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Chapter 351
Dragon Form Forging Body 4th Chapter perfection, Li Fuchen is tempted, intends to cultivate chapter 5 .

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The fifth chapter corresponds to Shedding Body Realm .

Once cultivation proceeds to small accomplishment, it is enough to resist the attack of Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist .

Cultivate to great accomplishment, can resist the attack of Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist .

From cultivation to perfection, it can resist the attack of Shedding Body Realm Apex martial artist .

Of course, Li Fuchen didn't expect to be able to cultivation to the small accomplishment realm in a short time . He only hoped that with the physical defense, he could resist the attack of Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist .

Once again swallowed the next drop of Golden Horned Beast blood essence, Li Fuchen began to revolved Dragon Form Forging Body 5th Chapter qi and blood .

Within the body, the stretch of Dragon Form gradually grew, but Li Fuchen found that the speed of his own absorption of Golden Horned Beast blood essence increased . After a while, five drops of Golden Horned Beast blood essence were consumed .

Upon a hand, Li Fuchen quickly took out a bottle of level 5 Monster Beast blood essence from Iron River Sect Supreme Elder and dripped a drop into his mouth .


The qi and blood contained in this level 5 Monster Beast blood essence is very powerful and more powerful than the Golden Horned Beast blood essence .

Li Fuchen estimates that it should be the blood essence of the level middle rank monster beast, and I don't know where the Iron River Sect Supreme Elder got it .

Two drops .

Five drops .

Ten drops .

After absorbing the blood essence of ten drops of the middle rank monster beast, Li Fuchen's body began to be unbearable .

So far, the monster beast blood essence he has absorbed is incredible .

Although the monster beast blood essence, as long as it can withstand its baleful qi impact, it can be absorbed .

But the blood essence actually contains impurities, some impurities are refining by Li Fuchen revolved Body Refining Cultivation Technique, and some deeper impurities are lurking .

This impurity is very overbearing, and Li Fuchen's body even grows scales and hair .

Upon seeing, Li Fuchen quickly stopped absorbing the level middle rank monster beast blood essence, the body was shocked, the scales and hair turned into powder .

“There are too many impurities, and I have to find ways to remove the impurities . ”

Li Fuchen doesn't want to be a monster that doesn't demon .

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And he has the feeling that if he continues to absorb the monster beast blood essence, one day, one day, his body will not be able to bear it . When it is not collapsed, it is completely muted and irreversible .

"Pity . "

Originally, Li Fuchen had a two-point grasp of the remaining level middle rank monster beast blood essence and Golden Scaled Grass, which was able to strengthen the body to the extent of not attacking the usual Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist, but now it can only be done .

Growing up, Li Fuchen continues to look for flaws in the array .

With the spirit will hard to resist Illusion, with a strong sense of looking for the flaws of the array, spent three days, Li Fuchen finally found a subtle flaw .


I dare not care, except for Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit and Clear Sky Sword Art, Li Fuchen broke out all the strength, a sword stabbed .


Sealing Array crashes and Li Fuchen appears again in the garden .

"Black Heaven Sect is terrible, it's all arrays, but fortunately this is just a Sealing Array . If it's an Array Trap, it's more dangerous . "

After coming out, Li Fuchen breathed a sigh of relief .

In Azure Billow Sect, only the important places are the arrays, such as Trial Pagoda, such as Legacy Pagoda, such as Martial Art Main Hall, such as Resources Hall, Elder residences are not covered by the array, except for Shedding Body Realm martial artist such as Supreme Elder residence .

Next, Li Fuchen didn't dare to care . Every time he passed a place, he would try to avoid array .

Unconsciously, Li Fuchen began to approach the Legacy Area .

If both outer sect and Inner Sect are basically explored, the Legacy Area is a strange area for everyone .

Legacy Area In addition to the True Disciple, Legacy Elder is still living .

Unlike today's era, in the era of more than 2,000 years ago, as long as it is a large, Legacy Elder is the Battle Spirit Realm low rank and even the middle rank cultivation base . They are arranged in an array, which is basically the level 5 array of Top level . Even level 6 array .

To know the level 6 array can kill the trapped Battle Spirit Realm expert .

After getting a Golden Scaled Grass, Li Fuchen is satisfied, after all, it is better than nothing .

But he still wants to enter the Legacy Area and try his luck .

Perhaps his strength is only the bottom of the Shedding Body Realm martial artist, but his consciousness, but beyond the Shedding Body Realm, can see through the flaws of most arrays .

The Legacy Area is very large and seems to be much larger than the Inner Sect and the outer sect . The distance between the building and the building is far apart .

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In this regard, Li Fuchen is not strange .

The higher the cultivation base, the stronger the strength and the higher the requirements for the living environment .

Who would like the noisy and crowded environment .

Without going deep into the Legacy Area, Li Fuchen walked quietly along the border .

After a long time, Li Fuchen discovered an extremely elegant small courtyard, surrounded by a small courtyard, no other, no space .

