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Chapter 373
The Shedding Body Realm Body Refining martial artist, which is less than 30 years old, is ten times less rare than the 30-year-old Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

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This is not to say that the Body Refining martial artist is more valued .

Mainly because no one chooses to use Body Refining, which is supplemented by Body Refining .

If you want to promote Body Refining to Shedding Body Realm before the age of 30, you have to concentrate on Body Refining .

However, Body Refining is difficult to walk, no one knows, qualifications, perseverance, and resource requirements are Top level .

The key is that Body Refining Martial Art is rare, Body Refining weapons are less, and Body Refining is basically only on your own .

"I see Young Hero Li talent, why not cultivate True Qi?"Luo Zhan is very strangely said .

Li Fuchen said frankly: "In fact, I also cultivated True Qi, and I have reached Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer cultivation base, but I am harmed by the enemy . I can't use True Spirit for the time being . I have to use the Earth level cultivation technique to get rid of this trouble . "

“Earth level cultivation technique?”

Luo Zhan smiled bitterly .

Earth level cultivation technique He doesn't have any Luo Family, only some Great Influences .

“Shedding Body Realm Body Refining martial artist , Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer True Qi Cultivation Base . ”Aside, Luo Yan has long been stunned .

Not to mention Body Refining, just the talent of True Spirit, Li Fuchen is also the most top level among the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard Heavenly Dipper Realm students . Only the few Senior Masters of the Human List can compete .

"Hey, there is Li Fuchen . I can stand up straight in the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard . The Zhao Linghua, who is the prestige of his cousin Zhao Fenghua, has repeatedly bullied me . This time she wants to look good . "She is also a peak in the 5 star root bone, but it is still worse than the 6 star root bone, and Zhao Linghua's cousin Zhao Fenghua is a 6 star root bone and 6 star root bone . It is quite peak in the middle .

In her opinion, Li Fuchen is also a 6 star root bone .

Since Li Fuchen is the Shedding Body Realm, Luo Zhan is relieved, not to mention that he does not get away from it . Recently, the inferior grade Spirit Stone mineral lode has some troubles and needs him to deal with it .

On the second day, Li Fuchen and Luo Yan set off for the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard .

Along the way, Luo Yan introduced the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard to Li Fuchen .

"Southern Forest Martial Courtyard headmaster Vice headmaster and inner courtyard Elder are battle Spirit Realm Cultivat Ion base, outer courtyard Elder is shedding body Realm Apex cultivation Base, inner courtyard instructor Outer Court Yard Instructor is the shedding body Realm high rank cultivation base, while the students of southern Forest Martial courtyard are divided into inner courtyard Student and outer courtyard student, inside courtyard student has shedding body Realm cultivation base, outside courtyard student is heavenl Y Dipper Realm cultivation base, although inner courtyard and outer courtyard are not together, inner courtyard is located in a secret Realm . ”

Luo Yan came to the road .

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“Is the inner courtyard in Secret Realm?”Li Fuchen was a little surprised .

Luo Yan said: "It is said that the inner courtyard contains the mysterious world, where you can upgrade yourself faster, but only if you are promoted to Shedding Body Realm before the age of 35, you can become a courtyard student . "

Although she is already a Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer cultivation base at the age of 27, she is not sure she can be promoted to Shedding Body Realm before the age of 35 . I know that there are many talented outside courtyard students stuck in Heavenly Dipper . Realm peak, one card is three or five years .

Li Fuchen nodded, Southern Forest Martial Courtyard Worthy is Southern Forest Martial Courtyard, the inner courtyard is located directly in a Secret Realm, in the Eastern Lín Continent, the unusual Secret Realm, is not artificially remodelable .

"Inside the courtyard student I don't know, the outer courtyard student is divided into three levels, namely ordinary students, elite students and Human List students, Li Fuchen, you want to get the Earth level cultivation technique, first of all to become a Human List student . "Luo Yan continued .

“What are the requirements for becoming a Human List student?”Li Fuchen asked .

Luo Yan said: "It's very simple, that is, to participate in the Human List Great Competition, the top ten are Human List students . "

So it is

Li Fuchen doesn't know how many Human List students are abnormal, so I won't say much .

Lín Horned Horse is fast, half a day has passed, and the two have been thousands of miles away from Tang City .

In the afternoon, the two men path the shadow of a mountain .

Silent, a large petrify as a figure, flew to Luo Yan, its speed, so that Luo Yan still talking to Li Fuchen did not react at all .

"court death . "

A huge fist greeted .

Not Li Fuchen, who is it .

He did not expect that there was an ambush in this place, so he did not use the consciousness to sweep in advance, but Li Fuchen immediately felt the strange moment when the big stone moved, and then sent it first, and intercepted the big petrify figure in advance .

The figure was distorted, avoiding Li Fuchen's punch and pounced on Luo Yan again .

"Is it really when I don't exist?"

The strength of Dragon Form broke out, like a ringing sound, and a Giant Elephant phantom shrouded the figure .

The figure seems to be trapped in the mud and the movement is slow .

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The blood was filled, and Li Fuchen smashed the body of the figure with a punch .

Until then, Luo Yan only reacted, his face was awkward, of course, with a hint of fear .

