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Chapter 374
"Zhao Linghua, you also occupy your cousin Zhao Fenghua is a Human List student, and I will not be bullied by you in the future . "Luo Yan is a little proud, there is Li Fuchen, what is the Human List student, and a slap in the air .

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Of course, she will not reveal the strength of Li Fuchen . She estimates that Li Fuchen should still be the main cultivate True Qi in the future . The Body Refining is so powerful . True Spirit should not go anywhere, at least in Heavenly Dipper Realm . At the level, few people are opponents .

"Haha, this is the best joke I have ever heard . A small follow-up can also make you have such a big temper . It really laughs at me . "Zhao Linghua laughed and looked disdainful .

"I really don't know how to live and die . If Zhao Fenghua Senior is here, see if you dare to say this . "

Yang Biao fiercely said that half of the face is swollen .

Luo Yan is about to continue talking, Li Fuchen said: "Don't ignore them, some cats and dogs . "

"You said that I am any cats and dogs . "

Zhao Linghua's eyes are round and mad .

Her Zhao Linghua, for the first time, was so angry .

If it's not the Monster Fragrance Pavilion, she wants Li Fuchen and Luo Yan to look good .

"Who is this kid, it is quite arrogant, but it is a pity that Zhao Fenghua is not irritating, offending his cousin, and later suffering . "

"The newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger . It is quite strange to see him . It should not be outside the courtyard student . It is estimated that he is preparing to participate in the enrollment of the new student!"

Five layers There are quite a few courtyard students . Everyone is shaking their heads and sighing Li Fuchen .

Human List Student, that's absolute strength, and it's not much different than Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist .

Meat comes up, Li Fuchen and Luo Yan eat .

Level 5 Monster Beast meat worthy is Level 5 monster Beast meat, delicious not to say, which contains qi and blood strength, very good, Li fuchen see out, ingredients in addition to level 5 Monster Beast Meat, there are many medicinal herb, some medicinal herb directly and monster Beast meat cooking together, some tuned into sauces, applied to meat, greatly inspired monster Beast me At the nourishing Qi and blood efficacy, as well as a lot of ingredients, Li Fuchen will not see what it is 1:30 .

"How much does this meat cost?"Li Fuchen asked .

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Luo Yan said: "The gold coin can't eat the meat here . We have almost five low grade spirit stones for this meal . "Although she has tens of thousands of Luo Family low grade spirit stone, it is the wealth of the entire Luo Family . The low grade spirit stone she can spend every year is about one hundred . Five low grade spirit stones are a big one for her . The number has gone .

Of course, when she becomes an inner courtyard student or is accepted as an entry student by outer courtyard Elder, the family will definitely do her best to train her . The low grade spirit stone that she can spend every year will be much more . Now she is just Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer . Cultivation base, too much low grade spirit stone is also useless .

"Five? Very expensive . ”

Li Fuchen shook his head and when it was so expensive to eat .

Five low grade spirit stones were auctioned out, but the value was tens of millions of gold coins .

"Country bumpkin, even a piece of meat is too expensive, I really have never seen the world . "It is rare to find an opportunity, Zhao Linghua suddenly mocked .

Her Zhao Family is a long-established family . Although it has declined in recent years, the accumulated wealth is still not comparable to that of the average family . Her annual expenditure of three hundred low grade spirit stones can be seen, and her cousin Zhao Fenghua, the low grade spirit stone that can be spent every year is as high as one thousand, which is much more than her .

"Let's go . " Eating with such people, the air is not fresh . ”

After eating meat, Li Fuchen and Luo Yan left .

Zhao Linghua's silver teeth bite and vowed to be rhethlessly taught Li Fuchen and Luo Yan .

After dinner, the two began to stroll around South Forest City inner city .

If there are more Raging Fire City Pill Refining Masters, more medicine pill, South Forest City is a full-fledged development, perhaps the pill refining piece is a bit less than Raging Fire City, but other aspects than Raging Fire City are not known .

Here, the Weapons Square, the medicine pill shop, the medicinal herb shop, there are countless .

Li Fuchen and Luo Yan are about to enter a large weapons workshop to see a group of people crowded with someone suddenly coming out of it .

The crowded person is a young woman, exuding the noble and noble spirit, and also carrying a touch of charm .

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Luo Yan quickly pulled Li Fuchen to the side and whispered: "Li Fuchen, this is Marquis Mansion, three Young Lady, don't offend . "

Li Fuchen naturally knows what Marquis Mansion means, meaning that the days of South Forest County, in South Forest County, is what South Forest Marquis Mansion says .

Waiting for Marquis Mansion Three Young Lady to go far, Luo Yan continued: “Marquis Mansion Big Young Master and Marquis Mansion Big Young Lady, both students of the Purple Flower Martial Courtyard, Marquis Mansion Three Young Lady are less qualified, so I am Southern Forest Students at Martial Courtyard . "

Purple Flower Martial Courtyard, Purple Flower Kingdom One of the two Martial Courtyards, which is above the 24 Martial Courtyard in the 24th county, belongs to the Martial Courtyard in the Martial Courtyard, but the Purple Flower Martial Courtyard has high requirements for qualifications . Also high, known as the Wang Family Martial Courtyard .

Li Fuchen nodded and said nothing .

