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Chapter 408

The Vajra Elixir cost 1000 low-grade spirit stones and the Body Forging Golden Elixir cost 1200 low-grade spirit stones .

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If it was some other Reincarnation Realm body refinement martial artist, how could they afford such cost?

After all, being a body refinement martial artist would already use up a lot of resources . Every trace of qi power in their body were mostly accumulated with wealth .

On the Seven Color Continent, body refinement martial artists were definitely the poorest among everyone .

Of course, even those body refinement martial artists who had strong backgrounds weren’t excluded too .

“Give me one Vajra Elixir and one Body Forging Golden Elixir . ”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist reckoned that two earth class mid-tier elixirs should be able to split his 3000 strands of dragon elephant power into 6000 strands .

With 6000 strands of dragon elephant power, he would be able to push his body refinement level to the 5th level of Reincarnation Realm .

After paying 2200 low-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen left the Ever Youth Pavilion and checked into a superior inn .

The Vajra Elixir was like an elixir that was forged with the vajra . It was extremely tough and had a dazzling golden light .

If the body refinement martial artist wasn’t at the Reincarnation Realm, it would be difficult to refine the Vajra Elixir .

Once the Vajra Elixir entered the body, Li Fuchen activated his qi power and the dragon elephant power to refine the Vajra Elixir .

Gradually, the outer layer of the Vajra Elixir was dissolved and there was a liquid that looked like molten iron . It was boiling with valiant body refinement energy .

3500 strands, 4000 strands, 4800 strands .

After spending one day, Li Fuchen had refined the Vajra Elixir completely . At the same time, the dragon elephant power in his body had increased from 3000 strands to 4800 strands .

Li Fuchen took out the Body Forging Golden Elixir and consumed it before continuing the refinement .

The toughness of the Body Forging Golden Elixir was superior to the Vajra Elixir . It was the same as swallowing a mystic class metal .

5000 strands, 5500 strands, 6200 strands .

The Body Forging Golden Elixir had a much stronger effect than the Vajra Elixir . But for the dragon elephant power, the speed of increase would be slower as it increased and would require even more resources . As such, the Body Forging Golden Elixir was only able to increase Li Fuchen’s dragon elephant power by 1400 strands, making it look inferior to the Vajra Elixir .

But Li Fuchen could sense that every time a new strand of dragon elephant power was produced, the rest of the dragon elephant power would be enhanced . The enhancement might be faint, but it was better than nothing .

When at the later ranks, a single strand of dragon elephant power might have the power of two strands of dragon elephant power in the past .

Li Fuchen opened his eyes and his pupils had turned pale golden, making it rather intimidating . After some time, the pale golden color had gradually receded .

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After using his awareness to scan his body, Li Fuchen thought to himself: My dragon elephant power has doubled, but there are more elixir impurities too .

All elixirs contained impurities and when accumulated in the body, it would affect the cultivation .

To deal with the impurities in the body, Li Fuchen had two choices, he could use the dragon elephant power to slowly refine the impurities .

The second method would be to consume a special elixir that could cleanse the impurities .

The former method was slow, but it was superior at stabilizing the foundation .

The latter method was fast, but special elixirs had impurities too, although lesser, it was still significant after the long term .

“There isn’t a need to hurry for now . I do not have to waste the low-grade spirit stones to purchase the special elixirs .

After some considerations, Li Fuchen decided to do things steadily and surely .

Of course, most importantly, special elixirs for cleansing impurities weren’t cheap . With his current body refinement level, mystic class peak-tier special elixirs weren’t effective . A single earth class low-tier special elixir would cost a few hundred low-grade spirit stones and Li Fuchen wasn’t qualified to be so extravagant .

After returning to the South Forest Martial Institution, Li Fuchen continued his seclusion .

Next, his target was to cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent and the Ardent Sun Divine Palm to the perfection stage .

Time elapsed quickly and one week later, Li Fuchen’s Ardent Sun Divine Palm had reached the perfection stage .

One month later, the Green Sun Sword Intent had also reached the perfection stage .

The Ardent Sun Divine Palm had strength that was slightly superior to earth class low-tier martial arts at the trance stage . The Green Sun Sword Intent’s power was far beyond the Ardent Sun Divine Palm . A single sword slash would produced thousands of sword lights and it was extremely formidable .

“Junior Fuchen, you have came out just in time . Senior Shao is asking for you to visit him . ”

On this day, just as Li Fuchen exited the courtyard, an inner institute cadet walked over and spoke loudly .

Shao Kang?

Li Fuchen’s expression turned cold, “Not free . ”

“Junior Fuchen, you better accept it or things will only get worse . No one is able to refuse Senior Shao’s kind intentions . ” This inner institute cadet was threatening Li Fuchen .

“Get lost . ” Li Fuchen chided .

It was already good enough that Li Fuchen didn’t provoke anyone . But if someone provoked him, he didn’t care who that person was, he wouldn’t give face .

“Presumptuous! I, Fang Tao shall teach you a lesson on behalf of Senior Shao . ”

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Fang Tao might only be at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm, but he was the same as Shao Kang and had dual cultivations of the qi and body . His strength was far stronger than normal 3rd level Reincarnation Realm inner institute cadets .

Soaring into the sky, Fang Tao drew his saber and slashed down at Li Fuchen .

This saber wasn’t just an incredible saber move, it was imbued with qi power, making the saber fast and more ferocious .

“You are inviting trouble to yourself . ”

Li Fuchen blasted out with a fist and the black fierce tiger spirit emerged .

Fang Tao arrived quickly and left quickly too . He was sent flying by a single fist and had several broken bones as he was paralyzed on the ground .

“Such strength!”

