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Chapter 407

An Xinmei6meiyoung or little sister was definitely considered as a prodigy in the inner institute . She was only 34 years old and was at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm . But it was truly pale in comparison to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist . According to what she knew, Li Fuchen was only 26 years old and back when she stepped into the Reincarnation Realm, she was already 29 years old .

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As such, she had the intention to be friends with Li Fuchen .

An Xinmei’s actions had made one of the other 4th level Reincarnation Realm cadets in class 9 to be jealous .

Liu Kui, one of the two aces in class 9 .

He had been wooing An Xinmei for three years and still didn’t succeed . But he had never see An Xinmei behaving intimately with anyone before . Not even the Power Ranking’s no . 5, Liu Qing was able to woo An Xinmei .

But now, An Xinmei actually took the initiative to speak with Li Fuchen and this had threatened Liu Kui .

“Junior Fuchen . If you can become the Dean’s in-room cadet, you should be cultivating an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique, right?! I wonder what rank have you cultivated to?” Liu Kui wanted to find out Li Fuchen’s foundation .

Li Fuchen replied casually, “Ardent Sun Divine Technique, 24th rank . ”

Since Li Fuchen was the dean’s in-room cadet, he didn’t need to lay low . He couldn’t possibly lie about the 24th rank to become the 23rd or 22nd rank either, it wasn’t necessary .

“24th rank?” An Xinmei was shocked .

The 24th rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique is one rank stronger than the highest rank of the earth class low-tier cultivation technique . How does he cultivate? This is unbelievable!

“Junior Fuchen, are you joking?”

Liu Kui laughed as he didn’t believe that Li Fuchen had cultivated the Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the 24th rank .

He had spent eight years in order to cultivate his earth class low-tier cultivation technique to the highest rank . Li Fuchen had entered the institution for less than a year and had already cultivated the Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the 24th rank? It was simply a pipe dream .

“It is up to you if you believe it or not . ” Li Fuchen didn’t mind if Liu Kui believed it or not, after all, he didn’t have the need to reply either .

“Junior Fuchen, I believe you . ” An Xinmei had trusted Li Fuchen as he was the dean’s in-room cadet and must be someone extraordinary .

The lecture was over and it was already evening time .

“Junior Fuchen, let’s have a meal together!” An Xinmei invited .

An Xinmei was too passionate and Li Fuchen found it hard to refuse . As such, they headed for the dining hall together .

The inner institute’s dining hall had three floors and each floor was more expensive than the floor below .

On the third floor, there was an entire table of delicacies arranged in front of Li Fuchen . Three meat dishes, three vegetable dishes, and one soup . The meat dishes were mainly using class 5 demonic beasts’ flesh as ingredients, while the vegetable dishes were the spirit crops that were planted in the inner institute .

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This entire table of dishes had cost An Xinmei a total of ten low-grade spirit stones and it was rather expensive .

The duo chatted while eating and it was a nice atmosphere .

At the fourth table by the side, Liu Kui would look over occasionally with an unpleasant expression .

Thud Thud Thud…

There were footsteps on the stairs . A good-looking youth with sharp eyebrows had walked up .

This youth scanned the floor and when he noticed An Xinmei, his eyes lit up . But when he saw Li Fuchen sitting opposite of An Xinmei, his face had gotten dark .

He had been wooing after An Xinmei for quite some time but never had the chance to eat alone with An Xinmei .

After revealing a sneer, that youth walked towards the duo .

“Junior Sister An, who is this?” Arriving beside the duo, the youth smiled and asked An Xinmei .

An Xinmei frowned and introduced, “Li Fuchen, this is Senior Shao Kang . Senior Shao, this is Li Fuchen, the Dean’s new in-room cadet . He is currently my class 9’s cadet . ”

“So it is Li Fuchen, it is an honor to meet you at last . ”

Shao Kang didn’t mind after knowing that Li Fuchen was the dean’s in-room cadet . There were rules in the inner institute and as long as he didn’t break the rules, no one could do a thing to him . Shao Kang reached out as he intended to shake hands with Li Fuchen .