“There are arrays in this small courtyard and pond . ”

In the past, Li Fuchen used the consciousness very shallowly . It was basically used only for combat . It was rarely used for other things . But after coming to the Black Heaven Sect ruins, the array was everywhere, and if you didn't pay attention, you would fall in, so you forced it . He used consciousness all the time . Gradually, he discovered some magical uses of consciousness, with a unique frequency of manifestation consciousness, which allowed him to discover array fluctuations in advance .

In general, array fluctuations are very weak, level 5 array, Shedding Body Realm Apex martial artist are hard to detect, but Li Fuchen's consciousness, but beyond the Shedding Body Realm, is still detectable .

"The array on the pond, at least the high grade level 5 array, and the array in the small yard, should be top grade level 5 array . "

Li Fuchen is a bit stunned .

He can distinguish the strength of the array, mainly from the comparison .

The array on the pond is much stronger than the array he had experienced before . It is obviously not the average level 5 array, and the array of small courtyards is illusory .

"No, there are also arrays on the lawn . "

Li Fuchen, who was going to go, suddenly stopped .

Above the lawn, the array fluctuates wildly and is very concealed . It can't be detected without careful observation .

"Is it a Trapping Array . "

Trapping Array is more subtle and harder to detect than regular arrays .

Thinking of this, Li Fuchen has some chills .

The eyes glanced around, and soon Li Fuchen found that the slabs on the lawn that were long and wide seemed to be useless .

The frequency of consciousness is getting higher, and Li Fuchen tries to distinguish the special features of these slate .

"A good mysterious array . "About half a sip of tea, Li Fuchen squirted aura .

This piece of slate is both a trap and a life .

If you step on the wrong, you will immediately trigger the array . If you step on it, you can walk safely .

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Because of this, only seven slabs were not enveloped by the array, and the rest were shrouded .

Thinking about it, Li Fuchen experimented with the first slate that was not covered by the array .

As expected…

Stepping on the slate, there is no movement in the array, and Li Fuchen feels a lot .

After a few breaths, Li Fuchen crossed the lawn and came to the pond .

"This pond?"

Li Fuchen was shocked .

In the pond, there is a monster beast bone .

Since the array does not completely isolate the aura of the bone, it is close enough that Li Fuchen can clearly sense it .

This aura is very powerful, at least the level middle rank monster beast . In fact, this is just a bone . A bone can exude aura of the level middle rank monster beast . In front of it, it is at least level 5 high rank . Monster beast, even level 5 Apex monster beast .

It’s amazing to think of a trapped at least level 5 high rank monster beast in a pond .

"Try to break the array . "

Level 5 high rank monster beast's bones are still very useful, and Li Fuchen can detect that the water in the pond is not very simple . It seems to be moisturizing the monster beast bones, making it imposing extraordinary power .

Under the conscious scan, it took three days for Li Fuchen to find a flaw .

This flaw continues to swim, and it is extremely fast .


Li Fuchen stabbed himself with a sword .


A powerful strength of Array came back, Li Fuchen squirted a blood, and flew out . At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen quickly revolved Nine Revolving Purple Qi Divine Merit veined mark, Nine Revolving Purple Qi, and forced to stop the retreat . The body, to know behind him, but the lawn .

"attack power is not high enough . "

Nine Revolving Purple Qi was transformed into Bronze Sword Qi, and Li Fuchen once again stabbed the flaws of flying fast .

Kā cā!!

As if something had broken, the array suddenly collapsed .

The next moment, an amazing aura spread out .

"What aura?"

A few miles away, a monster of a bullhead turned his head and looked at the place where the aura was distributed .

This aura gave him a craving .


The bullhead's monster flies in that direction and is extremely fast .


Reaching out, Li Fuchen intended to suck out the monster beast bones, but his True Spirit touched the pond water and melted immediately . It seems that the pond water, even the True Spirit, can corrode .

In this regard, Li Fuchen is very speechless, can not see, can not get, this mood is not so good .

"Aura is in the pond, human, dead . "

At this time, the Tauren personal monster rushed over . He saw Li Fuchen standing by the pond, thinking that there was no array here, and he rushed straight into the past, and his fist slammed out .

“It’s vigorously Monster Ox . ”

Li Fuchen turned his head and recognized the monster .

This monster is the level middle rank monster beast on the battlefield and Liu Guangment Supreme Elder Ge Hai . He is a monster Monster Ox . He can't be the opponent .

But he doesn't have to worry, there is an array on the lawn .


The array rays of light illuminate, and on the lawn, countless grasses are erected, as if a sword is on the handle, and it is slashed toward the vigorous Monster Ox .

Pū pū pū pū pū pū ……

The grass is so sharp that the Monster Ox's defense can't resist, and there is a deep scar on the body .

In a short while, the class middle rank monster beast vigorously Monster Ox, even the monster beast form did not show up, was killed by Qingcao Ling, turned into a pile of fleshy bones swallowed by the lawn, blink of an eye, the lawn returned to its original .

Li Fuchen blinked and sighed that he was fortunate enough to notice the array on the lawn in advance, otherwise he would have become a nourishment for the lawn .

Since it was impossible to get the monster beast bones in the pond, Li Fuchen began to look at the small courtyard .

With the experience of breaking the pond array before, Li Fuchen is confident that as long as it is not level 6 array, he should be able to break open .

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