

Shao Kang might be formidable, but he wasn’t able to push Li Fuchen to the limits .

An Xinmei was startled as she thought in her heart: Could he still have strength he didn’t reveal yet?! Isn’t that too terrifying?

After defeating Shao Kang, Li Fuchen didn’t reserve himself and snatched Shao Kang’s courtyard key before tossing his own key to Shao Kang .

Shao Kang’s courtyard was in the inner region and was closer to the center . The heaven and earth qi inside was extremely concentrated, it was at least 20% more concentrated as Li Fuchen’s courtyard .

The concentration of qi might be 20% more, it didn’t mean the cultivation speed would increase by 20%, but even a 10% increase in speed was also good .

For a year’s worth of cultivation, a 10% increased speed would save over a month of hard work .

After shifting into Shao Kang’s courtyard, Li Fuchen took a deep breath . The tumbling qi was like a tidal wave that surged into Li Fuchen’s body before getting expelled .

“If I cultivate here, my cultivation speed should be much faster . ” Li Fuchen revealed a smile .

Heaven and earth qi and the spirit stone qi couldn’t be compared .

Generally speaking, no matter how concentrated heaven and earth qi was, it would never be as concentrated as the spirit stone qi and it would never be as pure as spirit stone qi .

But spirit stone qi could only be absorbed during cultivation, while heaven and earth qi existed everywhere and it would constantly nourish the martial artist’s body .

Without spirit stones, cultivation speed would decrease greatly .

Without heaven and earth qi, cultivation speed would also decline sharply .

For the next few days, the entire inner institute was disseminated with Li Fuchen’s achievement . Even the upper echelons of the inner institute had gotten to know this information .

“This child is truly intensive . It seems like in another year or so, my South Forest Martial Institution will be able to advance in rankings . ” The dean revealed a smile .

There was still one and a half years before the 24 martial institutions’ ranking tournament . If Li Fuchen was able to increase his qi cultivation by one more level during this period of time, he would surely be able to become an influential figure in the Power Rankings .

A sensation would always quieten down after a period of time . Half a month later, the incident where Li Fuchen defeated Shao Kang wasn’t discussed as frequently anymore .

On this day, An Xinmei visited .

“Junior Fuchen, I have formed a team recently and we are planning to explore the Violet Star Mountains . I wonder if you are interested?” An Xinmei went straight to the topic .

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“Violet Star Mountains?” Li Fuchen’s eyes flickered .

The Violet Star Mountains was one of the Violet Flower Kingdom’s three major mountains . It stretched over 200,000 miles2 .

There were plenty of class 5 demonic beasts inside and there were also class 6 demonic beasts .

It might be exceptionally dangerous, but to Reincarnation Realm martial artists, it was a huge temptation .

When a demonic beast evolved to class 5, the probability of the formation of the demon core was more than 10 times . Someone had done a rough estimation and found out that in every five class 5 demonic beasts, one of them would have a demon core in the body .

A single class 5 low-tier demon core would be worth at least 100 low-grade spirit stones .

Class 5 mid-tier demon cores were worth 200 low-grade spirit stones .

Class 5 high-tier demon cores were worth 400 low-grade spirit stones .

If one encountered a mutated class 5 demonic beast, it would be a huge profit . A class 5 low-tier mutated demon core’s price would be five times more and was worth 500 low-grade spirit stones . A class 5 mutated demon core would be at least 1000 low-grade spirit stones .

If one was formidable enough and lucky enough, a single trip the Violet Star Mountains could easily fetch a few thousand low-grade spirit stones .

Apart from that, the Violet Star Mountains rarely had signs of human habitation . There were countless medicinal herbs and nature’s treasures . There were times when harvesting medicinal herbs were even more profitable than hunting class 5 demonic beasts .

“Where are the members?” Li Fuchen enquired .

An Xinmei said, “Apart from you, there the three individuals including me . The strongest in our group is Senior Zhao Han, he is no . 5 on the Power Rankings . ”

“No . 5 of the Power Rankings, Zhao Han?”

Zhao Han was at the 5th level of Reincarnation Realm and had already activated the icy cold power . His was extremely formidable and Shao Kang was far inferior .

After some consideration, Li Fuchen nodded .

He might have over 60 thousand low-grade spirit stones, but if he wanted to return to the East Unicorn Continent, without at least 200 thousand low-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen didn’t even have to think about it . A trip to the Violet Star Mountains to earn low-grade spirit stones was undoubtedly a shortcut .

“Great, I will try to see if I can invite another one or two members . ” An Xinmei revealed a delighted expression .

Li Fuchen’s strength could be considered the Power Rankings level . With the addition of Li Fuchen, the team’s overall strength would be much stronger .

“When do we gather?” Li Fuchen asked again .

“Three days later!” An Xinmei replied .

“Alright . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

Three days passed in an instant .

On a spacious land outside the courtyards complex, three figures were standing there .

A short moment later, Li Fuchen walked over .

Taking a glance,  Li Fuchen noticed that the trio were all at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm . It was obvious that Zhao Han wasn’t amongst them .

“Junior Fuchen, let me introduce you . This is class 5’s Liang Tianyu, this is class 7’s Du Qing . Liang Tianyu, Du Qing, this is Junior Li Fuchen . ” An Xinmei introduced the members passionately .

“It is an honor to meet you at last . ” Liang Tianyu nodded and had a rather indifferent expression .

Du Qing smiled but his eyes carried a trace of curiosity .

Li Fuchen was only at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm and could already defeat Shao Kang . It was inevitable that people would be curious about him .

Of course, Du Qing knew clearly that Li Fuchen’s body refinement was obviously stronger than his qi cultivation . Hence, he must not categorize Li Fuchen as a qi cultivator but a body refinement cultivator .

After around 15 minutes, Zhao Han had finally arrived .

He had an icy cold qi presence and made it hard for people to approach him . His looks was still considered handsome .

“Senior Zhao!”

Not even Liang Tianyu dared to treat Zhao Han indifferently and had forced a smile .

This trip into the Violet Star Mountains was filled with danger . They had to rely on Zhao Han in order to leave the place safely .

After all, Zhao Han was ranked no . 5 on the Power Rankings and had also cultivated an earth class mid-tier martial art .

Out of the four, only Li Fuchen didn’t greet Zhao Han as he didn’t have the habit of doing so .

If Zhao Han had greeted him, he wouldn’t mind greeting Zhao Han as a senior .

Zhao Han glanced at Li Fuchen while his eyes flashed with a trace of cold intent before he said to An Xinmei, “Since everyone is here, let’s depart!”

“Sure . ” An Xinmei nodded .

Just like that, the group of five left the inner institute . They arrived at the outer institute and departed from the outer institute . They rode class 4 Unicorn Wildebeests and headed in the direction of the Violet Star Mountains .

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