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Chapter 318
"It’s going to be a decisive battle . "

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"Apex, Situ Lei and Li Fuchen, may be the strongest Earth Fiend Realm martial artist in the millennium . "

"Yes, it's almost the same now, but in the future, Chi Yuye will definitely be able to surpass both, Sword Vein is too strong, can hurt Situ Lei, and it is still a huge consumption . "

"Then don't forget, Li Fuchen is only in the realm of Earth Fiend Realm 8th layer . The room for improvement is also very big . "

"That's also true . Maybe Chi Yuye only has awakened Sword Dao Divine Ability to become a true Xeon Earth Fiend Realm . "

In the eyes of everyone, Chi Yuye, Situ Lei and Li Fuchen are all at the same level, and the gap is not big .

In any case, the Star List ranking is already very clear .

Except for the first and second, the ranking has been determined .

The third is Chi Yuye, the fourth is Qi Heng, the fifth is Jiang Ruoliu, the sixth Jin Xudong, the seventh Teng Qingyun, the eighth Xu Lin, the ninth Luo Feiyun, the tenth Han Yiming, the eleventh Xiahou Chuan, the first Twelve Murong Di, as for Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu, are ranked behind, but they are all within the first 36, especially Su Muyu, ranking fifteenth, and not much worse .

Finally, the game has reached the final round . This round, other competitions are already dispensable . Only Li Fuchen and Situ Lei are the most anticipated .

Everyone wants to know that Li Fuchen is the king of the dark horse .

Still Situ Lei, the first King Star .

Both are kings, and the battle between the king and the king is naturally attracting attention .

Heavenly Dipper Great Array seems to have spiritual intelligence .

Li Fuchen and Situ Lei were scheduled to be in the final round of the final round, the ultimate field .

When this moment comes, everyone holds their breath .

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Star List Number 1 is not only an honor but also a destiny .

According to the previous example, Star List was promoted to Heavenly Dipper Realm in the first three, and can be upgraded to Heavenly Dipper Realm 2nd layer Apex in one time, and Star List Number 1 can reach Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer . Third, the second and third can reach Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer, and the first to reach Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer Apex, Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer is not without hope .

That's why, Situ Lei and others will choose to suppress their cultivation base and participate in the second Star List Great Competition .

Of course, a few people have not reached Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm three years ago . They have all been promoted during the past three years . If the last Star List Great Competition reached Half-step Heavenly Dipper Realm, maybe three people should consider whether It's a good deal . After all, it's good to promote Heavenly Dipper Realm early .

On the round table, Situ Lei and Li Fuchen stand 20 meters apart .

Situ Lei looked dignified and instinctively told him that Li Fuchen was not as good as Chi Yuye . If he could win, it would be a terrible victory . It is impossible to win only with a little injury .

"Heavenly Thunder Execution !"

Purple electric light shines, behind Situ Lei, a group of thunder and lightning figures condensed, endless purple thunder and lightning diffuse over the round table, and immediately condensed into a purple Thunder and Lightning Fist at a very fast speed, rushing to Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen shunned a Heavenly Thunder Execution .

Heavenly Thunder Execution is extremely fast . If you rely on the reaction alone, Li Fuchen is too late to dodge, but if you are super-conscious, you can dodge ahead .

"Can you get out of consciousness?"

Situ Lei sneered, purple screaming, a fist just condensed, and flew to Li Fuchen .

This time Li Fuchen really can't dodge .

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Dodge early, useless, dodge late, speed is not so fast, can not teleportation out of attack range .

"Flame Demon kills!"

The black cover with a red cover came out and covered the shadow of the sky .

Crackle and rattle !

The cover was torn, and many of the faint fists still slammed into Li Fuchen .

"Worthy is Thunder God Sect number 1 Martial Art !"

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and quickly made an effective dodge move .


The purple Thunder and Lightning Fist is too dense, and there is a fist Li Fuchen can't hide anyway, only to have a sword block .

The purple arc was diffused, and Li Fuchen's foot slipped out of the ground, and a lot of scorch appeared on the skin .

"Okay, pick me up again . "

Situ Lei shouted, the figure was like lightning, and the Thunder and Lightning Fist hit Li Fuchen again .

"It seems that only Bronze Sword Essence has been exposed . It should be fine to expose it . "

Li Fuchen didn't intend to expose all the strengths of Bronze Sword Essence . That would be too shocking . Maybe it's okay now, but once the first Odd Martial Artist leaves, he will become the target of criticism . Now, Black Iron Sword Essence is estimated to have caused quite a lot . The heart of human covet .

After all, it is rare to superimpose the secret technique of the secret technique . Even the top ten powers are estimated .

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Within the body The black iron sword mark is still on, at the same time, about half of the bronze sword mark lights up .

In the next moment, countless blacks were sprayed with bronze and reddish Sword Aura, welcoming the thundering Thunder and Lightning Fist .

"Can you stop it?"

Situ Lei sneered .


It seems that the bubble has been punctured, and the seemingly overbearing Thunder and Lightning Fist has collapsed . The next moment, the intensive Sword Aura is like rain, spilling over to Situ Lei .

"What?"Situ Lei was shocked and the figure went crazy .

In the process of retreating, Situ Lei defeated the intensive Sword Aura with three punches .

"His strength?"

Situ Lei is amazed .

He can be sure that Li Fuchen will use some hidden ability to make the strength soar, otherwise he will not break his Heavenly Thunder Execution .

"Is that human being? How many trump cards does he have? ”

Everyone is already dumbfounded and can no longer be dumbfounded .

Again and again, three, three and four .

Li Fuchen hides strength again and again, and the strength broke out again and again . Everyone was shocked from the beginning, to numbness, and then could not help but be shocked .

"Heavenly Thunder Execution – World Splitting Heavenly Thunder !"

With a scream, Situ Lei broke out of the unique skill in Heavenly Thunder Execution .

When the unique skill is out, the boxing is in the cover, everything is turned into nothingness, including dust . At the same time, a strong electric field is born . In a strong electric field, Li Fuchen only feels that the body is overpowered from the inside out . That kind of numbness makes him feel a little weak .

You know that this is just a boxing, and if you are bombarded with thunder and lightning, you will definitely be broken .

Almost subconscious, Li Fuchen's body supports a layer of black and dark True Spirit .

This is the combination of black iron sword qi and Bronze Sword Qi, which is Sword Qi Body Protection .

Its strength is far beyond the ordinary Body Protecting True Qi .

As the body of the sword qi erected, Li Fuchen's body was ruined, and the next moment, Li Fuchen violently exploded . Profound level high rank killing move flame dragon blew out .

Sword Aura is a flame dragon, mostly black, with a cyan outer edge and a reddish edge . It looks like a dragon . It is more like a thunder and lightning . Of course, there is no thunder and lightning property, but the shape is not fixed .

Tear off!

Thunder and lightning were cut open, flame dragon Sword Aura hot knife through butter, bombarded on Situ Lei's Body Protecting True Qi .

Although Situ Lei's Body Protecting True Qi is extremely sturdy and specially reinforced, it can be directly annihilated by the flame dragon Sword Aura with bronze Sword Aura .


Sword Aura swallowed, and Situ Lei was annihilated by Sword Aura .

The ultimate winner is Li Fuchen .

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