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Chapter 268

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Immediately after, a few more write-in disciples challenged Li Fuchen
but were all unable to force him to use his kill move .

“Li Fuchen, let us have a round . ” Cheng Guangjie
’s expression was much more grave than when all this started .

He had to admit that Li Fuchen wasn’t easy to deal with . He was hoping that Li Fuchen didn’t have the time to develop a kill move yet .

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Inside the Restriction Formation Array, Cheng Guangjie burst out with a yell and attacked with his first kill move .

For a split moment, the sword intent was unstoppable as his sword force rushed forth .


Cheng Guangjie was forced to step back .

His first kill move wasn’t any stronger than Lang Tao’s second kill move . He was slightly superior in terms of his combat awareness and combat skills .

But everything was useless .

In the Restriction Formation Array, Li Fuchen didn’t think that he would lose to anyone . Even if he only used his weakest martial arts move, he would still be able to wield it to the fullest extent .

Cheng Guangjie’s expression didn’t look too good as he quickly followed up with his second kill move .


Cheng Guangjie was forced back again .

At this moment, everyone had a change in expression .

It was a kill move with similar firepower, but when executed by a different individual, its effects were entirely different .

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Cheng Guangjie’s second kill move wasn’t just superior to anyone else, he also had combat awareness and combat skills that surpassed everyone else as well . But at the hands of Li Fuchen, it was still repelled in a single strike and there was no opportunity for a counterattack .

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“Shadow Sweep!”

Cheng Guangjie roared with anger, as his third kill move burst forth .

This move swept out like a shadow and was fast as lightning .

This was just under the qi manipulation at the Qi Realm . If it was at the Earth Realm, the speed would be incredibly fast .

“This move is not bad . ” There was a strange flash of light in Li Fuchen’s eyes .

In the world of martial arts, there was nothing that couldn’t be overcome, only speed .

Li Fuchen’s awareness was extremely strong and no matter how profound your martial artist was, he would be able to find flaws . But if your martial arts was fast, Li Fuchen would only be able to exhibit a smaller extent of his awareness .

A pity that it wasn’t fast enough, at least it didn’t surpass Li Fuchen’s reaction speed .

He countered as his attack landed first . Li Fuchen’s sword knocked onto the sword shadow .


As blinding sparks burst forth, Cheng Guangjie’s kill move was redirected .

At the next moment, Li Fuchen’s sword was pointed at Cheng Guangjie’s throat .

“You lost . ” Li Fuchen stated indifferently .

They were fighting with similar qi realms, but he didn’t even have to use his kill move .

Back at the Autumn Rain Tea Party, Ruan Qianqiu and Xiao Bai had the advantage of their cultivation . If they all had the same level of cultivation, Li Fuchen would similarly beat them in a single blade .

‘I am defeated just like this . ’ Cheng Guangjie felt a daze in his head .

He was unable to imagine that there was such a large gap between himself and Li Fuchen, it was a ridiculously large gap .

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Up until now, he was still unsure if Li Fuchen had any kill moves .

If Li Fuchen did, then wouldn’t the gap be even wider?

The rest of the write-in disciples looked towards Li Fuchen with a completely different expression .

No wonder he is a personal disciple, master’s insight is truly brilliant .

“A group of fools . ” In his abode, the preeminent man shook his head and sneered .

He didn’t hinder when his write-in disciples challenged Li Fuchen . He wanted to use this chance to show them the difference between them and a true prodigy . He wanted them to know the gap and to be realistic without any flights of fancy and not be overconfident .


After defeating Cheng Guangjie, Li Fuchen’s ‘Elder shixiong
’ position wasn’t challenged anymore . Li Fuchen was pleased when no one bothered him and he could spend all his time to create his third kill move .

“If I want to create the third kill move, does my Rotating Flow Sword intent have to first be closer to the mystic class high-tier sword intent?”

On this day, Li Fuchen was muttering to himself .

“Your way of thinking is wrong . ” The preeminent man appeared behind Li Fuchen .

