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Using a large quantity of mystic class herbs, Liu Wuhuang and the others had recuperated quickly. After 2 hours, they were already all healed up.

Seeing Li Fuchen come in, Xiao Libie opened his eyes first and asked, "Li shidi, where are they?"

"They left." Li Fuchen replied.

"They left?" Xiao Libie put on a stunned look.

It was obvious why they had left. He wasn’t stupid. Unless put in a disadvantage during a fight, the disciples from the three sects would never just leave. It was apparent that Li Fuchen used just his strength alone to repel the enemy force.

Liu Wuhuang and Yu Wen Tian opened their eyes too. They were having complex feelings. Whether they admitted it or not, Li Fuchen had surpassed them. Far beyond their expectations for that matter.

Of course, it was impossible for them to willingly accept this result.

The path of the martial dao wais just beginning. The one who had the last laugh was the true winner.

Exiting the cave, the five of them continued searching for herbs.

Not only could the Earth Shattering Fruit help a 9th level Origin Realm martial artist breakthrough to the 1st level of the Earth Realm, it could also help a 1st level Earth Realm martial artist breakthrough to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm. No one would complain having more of them.

With eight storage bags, Li Fuchen wasn’t worried that he would overharvest herbs. As long as it was a yellow class high-tier and above herb, Li Fuchen would harvest it.

As for the others…

Xiao Libie and Liu Wuhuang had two storage bags each. Chen Fanghua originally only had one, but Li Fuchen gave Lu Xiaofei’s storage bag to her. A pity that it had the Azure Water Sect’s logo on it, which would have to be returned to the sect upon leaving the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

Among the five, Yu Wen Tian was the only one who had just a single storage bag.

On the side of a river, Xiao Libie found a stalk of Origin Return Herb.

"Yu shidi, for you." Xiao Libie passed the Origin Return Herb to Yu Wen Tian.

"Thank you Xiao shixiong."

Yu Wen Tian was extremely pleased. He cultivation level was too low, even Li Fuchen who was originally at the 7th level of the Origin Realm had already surpassed him. This matter had been bothering him for some time.

With the four of them around, Yu Wen Tian didn’t have any concern and began refining the Origin Return Herb.

2 hours later, Yu Wen Tian’s cultivation officially advanced to the 9th level of the Origin Realm.

He would just require an Earth Shattering Fruit to become a 1st level Earth Realm martial artist.

Naturally, the Earth Shattering Fruit was ten folds more rare than the Origin Return Herb. Up until now, only Chen Fanghua had consumed one. The rest of them suppressed their own cultivation and broke through after entering the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, without the help of the Earth Shattering Fruit.

‘Within the 200 miles radius of the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, there should be quite a number of Origin Return Herbs and Earth Shattering Fruits.' Li Fuchen wasn’t just thinking about himself but his parents. If he could bring back a bunch of Origin Return Herbs, it would allow his parents to both progress to the 9th level of the Origin Realm.


As Li Fuchen was still pondering, a few tens of miles away was a rising pillar of spirit qi bursting into the sky.

The spirit qi pillar this massive was enough for people to see it clearly even when dozens of miles away.

"The core of the hidden domain. Someone found the core of the hidden domain." Xiao Libie gasped.

Within the hidden domain was an area that was rich with heaven and earth energy. That, was the core of the hidden domain, it was where the density of the heaven and earth energy was much richer, which was why even more precious herbs would appear there.

For the past dozens of years, only one or two groups had people discovering the core of the hidden domain.

It wasn’t something that every group could find.

"Come. Let’s go over." Li Fuchen became spirited and sprinted over.

The spirit qi pillar was much too massive, everyone inside the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain would have definitely seen it.

"I must be the first to enter the core of the hidden domain. If I can get a piece of the Earth Shattering Fruit, I can advance to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm. By then, I will be able to defeat Li Fuchen."

The Earth Realm was the third realm of the martial dao. Each level’s difference was much more significant than a level difference during Origin Realm. Li Wuxue was obsessed with killing Li Fuchen, if he wasn’t able to, he wouldn’t be able to put his mind at ease.

It was the same for the others, everyone of them wanted to get an Earth Shattering Fruit.

At the core of the hidden domain were ancient structures. These structures were made with crushed slabs of giant rocks and emitted a vast amount of qi presence.

In the middle of the buildings was a small herb garden. Yan Qingwu was seated on a giant monolith and cultivating. Her qi presence glowed of both dark and light.

Not knowing how long it has it been, in the sky above the herb garden, a wave of heaven and earth energy gathered and gushed into Yan Qingwu.

Yan Qingwu’s qi presence grew steadily, her robe and long hair danced without wind, giving off a prominent feeling.


Opening both her eyes, a chilling but beautiful gaze flashed.

"This is the 1st level of the Earth Realm?"

Yan Qingwu drew her black curved sabre and executed a slash.


A giant boulder not too far away got cleanly split into two. The rest of the sabre qi carried on and split the surface of the ground.

But soon enough, the boulder merged back and the ground swiftly recovered.

In the blink of the eye, it was as though nothing had happened.

Yan Qingwu had long realized that the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain had an auto restoration ability. But in the core of the hidden domain, its restoration ability was increased by tenfold.

"Someone is coming?" Yan Qingwu looked at the entrance of the building.

"It’s Qingwu shimei. You have progressed to the 1st level of the Earth Realm too?" The leader was of course, Li Wuxue.

Seeing Yan Qingwu, the disciples of the Violent Sabre Sect and Spirit Hidden Sect all let out a murderous intent. Compared to Li Fuchen, they wanted to kill Yan Qingwu even more. Because killing Yan Qingwu would allow them to claim large rewards from their sect.

As for Li Fuchen, he may be formidable now, but according to the information from the sects' scouts, he was just a normal bone frame. Who knows when he would suddenly fall into a slump.

But Yan Qingwu was a 6 star bone frame. As long as there were no mishaps, she would definitely become a threat in the future.

Of course, if the two of them could be killed, it would be for the best.

‘Now isn’t the time to make an enemy out of them, let’s wait till the last day.' Duan Muyou thought to himself.

On the other side of the structures, Li Fuchen’s group hurried over.

"Is there someone residing here?"

Looking over at the cluttered structures, Chen Fanghua couldn’t help but ask.

Xiao Libie said, "According to legends, an individual with absolute ability actually took control of the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. Or perhaps, there once lived a formidable martial artist within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain."

Li Fuchen nodded, he too read a similar record. Some of those extremely formidable masters were existences that they could never even imagine. The ability to control the winds and the rain, to fly in the skies and dive in the earth, to create things from the void. All these abilities were just a portion of what a master could do. It is said that the giant palm basin of the Hundred Battle Region was made by a master’s palm strike.

Of course, a record is a record. Whether was it true or not, no one knew. Within this boundless land, a Reincarnation Realm was already the highest existence everyone knew of. No one has ever seen any master of a higher realm.

Perhaps only when one reached the Reincarnation Realm, would one know if any higher realm exists.

After entering the building, the five of them could feel the obvious difference in density of the heaven and earth energy. With every breath, traces of heaven and earth energy was absorbed into the body, nourishing the meridians. It wasn’t exaggerating to say that if an ordinary person stayed here long enough, their body would start to produce some qi. If they knew of some cultivation method, it would produce a result that would be ten folds better than if they were to have cultivated in the outside world.

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