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Chapter 352
The array of small courtyards was much better than Li Fuchen's imagination . It took a week for Li Fuchen to find the flaws .

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“After more than two thousand years, it’s impossible for array to have a flaw . It seems that the means of applying consciousness is not smart enough . ”

Li Fuchen started experimenting step by step .

"yí, this aura?"

After a few days, another huge figure was attracted .

This is a level 5 high rank monster beast Silver Armored Bear .

The Silver Armored Bear has no hair on its body, only a piece of palm-sized silver armor, and its defense is better than the level 5 Apex monster beast .

Like the Monster Ox, the Silver Armored Bear was completely attracted to Li Fuchen and the monster beast bone aura in the pond, completely ignoring the lawn and flying directly to the past .


The Array Trap started and the Silver Armored Bear suddenly fell into it .

Clang clang clang clang clang ……

The silver Armored Bear's defense is extremely high . Like a sword-like grass, it can't cut his nails all at once . It can only leave a small crack on it . For a time, the spark splashes and looks very gorgeous .

It’s just a long time, Silver Armored Bear is a bit stunned .

Everything has a tipping point .

A piece of wood, hitting hard stones countless times, will always break the stone .

His defense has not yet reached the point where he really cuts the grass .

Kā cā!!

A piece of nails split, and the blood was splashed, and then the other severely wounded pieces were also cracked…

“Level 5 high rank monster beast can’t stop?”

Li Fuchen has a deeper understanding of the lawn array .

Once caught in the array, unless you can get out of the way, the level 5 high rank monster beast will be slain, and the support time will be shorter .

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No longer going to see the Silver Armored Bear, Li Fuchen continues to study consciousness .

Finally, when the Silver Armored Bear was bloody and was about to die, Li Fuchen found the flaw in the array .

He found that when the peak of the consciousness is diluted, the consciousness can be infiltrated into the array for a short time, so that the array can be observed more subtly .

Of course, to dilute the consciousness to such a degree, first of all, the consciousness should be very strong and tough, and the Shedding Body Realm martial artist is not diluted to such a degree, and one step further, even if he can dilute to such a degree, consciousness can not be achieved . The erosion against the array has not yet penetrated and is expected to be annihilated .

After a careful observation of the array, Li Fuchen can see a lot of array flaws . These array flaws are hidden under the surface of the array . There is only a thin layer of Array covering the outside, just pierce the thin layer of Array . Can array array .

Unwilling to waste and waste the opportunity, Li Fuchen pulled out Killing Heaven Sword, Nine Revolving Purple Qi transformed into Bronze Sword Qi, and Li Fuchen stabbed it .


A hint of invisible crack appeared, and Li Fuchen's hand, Killing Heaven Sword, was fixed there .

"Break for me!"

True Spirit was crazy revolved, Li Fuchen clenched Killing Heaven Sword with both hands and stabbed it in .


The rays of light flashed, and the array of small courtyards collapsed .

At this moment, the Silver Armored Bear screamed and was cut into pieces by countless grasses . The pieces were swallowed up by the lawn and disappeared without a trace .

The level 5 high rank monster beast is finally a nourishment for the lawn .

There is no need to feel for the Silver Armored Bear, Li Fuchen pushed the gate of the small courtyard and walked in .

The first purpose was a big tree . This big tree has already fallen into the withering stage, but on the big branch, there is a yellow flower with white flowers . It is faint, and Li Fuchen smells a scent .

This aroma comes from yellow-white flowers .

“The body is a lot lighter . What is this flower?”

Li Fuchen was quite surprised .

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I used to absorb too much monster beast blood essence, which caused him to have a lot of impurities in the body . He felt that the body was very heavy, but now, just smelling a scent, the heavy trend seems to have been reduced a lot, how to make him not shock .

If you have a well-informed Shedding Body Realm martial artist, you will recognize that this big tree is the famous Flying Spirit Tree . The flower on the tree is the precious Flying Spirit Flower .

Flying Spirit Flower is the main material for the refining Shedding Body Pill . It is also one of the main materials for the refining Shedding Body Bone Changing Pill . It has the effect of removing impurities and washing impurities .

However, the Flying Spirit Tree blooms in a hundred years . The amount of flowering is related to the age of the tree . It is a hundred years old, ten flowers, thousands of years old, and a hundred flowers . The legendary Flying Spirit Tree is ten years old . It can produce ten golden Flying Spirits . Flower, the Flying Spirit Flower at that time, also has a name called Feixianhua .

But to cultivate the Flying Spirit Tree is not a simple matter . The Flying Spirit Tree has high nutritional requirements . When the nutrition can't keep up, the Flying Spirit Tree will gradually wither . When it is completely withered, the Flying Spirit Tree will die . At that time, at that time, unless there is a treasure like Life Spring Water, otherwise it will not be resurrected .

Reaching out, Li Fuchen sucked yellow and white flowers on his hands .

Huā lā lā !

The next moment, the big tree instantly withered, no more life .

Put the yellow and white flowers in the precious jade box, Li Fuchen looked at the big tree, secretly thought: withered? It is a pity that the storage pouch is too small to put up such a big tree, otherwise it will be taken out and cultivated, maybe it will be resurrected .

After a while, Li Fuchen glanced at the courtyard .