“Master . ” Li Fuchen turned around with wrapped fists .

The preeminent man explained, “Sword intent is the essence of sword arts and sword moves, but a sword move is also great by itself . If the sword intent is a person’s spirit, then the sword move will be that person’s body . A powerful spirit might be able to make a person extraordinary, but if the body is also similar powerful, would it not be better?”

The preeminent man walked over as he spoke .

Li Fuchen didn’t say anything . Master’s explanation was naturally correct .

Just like the Blaze Devil Sword Art . Even though it wasn’t at the trance stage and didn’t have any Blaze Devil Sword intent, its power was much stronger than a mystic class mid-tier sword art which comprehended the mystic class mid-tier sword intent . This was precisely due to the fact that the sword moves of a mystic class high-tier sword art were already powerful by itself .

“If you wish to comprehend mystic class high-tier sword intents faster, you have to first create a sufficiently strong sword move . If both the sword move and sword intent are powerful, then the sword move itself would be powerful . ” The preeminent man continued .

“Yes, master . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

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One month later .

On the peak of the mountain .

Li Fuchen was wielding a withered tree branch which drew across the air .

For a split second, there was a faint circle shaped shadow that appeared .


The withered tree branch exploded .

“I finally have some signs of progress . ” Li Fuchen was in a great mood as he continued to study .

The Rotating Flow Sword intent had a technique which caused the sword move to rotate . The key point for the third sword move was how to make it rotate even faster .

According to Li Fuchen’s speculation, if this rotation speed was enough, even water could slice through steel .

Another half a month had passed .

Li Fuchen drew across the air with the withered tree branch .

Bang! Crackle!

This time, the withered tree branch still exploded, but the remnants of the qi force was enough to split a huge boulder into two .

“This move is even more formidable than I imagined!” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up .

He was only using qi of the Qi Realm . If he was using Earth Realm qi, this move might probably slice apart mystic class low-tier metallic objects .

One day before the reopening of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain .

Li Fuchen had on this solemn expression at the peak of the mountain . The withered tree branch was brandished, it looked slow, but was actually very fast .

In an instant, a fiery red round moon shadow appeared .


The huge boulder was slice apart along with the surface of the ground . It was split into two and it went as deep as one meter .

“The third kill move is finally completed . ”

At this moment, Li Fuchen was feeling great and his sword intent was overflowing .

Unconsciously, his Rotating Flow Sword intent was raised closer to the rank of a mystic class high-tier sword intent when his third kill move was bursting out . It caused the third kill move’s power to be even higher than anticipated .

He reckoned that this third kill move’s power was about two and a half folds stronger than the Blaze Devil Sword Art .

In terms of pure firepower, it was actually not inferior to a mystic class high-tier sword art which comprehended sword intent .

In terms of sword stance, the third kill move looked sharper than the Blaze Devil Sword Art .

“Good . Your mystic class mid-tier kill move is the strongest among all the others I have seen . ” The preeminent man descended and smiled as he spoke .

“Master . ” Li Fuchen snapped out of his excited state of mind .

The preeminent man nodded, “You are the most talented person I have seen . But all talented people have a rather rough and bumpy path . With me around, I believe no one will dare to touch you in the East Unicorn Continent . But there will be a day that I have to leave . When that time comes, you have to rely on yourself . ”

“Master, are you leaving?” Li Fuchen was astonished .

The preeminent man said, “Don’t worry . I am not leaving within this period of time . At least not before the Stars Ranking Tournament . ”

He could only stay in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain for a few years, he knew that he would have to leave one day .

Li Fuchen remained silent .

Half the reason he came to the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was to borrow influence . He didn’t expect that the Mystic Martial Experts would have to leave one day .

But it was about right . There weren’t many records of Mystic Martial Experts . It seemed like they would only appear for a brief period of time . After the Mystic Martial Experts left this time, it would probably be many years later before more Mystic Martial Experts would appear again .

‘It seems like I have to rely on myself in the future . ’ Li Fuchen thought to himself .

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