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Chapter 317
"His strength, and reservations?"

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Qi Heng looks stunned . When Li Fuchen and Chi Yuye fight, they don't have such strong attack power, at least they are weaker than they are now .

The bone breaks, so Qi Heng can't break out the power of the most Apex, and the movement has a slight deformation .

"Can't wait . "

Qi Heng had planned to brew more power to throw a larger halberd, but time was too late .

Kā cā!

Within the body The bone is completely broken, and the Qi Heng throws the action in the large halberd .

Before that, there were no signs at all, and the starting styles seemed to have been omitted, leaving only the outbreak .

Large halberd turns into a light, an absolute light .

"Do you use this trick to deal with me?"

Li Fuchen smiled .


Large halberd pierced Li Fuchen's body .

But soon, Qi Heng's face suddenly changed .

The large halberd pierced, just Li Fuchen's phantom clone, the real Li Fuchen, has already arrived in front of him .


Following the wound on Qi Heng, Li Fuchen unloaded the other's right arm and then followed another wound to remove Qi Heng's thigh .

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In the blink of an eye, Li Fuchen pulled out several swords and almost dismembered Qi Heng .

Chi Yuye didn't react, it didn't mean that Li Fuchen couldn't react . In fact, it didn't have much to do with the reaction . When Qi Heng was brewing this trick, Li Fuchen was already alert, so the other party will not be sent . Li Fuchen ducked ahead and let the opponent attack an empty space .

And to achieve this, we must have a sense of superb .

“Qi Heng lost to Li Fuchen after all . ”Someone sighed .

"No way, Li Fuchen's battle awareness and combat skills are terrible, and Qi Heng's trick is useless . "

As heaven's chosen, everyone's eyesight is still there .

Because of the last rounds, Qi Heng met Situ Lei without any suspense .

The loss to Chi Yuye and Li Fuchen has made Qi Heng's fighting spirit greatly reduced, but the strength is strength . Although it can't be played abnormally, it can still be done normally .


On the round table, Situ Lei and Qi Heng great war .

"Thunder Fist !"

Endless mad thunder condensed into a fist, bombarded on Qi Heng .

In an instant, Qi Heng was filled with lightning and zī zī .

Unfortunately, Qi Heng's defense is too strong . This thunder and lightning is just a little black, and it doesn't matter .

"Situ Lei, you can't break my defense . "Qi Heng has some confidence .

The swordsman's ability to break defense is high, the same strength, fists and swords are incomparable .

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"Do I?"

Situ Lei smiled a little .

"I don't know this punch, how do you pick it up . "Situ Lei figure vacated and punched hard .

As the fist slammed out, behind a scene of Situ Lei, a thunder and lightning figure was gathered, and the huge fist of thunder and lightning was also hit by Qi Heng .

"This is?"

The crowd's chosen eyes wide open .


As if Heavenly Thunder came into the world, the endless purple thunder and lightning, condensed into a purple Thunder and Lightning Fist, slammed into Qi Heng, the speed is fast, and it will arrive instantly .

Zī zī 滋噗!

The purple Thunder and Lightning Fist produced thousands of vibrations, instantly smashing Qi Heng's defense, and then scorching Qi Heng's large clone body .

"It's Heavenly Thunder Execution !"

Someone recognized the fist technique that Situ Lei applied .

Heavenly Thunder Execution, Thunder God Sect number 1 Martial Art, Eastern Lín Continent The top ten Martial Art ranks second, on the rankings, several times higher than Heavenly Dragon Sword Art, and its destructive power, naturally also in Heavenly Dragon Above Sword Art .

Obviously, Situ Lei has also cultivated Heavenly Thunder Execution to the realm of brought to the point of perfection . The realm of Martial Art is only higher than that of Chi Yuye .

“Situ Lei actually became Thunder God Sect number 1 Martial Art and Worthy is the first King Star . ”

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“Situ Lei is a 6 star Thunder Root Bone, the cultivation is Thunder and Lighting Divine Merit, and the Heavenly Thunder Execution is performed . The three complement each other, enough to break out the extraordinary power, and the Ray attribute Martial Art, Ben It is one of the most powerful Martial Art of destructive power . "

Surprisingly, at the Earth Fiend Realm level, it was almost impossible to get the Profound level top rank Martial Art cultivate to great accomplishment, but both Chi Yuye and Situ Lei did it .

If Chi Yuye beat Qi Heng by Sword Vein's power, Li Fuchen beat Qi Heng with amazing consciousness and skill, and Situ Lei crushed Qi Heng with absolute strength .

Thunder God Sect Sect Master is full of laughter and the power of Situ Lei . No one knows better than him .

In Thunder God Sect, in private, Situ Lei even defeated a Inner Sect Elder of Heavenly Dipper Realm 2nd layer cultivation base . If you still can't get Star List Number 1, then there is really a problem .

"Sure enough, on the power, not inferior to Chi Yuye's last sword . "

Li Fuchen secretly thought .

Chi Yuye defeated Qi Heng's sword, which is very powerful, and its power has almost doubled in an instant . Situ Lei has a similar power without Sword Vein, which shows its terrible .

As the last two rounds, in the next round, Chi Yuye met Situ Lei without any suspense .

Activate The residual Sword Vein core power, Chi Yuye and Situ Lei are fighting .

Only Situ Lei is too strong, all aspects are peak, no matter the cultivation base, the cultivation technique, the Martial Art power, must be above Chi Yuye, if not Chi Yuye has Sword Vein, I am afraid that even Situ Lei will punch Can't take it .

“Human and Sword United . ”

Chi Yuye inspires the final Sword Vein core power, instantly erupts, Human and Sword United, turns into a sword light and shoots at Situ Lei .

Situ Lei looks solemn, this sword, even if he does not have absolute grasp to block .

Of course, he does not believe that Chi Yuye can issue a few swords, otherwise there is no need to hesitate when he fights with Li Fuchen .

Heavenly Thunder Execution blasts, the endless purple thunder and lightning converge into a transparent fist, slamming into sword light .

The sword light is extremely fast, the fist just condenses, and the sword light is approaching .

This makes the fist's prestige ability no time to brew to the limit .

Crackle and rattle !

The endless purple thunder and lightning smashed, and a lot of slick light passed through Situ Lei .


Situ Lei spits out a blood, with a sword mark on the left shoulder .

“Don't Situ Lei lose?”

Everyone opened their mouths and couldn't speak for a long time .


Chi Yuye, who is facing away from Situ Lei, suddenly burst into a bloody fog .

A closer look reveals that the chest is completely broken down .

It turned out that when Sword Light opened his shoulders, Situ Lei slammed into Chi Yuye's chest . Although this punch was not Heavenly Thunder Execution, it was just a common punch with thunder and lightning True Spirit, but it was enough . Chi Yuye's defense .

Heavenly Dipper Great Array can repair any injury . In an instant, under one light, Chi Yuye's injury is restored .

"Or lost!"

In fact, this sword can't compare with the sword he defeated Qi Heng, defeating the sword of Qi Heng . He can't control the core strength of Sword Vein, 70% of the power, and instantly consumes 50% . This time, the remaining 20% The power is also squeezed clean .

He estimated that in order to defeat Situ Lei, at least 50% of the core power of Sword Vein is consumed . Of course, no more is used . At present, he cannot suddenly erupt too much of the core power of Sword Vein . In fact, If ordinary people do not have Sword Vein and erupt so much power, meridian must be completely ruined .

Defeat Chi Yuye, Situ Lei looks at Li Fuchen, and then, the two fight .

This battle is also a battle to determine the ownership of the first King Star .

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