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"This is… 3 star secret technique?" Zhao Wujin had some hesitation.

With the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique activated, the vast amount of scarlet fire qi was transmuted into mystical dragon qi. The qi that bursted into the sky contained the prowess of a dragon that struck fear into the hearts of people.

Under the influence of Li Fuchen's qi presence, Liu Wuhuang's expression changed so much that it actually affected his sword style.

"Herh. It must all be superficial. His true ability shouldn't be able to surpass mine."

Some secret techniques were adept at strengthening qi presence but didn't do much to the overall ability.

"You shall be defeated!"

Over utilizing the secret technique, Liu Wuhuang's poweress was increased even further. He slashed at Li Fuchen with a dominant and violent qi presence.

"You are the one who shall be defeated."

Li Fuchen can once again felt the lava like flowing qi, and it was as though his body was burying a volcano that made him feel discomfort if it didn't erupt.

Executing the Meteor Fall move, Li Fuchen’s blade exceeded the limits of the audience’s vision and reaction. Even the inner sect deacon who was at Earth Realm couldn’t see the sword’s trajectory. All they could see was a meteor emitting a blinding brilliance. As it burst forth, it brought about a scene that was beautiful and illusionary.

The sword qi penetrated the body. Liu Wuhuang's body stood still in place.

He had been defeated!

His dominion sword dao lost, and he lost to someone who he definitely didn't want to.

"Where did it go wrong?" Liu Wuhuang’s eyes looked lifeless.

Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen shook his head. This was how a dominion sword dao was like, once it has been defeated, the mind’s spirit would develop cracks and the sword intent would become weaker too.

"Your dominion sword dao is overly intense, you would have lost sooner or later." Li Fuchen said lightly.

Two inner sect deacon apprentices helped Liu Wuhuang off the stage and the entire arena bursted with excitement.

"Even Dominion Sword shixiong lost. Am I dreaming?"

"It’s all too surreal. Is there anything more dramatic than this? Our harsh criticism from before is like slapping our own faces now. The key point is that we aren't even worthy to make any comments."

"How could anyone predict such a demonic ability from a normal bone frame. I am suspecting if his bone frame is a mutated bone frame. Which is why it couldn't be detected during a regular bone frame test."

"Sword Demon Li Fuchen. This title is his to claim."

"Sword Demon, Sword Demon. I wonder if this Sword Demon can produce any miracles in the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, which is happening three months later. Can he slay all the other sects' disciples and bring honor to our Azure Water Sect?"

At this moment, everyone was convinced of the Sword Demon title for Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen displayed his astounding ability to prove himself. There would be no one else who dares to criticize him in the future.

Because this Sword Demon title wasn't one that could be simply criticized.

"Grand Elder, where did this Li Fuchen get a 3 star secret technique. Shall we question him?" One of the inner sect elders asked Zhao Wujin.

Zhao Wujin gave a quick glance, "Everyone has their own chanced encounter. So what if he executes a 5 star secret technique."

"3 star secret techniques are rare even within our Azure Water Sect. Wouldn't it be a waste to be in the hands of an inner sect disciple?"

"I will find a time to speak with him. You needn’t worry about it."

Zhao Wujin was well aware that many people were eyeing his Grand Elder position. Now that Li Fuchen was one of his highly regarded disciples, everyone saw Li Fuchen as a eyesore.
But then again, Li Fuchen was indeed too outstanding. So much, that he was portraying an unreal image.

Is he still considered a normal bone frame?

Perhaps, his future was something no one can predict.

With Li Fuchen now being the stage 1 host, everyone's mindset was that stage 1 was an impenetrable zone. Don’t even say a challenge, there wasn’t even a speck of battle intent.

"Sword Demon sure is a suitable title for him." Zhao Mingyue said.

Chen Fanghua laughed, "Isn't it? Such demonic abilities for a normal bone frame. How is he making the rest of us look like?"

With a total of ten stages, stage 1 was invalid but there were other stages to challenge.

Three attempts, each one of them was especially precious. Which was why everyone was meticulously picking their opponent and not just recklessly attempting.

Yu Wen Tian's foundation ability was considered gifted due to his bone frame. He who was similar to Liu Wuhuang, cultivated a 2 star secret technique too. With the activation of the 2 star secret technique, his ability was raised up to the top tier and took over one of the stages.

Chen Fanghua's foundation was slightly superior to Yu Wen Tian's. She attempted twice and succeeded once, but very quickly became defeated . She was now left with her final chance.

As for Liu Wuhuang, an inner sect elder was helping him recuperate.

No matter what, Liu Wuhuang was an inner sect disciple who was just second to Li Fuchen. They could not forfeit his opportunity to enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain just because of his injuries.

Halfway through the recuperation, Liu Wuhuang’s eyes opened. Traces of dominion qi became gradually gathered.

"Elder, that’s enough."

"You have only just recovered 30% of your condition, better not push yourself."

"Recovering 30% is more than enough."
Liu Wuhuang stood up and walked to one of the stages.

"Are you going to step down or shall I sent you down?" Liu Wuhuang walked towards the stage and declared.

The stage host was Bai Tao, "You are injured and may not be my opponent. It is impossible if you want to take over without doing any work."

"You can try me." Liu Wuhuang made his move.

In just ten moves, Bai Tao was utterly defeated.

"Dominion Sword shixiong isn’t just for show. He is still much superior than Bai Tao shixiong, even while injured."

"A pity that there is a Sword Demon Li Fuchen suppressing him. If not, he may very well be this year’s most outstanding inner sect disciple."

Everyone discussed in soft voices.

After taking down Bai Tao, Liu Wuhuang glared at Li Fuchen, "If you think you can crush my willpower so easily, then you are wrong! My dominion sword dao is also an undying sword dao too. No one can stop my sword dao, not even you."

"Trying to follow me? I’m afraid you can’t even eat my dust." Li Fuchen stated it blankly.

"You..!" Liu Wuhuang’s face twitched.

So dominant.

Why is it that Sword Demon Li Fuchen’s dominance is even greater than Liu Wuhuang’s dominance.

This was what everyone was thinking.

Someone commented, "Liu Wuhuang’s dominance is a firm and outward type. While Li Fuchen’s dominance is the humble and inward type."

"This child sure is interesting." Zhao Wujin laughed.

Finally the inner sect's top ten had been determined.

Chen Fanghua was lucky enough to succeed on her third attempt and then successfully survive till the end. One of the major reasons was that most of them expended their three attempts.

As such, the inner sect's top ten were: Li Fuchen, Liu Wuhuang, Xiao Libie, Luo Yishan, Bai Tao, Cao Guang, Yu Wen Tian, Chen Fanghua, and two other 4 star bone frame disciples who wre at the peak state of the Origin Realm.  

A total of eight males and two females.

Zhao Wujin stood up and swung his arm. Ten pieces of a special tablet landed in all ten of their hands, "This is a 2 star secret technique redemption pass that can only be used once. Within these three months of time, other than working hard on your cultivation, it would be best to cultivate the 2 star secret technique too. Within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, your foes will be prodigies from other sects. If you are careless, you may possibly die in their hands. If anyone wants to give up now, you still have the opportunity to do so. I can easily find another replacement."

After hearing the statement, there was still no one who wanted to back out.

What a joke. Chanced encounters always coexist with danger. What can a little danger be counted as?

"Li Fuchen, you come with me for a moment."

With the survivor tournament having ended, Zhao Wujin sent a hidden message to Li Fuchen.

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