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Chapter 267
“Not bad, not bad . This kill move is much more dominant than I imagined . ”

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The preeminent man appeared behind Li Fuchen out of nowhere .

Li Fuchen turned around and wrapped his fists, “Master . ”

The preeminent man nodded his head, “But it is still not enough . Next, I want you to create an even stronger kill move . It will not do if it is just slightly stronger . It has to be at least half a rank stronger, closer to the mystic class high-tier sword art . ”

‘Stronger by half a rank? Closer to the mystic class high-tier sword art?’ Li Fuchen’s expression changed .

His first kill move was already much stronger than others, which was around 130% of the Blaze Devil Sword Art’s power . His second kill move was around 30% stronger than his first sword move, which was around 170% of the Blaze Devil Sword Art . If the third kill move was stronger by half a rank, then it would be at least 30% stronger than the second kill move . Which meant that it would have at least twice the power of the Blaze Devil Sword Art .

Of course, his current Blaze Devil Sword Art had yet to comprehend the Blaze Devil Sword intent, and was only at the perfection rank .

Once he comprehended the Blaze Devil Sword intent, no matter how strong a mystic class mid-tier kill move was, it wouldn’t be comparable to the Blaze Devil Sword Art .

Unless his mystic class mid-tier kill move could breakthrough to the mystic class high-tier .

“Why? You can’t do it?” The preeminent man asked .

Li Fuchen replied, “I can do it . ”

In his dictionary, there wasn’t anything that he couldn’t do .

As long as he had enough time, he would be able to comprehend the Blaze Devil Sword intent .

“It is good that you can do it . ” The preeminent man smiled . He wanted to slowly force out Li Fuchen’s potential .

From what he could see, Li Fuchen’s potential had yet to be fully exhibited . In fact, there was basically no one who could burst out with their full potential . It had to go through plenty of training and desperate situations before it could happen . This was why there was a difference in achievements even among those of the same bone frame grade .

‘When developing the third kill move, I can try testing out the Rotating Flow Sword intent . ’

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Li Fuchen already had a framework prepared for the kill move .

Just as Li Fuchen was about to concentrate on creating the third kill move, some of the write-in disciples under the preeminent man couldn’t take it anymore .

“Elder shixiong, Cheng shixiong invites you over for a chat . ”

On this day, a write-in disciple came to where Li Fuchen was practicing his sword art .

“What is it regarding?”

Li Fuchen knew about this Cheng shixiong this write-in disciple was talking about .

All those write-in disciples under the first Mystic Martial Expert were mostly people that passed the third mystic martial door . But there were two who passed the fourth mystic martial door and one of them was Cheng Guangjie . This Cheng Guangjie was the no . 1 direct disciple from the Long River Sword Sect, but he was slightly younger than Lu Yun who was the no . 1 direct disciple from Cloud Creek Sword Sect . He was ranked 60 on the Star Ranking and had great ability .

“Everyone is under the same master and it is natural for everyone to drink and mingle around . Elder shixiong wouldn’t refuse right?!” This person let out a fake smile stared at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen nodded his head unenthusiastically, “You can go first! I will come later on . ”

How could he not know that this was a challenge from the write-in disciples?

The status of a personal disciple and a write-in disciple was just a statement from their master .

If master wanted you to be a personal disciple, you would be a personal disciple . If he wanted you as a write-in disciple, then you would only be a write-in disciple .

If Li Fuchen placed himself in their shoes, and if he as a write-in disciple, he might go challenge the personal disciples as well .

There might be a possibility that master would have higher regards for you after defeating a personal disciple? Which meant there was a possibility of becoming a personal disciple as well .

When Li Fuchen arrived at the rendezvous point, there were nine write-in disciples waiting already .

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The leader of these write-in disciples had an average build but looked extremely muscular and he had a pair of chilling eyes that were very imposing .

Cheng Guangjie . The no . 1 direct disciple of Long River Sword Sect, at the 9th level of the Earth Realm . He was accepted as a write-in disciple by the first Mystic Martial Expert over ten months ago .

There was a rule in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain . After residing here for a full year, one had to leave the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain and never to return .

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There was only less than two months time before Cheng Guangjie had to leave .

