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Chapter 209
It was apparent that both sides wasn’t able to achieve their objectives .

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The Primary Destructive Bomb of the Carefree Sect was indeed formidable . It specialized in breaking qi protections, but due to the tiny size of the metal beads, it would be hard to kill an enemy unless a few dozens of beads penetrated the enemy .

In terms of firepower, it still wasn’t as effective as the Thunderblast Bomb .

Of course, there were pros and cons . The Thunderblast Bombs may be powerful, but they were easy to defend against . A simple mystic class shield could guarantee the defender to not suffer much damage .

For this attack, both sides were just testing the waters . They had yet to reveal their trump cards .

But even if this was a test, regular individuals wouldn’t be able to do it like this . The total value of these items used by the six of them amounted to a few million gold coins . If it had been used against regular Earth Realm martial artists, it would have been sufficient to kill hundreds of them .

Just as the six of them prepared to clash again .


It was unknown as to what methods Su Muyu and the rest used to open the metallic gates . But a boundless blue light spewed out from the opening of the metallic gates . It drowned Su Muyu and the rest, as it also drowned

Li Fuchen
and the rest .
As the boundless blue rays were withdrawn, the metallic gates shut and everyone vanished .

“Is this within the tombs?”

In a hall that was made with rocks, Li Fuchen’s figure appeared

He lifted his head and looked around .

This rock formed hall was extremely ancient, which seemed like it had several centuries of history . There were giant oil lamps around eight meters above his head . With his appearance, flames began to light up which gave off a bleak and magnificent radiance .

“A Reincarnation Realm expert’s tomb is this mystical?” Li Fuchen expressed his doubts .

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It was already a feat to construct this tomb within the Land of Fog . That blue ray earlier had already surpassed the ability of a Reincarnation Realm expert .

Li Fuchen used his hand to draw over one of the flames of the oil lamps above .


The layer of qi made by Li Fuchen was instantly burnt through by the flame . The egg-sized flame dropped on to the floor without even the tiniest spark .

This blue flame was as pure as a crystal . In the core of the flame was a drop of blue substance .

“Could this be the blood of the class 6 demonic beast—Blue Flame Desolated Blood Beast?” Li Fuchen was startled with uncertainty .

He once read an ancient glossary about demonic beasts .

In it, were records of extremely formidable demonic beasts . Within it was the Blue Flame Desolated Blood Beast .

The entire body of this beast was covered in blue flames . A single trace of flames could incinerate a Reincarnation Realm expert . Even after death, its corpse would continue to burn until its blood dried up .

The class 6 Blue Flame Desolated Blood Beast was an unimaginable existence which could kill a Reincarnation Realm expert with a simple breath . But this tomb actually used its blood as a source of fire to provide illumination? Even if someone was to tell Li Fuchen that this was the tomb of a Reincarnation Realm expert, he wouldn’t believe it .

Li Fuchen wanted to keep this flame, but it was a pity that he could only slightly move the flame and was unable to control it . Once his qi went near the flame, it would immediately be incinerated into a void .

In the next moment, the oil lamp seemed to have some odd attraction power that guided the blue flame back to its original position .

“I wonder what cultivation realm the owner of this tomb was at . ” Li Fuchen was piqued with curiosity .

The age of when all the absolute masters vanished was vaguely recorded in their history logs . Perhaps the Reincarnation Realm experts could get in contact with more information, but the rest of the people didn’t know anything .

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This hall didn’t have many peculiarities . Thus, Li Fuchen walked out of it .

The tomb was massive and had tons of channels like a maze .

Unknown as to how much time had passed, Li Fuchen found a room .

When he was prepared to enter the room, he was repelled and got sent flying back out .

Li Fuchen frowned and slowly placed his right hand on the void at the entrance of the door .

There was nothing both in sight and touch, but there was something obstructing Li Fuchen’s palm . It seemed to rebound whenever Li Fuchen applied some pressure . The trembling made Li Fuchen’s palm felt numb .

