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Chapter 315

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The two fell on the round table, and the speed was as fast as lightning .

"Heavenly Dragon Sword Art – Heavenly Dragon Asking Heart . "

Chi Yuye is no nonsense, and there is no temptation . Whenever she comes up, she will display the Profound level top rank technique Heavenly Dragon Sword Art . The endless sword light will come together and become a golden dragon, violently impacting Li Fuchen .

"This sword seems to be stronger than when it defeated Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong . "

“I heard that Chi Yuye not only has a 6 star root bone, but also has Sword Vein, which can increase Sword Dao destructive power . ”

"Perhaps the rumor is true . "

Many people have talked about it .

Heavenly Dipper Great Array Outside, Heavenly Dragon Sword Sect Sect Master smiles lightly .

If you have the talent potential alone, Chi Yuye is not a reputation for the rare Sword Dao genius that Heavenly Dragon Sword Sect has seen for thousands of years .

But there is a difference between Sword Vein .

Heavenly Dragon Sword Sect For thousands of years, the talent potential is comparable to that of Chi Yuye, but there is no Sword Vein, and Sword Vein has no Chi Yuye talent potential .

The so-called Sword Vein is a natural physique . This physique has a natural realization of Sword Dao, and there is an invisible force blessing on the sword technique, which makes the sword technique soar .

The most frightening thing is that Sword Vein is not a constant change .

As the cultivation base increases, Sword Vein will slowly wake up, and when awakened to a certain extent, it is enough to develop the terrible Sword Dao Divine Ability .

With Sword Vein, the general talent potential is extremely strong . In ancient times, it was praised as the future Sword Dao .

In the face of Chi Yuye's strong sword, Li Fuchen has slightly improved his strength and brought his strength to 70% .

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Black iron Sword Aura Like the sword of the devil, it is smashed out and slammed with the golden dragon .

Clang clang clang ……

On the round table, the golden sword light is like a fine sword rain, sprayed wildly, and Li Fuchen rushes out the red black black iron Sword Aura, intertwined, killing the sword rain .


Chi Yuye looks a little .

In the battle with Golden Whip King Star Jin Xudong, he only slightly activated Sword Vein, and now he basically completely activated Sword Vein .

"These four people, and we are not at all a level!"

Everyone was stunned .

In their view, Chi Yuye and Li Fuchen, have been able to fight Situ Lei Qi Heng completely, perhaps Situ Lei is a bit worse, but definitely not weaker than Qi Heng, at least it looks like it is possible to break the defense of Qi Heng of .

As everyone expected, Qi Heng's face dignified a lot .

In his opinion, Chi Yuye and Li Fuchen have been able to break his defense, which means that the two are hopeful to defeat him .

"Li Fuchen, you are the first person to force me to the limit . "

Chi Yuye took a deep breath, within the body meridian deep, a little force squeezed out .

If someone can see Chi Yuye's body, you can see that Chi Yuye's meridian is pale gold, completely different from ordinary people . This is the legendary Sword Dao physique – Sword Vein .

Sword Vein is tough and can withstand the power of more powerful, and with Sword Vein, the internal injuries are also very fast .

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To know that martial artist is in contact with each other, it is usually internal injuries, and the internal injuries are generally damaged by meridian, or the internal organs are damaged, but Chi Yuye does not have to worry about meridian damage . As for the damage of the internal organs, it does not matter, the internal organs are connected with meridian . Meridian is powerful and can also nourish the internal organs . Of course, this will consume the power of Sword Vein .

Sword Vein is pale gold, and the power squeezed out of Sword Vein is also pale gold . This silky pale gold power flows along the arm Sword Vein and is poured into the golden long sword . The next moment, Chi Yuye's golden long sword, bursts out . For the golden light of glare, there seems to be a sword mark that outlines the surface of the golden long sword, increasing the word momentum .

“Heavenly Dragon Sword Art – Soaring Heavenly Dragon!”

The golden long rainbow seems to connect with the golden lightning of the heavens and earth, and rushes toward Li Fuchen . This sword has reached an appalling level, both in terms of power and speed .

“This child has the legendary Sword Vein, and Sword Dao destructive power is almost doubled . ”

Azure Billow Sect Supreme Elder frowns .

Azure Billow Sect hasn't seen any Sword Vein in history . For the millennia, only Heavenly Dragon Sword Sect and Approaching Heaven Sword Sect have had several Sword Veins .

"Strength can increase?"

Seeing, Li Fuchen couldn't help but frown .

He could not understand where Chi Yuye's power came from .

But it doesn't matter if you don't understand it .

The strength is activated to 90%, Li Fuchen's Profound Light Sword, has been dyed red and black, as if a magic sword, magic sword, Sword Aura throughput, a terrible Sword Dao Aura pervasive, this moment, Li Fuchen It becomes like Sword Demon .


With both hands holding the sword, Li Fuchen took out his sword .


Most of them are black Sword Aura, which looks like a chaotic blade and cuts crazy to the golden rainbow .

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For a time, within ten feet of Li Fuchen, it was filled with red and black air .

As if the tearing of the cloth sounded, the golden long rainbow was cut into dozens of copies, and it was impossible to compete with Li Fuchen's black iron Sword Aura .

"What, it broke . "

Chi Yuye is angry .

The core strength of his Sword Vein is a little less . In normal times, the power of Sword Vein is used .

Once the core power of Sword Vein runs out, it takes a long time to recover .

Unless you can develop Sword Vein to the point where Sword Dao Divine Ability is generated, you can continuously restore your core strength .

"Fight . "

Chi Yuye continues to squeeze out the core strength of Sword Vein and fights with Li Fuchen .

He does not allow himself to lose, and as long as he defeats Li Fuchen, he will be in the top three .

But if it fails, he is very likely to not enter the top three .

After all, this battle consumed a lot of Sword Vein core strength, the remaining power, still do not know whether it can beat Qi Heng, as for Situ Lei, he has no grasp .

The growth time for him is still too small, and there is no way to go beyond Situ Lei .

Clang clang clang 锵…

On the round table, the two men fought fiercely, biting cold's sword qi, all over the entire round table . When anyone entered it, they would be strangled by sword qi, and there was no place to stand .

Chi Yuye was hesitant when Sword Vein's core power consumed 30% .

He didn't know if he should continue, Li Fuchen obviously can continue, and his ultimate strength has not been long .

Just as Chi Yuye hesitated, Li Fuchen seized the opportunity and forced a few swords to force Chi Yuye to block the sword .


However, in the face of Li Fuchen, any negligence will lead to fatal flaws .

A sword, Li Fuchen runs through Chi Yuye's body .

"I lost?"

Chi Yuye is still a little unbelievable .

Although he hesitated, but when he failed, he was still very uncomfortable .

Emperor Sword Dao, has always been my only respect, aloof and above mundane things, in front of him, any swordsman must bow down .

But now, he lost to Li Fuchen, the swordsman .

This is a blow to his Emperor Sword Dao .

"Li Fuchen? I remember you . ”

Chi Yuye's eyes are cold and ruthless .

His Sword Vein will only get stronger and stronger, and when he develops Sword Dao Divine Ability, he wants Li Fuchen to surrender under his feet .

Li Fuchen didn't care what Chi Yuye thought .

If you win, you will win . At the moment, he is winning .

The intensity of this battle is far more than any previous battle .

After defeating Chi Yuye, Li Fuchen is already one of the Three King Stars . The only problem is that it is the first King Star .

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