There is nothing more than a big tree in the courtyard .

Slowly spits out a mouthful of impure air, Li Fuchen goes to the house .


The door was pushed open and Li Fuchen saw the situation in the room .

The house has four rooms, a bedroom, a living room, a pill refining room, and a retreat .

There is nothing in the bedroom living room, there is a Pill Refining Furnace in the pill refining room, and a small gourd hanging from the wall .

Pill Refining Furnace was empty, but Li Fuchen picked up the small gourd and found the medicine pill rolling .

"medicine pill !"

Li Fuchen blinked in the eye and quickly pulled the plug of the small gourd .

Suddenly, a physically pill-american medicine pill aura permeated .

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"It's Shedding Body Pill . "

Although she hasn't seen Shedding Body Pill, Li Fuchen has a hunch that this medicine pill is the Shedding Body Pill of Great Elder, who is endless for something even in one's dreams .

There are three Shedding Body Pills in the small gourd, each of which is full and round, exuding the aura that makes people flutter .

Plugged the stopper and put it into the storage pouch, Li Fuchen smiled on his face .

Although he did not intend to take Shedding Body Pill, the value of Shedding Body Pill made him very satisfied .

Eastern Lín Continent, the martial artist trapped in the Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base is not known .

You know, even if you have a 5 star root bone, you may not be able to step into the Shedding Body Realm, let alone the 4 star root bone .

A Shedding Body Pill is enough to create a Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

Seeing nothing in the pill refining room, Li Fuchen walked to the final retreat .

The retreat room was empty, and there was no debris . Only the ground was placed with a praying mat .

"This praying mat?"

Li Fuchen looked at the prayer mat .

The praying mat is pale yellow and looks ordinary . However, as soon as Li Fuchen's consciousness is close to the past, he immediately discovers that inside the prayer mat, there is a deep aura hidden .

Thinking about it, Li Fuchen sat on the praying mat .

In an instant, a pale yellow rays of light enveloped Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen only felt that his mind was much cleaner and more practical, as if the whole world had only himself and nothing else .

"Good mysterious prayer mat . "

How does Li Fuchen not know that this praying mat is a treasure .

A treasure that can be reassuringly comprehend Martial Dao, this kind of treasure is often worthless .

Because everyone's comprehend speed has its limits, and this praying mat can make people break the limit and reach a higher level .

"This adventure, the harvest is big, far beyond imagination, is it the relationship of Star Fate . "

Li Fuchen couldn't think of anything else .

Star Fate Mountain, Eastern Lín Continent destiny, and the Heavenly Dipper Battle Imprint, the star Fate Mountain Star Fate, Li Fuchen as the Star List Number 1 , with the perfect shape Heavenly Dipper Battle Imprint, Star Fate is undoubtedly the strongest .

Originally Li Fuchen did not pay attention to this matter, after all, Star Fate is too sham .

But now, he thinks Star Fate exists .

When he returned to the pill refining room, Li Fuchen had a whimsy and collected Pill Refining Furnace .

If he expected to be good, this small courtyard should be the residence of Black Heaven Sect Legacy Elder, and the Black Heaven Sect Legacy Elder, at least the Battle Spirit Realm low rank, the Pill Refining Furnace left by it, mostly not common grade, otherwise Not enough to refine Shedding Body Pill .

Out of the small courtyard, Li Fuchen's brow suddenly wrinkled, and there was a level 5 Demon on the lawn .

Level 5 Demon is in Eastern Lín Continent, but there is a lot of power, beyond the level 5 Apex monster beast, and only the special level 5 Apex monster beast of the Magic Tiger King and Petrification Queen can press them .

Like a sword-like grass cut on level 5 Demon, even the skin of level 5 Demon did not break, this point, Silver Armored Bear is far worse than level 5 Demon .

When Li Fuchen saw level 5 Demon, the level 5 Demon also saw Li Fuchen, but in his sight, Li Fuchen was in a very remote place, Trapping Array, and his vision was blurred .

Level 5 Demon Roared and sprinted in a row, wherever he went, the grass that flew over was crushed, and he couldn’t help him .

"This array is just a Trapping Array . It is estimated that only Battle Spirit Realm lower can be trapped . Level 5 Demon is a Battle Spirit Realm lower Apex . I don't know if this Trapping Array can do it . "

Thinking about it, Li Fuchen is ready to go out on the slate .

Worried about the changes in the slate, Li Fuchen scanned it specifically to see which slabs were not shrouded by the Trapping Array .

Sure enough, the position of the slate that has not been shrouded by the Trapping Array has changed . If Li Fuchen returns according to the original route, it will fall into the array directly like the level 5 Demon, and it will die in an instant .

Figure flashes, Li Fuchen embarks on the first slate, followed by the second slate .

During the period, Li Fuchen even passed by level 5 Demon .

Fortunately, Level 5 Demon does not seem to perceive the distance between the two sides . In addition, the qi strength emitted by level 5 Demon is also isolated by the Trapping Array, and Li Fuchen is not injured .

Eventually, Li Fuchen passed the lawn and returned to the road .

As for the monster beast bone in the pond, Li Fuchen couldn't get it, only to stay next time .

Shortly after Li Fuchen's departure, level 5 Demon was finally injured and there was blood on his body .

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