There were inner institute cadets that rushed over after hearing the commotion . They realized that Li Fuchen was much stronger than before, this time, he didn’t even use his qi cultivation strength .

“Junior Fuchen, I asked Junior Fang Tao to invite you with kind intentions . You aren’t giving me face by injuring Junior Fang Tao?”

A figure ‘swish’ and appeared on the spacious land .

It was Shao Kang . He looked at the paralyzed Fang Tao and berated Li Fuchen .

“Do I need to give you face?” Li Fuchen asked in return .

Shao Kang’s eyes flashed with cold light, “Since you are acting like this, then don’t blame me, Shao Kang for bullying the weak . ”

Shao Kang was at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm . Apart from the cadets on the Power Rankings, he was rather famous . If he was to directly deal with a new cadet, people would gossip about him . But now that Li Fuchen had injured Fang Tao, he had the excuse to deal with Li Fuchen .

“If you want to fight, just do it . Why find excuses?” Li Fuchen scoffed .

“You are courting death . ”

Shao Kang’s weapon was a silver spear and it was nine feet long and was as thick as a fist .


Like a flash flood, Shao Kang appeared in front of Li Fuchen instantly and thrust with his spear .

With this thrust, two field powers pressed over too . The thrust was accompanied by the heavy technique intent and the tyrannic spear intent . In addition, the silver spear was imbued with qi and qi power . Shao Kang believed that this thrust would even make a 5th level Reincarnation Realm inner institute cadet take a step back .

“You are the one that is courting death . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t retreat nor gave way . When facing Shao Kang’s heavy and tyrannic spear thrust, he welcomed it with his fist .

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Shao Kang was stunned at first, but he mocked afterwards .

He actually used his fist to clash with me . Even if he is wearing earth class low-tier gloves, he will not be able to withstand the impact of long weapons .

But at the next moment, Shao Kang’s eyes widened .

Li Fuchen’s fist was much tougher than he imagined . The fist had stopped the tip of his spear forcefully and had caused the pole to bend while emitting a sharp creaking sound .

The giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit were extremely ferocious, they had burst open Shao Kang’s double field powers .

The silver spear was an earth class low-tier weapon after all . After a split moment of bending, it instantly straightened and launched Shao Kang backward .

“Too powerful . Senior Shao is one of the strongest below the Power Rankings . He is actually repelled by Li Fuchen in a single fist . ”

“What level has Li Fuchen body refinement reached?”

The spectators were appalled, they had never seen such an aggressive new cadet .

“The commotion seems to be coming from Junior Fuchen . ”

There was no lecture today and just as An Xinmei6meiyoung or little sister walked out of her courtyard, she heard a qi explosion from the distance .

An Xinmei’s body flickered as she rushed over to the direction of the qi explosion .

In just a short moment, An Xinmei arrived at the scene .

“It is Senior Shao and Junior Fuchen . ” An Xinmei was astounded .


Liu Kui had also rushed over . When he saw that Shao Kang was confronting Li Fuchen, he mocked, “Junior Fuchen is truly young and fearless . This time, he is going to suffer . ”

He didn’t believe that Li Fuchen was a match for Shao Kang .

“Senior Liu Kui, earlier on, Li Fuchen and Senior Shao were evenly matched . ” One of the inner institute cadets commented .

“How is that possible?” Liu Kui raised his brows and didn’t believe it .

“Perhaps Shao Kang isn’t serious yet . ” Liu Kui thought silently .

“Well done Li Fuchen, I have underestimated you . ” Shao Kang composed himself and spoke in a deep voice .

“Shao Kang, just bring out everything you have!”

Li Fuchen lowered his head to look at his fist and didn’t see any signs of damage .

“Landslide Split!”

Shao Kang roared out and poured his extraordinary qi power into the silver spear, causing the spear’s speed and power to increase by one level .

“Come on then . ”

Li Fuchen raised his right fist and executed another punch .

Creak Creak Creak…

When the tip of the spear and the fist collided, there was a burst of sparks .

Shao Kang’s silver spear bent again and he got launched back again .

Shao Kang was at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm, just with his earth class low-tier cultivation technique that was at the highest rank and also his earth class low-tier spear art, he could produce strength that was at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm . With the combination of his body refinement, he was able to burst out with regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm’s strength .

However, Li Fuchen’s body refinement had reached the 5th level of Reincarnation Realm and with the combination of the Tiger Soul Fist at the perfection stage, he was also able to reach the strength of the regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm .

They might have equivalent strength, but Li Fuchen could endure more damage .

“What? Shao Kang was repelled?”

Liu Kui was certain that Shao Kang had already brought out 99% of his strength . Even if Shao Kang didn’t go all-out, this was already close to his best .

“If Shao Kang is repelled like this, didn’t it mean that Li Fuchen’s strength isn’t inferior to Shao Kang and he is stronger than me?” Liu Kui was shocked .

“No wonder he is the Dean’s in-room cadet . ” An Xinmei gasped deeply while her eyes flashed with a strange light .

“Shao Kang, receive a fist from me too . ”

Li Fuchen soared into the sky, with the giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit, he had suppressed the entire place .

“Fierce Tiger Descent . ”

When his fist was executed, the fierce tiger spirit swelled up and enveloped Shao Kang .


Shao Kang took several steps back after vomiting a mouthful of blood . He had retreated to a nearby courtyard and due to the defense array of the courtyard, he was finally able to stop .

Li Fuchen’s fist power didn’t increase much . But with the suppression from the giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit, Shao Kang was extremely uncomfortable and couldn’t even utilize 80% of his full strength . He instantly fell into a disadvantage and suffered minor injuries .

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