"It should be a Shedding Body Realm killer . "

Li Fuchen picks up the bloody storage pouch, which has only a few dozen low grade spirit stones and some sundries . There is nothing valuable, and only the killer does not like to carry a lot of wealth on the body .

"Shedding Body Realm killer wants to assassinate me?"

Luo Yan feels a little cold .

She is just a Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist . If it wasn't for Li Fuchen, she had become a corpse in the moment .

"Reassured, there is me, as long as it is not too good Shedding Body Realm martial artist I can deal with it . "

The Shedding Body Realm killer was actually extremely powerful . The assassination method was first-rate, estimated, and it was impossible to prevent the Shedding Body Realm middle rank martial artist . Unfortunately, Li Fuchen was destined to fail .

Li Fuchen's consciousness, a natural restraint killer .

It is basically impossible to sneak attack, unless the killer's combat power surpasses Li Fuchen's many, but the force is much more than Li Fuchen, there is no need to attack .

Secondly, the killer's movement technique is extremely strange, and it is easy to avoid Li Fuchen's first punch . After the strength of Dragon Form reaches three thousand, Li Fuchen can already stimulate the Giant Elephant Spirit . Under the Spirit's cover, the killer's action Suddenly, he was beaten into a blood fog by Li Fuchen .

All in all, if you replace Li Fuchen with another Shedding Body Realm 5th layer martial artist, Luo Yan at the moment may be a corpse .

Along the way, the two men came to South Forest City near the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard .

South Forest City is the first of the 10 Great Cities in South Forest County and the County City of South Forest County with a population of more than 20 million .

As County City, South Forest City is an expert cloud . Here, Shedding Body Realm martial artist is several times more than Raging Fire City . Some ordinary City's Patriarch come here, nothing, no tails . It will be done in a few days .

In addition, South Forest City is also home to the South Forest Marquis Mansion .

South Forest Marquis Mansion is the actual master of the entire South Forest County, and today is a Battle Spirit Realm Grandmaster .

Entering South Forest City, Luo Yan said: "There are still half a month, the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard is enrolled, we live here first . "

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Good .

Li Fuchen nodded .

The two naturally do not live in the outer city, the inner city is the bustling city .

Looking for an Inn to live, Luo Yan said: "Li Fuchen, you first came to South Forest City, I will take you to eat something delicious . "


Li Fuchen didn't know what the other person said was delicious . When he got to his realm, he didn't care about eating .

In a short while, the two came to a magnificent restaurant .

The name of the restaurant is called Monster Fragrance Pavilion .

Luo Yan introduced: “The ingredients of Monster Fragrance Pavilion are all monster beast meat, but after being soaked with shampoo, monster beast meat has no monster qi, can be safely eaten, and can eat qi and blood . ”

So it is

Li Fuchen has never eaten monster beast meat, but I am looking forward to it .

The Monster Fragrance Pavilion has five layers, and the two come directly to the fifth layer .

Fifth layer sold monster beast meat, all level 5 Monster Beast meat, valuable, Luo Yan usually rarely eat, this time to take Li Fuchen to see, only to the fifth layer .

"Hey, Luo Yan, I haven't seen you for a long time, come to the Monster Fragrance Pavilion fifth layer!"Five layers There are a lot of guests, one of them by the window, a young woman with a delicate face sneer, opposite her, sitting two young men .

Luo Yan frowned, very unhappy sound transmission to Li Fuchen said: "This stinky woman is my arch-enemy, called Zhao Linghua, who is a cousin Zhao Fenghua is a Human List student, occupying several spirits at home . Stone, a look of arrogance . "

"I don't care about her . "

Li Fuchen indifferently said .

Li Fuchen didn't have a big voice, but it was not too small . It was immediately heard by Zhao Linghua .

Zhao Linghua raised his eyebrows and gritted his teeth: "A big courage, Yang Biao, give me a hand . "

Hear this this, a young man standing up and standing up, biting the toothpick: "Now kneel down apologize, I can ask for your feelings, otherwise, you can only let you be insulted in public . "

"Kneel down Apologize is not a humiliation, is your brain bad?"

Li Fuchen found a position to sit down .

"Yang Biao, still not working . "

Zhao Linghua angrily said .

"Kid, don't blame me . "

Spit the toothpick in his mouth, Yang Biao stepped forward to Li Fuchen, his right hand raised, and a slap in the face .


The crisp slap sounded, but Li Fuchen was not hit, and Yang Biao was hit .

He swollen his right face, the whole person flew out of the distance, and at a crucial moment, a young man at the other table helped him .


Yang Biao's face is swollen and red, and she is very shy .

Under the broad public, he said that he would teach Li Fuchen, but he was de-learned by Li Fuchen, which made his face go .

"you wanna die!"

Yang Biao broke out of the killing intent, and True Spirit burst out .

Just now that slap, he just used a small part of True Spirit . After all, South Forest City is not allowed to kill, and some small frictions are not prohibited .

“impudent, Monster Fragrance Pavilion is forbidden, want to get started, get out of the Monster Fragrance Pavilion . ”

A mighty voice passed to the five layers .

Hear this, Yang's killing intent suddenly dissipated and returned to his position .

The owner behind the Monster Fragrance Pavilion, he can't afford it, and few people can't afford it .

"There was a great follow-up, but I wanted to fight with me . I didn't have a door . I waited for South Forest City . I want you to look good . "Zhao Linghua throws a swearword .

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