Before he left, he wanted to become the first Mystic Martial Expert’s personal disciple . He would then have a backer when he was in the outside world . He wasn’t satisfied with just relying on the Long River Sword Sect .

“Li Fuchen, you came . ”

Cheng Guangjie addressed Li Fuchen by his name and didn’t address him as Elder shixiong .

Li Fuchen didn’t mind either . He just found a place and sat down .

“If there is anyone who wishes to challenge me, then come at me! There is no need to beat around the bush . ” Li Fuchen didn’t have time to dawdle with these people . If he had such luxury of time, he would rather spend it on creating the third kill move .

Cheng Guangjie laughed, “Of course we are definitely going to spar and exchange pointers . But I, Cheng Guangjie is a man who knows about basic etiquette . Let’s have a drink first . ”


It didn’t take much time to drink some wine, hence Li Fuchen accepted it .

After drinking three rounds of wine and with the influence of the wine, everyone’s battle intent was high in spirit .

“Elder shixiong . I, Lang Tao will have a taste of your expert moves . ” A youth with long limbs stood out with sharp eyes .

“Please!” Li Fuchen stood up as well .

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Cheng Guangjie said, “For it to be fair, everyone will fight within the Restriction Formation Array . ”

The place of their gathering wasn’t a normal place, as there was a Restriction Formation Array by the side .

The Restriction Formation Array was a formation that restricted one’s qi cultivation .

This Restriction Formation Array would restrict everyone’s cultivation to the Qi Realm . As such, everyone’s qi cultivation would roughly be the same and they could only settle it with their martial arts moves .

In fact, without the Restriction Formation Array, everyone was able to control their own qi cultivation . But in moments of desperation, there was only a few who would truly be able to suppress their own qi cultivation . If the suppression wasn’t done properly, there might be casualties .

This wasn’t something that Cheng Guangjie wished for .

Once Li Fuchen entered the formation array, he could feel that his qi cultivation was fixed at the 9th level of the Qi Realm and it couldn’t increase any further . He had a feeling that his Mystical Dragon Secret Technique and Primary Clear Hand wouldn’t be able to enhance his qi either .

“Such a mystical formation array!”

Li Fuchen finally witnessed the mystics of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain .

Regular sects didn’t have the capability to possess this Restriction Formation Array . Even the elite influential forces in the East Unicorn Continent might not have it .

While standing in the Restriction Formation Array, Lang Tao and Li Fuchen were ten meters away from each other .

“Elder shixiong . Be careful now . ”

Lang Tao drew his longsword, while a sharp sword intent surged out .

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Lang Tao might only be a write-in disciple, but he had received many pointers from the preeminent man and had drastic improvements in his sword art . He was also able to create his second kill move .

“Just come as you wish . ” Li Fuchen had on a calm expression .

“Wind Sword: Twist Kill!”

Lang Tao’s first move was a kill move .

This was the first kill move which he created before coming in here . Its power was relatively stronger than a mystic class mid-tier sword art .

This move was just a test . He wasn’t so arrogant to assume that this move could defeat Li Fuchen .

After being enhanced by the qi of the Qi Realm, his longsword was like a twister which twisted towards Li Fuchen .

“Bring out your true capability” Executing the Blaze Devil Sword Art, Li Fuchen used a casual sword move to smash his opponent’s kill move, forcing his opponent to take several steps back .

Lang Tao’s kill move was too weak and wasn’t even comparable to the Blaze Devil Sword Art .

“Okay . Kill of Wind!”

Lang Tao took in a deep breath . His eyes turned extremely sharp and the longsword in his hand turned into a storm which was assaulting Li Fuchen . In that instant, that killing qi’s violence was enough to put fear into people’s heart .

“Too weak . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t even have to execute his kill move . Using the Blaze Devil Sword Art, he thrust towards Lang Tao .

The seemingly horrific storm instantly dissipated .

This sword attacked directly at the opponent’s flaw, hence there wasn’t even a need to use a kill move .

“Using a mystic class high-tier sword art?” Cheng Guangjie squinted his eyes .

His vision was extremely sharp and it took him just one look to determine if Li Fuchen was using a kill move or not . A kill move was very extreme, while Li Fuchen’s sword move had a grace that a kill move wouldn’t have . This grace was something that belonged to a complete sword art .

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