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Chapter 208
The fog within the ravine was much denser than any other place . Even five fingers from one’s stretched out hand wasn’t visible .

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Even with their exceptional senses, everyone here could at best sense objects from within a radius of a few tens of meters .

Nothing could be sensed outside of the numerous tens of meters .

Following the ravine, as everyone walked along it, the sky gradually turned dark .

As the fog and night complimented each other, everyone’s senses decreased once again .

This trip of theirs had passed a single night .


On the morning of the next day .

The rays of the sun shone . It was still unable to penetrate the fog, but it instead gave the fog a milky white color .

After a period of time, they finally reached the end of the ravine .

No one knew whether this was truly the end or not .

But all they knew was that a vortex of fog appeared in front of them .

This fog vortex was extremely massive and it blocked everything in its path . It was impossible to get around it .

“Could the dense fog of this Land of Fog, have originated from here?”

Li Fuchen
made a guess .
Fan Qiansong shook his head, “The Land of Fog is way more mystical than you can imagine . This fog vortex can be found in other areas in the Land of Fog . The biggest one was big as the sun suspending in the air . ”

No one knew where the fog appeared from . Just like how no one knew what happened a few centuries ago .

With a hint of hesitation, everyone walked into the fog vortex .

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Without any dizziness or any anomaly, everyone passed through the fog vortex and arrived at a world that was clear of any fog .

When looking back, there was only a thick fog . The fog vortex had disappeared .

“Such a mysterious place . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes let out a feeling curiosity and perplex .

Ki, ki!

An ear-piercing sound caused their eyes to bleed as they felt like they were in a daze .

Everyone quickly circulated their qi to protect their ears .

When they lifted their heads, they saw a huge bat shaped demonic beast flying towards them .

Class 3 high-tier demonic beast—Giant Bat Beast .

The combat ability of class 3 high-tier demonic beasts varied . Just like humans who had differences between geniuses and average humans .

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The Giant Bat Beast was at the peak of the Class 3 high-tier demonic beasts . To kill it was as difficult as passing the third floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower .

If it was a solo fight, none of them would be a match for it .

Only individuals who were of the same class as Emotionless Sword Xue Feng could kill this Giant Bat Beast by himself .

And it must be the Xue Feng who passed the third floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower .

“It’s a Giant Bat Beast, kill it quickly . ”

Wei Shanhe knew well enough of how formidable this Giant Bat Beast was . He swiftly sent out a qi force to assault the Giant Bat Beast .

Hearing such, everyone began to launch their qi forces .

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The Giant Bat Beast was extremely fast . If they didn’t slay it, they wouldn’t be able to concentrate on searching for the tomb .

Eleven streaks of qi forces shot into mid air .

But the Giant Bat Beast was very agile . It’s body drew an arc in mid air to dodge all eleven qi forces with ease .


A visible soundwave came assaulting which made everyone felt like their heads were splitting apart .

The speed and radius of the soundwave was too massive, even Su Muyu couldn’t dodge in time .

“Even one split up . ”

Su Muyu executed her maneuvers and was the first to drift several tens of meters away . Wei Shanhe swiftly followed after .

In the blink of an eye, everyone split up into four groups and attacked the Giant Bat Beast from four angles .

The Giant Bat Beast was cunning and knew that it should defeat one group at a time . It took the initiative to dash at Li Fuchen’s group .

It was obvious that it intended for close combat . After all, it was the specialty of these demonic beasts .

“Get lost!” With a swing of his rod, Fan Qiansong shrouded the Giant Bat Beast with a storm of rod strikes .

Pitter, patter!

Like the sound of rain and lute, the Giant Bat Beast didn’t dodge or move and endured the attacks . Wounds appeared on its body but they were just superficial wounds . Its claws attacked at Fan Qiansong .

Once this claw hit, Fan Qiansong would certainly be dead .


Fan Qianyu’s weapon was a pair of crescent moon knives . As she brandished it, countless slashes headed towards the Giant Bat Beast .

“Get lost!”