“Could this be martial dao intent?” Li Fuchen was in awe .

Earth class martial dao intent could break away from martial arts and was existence by themselves . On the entrance of this room was a defense intent that had to be broken before anyone could enter the room .

Drawing his black gold sword, Li Fuchen thrusted at the void of the room’s entrance .

There was a spatial distortion so strong that it made Li Fuchen lose his footing .

“There’s a reaction!”

Li Fuchen was pleased . Since there was a reaction, it meant this defense intent could be broken .

Starfire Sword intent!

Rotating Flow Sword intent!

Li Fuchen realized that in order to break this defense intent, he would need to use his own intents to wear it down . Without using any martial arts intent, it was nearly impossible to even shake the defense intent .

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After an hour, the defense intent was finally broken down by Li Fuchen .

Walking into the room, Li Fuchen could see a long table . In the middle of the table was a scroll made with beast pelt .

“This should be a martial arts manual!” Li Fuchen walked in and picked up the beast pelt scroll to read its contents .

“Primary Essence Technique . A mystic class, mid-tier cultivation technique . At the completion stage, one’s body would condense a qi primary essence that can extend one’s lifespan and allow one to easily live to an age that exceeds 100 years . ”

Looking at the description on the beast pelt scroll, Li Fuchen raised his brows .

Cultivation techniques that could extend one’s life span were rather rare .

Most techniques pursued fatal strength or burst strength, they were mostly strenuous to the human body . Unless a martial artist reached the Reincarnation Realm, their life span would normally be limited at around the age of 100 years old .

Take for example the True Inferno Technique, it was extremely demanding of the human body . If the practitioner didn’t cultivate any body refinement techniques, it would be impossible for them to cultivate the True Inferno Technique . Or else, before they could reach the completion rank, they would probably dead from immolation .

“The yellow class peak-tier, Ternary Technique isn’t sufficient . This Primary Essence Technique should be suitable for them to cultivate . ”

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His parents might not be Earth Realm martial artists yet, but they would be in the future .

As an Earth Realm martial artist, if they only had a yellow class, peak-tier technique, it would take them many years just to advance a cultivation level . But it would be different once they possessed a mystic class, mid-tier technique . Their cultivation speed would increase in leaps and bounds .

Storing the beast pelt scroll, Li Fuchen exited the room .

At the same timing, the others who were in other parts of the tomb each found their first room .

Except for Su Muyu, none of the others had the ability to wield a mystic class mid-tier intent . In this short moment, they were unable to break the defense intent of the room’s entrance .

As Li Fuchen walked around, he suddenly heard a voice from the front .

“Damn it . Why is this defense intent so tough? It has been two hours and it still hasn’t broke down yet . ” Xu Heishan was infuriated . The spiked hammer in his hand was violently striking at the void, which caused thunderous echoes .

Xu Heishan’s ears moved slightly and he swiftly turned his head .

A black light broke through the air and vanished in the midst of its trajectory .


Xu Heishan’s scalp went numb . He shifted an inch to the side .


Fresh blood flowed out from his back as the black light penetrated into the wall on the alley, letting out a crisp “clink!” .


Li Fuchen launched a sudden attack from the shadows .

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“Li Fuchen, you’re seeking death!”

Xu Heishan was severely injured, but he was still an 8th level Earth Realm martial artist . He frantically raised the metal stick in his hand to block .

Dazzling sparks flew all around as Xu Heishan was forced to fly back . From his mouth, spilled out a large mouthful of blood .

Li Fuchen wasn’t disappointed even though he couldn’t kill Xu Heishan with ease . Back when he was able to kill the Silver Cloth Sect’s Liu Guangfeng, that was because his enemy couldn’t detect his existence . But this time, Xu Heishan was able to sense the danger and shifted his body by an inch, or else, the weapon shard would have pierced through his heart .

“Li Fuchen, you dare kill me? My Heaven Fiend Sect will never let you off!” Xu Heishan let out an expression that was both malicious and flustered .

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