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Multiple explosions sounded out, giant slabs of rocks were falling within the cave tunnels. The entire mountain seemed to have been shifted.

One against three, Li Fuchen was totally suppressing Li Wuxue, Duan Hai, and Duan Muyou.

This was firstly due to the tight space within the cave, as the ones with the numbers advantage weren’t able to be fully utilize their advantage to its full extent.

Secondly, although Li Fuchen couldn’t see his enemies clearly, his senses were much sharper than the other three.

Finally, the third and also the most important point, Li Fuchen’s ability was competent enough.

His breakthrough from the 8th to 9th level of the Origin Realm allowed for Li Fuchen's base ability to once again rise by a few folds. Even if it was 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2, there wasn’t anyone who could match up against him.

15 minutes later, four shadows dashed out from the cave.

The first to exit was Duan Muyou, then Li Wuxue, and lastly was Duan Hai. The three of them had traces of blood stains on them. Duan Muyou had the least and his clothes were the only area which was ripped. Li Wuxue nearly turned into a half blood man and many parts of his body was still bleeding. Duan Hai was the worst of all, the battle crazed him was basically just retreating after every exchange; which was why he was the one with the most wounds. He even lost one ear from a slash by Li Fuchen.

Outside of the cave were the other 8 who were shocked.

Duan Muyou, Duan Hai, and Li Wuxue were undoubtedly the strongest three amongst the three sects. Even with the three of them joining forces, Li Fuchen still had the advantage. This Li Fuchen was too sick.

Without any sound or presence, a shadow appeared behind Li Fuchen. A glowing black light shone on the sharp dagger, as it viciously tried to stab at the back of Li Fuchen’s neck.

It was a Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciple. His ability was in top 5 within the Spirit Hidden inner sect. After he progressed to the 1st level of the Earth Realm, he should be easily able to assassinate a martial artist who was at a higher level than him. As long as his strike was on the mark, no matter how strong Li Fuchen was, it would still be fatal.

Ghost Girl Ye Hua laughed coldly. If assassinating Li Fuchen was possible, she would already have done it. Li Fuchen’s spirit willpower was abnormally strong. An assassination would only work if it was Duan Muyou or Jiang Xiaomao doing it.


Before the dagger was even within the one meter range, a sword pierced through the throat of the Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciple.

The sword protruded from Li Fuchen’s right shoulder. During the crucial moment, Li Fuchen lifted his right hand and thrusted his black gold sword backwards, killing the enemy with a lightning speed. It was like he had a pair of eyes in the back of his head.

Pulling out his blade, Li Fuchen didn’t even look at the slain enemy and swept his gaze over at the crowd.

A total of ten, quite a lot indeed.

"Come on!"

Even when facing off against ten, Li Fuchen didn’t have any hint of fear.

"Let the Twin Fiends of Black and White try out your skills."

The weapon of choice for Black Fiend was a pitch black club, while White Fiend wielded a white chain. They launched a pincer attack from both the left and right at Li Fuchen.

One could easily tell that the Twin Fiends of Black and White were adept at using synchronized attacks. Black Fiend's attacks were hard and powerful, domineering, and filled with yang energy. While White Fiend used attacks that were silent and subtle, deceptive, and full of yin energy. Complimenting each other with subtle and hard moves, their attacks becomes flawless, not allowing the opponent any gaps for escape.

"Go back to your places."

With a shake of the black gold sword in Li Fuchen's hand, countless streams of Meteor Sword qi were released.

Clink, clink, clank, clank…


The Twin Fiends of Black and White went sent back to where they came from, but bringing along injuries and malicious sword scars.

"Damn it. How can he be this strong." Black Fiend looked down at his blood painted chest with a darkened face.

White Fiend’s left arm almost lost its function as a sword qi severed a nerve in his left arm.

"Everyone go together. I don’t believe he can fight all ten of us together."

Blood Sabre Ling Huang’s previous injuries had already recovered long ago. Seeing Li Fuchen’s prowess now brought a chill to his heart as he shouted.


At this moment, no one was bothered if they were acting with dignity or if they were being shameless. Killing Li Fuchen came first.

But Li Fuchen wasn’t so silly to stand still and fight head on with the ten of them.