Since Shao Kang was acting friendly, Li Fuchen had to reciprocate . He reached out with his right hand and clasped onto Shao Kang’s right hand .

Crunch .

At the moment the hands were clasping, Shao Kang’s palm burst in strength, but his body didn’t have a hint of qi wave .

Apart from reaching the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm in qi cultivation, Shao Kang’s body refinement had also reached the Reincarnation Realm . He was the rare few cadets with dual cultivation in qi and body refinement .

Of course, Shao Kang was pale in comparison to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s body refinement was stronger than his qi cultivation .

If it was someone else, they would have suffered secretly, but Li Fuchen didn’t feel a thing and his palm strength was also increasing .


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Shao Kang was rather surprised . This was the dining hall and it would be overly obvious to be using qi, as such, he could only use his qi power . He initially thought that 50% of his power was enough to humiliate Li Fuchen, he didn’t expect that Li Fuchen’s body refinement wasn’t weak either .

“Since that is the case, 70% power . ” Shao Kang increased his strength further .

Crunch Crunch!

The force produced by the duo’s hands were extremely powerful and it sounded as though metal was distorting .

An Xinmei detected the anomaly and was just about to berate Shao Kang . But when she noticed that Li Fuchen wasn’t at a disadvantage, her mouth opened and closed back again . She wanted to use this opportunity to look at Li Fuchen’s capability .

70% power .

80% power .

90% power .

Shao Kang had a gloomy expression as he increased his strength to 100% . He had even put in the scarce extraordinary qi power from his body .

Visible to the naked eye, Shao Kang’s hand was turning silver in color .

Li Fuchen smiled as he poured in traces of dragon elephant power into his palm and continued to increase his power .

Crunch Crunch!

Sparks were bursting from the duo’s palms and An Xinmei thought she smelled something burnt .

When An Xinmei looked at the duo, she was startled .

Li Fuchen still had a composed expression, but Shao Kang’s face had distorted a little .

Shao Kang was the one that was at the disadvantage?

Shao Kang roared with rage in his heart . He originally wanted to humiliate Li Fuchen but he didn’t imagine that Li Fuchen’s body refinement was actually superior .

Gritting his teeth, Shao Kang worked hard to endure .

Traces of pale golden luster extended from Li Fuchen’s hand as he suddenly increased his power to 30% .


Shao Kang’s hand had been broken, there were a few fingers that were bending in a strange angle .

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Withdrawing his hand, Li Fuchen smiled and asked, “Senior Shao is too passionate, let’s eat together!”

“It is fine, I have other things to do . We will talk again next time . ” Shao Kang withdrew his distorted hand quickly and left with an expressionless face .

“Senior Shao actually suffered a loss . This new junior isn’t simple!”

“I heard that this junior is called Li Fuchen and he is the Dean’s new in-room cadet . ”

“No wonder . ”

There were plenty of inner institute cadets that saw this scene and were discussing it in private .

“His body refinement is rather good . But Shao Kang is a 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist . After suffering this loss, he will take revenge for sure . ” Liu Kui sneered in his heart .  

“This Shao Kang is a person that is vengeful and after offending him, Li Fuchen isn’t going to have good days ahead . Let’s see if he can continue being so close with An Xinmei . ”

Liu Kui who was in a good mood had ordered one more portion of class 5 demonic beast’s meat dish .

“Li Fuchen, you have to be careful . Senior Shao doesn’t have a good reputation but he is rather formidable . Apart from the Power Rankings, he is at least the top three . ”

There was a difference in strength even though they were all at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm .

Those cadets that had cultivated the earth class low-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts to the highest rank and stage would naturally be the strongest . Shao Kang didn’t only cultivate his earth class low-tier cultivation technique and martial art to the highest rank and stage, his body refinement had also reached the Reincarnation Realm . In fact, his strength was already comparable to the last few rankers in the Power Rankings .

“It doesn’t matter . ”

As long as Shao Kang’s cultivation didn’t reach the 5th level of Reincarnation Realm, Li Fuchen wouldn’t pay any attention to him .

Seeing how confident Li Fuchen was, An Xinmei couldn’t say anything else .

For the next few days, Li Fuchen didn’t attend any lecture .

Attending lecture was a waste of time for him . He would rather use the time to cultivate and it wouldn’t be too late to listen to lectures after he reached his bottleneck .

Soon enough, one month had passed .

In the courtyard, there was a giant elephant’s trumpet and also a ferocious tiger’s growl .

At the practice ground of the courtyard, Li Fuchen executed a fist strike . The giant elephant spirit and black, ferocious tiger spirit soared at the same time .

The two great qi spirits might not be able to fuse, but they could complement one another and was able to burst out with extraordinary prowess . Even if Li Fuchen’s opponent was a little stronger, they would still be forcefully suppressed by the two great qi spirits .

“The Tiger Soul Fist has reached the perfection stage . My body refinement strength is almost at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm . ”

Body refinement martial arts were very rare and once a powerful body refinement martial art had been cultivated, those experts who emphasized body refinement were all overwhelmingly powerful . With their extrtough defenses, they would be able to escape unscathed when facing opponents that were much stronger than them .

But body refinement martial arts weren’t that easy to cultivate . If it was some other Reincarnation Realm martial artist, it was impossible to reach the perfection stage of the Tiger Soul Fist without a few years .

Li Fuchen had extraordinary perception and awareness . With the addition of his qi cultivation keeping in pace, the difficulty in cultivating the Tiger Soul Fist was about the same difficulty when he cultivated the Metal Bone Fist . Perhaps, it was even easier . After cultivating the Metal Bone Fist to the trance stage, it had given Li Fuchen plenty of experience and knowledge .

“The hardest part for any martial arts is to reach the trance stage from the perfection stage . I will not be able to reach the trance stage without a few months . It is time to increase my body refinement level . ”

A very long time had passed and Li Fuchen’s body refinement had already stabilized for a long time . He believed with his wealth, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to increase his body refinement level further .

Li Fuchen rode on the class 4 Wildebeest and departed for the South Forest City .

South Forest City, Ever Youth Pavilion .

This elixir shop was Grandmaster Ever Youth’s business and there were a huge variety of elixirs .

“Shopkeeper, is there any earth class mid-tier body refinement elixirs?” Li Fuchen entered and immediately asked the Ever Youth Pavilion’s shopkeeper .

“We do have them . This way please . ”

The shopkeeper was an old man in splendid clothes . He was beaming as he welcomed Li Fuchen .

There weren’t a lot of people who could afford earth class mid-tier body refinement elixirs . Most of the body refinement martial artists at the Reincarnation Realm would normally purchase earth class low-tier body refinement elixirs . After all, two earth class low-tier elixirs was equivalent to a single earth class mid-tier elixirs, but the price of the earth class mid-tier body refinement elixirs were three times more expensive than the earth class low-tier elixirs .

Of course, earth class mid-tier body refinement elixirs had lesser impurities, making it easier and faster to absorb .

In just a short moment, the duo arrived at the body refinement elixirs’ shelf .

There were all sorts of body refinement elixirs in this place, from mystic class low-tier to earth class mid-tier .

But earth class body refinement elixirs were extremely expensive .

The cheapest earth class low-tier body refinement elixirs were at least 300 low-grade spirit stones . The most expensive would be 500 low-grade spirit stones .

The cheapest earth class mid-tier body refinement elixirs were 1000 low-grade spirit stones and there were only two types .

One was called the Vajra Elixir, and the other was called the Body Forging Golden Elixir .

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