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The stone structures stretched out in all directions, like a maze. Li Fuchen and his group entered easily but couldn’t find the way they came in from.

What’s more, within the stone structures, the group could only jump within a certain height. As soon as they reach the 2 meter mark, an invisible presence could be felt pressing down on their bodies.

"These stone structures are indeed odd. No wonder it is the residence of a master class martial artist." Chen Fanghua mumbled to herself.

She was convinced that this was the residence of an absolute master. The entire hidden domain was under the master’s control. But due to the time passing, the absolute master was no longer here.

Walking on the stone paved road, Li Fuchen reached out his hand and vacuumed… A stalk of herb growing in between the cracks of the rocks got drawn to his hands.

It was apparently a stalk of a yellow class, peak-tier herb. And it was growing like a wild weed within this core area.

On the sides of the pavements, on the walls, and even in the drains, were where all the herbs grew. Most of them were either yellow class high-tier or peak-tier, with the occasional mystic class, low-tier herb.

"The world of the absolute master is something we won’t understand." Xiao Libie shook his head.

Be it within the stone structures or outside of it, the herbs were overly abundant. They were quite excited in the beginning, but now, they were rather used to it.

Right now, only the Origin Return Herb, Earth Shattering Fruit, or herbs that were of the mystic class high-tier and above would get them excited.

After an hour, the five of them finally walked out of the maze and arrived at a spacious courtyard. On the west side of the courtyard was a small sized herb garden.

"That is… An Earth Shattering Fruit?"

Yu Wen Tian pointed at the center of the garden, as his body shuttered vigorously.

As they looked over, the herb garden was surrounded by giant boulders and had over 20 mystic class herbs. Right in the middle were three stalks of Earth Shattering Fruits.

"3 stalks appearing at one time. It seems so unreal." Xiao Libie was surprised.

Chen Fanghua said, "I think we need a distribution rule. If not, it is too disadvantageous for Li shidi."

Li Fuchen was the biggest contributor to why they were still alive.

Xiao Libie nodded, "Chen shimei is right. Let’s do it like this! All the precious herbs that we find, half of then will go to Li shidi. The other half will be shared by the four of us. If anyone has any opinion, you may voice it out now."

Liu Wuhuang’s and Yu Wen Tian’s eyes flashed with a trace of dissatisfaction, but they didn’t give any comments. Even when Xiao Libie asked for opinions, it would still end up being majority wins. Xiao Libie and Chen Fanghua would definitely support Li Fuchen.

"Since nobody has any opinions, then we will do it like this. Li shidi, what do you think?" Xiao Libie looked at Li Fuchen and asked.

Li Fuchen replied, "Sounds good."

He wouldn’t be silly as to reject the offer, as it was what he deserved.

Except for the three stalks of Earth Shattering Fruit, there were also four stalks of Origin Return Herb and some other mystic class, low-tier herbs.

Li Fuchen said, "I want one stalk of Earth Shattering Fruit and the other herbs. You can discuss how to distribute the remaining two Earth Shattering Fruits among yourselves."

According to their values, one stalk of an Earth Shattering Fruit was much more valuable than the rest of the herbs.

The reason why he didn’t want the Earth Shattering Fruit, was to allow the others to upgrade their combat ability. After all, there was surely going to be a vicious battle ahead.

What’s more, within these stone structures, there couldn’t be just these few Earth Shattering Fruits.

"I want one stalk of the Earth Shattering Fruit. I can get a lesser harvest in future discoveries." Yu Wen Tian was desperate to progress his cultivation to the 1st level of the Earth Realm.

"I want one too." Liu Wuhuang continued.

Xiao Libie nodded, "Okay. These two Earth Shattering Fruits shall be given to the two of you first."

Yu Wen Tian’s cultivation was too low and deserved a stalk of Earth Shattering Fruit. Liu Wuhuang was an expert who was just inferior to Li Fuchen, if he could advance to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm, he would then become a significant increase in their combat power.

Just like this, the distribution of the small sized herb garden was completed.

Keeping the rest of the herbs, except for the Earth Shattering Fruit, Li Fuchen sat down and began cultivating.

Yu Wen Tian sat down too.

Liu Wuhuang, Xiao Libie, and Chen Fanghua helped provide protection for the two of them.

Revolving the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique a dozen times, Li Fuchen consumed the Earth Shattering Fruit.

It was indeed worthy of the name Earth Shattering Fruit. The nourishing effects was a few folds superior than the Origin Return Herb. With the medicinal effects spreading out, Li Fuchen felt his mind going empty, without any sense of rejection or struggle.

15 minutes, 1 hour…

2 hours later, the sky was beginning to darken.

During the evening time, Yu Wen Tian was the first to breakthrough.

A stunning qi force gathered into Yu Wen Tian. His qi presence’s properties changed as he let out a slight oppressive prowess.

But soon after, another shocking qi force appeared.

It was Li Fuchen who broke through.

"Such a terrifying qi shockwave."

Xiao Libie and the two others were shocked.

The commotion earlier could not be compared to Li Fuchen’s, when they broke through to the 1st level of the Earth Realm.

Under their senses, a qi force that was three folds larger than at Yu Wen Tian’s side, was forming a shape above Li Fuchen, like a giant funnel.

With the appearance of this additional qi force, the qi force above Yu Wen Tian began to shake violently, like it was about to collapse.

Yu Wen Tian too felt some odd signs and quickly absorbed the qi force into his body.


A weird sound came from within his body as Yu Wen Tian’s qi presence bursted into the sky, radiating in all directions.

An Earth Realm martial artist could just use his qi presence to suppress an enemy. If their qi presence is strong enough, it could easily pin down an Origin Realm martial artist and render him motionless.

Gradually opening his eyes, Yu Wen Tian had on a satisfied expression.

The 1st level of the Earth Realm was too formidable. Using his senses, he could roughly sense the energy flow around his surroundings. It felt like he had some sort of miraculous power, that he was in control of everything.

But soon enough, the satisfied look on Yu Wen Tian’s face disappeared. In his senses, there was an enormous qi force accumulating above Li Fuchen. It was like a monster, constantly siphoning the heaven and earth energy around it.

As the qi force poured into his body, Li Fuchen’s body seemed to slightly expand. Countless tiny explosions were resonating within his body. At this moment, a horrific qi presence was released. Even though the four of them were at the 1st level of the Earth Realm, they still felt extremely uncomfortable, as though their bodies got heavier and felt paralyzed.  

'This indeed is the Earth Realm. Even if I close my eyes, I can still feel the existence of the others."

Within his spirit mind, Li Fuchen could clearly see the movements of the heaven and earth energy. He could feel the qi waves of the four individuals, like four blinding furnaces.

"Congratulations to the both of you for progressing to the Earth Realm." Xiao Libie laughed.

With Li Fuchen’s progression to the 1st level of the Earth Realm, his last trace of concern vanished too.

"Li shidi, what class and grade is your ability at now?" Chen Fanghua asked curiously.

Li Fuchen, "A single blade, to kill anyone."

His breakthrough from the 9th level of the Origin Realm to the 1st level of the Earth Realm wasn’t just a slight increase in foundation ability, it was at least by two folds. Li Fuchen was unable to determine exactly how much. After all, he had just broken through and it was a realm breakthrough.

"Awesome." Chen Fanghua’s eyes lit up.

"Liu shidi, you can now focus on breaking through. With Li shidi protecting you, you can be at ease." Xiao Libie said to Liu Wuhuang.

Liu Wuhuang nodded. His heart was filled with expectations. Perhaps after he advanced to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm, he may be able to go head to head with Li Fuchen.

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