When he first came, he naturally didn't want to provoke such powerful background figures .

After a day of sightseeing, Li Fuchen had a great understanding of South Forest City .

If the City gets Eastern Lín Continent, it is estimated that everyone can be crazy, including the peak expert such as Evil King .

Here, Earth level weapon, Earth level medicine pill, Earth level medicinal herb, there are so many, just one or two, you can make them more powerful, but also need to go to the adventure .

At night, the two entered their rooms .

The strength of Dragon Form broke out, and Li Fuchen's body surface was filled with pale gold, like a pale gold statue .

Li Fuchen found that after the malicious dispersal of Blood Corpse Pill, his control also increased a lot . Before controlling the two thousand strength of Dragon Form, it was a little difficult, and now it is not so hard to control the three thousandth strength of Dragon Form .

"It seems that Blood Corpse Pill maliciously contaminated my mental state . "

Li Fuchen secretly thought .

"Now I am not in a hurry to increase the strength of Dragon Form, three thousandth strength of Dragon Form, which is almost my limit . I want to continue to improve my strength . The strength of Dragon Form must not reach six thousand . "

Other Body Refining Cultivation Technique Li Fuchen I don't know, Dragon Form Forging Body 5th Chapter, Shedding Body Realm 1st layer is three or four hundred strength of Dragon Form, Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer is seven hundred and fifty silk strength of Dragon Form, Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer is one thousand five hundred strength of Dragon Form, Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer is three thousand strength of Dragon Form, according to the law, Shedding Body Realm 5th layer is six thousand strength of Dragon Form, each adding a strength , strength of Dragon Form doubled .

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So I want to add three thousand strengths of Dragon Form, let alone Li Fuchen can control, the resources needed alone, not a small amount, with his current low grade spirit stone, stretched .

"Although it is not possible to enhance the strength of Dragon Form, it can increase the strength if it can enhance the realm of Body Refining Martial Art . "

In a few months, Li Fuchen has cultivated the Iron Bone Fist to the reaching peak, and only one step away can realize the Iron Bone Fist .

It must be said that cultivate Martial Art relies on accumulation, Li Fuchen's accumulation on True Spirit Martial Art is very strong, so comprehend is extremely fast, but the accumulation on Body Refining Martial Art is almost zero, so that there is no comprehend until now . Iron Bone Fist meaning .

But these days, Li Fuchen faintly felt that Iron Bone Fist broke through .

A week passed .

On this day, the room is in the secret room .


In the center of the chamber, Li Fuchen-fist strikes to the void, the void creates an invisible bend, and Li Fuchen's fist, I do not know when it is covered by a layer of black .

"Finally comprehend out of Iron Bone Fist . "

Li Fuchen flashed in the eyes .

After comprehend Iron Bone Fist, he felt that the fist seemed to be a weapon, an all-conquering weapon, and the qi and blood layers on the fist were very close, similar to metal skin .

If he had been confident that he had a battle with Shedding Body Realm 5th layer martial artist, he now has the confidence to fight against the peak Shedding Body Realm 5th layer martial artist .

The annual Southern Forest Martial Courtyard enrollment is the most lively day in South Forest City, and this year is no exception .

In the past few days, more and more young people have come to South Forest City, some of whom are low-key and do not conflict with others, but more are qi and blood, and they have begun to meet each other without a word .

Of course, everyone is afraid to fight in South Forest City, usually fighting outside the city .

Seeing two young people in the street colliding, clamoring for a fight, Li Fuchen shook his head .

I don't know why, compared with these young people, he feels like an outsider . He doesn't feel like a bloody one . It seems that there is a taste of juniors in the elders .

"It seems that the impact of strength on people is too great . "

With the strength of Shedding Body Realm, Li Fuchen has not put these younger generations in the eye, just like a peerless expert, will compete with an ordinary martial artist, certainly not .

"This year's enrollment is much more exciting than usual . It is said that there will be three 6 star root bones to become the freshmen of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard this year . All three have a cultivation base above the Heavenly Dipper Realm 7th layer . "Aside, Luo Yan emotionally said .

“Why don’t you enter the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard earlier?”Li Fuchen asked .

Luo Yan said: "Many people enter the Martial Courtyard in order to get a higher level cultivation technique Martial Art . Before that, they should have not yet seen the Profound level top rank cultivation technique Martial Art, so don't rush to the Martial Courtyard . "

"Look, that person is Lasting Refined City Le Family heaven's chosen Le Changfeng, 26 years old, Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer . It is said that he has put the Le Family Profound level top rank cultivation technique to the highest level . Kill level 4 Demon within the trick . "

Luo Yan suddenly pointed to an elegant youngster at the end of the street .

“Is the Profound level top rank cultivation technique cultivated to the highest level at the age of twenty-six?”Li Fuchen looked over .

Le Changfeng felt the heart and looked at it .

Frowning, Le Changfeng retracted his view . He thought Li Fuchen was an expert? But why the other's eyes are so strange .

"not simple . "

Li Fuchen nodded slightly and didn't care .

In Seven Colored Continent, both cultivation and comprehend Martial Art are easier than Eastern Lín Continent, and the extreme heaven's chosen of Eastern Lín Continent is not necessarily inferior to Le Changfeng .

Sometimes the environment determines everything .

The same talent, in different environments, the growth rate is naturally different .

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