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Chapter 316
"We all underestimate the identity of the first Odd Martial Artist Direct Disciple . Those who can become the first Odd Martial Artist Direct Disciple will be simple . Their talent potential is bound to be the best in the top . He is the first and also It’s not bad . ”

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"A 1 star root bone, the talent potential is the first in the younger generation, is it too ridiculous . "

Absurdism Hehe, the world's greatest, no wonder, except for the root bone, there are some hidden talents, such as Chi Yuye's Sword Vein . ”

"To be reasonable, root bone does not mean everything, at least in the legendary record, does not mean everything, some hidden talent, but also beyond the root bone, even if Sword Vein, there are high and low . "

"In fact, what is the root bone? We don't understand it . It is also recorded that the hidden talent and the root bone are actually one, such as Chi Yuye's Sword Vein and 6 star root bone . Maybe it's 6 star Sword Dao Root . Bone or 6 star Sword Vein root bone . "

"I disagree with this, hiding talent and root bone, it is impossible to be one, otherwise Li Fuchen is just a star root bone, even if he is a very special and terrible root bone, but 1 star is 1 star, then terrible and then terrifying At most, it will match the three 4 star extraordinary root bone . "

Everyone has their own opinions and they are talking about it .

"Interesting, this person seems to be worthy of me . "Situ Lei smiled on his face .

Being beaten badly, but if you don’t even have a single opponent, it’s equally uncomfortable .

"Strong strength is so strong?"

Qi Heng felt a strong sense of threat from Li Fuchen, and even Chi Yuye put a lot of pressure on him .

After losing to Li Fuchen, Chi Yuye immediately went to Qi Heng .

Qi Heng claims to be unbeaten King Star, a strength, really world-shaking, he was previously unarmed, and now he also took out a large halberd, large halberd dancing, terrifying power burst, and Chi Yuye strangled .

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"Is this his real strength?"

Chi Yuye didn't expect Qi Heng to be so strong . Before him, he clearly did not go all out .

"very powerful body strength . "

Li Fuchen saw at a glance that Qi Heng's physical strength is extremely strong, and I am afraid that it has reached the level of more than 100,000 jin .

The physical strength of Li Fuchen, together with the Concealed Blood Refining Body True Meaning, is sixty-seven thousand pounds . Of course, after comprehending the Body Refining True Meaning, the increase in power is second, and the increase in defense is the main one .

The strength of Qi Heng is so strong, Li Fuchen thinks there are two reasons .

First, Qi Heng has put the Profound level top rank Body Refining Cultivation Technique cultivation to a very high level, at least 80,000 jins of body strength .

Second, Profound Tool Sect's defense secret technique is to brand the defense against the tool mark and increase the defense . While the defense tool mark mainly increases the defense, it can also add a lot of power, defense and strength to some extent . Sometimes, it is impossible to get rid of the relationship .

The power of terrifying makes Qi Heng every stroke, every thunder, like a thunder, to destroy all the material in the world, whether it is strength or attack speed, it is amazing .

However, Qi Heng's strength is strong, but the control is not as delicate as Chi Yuye, and its Martial Art realm is also much worse than Chi Yuye . The subtle level is especially important when the power of the move is similar .

So Chi Yuye issued ten swords and there was a sword that could hit Qi Heng .

It’s just that Chi Yuye’s Tianlong sword light falls on Qi Heng, but only some shallow sword marks are left . Occasionally, there will be deeper sword marks, but the most blood will flow, just like ordinary people are cut by small knives . Like a mouth, although it hurts, it is not fatal .

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"Is the defense so strong?"

Chi Yuye's face is cloudy and uncertain .

He even activated the power of Sword Vein, but he barely broke the defense of Qi Heng .

Taking a deep breath, Chi Yuye began to activate the core power of Sword Vein .

At the crucial moment, he is not willing to activate the core power of Sword Vein . First, the core strength of Sword Vein is too slow to recover . It can't be recovered for a few months . It is estimated that it will take more than a year . Second, he wants to put Sword Vein . The core strength is used in Situ Lei, and Qi Heng is a battle . If you don't need it, you don't have to . Of course, the premise is that you can win . If you can't win, it doesn't make sense .

Sword Vein's core power is activated, and Chi Yuye's sword technique destructive power has taken it to the next level .


Qi Heng has a deep mouth, and some of his mouth is deep enough .

"God damn it!"

Qi Heng snarled, and the large halberd in his hand suddenly flew out and slammed into Chi Yuye .

Obviously, Qi Heng has been practicing long-projection weapons . The target is not to be said . The timing is not to say . Before taking action, there is no sign .

This move is too sudden, and Chi Yuye has almost no time to react .

When the large halberd turned into a rays of light, Chi Yuye only had time to block the cross sword .

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Spark Sputtering, Chi Yuye flies out and goes back to power .

Seeing that Chi Yuye is about to fly out of the round table, in midair, Chi Yuye screams, Sword Vein's core power unreservedly erupts, and the next moment, Chi Yuye stops momentarily, and then the whole person seems to have turned into a sword, Human And Sword United, killing Qi Heng .


The sword light flashed and Chi Yuye appeared behind Qi Heng .

In the next moment, Qi Heng's half body was opened, and the internal organs of the bones were vivid . If it wasn't in the Heavenly Dipper Great Array, this kind of injury, even the Shedding Body Realm martial artist could not be treated, it must be dead .

"very powerful!"

The people were shocked .

No one expected that Chi Yuye could erupt such a terrifying sword .

Looking coldly at Li Fuchen, Chi Yuye had some regrets in his heart . When he was in a battle with Li Fuchen, he should not hesitate to directly consume most of the core power of Sword Vein . He can defeat Li Fuchen, but then, He certainly can't beat Situ Lei and Qi Heng .

"very powerful Sword Dao power . "

Li Fuchen raised an eyebrow .

The power of this sword even surpassed the strength that Black Iron Sword Essence brought to him . If he used this sword with Chi Yuye, he had to activate Bronze Sword Essence .

“Is this Sword Vein?”

Situ Lei looks like electricity .

If Chi Yuye can still issue this sword when he fights with him, he will not have the confidence to win .

"This session is too exaggerated . These two people are still not people . Are they up-and-coming?"

"Three King Star Only Situ Lei is still holding his position, don't know if he can hold it?"

"This is interesting . Li Fuchen defeated Chi Yuye and Chi Yuye defeated Qi Heng . If Qi Heng defeated Li Fuchen, the ranking between Chi Yuye and Li Fuchen was not certain . "

The strength of Chi Yuye broke out, making everyone realize that there are still many suspense in the first three disputes, and all three may be the first .

At this point, the Star List Great Competition has been in the final rounds, and Li Fuchen has encountered Qi Heng in the next round .

On the round table, Li Fuchen put the black iron Sword Aura activate to the limit, Sword Aura has turned 90% black, only one color is the red color of Flaming Demon Sword Heart .


Compared to Chi Yuye, Li Fuchen's sword technique is closer and more seamless . In the ten swords, at least three swords can leave a sword mark on Qi Heng .

Moreover, the sword mark is quite deep, and the deepest sword mark even splits Qi Heng's with the body bone, making it unable to break out of the ultimate strength .

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