He maneuvered around and every time he made his move, it would be against 2 or 3 individuals, which caused the 10 of them to be unable to link up.


Activating the Divine Movement Leg, Li Fuchen’s peripheral vision turned blurry. He arrived instantly at a Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciple and slashed across his throat.

A loud 'pfff' sound could be heard

An entire head ascended into the sky as fresh blood sprayed all over like a fountain. It was a grand sight as the blood gushed over a few meters high.

"Hehe, you won’t be able to leave so easily now after killing my Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciple."

The Spirit Child Jiang Xiaomao was a midget. His maneuvers were much more nimble than the others. Just as Li Fuchen decapitated the head of a Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciple, Jiang Xiaomao appeared from the back of the deceased and targeted his judgement pen at the heart of Li Fuchen.

(TL note: The judgement pen is weapon similar to the suntetsu or emei piercers)

"Who decided that? Get lost."

Li Fuchen swiftly lifted his leg and kicked away Jiang Xiaomao.

Shadowless Leg, without any shadow or trace. Even though it wasn’t at the trance stage yet, nor has Li Fuchen comprehended the Shadowless intent, the leg was still a part of the human body. With the leg speed of Li Fuchen, it wasn’t any slower than his sword speed.

Jiang Xiaomao got sent flying straight into the sky, vomiting a mouthful of blood with a fearful look.

How can this guy be so good at both his sword arts and leg arts?

"Look at me."

Li Fuchen stared right into the eyes of Ghost Girl Ye Hua who unknowingly appeared there. Her eyes were so enchanting, like a whirlpool trying to consume Li Fuchen’s spirit.

As Li Fuchen gave a cold ‘he', his eyes shot out a blue light that had traces of green within.


Both parties didn’t exchange any blows, but Ghost Girl Ye Hua actually spat out some fresh blood.

It was the backlash of her illusion arts.

'His spirit willpower is too strong. I have to retreat."

Ghost Girl Ye Hua felt fear too. She realized that she was still underestimating Li Fuchen’s spirit willpower.

Her own illusion arts couldn’t even slightly affect her target’s spirit will.

"Mad Demon 28 Slice!"

"Ghost Shadow Palm Style!"

"Blood Dragon Spear Style!"

Using this short span of opportunity, the strongest trio of the three sects came together to laung a combined attack.

A pity that Li Fuchen had already regained his qi. He used the Meteor Storm to break the combination attack and only took three steps back.

"Is this guy still human?"

Violent Sabre Sect’s Shen Feihe didn’t interfere as he had the intention to back off. He would time and time again look towards the cave.

He planned to first eliminate the people inside the cave.

"Planning on going in? Die."

Activating the Divine Movement Leg, Li Fuchen striked first. He appeared beside Shen Feihe as he made a horizontal slash.

With the scarlet fire intent and meteor sword intent bursting forth, Shen Feihe became a lifeless sack as the horizontal slash sent him flying. He laid there motionless, unknown as to whether or not he was dead or alive.

With the battle growing ever more intense. One hour had passed and Li Fuchen remained unscathed, but his enemies were all injured and helplessly clenching their teeth.

Who would have expected Li Fuchen to be this strong after advancing to the 9th level of the Origin Realm.

It was fine if he just got stronger. The key point was his acute senses that didn’t allow them any chance to surround him.

Their opponent’s leg secret technique was as fast as one’s limit could be.

Although unwilling, the group understood well enough that if they were to carry on, they would all lose their combat strength. It was impossible to exhaust Li Fuchen’s qi as he was in possession of a large quantity of qi replenishment pills. It would at least take another hour before they could do so.

"Let’s go!" Li Wuxue sounded out unwilling, yet malevolent at the same time.

Shoo, shoo, shoo…

The figures fled one by one. Ling Huang picked up Shen Feihe and hurriedly left.

The final one to leave was Mad Sabre Duan Hai.

He roared towards the sky which contained sadness and shrill.

No one obstructed them as Li Fuchen stood still. Quietly watching them leave.

This long battle was exhaustive for him too. If they had gone for an all out death match, it would have surely ended up with both parties being at a lost. The exhaustion of qi was a small matter, the exhaustion of mental health was the serious problem. After all, he did fight against many foes by himself.

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