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Li Fuchen had already prepared a killer move when the Giant Bat Beast dove at them . With the Rotating Flow Sword Style executed, a ring of fire crashed into the Giant Bat Beast . It stunned the Giant Bat Beast for a brief moment, which Fan Qiansong utilized to dodge . At the same time, Fan Qianyu’s attacks landed on the body of the Giant Bat Beast .

“Attack now!”

Wei Shanhe and Song Qinghe’s group launched an swarm of attacks .

Only Fu Chongshan, Xu Heishan, and Li Wuxue didn’t made any contribution . They couldn’t wait for the Giant Bat Beast to kill Li Fuchen’s group .

A dark green blade light shone… It was unknown when Su Muyu got to the top right of the Giant Bat Beast . Fresh blood spurted as her scythe swung downwards and nearly severed the wing of the Giant Bat Beast .

“Such strength . She is almost at the level of Emotionless Sword Xue Feng . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes widened .

Su Muyu’s ability was without a doubt, the second most formidable Earth Realm martial artist that he had witnessed, apart from Emotionless Sword Xue Feng .

Of course, it was also because he hadn’t met a lot of experts yet .

Take for example Sword Maniac or Sword Tiger .

The Giant Bat Beast staggered and crashed into the ground with the momentum of its dive . It was completely incapable of flight as it slid on the ground .

With the Giant Bat Beast grounded, it could only utilize 30% or 40% of its overall ability . Under the assaults from everyone, the Giant Bat Beast was soon enough slain . They had its abdomen opened but couldn’t find any demonic core .

Afterwards, the group spotted another few class 3 high-tier demonic beasts . Some were strong while some were weak . With their combined ability, they were actually able to defeat an existence like Emotionless Sword Xue Feng . Thus, they didn’t meet with many obstructions .

With the fog, the route on the map became much more useful . Half a day later, the group finally found the entrance to the tomb .

The entrance was a small hill which was empty within . A massive metallic gate was constructed with two pillars on the outside .

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In an instant, Li Fuchen’s group and Li Wuxue’s group made their move .

The target of Li Fuchen’s group was Xu Heishan, while Li Wuxue’s group targeted Fan Qianyu .

What Li Wuxue’s group didn’t expect was that Li Fuchen’s group seemed to already know their target was Fan Qianyu . They set up a triangle formation with Li Fuchen and Fan Qiansong in the front, while Fan Qianyu was in he back .

The first wave of attack was simple, the six of them each threw out their offensive items .

Li Fuchen threw out about a few dozens of Thunderblast Bomb, which cost about hundreds of thousands of contribution points .

Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu each threw out metallic bombs . Each of these bombs would explode upon contact with unstable qi flows, releasing countless metallic beads which were scarlet red, like tiny meteorites that had penetrative power .

As for Fu Chongshan’s group, all three threw out Thunderblast Bombs .

The Azure Water Sect, Violent Sabre Sect, and Heaven Fiend Sect belonged to a certain region of the Eastern Unicorn Continent . They were rather nearby to a formidable sect called the Thunderbolt Sect . This Thunderbolt Sect specialized in the production of firearms . The Thunderbolt Bombs and Thunderblast Bombs were firearms made by the Thunderbolt Sect .

These three sects would regularly visit the Thunderbolt Sect to import batches of firearms .

Of course the most powerful firearms that the Thunderbolt Sect put out for sale was only the Thunderblast Bombs .

The single firepower of a Thunderblast Bomb could kill a regular low leveled Earth Realm martial artist with its explosive power .


Intense explosions could be heard continuously . Sparks and fire extended throughout the entire radius of a hundred meters . There were scarlet red metallic beads shooting all over the place, creating hundreds of scars and pits in the surface of the ground .

Su Muyu and the rest had already retreated from this region . They observed the battle for a moment and lost interest . They headed towards the metallic gates .

The smoke gradually cleared out .

The area in front of the metallic gates was in a complete disorder .

Several meters away, Li Fuchen and his group each held onto a large shield, forming a semi dome, protecting their bodies .

On the opposite side, Fu Chongshan’s group was in a pathetic state .

The three of them were holding shields as well, but they didn’t work together and instead fended for themselves . The firepower from the Thunderblast bombs and metallic beads made them suffer quite a bit . Especially Li Wuxue who was cluttered with numerous blood holes that was oozing with blood .

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